LaxRec: The Best Lacrosse Recruiting Tool

top-lacrosse-recruits is a free lacrosse recruiting website that provides the essential tools to find the right college to play lacrosse, and potentially get recruited by that school.

At the most fundamental level, LaxRec allows players to create a free profile, which is essentially a LinkedIn for lacrosse players who want to get recruited to play in college. Much like LinkedIn, this profile is their resume, which can be found through the website, or even by doing a Google search. Players can post information like:

  • Scoring Statistics
  • Player Position
  • Club Teams Played On
  • Honors/awards
  • Academic Information
  • GPA, SAT/ACT Scores and class rank
  • Camps & Tournaments Played

Lacrosse RecruitingLaxRec makes this process much simpler, since players do need to upload it. We understand that it would be a nuisance to upload the same video to several different platforms. This is why we allow users to simply add the YouTube or Vimeo url, and LaxRec will automatically embed it into its built-in slider. While this is free to do, we also offer services to make videos for players who need a company to make one for them. This can cost as little as $59.99 per video, depending on the package.

The last feature on the profile page is the recruit/commit list. Coaches can directly recruit players on the website; players can then choose to commit to whichever school they want. If you want to see a demo of what this looks like, search for my name on the search bar (Daniel Marcus).

While having a free, online lacrosse resume like this is already an immensely useful tool, we did not stop there. You can message every single NCAA coach directly on the website. If a coach is not signed up, then the message will send to his email, until he does.


My favorite feature on the site by far is the school search function. You can find school based off of LaxPower and US News ranking, cost, location, GPA requirement and SAT and ACT scores. For instance, I might be looking for DI colleges in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, with a minimum SAT score of 1100/1600 and maximum cost of $40k per year. I can then click on a school that I like (for example, Boston University). Once I click on the link, I have access to Boston University’s school page, which allows me to see all of the information from the school search page, along with majors offered, camps/tournaments that the college is attending and a full list of commits for any specified year. If a player likes a certain school, then he can “add to potential school,” which basically bookmarks that school for him. He can continue to do this for as many universities as he wants. On a side note, any school page can be accessed on the universal search bar, which also allows you to find players.

From a coach’s perspective, he can also post camps/tournaments he is attending. He can also directly recruit players on the website. This makes his recruit/commit list very organized, since it is already categorizes players by year, position and whether or not the player committed. Coaches can find players through the player search feature, which is very similar to the school search, only for players, rather than colleges.

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