The Best Soccer Backstop Is Here!

Soccer shots flying at 40 MPH take awhile to slow down and unfortunately they sometimes miss the goal :(.  They bounce and bounce and bounce and roll which leads to lost balls, time wasted hunting the balls and really unhappy neighbors.  A Soccer Backstop is perfect for saving time and money and frustration, but in the past you have had to choose between price and quality.  There are several backstops available on Amazon that will get the job done, but you will have to pay through the nose for them ($300+).  Or you can buy a “cheapy” backstop that barely covers any area and will hardly last months.

We spent the better part of a year developing our backstop to be both affordable (Introductory price of $149.99 for our first batch of product) and high quality (20×10 foot backstop is one of the largest available, 200 square feet of coverage).

Soon we will raise the price $50 a unit to come closer to matching our competitors and be in line with the market, but for now we want our backstop to be helping as many soccer players and their families as possible! Check out our listing and order soon. Enjoy prime shipping, Amazon's generous return policy and ease of transaction.

Product Details:

  • Ideal for Soccer.  Stops the hardest, most errant shots and has the ball fall harmlessly to the base.
  • Easy Setup, Disassembly and Portability. No tools required whatsoever.
  • Includes 20'x10′ barrier net, a convenient carrying case and 4 U shaped stakes. 20×10 Foot Net means 200 square feet of coverage, one of the largest sports backstops available.
  • Built to last, can stand up to the hardest shots. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our USA based support team.
  • Priced to deliver value. Enjoy similar quality to other sports backstops costing 50-100% more.