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STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft Review


stx-surgeon-sc-shaft-reviewThe Surgeon Scandium is a lower-cost version of the popular Sci-Ti.

Everyone loves the Sci-Ti and there can be major differences between the two when it comes to playing style.

The STX Surgeon Scandium is a shaft that resembles some of the greater shafts of the game, so one can only hope for the best out of it.

The price is actually pretty reasonable for a lacrosse shaft, it does not ask for much. Let’s just say, you are getting what you are paying for.

STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft: Grip 9/10

Players usually have their own personal preference when it comes to grip. That is sort of the idea behind taping the shaft and everything.

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The STX Surgeon Scandium shaft is slick, but not slippery. There is no sticky annoying grip that gets in the way, but after using it for a little while it could become sort of that slippery that is every player’s nightmare.

We like the feeling of the Scandium.

STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft: Appearance 8/10

The only reason to knock 2 points here is because we feel that there are logos or designs everywhere.

Players dont like all of the designs, the straight line that goes down the shaft with STX and Surgeon written all over it. Personally, we would take the simple, more plain look instead of the whole design all over the shaft.

On the other hand, the STX Surgeon Scandium shaft has sort of a sophisticated look to it. Players might be attracted to that kind of style despite the fact that logos and designs sort of dominate our view of the Surgeon Scandium.

STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft: Durability 9/10

Scandium is a durable material for the most part. As mentioned before, the  STX Scandium shaft resembles the Scandium Pro and the Scandium Pro could last players about a season.

We think that the Scandium Pro was one of the better shafts of the game despite the length of play you could get out of it. If players are looking for a shaft that can last them a lifetime, they may want to avoid this one.

This is something that will rack up a few dings during the third or fourth week of the season. On the bright side, the dents and dings on this shaft add a little bit of character.

STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft: Weight 10/10

We are a fan of the weight of this shaft. It is not a heavy shaft, and it is pretty powerful when playing with it. The weight is something about this shaft that cant be knocked. While it is light, it allows for a more versatile player. The only reason we say that is because the weight is different than most shafts on the market. Not necessarily heavier, but just adds a different feel to it. It is something that should draw in a lot of customers.


STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft: Price 9/10

The STX Surgeon shaft itself is something that strikes the buyer immediately. The material is common in the lacrosse world, but it is known to wear down after some time.

STX Surgeon Scandium Shaft: Overall 9/10

The shaft is not bad. The Surgeon Scandium is reasonably priced and resembles the Scandium Pro, which is one of the better shafts of the game.


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They designed the shaft to have more rounded edges, so the profile will be more comfortable and controllable, and overall smoother when switching and moving your hands around. The texture of the shaft is sandblast, which is supposed to help with the grip. Nike did a pretty decent job with this shaft, and we definitely think it's worth the price. So go scoop it up today!

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Warrior Krypto Pro Review

Warrior Krypto ProWelcome to the Warrior Krypto Pro Shaft Review. This bad boy graciously comes as one of the lighter lacrosse shafts you can buy on the market. The Krypto Pro series boasts an overall 24% stronger and 8% lighter shaft than the Kryptolyte standard shafts.

Alloy is the name of the game, and the Krypto Pro is made of a brand new K-Pro, very sturdy and high end extremely light alloy. Tons of laxers out there keep saying the Krypto pro “Floats in your hands,” which very well may be true. The feel of this thing is off the charts, and it's going to be sturdy as hell taking on heavy checks. Scoop her up today!

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Warrior NOZ Lacrosse Head Review

Warrior Noz Lacrosse HeadWelcome to the Warrior Noz Lacrosse Head Review, be sure to leave chill comments below. You just stumbled across the absolutely, most definitely, assuredly lightest lacrosse head in the world, weighing in at 4.3oz!
The Warrior NOZ head actually comes injected with nitrogen gas, allowing the engineers to use less plastic to give you a very light finished product without sacrificing any strength. Hence the name of the lacrosse head, the NOZ.
The head comes with a double bar offset for precision passing and shooting and the flared sidewall is going to help out with making great catches.
The perfect lacrosse head for pinch and pop face off middies. This limited run head has a softer composition that allows it to flex easier without breaking during those rough faceoffs. If you’re a FOGO who wants a lax head that won’t snap or warp, this is the head to get.
The Warrior NOZ lacrosse head is ideal for attack and middies and can be purchased by clicking the button on this page. Be sure to leave your reviews of the NOZ below!