STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Gloves Review

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On March 6, 2015
Last modified:April 23, 2018


The STX Cell 3 lacrosse gloves ($129.99) are one of the best STX Gloves. Confirm the price, grip, protection, size, and weight fit your position

Best-STX Cell 3 Glove Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsWhether you play goalie, defense, attack, or midfield having the right lacrosse gloves is critical to your grip game. When looking at the STX Cell 3 lacrosse gloves review, consider the protection, durability, breathability, and grip you need out of your Lacrosse Gloves. Also, choose how much money you are willing to spend, and if the STX Cell 3 lax gloves fit your budget. For example, depending on if you need the best lacrosse gloves, custom lacrosse gloves, or cheap lacrosse gloves (the STX Cell 3 cost $129.99) is up to you. STX lacrosse have consistently produced top-notch lacrosse gloves, and you can't go wrong with a pair. Scope out some of the best STX lacrosse gloves before you buy a set, and be sure to read the lacrosse gloves buying guide if you're unsure of which pair to buy!

The Inside Scoop on the STX Cell 3 Gloves

The Cell 3 is the latest generation of the most popular selling line from STX of all time. We won't lie to you… we thought the Cell 2 series was OK.. but these are a big upgrade. So the guys at STX got the message and packed these gloves with all the best technology of the top end Stallion HD and now you get to own one of the best gloves on the market for a fraction of the price !!! They listened to the big boys and shortened the cuffs and improved the back of hand mobility. The palm is upgraded and pretty awesome. The one thing they always had right was the protection.. top of the line. So if you are looking for a big boy glove and don't want to spend big boy cash.. these are the ultimate in high tech meets value.

STX Specs for STX Cell 3 Gloves

New STX Cell 3 glove. Dual-density foam throughout the glove offering superior protection in all key areas. New Stretch-Thumb technology provides improved thumb flexibility and rotation. Seamless vents on palm improves airflow keeping hands cool and dry. Durable full Nash palm offers superior grip and stick feel.

STX Lacrosse Gloves Sizing Chart:

Please reference the lacrosse gloves sizing chart below when buying new lacrosse gloves. This chart qualifies for all lacrosse gloves, including Brine, Warrior, STX, Under Armour, and Nike. Also note that lacrosse goalie gloves made specifically just for goalies!

Lacrosse Glove Sizes Lacrosse Player Height
Youth Lacrosse Gloves (10in) 4'0″ & Under
Medium Lacrosse Gloves (12in) 4'6″ – 5'6″
Large Lacrosse Gloves (13in) 5'6″ – 6'0″
XL Lacrosse Gloves (14in) 6'0″ & Over

Video Review – STX Cell 3 Lax Gloves

The STX Cell 3 lacrosse gloves ($129.99) are one of the best STX Gloves. Confirm the price, grip, protection, size, and weight fit your position
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