STX Eclipse Goalie Lacrosse Head Review

Best STX Eclipse Lacrosse Heads
Review of: STX Eclipse Head

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On March 22, 2015
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The STX Eclipse lacrosse head ($74.90) is one of the best STX Heads. Ensure the pinch, weight, stiffness, and stringing fit your position

Best STX Eclipse Lacrosse HeadsLacrosse heads are one of the most important pieces of your lacrosse stick. When looking at the STX Eclipse goalie lacrosse head review, keep in mind price, value, NFHS and NCAA regulations, your position, and style of play. Also, decide on how much pinch, stiffness, weight, and stringing options you need, and if the STX Eclipse meets your needs. STX Lacrosse has proven its quality for years, so you've come across a good lacrosse head. The STX Eclipse should give you what you need, with a price tag of $74.90. Checkout some other STX lacrosse heads before you buy one, and be sure to watch the STX Eclipse lacrosse head video review if we've posted one!

The Bottom Line for the STX Eclipse

The STX Eclipse is not just our best seller but the best selling goalie head ever made. The first goalie head with open sidewall tech the Eclipse outshines its competition because it provides the biggest stopping area of any head on the market. Extremely accurate for a goalie head with great outlet passing ability and durable enough to withstand any level of shot. Perfect for any goalie and comes with our highest recommendation. Buyers will really see this product achieve its maximum value with a custom lacrosse head stringing!

What STX Says on the STX Eclipse Head

The STX Eclipse is the first open sidewall goalie stick with the largest stopping area of any goalie head. The Eclipse is a goalie stick with the passing accuracy of an attack stick. The Eclipse has a streamlined scoop and a perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility.

College and High School Lacrosse Head Size Regulations:

Based on the STX lacrosse heads pinch, length and width, it's legality changes. In the 2015 lacrosse season, you may use lacrosse heads marked U or X at all levels of play (NCAA and NFHS). You may only use lacrosse heads marked HS (NFHS) in high school lacrosse. When buying a lacrosse head, be sure to reference if it's legal for high school or college lacrosse.


STX Eclipse Lax Shaft Video Review


The STX Eclipse lacrosse head ($74.90) is one of the best STX Heads. Ensure the pinch, weight, stiffness, and stringing fit your position

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