Warrior Box 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats Review

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Review of: Warrior Box 2.0
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On March 27, 2015
Last modified:April 23, 2018


The Warrior Box 2.0 lacrosse cleats ($89.99) might be one of the best Warrior Footwear. Confirm the fit, size, and weight fit your foots needs.

Best-Warrior Box 2.0 Lacrosse Footwear-size-weight-colorsThe Warrior Box 2.0 lacrosse cleats review. When picking Warrior lacrosse cleats you'll find a wide variety of both mens and womens lacrosse cleats on the market, from more expensive custom lacrosse cleats, to cheap lacrosse cleats. When looking for Lacrosse Footwear, you are going to be hard pressed to find the best lacrosse cleats available, because every player’s foot is different. There are certain things you should be aware of when buying a new pair though. Read the full lacrosse cleats buying guide to answer big questions like: Do I need lacrosse turf shoes or actual lacrosse cleats? How do I ensure that Warrior lacrosse cleats will fit my foot? And of course, are the Warrior Box 2.0 right for me?

The Bottom Line for Warrior Box 2.0

The first true box lacrosse cleat is now available for those who take the arena game seriously. These box turf cleats offer superior support and cutting ability as they lock your heel down into the base of the cleat and lace a bit higher up the ankle. These are beefy turf's that are not designed for open field sprinting. These offer the support you need to dig in rip those big shots and deliver some big hits. These are designed specifically for box lacrosse players who understand that if you are wearing your sneaks or some old turf cleat.. you are gonna get stepped on.

Warrior Specs for the Warrior Box 2.0

Warrior Lacrosse Cleats Sizing Chart

As you are probably aware, size and fit of your lacrosse cleats is monumentally critical to your lacrosse game. It's important that your heels won't rub, toes don't scrunch, and ankles won't sprain in your new Warrior Box 2.0 lacrosse cleats.

  • Nike lacrosse cleats tend to run small, by about 1/2 shoe size.
  • Warrior lacrosse cleats (owned by New Balance) tend to run true to size.
  • Under Armour lacrosse cleats tends to run true to size

Video Review – Warrior Box 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats

The Warrior Box 2.0 lacrosse cleats ($89.99) might be one of the best Warrior Footwear. Confirm the fit, size, and weight fit your foots needs.
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