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Duel SC

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On January 6, 2016
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The STX Duel SC shaft is one of the stronger shafts on the market. Great for defenders, attack, middies, it's a great price and deal over at Amazon.

stx-duel-sc-shaft-review-bestThe STX Duel SC shaft is one of the stronger shafts on the market.

You wont be able to feel the weight that goes along with it, but when you take a hard check right to the middle of the shaft and it doesn't break, you’ll know you made the right purchase.

STX Duel Shaft: Appearance 8/10

To be blunt, the STX Duel SC shaft isn't the prettiest pole out there. The whole green throat really takes away from the value and the appearance of this shaft.

There is a big logo right in the middle of it, and almost every good player does almost everything in his or her power to avoid those kinds of lacrosse shafts. Logos and bad color kind of dominate this shaft.

Looking through all of that, the shaft has a nice shape. It is a new Clamp Profile that is supposedly going to create more control at the X. This shaft is supposed to go along with a head, and together they are supposed to be the absolute faceoff machine. We’ll see…

STX Duel Shaft: Grip 7/10

The STX Duel Scandium shaft, unfortunately, was made with that annoying grip technology that every player is supposed to love.

We havent come across one player that actually has a positive thing to say about the new grip technology. Although the grip technology is just at the bottom where the handle is, it really does deserve the 3 point knock.

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Tape was brought into the game to fix the grip problem, nobody needs this grip technology. Another feature to the STX Duel SC shaft is the sand blasted finish.

Personally, we arent big fans of that texture. It adds a bit of a rough feel to the shaft. Every player has their preference, and this is not ours.


STX Duel Shaft: Weight 9/10

The STX Duel SC shaft was made with Scandium Alloy material that allow for a lightweight feel and versatile player. The weight of the shaft might be the best part. This could be one of the lighter shafts on the market with the exception of durability.

STX Duel Shaft: Durability 10/10

As mentioned before, the STX Sc shaft is made with Scandium Alloy. It is not invincible, but very very durable. Knicks and dings will come, as they will with any other shaft that you go out and purchase, but this shaft is just as if not more durable than those other ones you are looking at.

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This material resembles materials used in missiles and fighter pilots, repeatedly letting us know that this is stronger than anything else up on the screen of your computer.

STX Duel Shaft: Price 9/10

The STX Duel has a nice value to it, and you are getting what you paid for with no strings attached. Yes, there are cons to this as there are to everything, but there are nice pros as well. This shaft should draw in customers with no problem.

STX Duel Shaft: Overall 9/10

The appearance and the grip really take a point out of the overall rating of the shaft. Most players really try to avoid the grip technology around the handle, and the big logos with the green color. Otherwise, the shaft is bound to get a good reputation in the lacrosse world.

The STX Duel SC shaft is one of the stronger shafts on the market. Great for defenders, attack, middies, it's a great price and deal over at Amazon.

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