Warrior Evo 4 X Lacrosse Head Review

Best Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Heads

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On March 1, 2015
Last modified:April 23, 2018


The Warrior Evo 4X lacrosse head ($94.99) is one of the best Warrior Heads. Ensure the pinch, weight, stiffness, and stringing fit your position

Best Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Heads

Why We Love the Warrior Evo 4 X Head:

One of the most versatile Warrior lacrosse heads in the game, the Warrior Evo 4 X provides great features for players at any level or position. It is the true successor to the original Warrior Evo X/Warrior evo 2 (the Warrior Evo 3 lacrosse head was a bit of a deviation). It brings back all the best features of the classic, with all the technology expected from the current lacrosse market.

Durability – 10/10
The Evo 4 lacrosse head is extremely durable, even when subjected to all sorts of conditions. It has been on the end of a long pole for 4 months of constant use. After countless poke checks, slaps, lifts, and ground ball scrums, the head shows absolutely no signs of warping. We have used the head in temperatures ranging from 85°F to 30°F, with no effect on the stiffness or longevity of the Evo 4X. The plastic of the head feels to be fantastic quality. We’re not worried about this head cracking or warping when we absolutely abuse it.

Stringing – 9/10
This head would receive a 10/10 if it wasn’t quite so wide. It is very difficult to string a high pocket with a good channel, but that really doesn’t take away from how easy the Evo 4X is to string. It has large top string holes to make a triangle top string easy, huge bottom holes for leathers, and plenty of stringing holes on the side (18 to be exact). The sidewall holes at the top are very large, allowing for 2 to 3 strings to easily fit through. This head really craves a mid or low pocket, and when it is strung up with one, it can’t be beat.

Stiffness – 9/10
For as light as the Evo 4X is, it is extremely stiff due to Warrior’s SYMRAIL technology. When you throw a hard poke check, you can feel the head flex a little bit, so it’s not quite as stiff as a true defensive head. However, for any other position, it is at the very stiff end of the spectrum. The Warrior Evo 4X does not like to stay warped. The plastic it is made out of makes it spring back into its original position, no matter how far it is bent.

Appearance – 10/10
Lacrosse Scoop really likes the way this head looks. It keeps the styling cues of the original Evo X lacrosse head, such as the wide face shape and pointed scoop. It has some nice updates such as more aggressive cut-outs on the throat and more swept sidewall bracing. The Warrior Evo pro x6 comes in a variety of colors, therefore finding one to suit your preferences is simple work.

Value – 8/10
At $94.99, the Evo lacrosse head is placed right where it belongs. Any top-of-the-line head released in the past year or two has been priced from $90-$105. There is no doubt in our minds that the Warrior Evo x6 is a top-of-the-line head. You are getting exactly what you pay for. If this head were to drop in price by $10, it would receive a 10/10 because it would be one of the best quality heads at that price point.

Warrior Evo 4 X Overall Grade – 9.5/10

The Warrior Evo 4 X is stiff, light, durable, easy to string, and made with quality materials. However, some people may dislike its wide face shape and pointed scoop, which can sometimes make it difficult to scoop up ground balls. It is one of our favorite heads on the current market, and it appeals to many different positions. Attackmen will like its wide face shape for easily catching passes on a crowded crease. Midfielders will like its light weight and ability to do all tasks on both sides of the ball. Long stick midfielders and close defenders will like its stiffness, durability, and its wider (but not too wide) face shape in lightweight package. Many players who are attached to the time-proved Evo X head may find themselves switching to the Evo 4X for its updated design and technology, while all the much-loved features remain.

Warrior Evo 4X Lax Head Video Review

The Warrior Evo 4X lacrosse head ($94.99) is one of the best Warrior Heads. Ensure the pinch, weight, stiffness, and stringing fit your position
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