Staying in shape in the offseason is SO important for any dedicated lacrosse player.


Having the drive and determination to stay in shape is one thing


Having the lacrosse training equipment is just as important.

Other than your lax stick of course, We’ve come up with some of the best tools on the market that can help you maintain your peak physique in order to dominate during the season.

The Top Lacrosse Training Equipment & Gear


The game of lacrosse combines sharp hand eye coordination with power, finesse, and speed. In order to achieve all of these things, you’ll have to focus on your training in the offseason and year-round.

Nutrition, fitness, and keeping track of all of the hard work you put in are important parts of developing your skill. Here are some of the best lacrosse training equipment that will help you do just that:

EZ-goal-outdoor-lacrosse-wall-rebounderLacrosse Rebounder Trainer

EZ Goal Rebounder

Our absolute favorite piece of lacrosse training gear has to be a rebounder. No questions asked. Why? Because practice makes perfect. And the best type of practicing you can do passing on your lax wall. It builds what’s called muscle memory. If you do the same repetitive movement over and over again, you will train your muscles to do that movement on impulse. So if you practice passing on a lacrosse rebounder for an hour a day, over the course of a month your passes will be perfect, and you won’t even think about how to pass on the field. It will just happen naturally. A lot of rebounders are portable, and setup easily. We recommend the EZ Rebounder….a great piece of lacrosse training gear!

lacrosse-cradle-babyCradle Baby for Passing & Catching

Cradle Baby on Amazon

Okay so this little lacrosse training device is pretty darn cool. What you do is attach the strap to your lacrosse head. The strap is then attached to a lacrosse ball. Now, you can cradle, pass, dodge and more (indoor or outdoors) without the lacrosse ball flying all over the place and breaking anything. This is perfect for younger players who are developing their cradling skills. It will let you walk around the house, practicing your cradles and dodges and perfecting them. Remember how we mentioned “muscle memory” above? Well that’s exactly what the Cradle Baby is used for!

best-lacrosse-bmp-training-gear-resistance-bandsResistance Band Set

BLM Training Set on Amazon

Black Mountain has come up with the ultimate all-purpose resistance lacrosse training equipment– complete with bands, straps, and a case to put it all in. Since not everyone has access to a gym or fitness center, this Black Mountain resistance band set allows you to use your surroundings to your advantage throughout a lacrosse workout. You can work multiple large muscle groups with the bands, and even fine tune the smaller muscles as well. The exercise choices are endless, and you can work with a single band, allowing minimal resistance, and with multiple bands stacked you can add more resistance. You can even anchor the straps to a lacrosse stick to work on stick handling and shooting as well. While it’s one of the more multipurpose tools we’ve listed, it won’t cost you over $40 and there’s a lifetime guarantee on this lacrosse training gear.

lacrosse-training-gear-pullup-barIron Gym Pull Up Bar

Iron Gym on Amazon

The Iron Gym is a tried and true tested piece of equipment, especially for lacrosse training gear. No actual gym necessary, the Iron Gym attaches to any door frame in your house and allows you to perform a variety of upper body and core workouts. The Iron Gym is a staple in the routine of many different fitness professionals due to its versatility in training and its ease in use for chin-ups, sit-ups, crunches, dips, and pushups. You can target large muscle groups essential to the game of lacrosse by training with the Iron Gym. Pushing and pulling are essential motions in lacrosse, with shooting, taking faceoffs, and holding your own against an opponent requiring your entire body to adapt. The Iron Gym can help you conquer these key exercises.

lax-training-equipment-protein-shakerPost Workout Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle on Amazon

What better way to finish a workout than a health protein shake packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to help you recover and build muscle? The Blender Bottle is one of the best lacrosse training equipment out there for protein shakes on the go. The Blender Bottle itself comes with measurement lines up to 20oz, with 28oz of room for shaking. The Blender Bottle also comes with a surgical steel grade whisk ball that pulverizes your protein powder and mixes your drink quickly and effectively. The flip cap and large mouth opening are easy to clean and pop into the dishwasher. Definitely a must for those fitness fanatics and lacrosse players on the go.

lax-training-gear-foam-rollerFoam Roller for Stretching

Foam Roller on Amazon

Foam rollers are becoming more and more popular in the lacrosse fitness scene, and for a good reason. Using your body weight, you can use the foam roller to apply pressure throughout different body parts in order to stretch, lengthen, and massage muscles. Foam rollers come in a variety of sizes, so you can store a 12 inch in your bag, while you can stock a 36 inch at home. Foam rolling helps alleviate tight muscles by doing just that; rolling your arms, back, legs, sides, and torso over the roller. Made of high-density foam, the roller elongates muscles and allows blood flow to help you cool down after a workout and stretch while your muscles are still warm. Foam rolling is key after a workout, conditioning session, and even a shooting practice, as it prevents injuries and keeps you loose far longer than just static stretching. A must have for your lacrosse training equipment!

best-lacrosse-training-equipment-amazonFitbit Charge Training Watch

Fitbit on Amazon

While the Fitbit might cost you a little more than you’re looking to spend, you won’t regret this purchase. The Fitbit Charge comes with heart rate measuring technology, so you can constantly check on and track your heart rate to figure out which energy system in your body that you’re training. You can track your heart rate, workouts, steps walked, distance, calories burned, and even sleep patterns. The Fitbit Charge is for the serious lacrosse player who wants to track and see progress daily. While it’s more expensive than the other lacrosse training gear counterparts we’ve listed, the Fitbit Charge is useful for when you’re not training too. You can identify patterns in your lax training to boost efficiency and maximize your progress. So while you might have a workout and practice in the afternoon, the Fitbit Charge will keep track of the calories you’ve spent all day so you can be sure to refuel with the energy your body needs. An awesome piece of lax training gear!

lacrosse-balance-discFitness and Balance Disc 

Balance Disc on Amazon

The last but not least piece of lacrosse training equipment you may need. This balancing disc allows you to perform both 1 and 2 legged exercises on the grippy, unstable surface in order to strengthen your proprioception and stability as an athlete. The disc, when inflated correctly, allows your foot or feet to sink in and keeps your body working on the ever-changing balance while you perform your exercises. You can use it for single or double leg balancing, lunges, bodyweight squats, deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts, and much more. While performing your lacrosse exercises on the balance disc, your body has to constantly adapt to the changing body position in order to make you more stable. This directly correlates to the game of lacrosse since while running, your position is changing while you shoot, check, pass, and catch. While all of these tools are incredibly useful for the lacrosse player the key concept is to adapt what you have access to in order to use it to your advantage. All of these tools listed above give you the coverage if the most critical foundations of any sport; strength, power, nutrition, and overall health.

lax-training-conesTraining Cones & Discs

Training Cones

Training cones are a must for any coach out there who wants to setup some great lacrosse drills. You can use them to setup an “on-the-fly” lacrosse field, give your players some shooting spots, or to setup offensive and defensive drills. You want your training cones to be able to stack on top of each other for easy storage. You most importantly want them to be durable for indoor or outdoor use.


STX Pass Master Review

STX Pass Master

The STX Bounce Back Pass Master Cover is a great way to begin to fine tune your lacrosse training –accuracy on passing or shooting. Clearly marked with orange targets, the cover slips over your existing rebounder and now gives you the ability to shoot or pass to clearly marked targets.

Working on accuracy while on the run and thinking about rebounds is clearly the goal of the cover.  The cover is secured by a bungee that loops around the back of the rebounder and universally fits most rebounders with the same 4’ by 3’ mat and frame.  Only $45 on Amazon, the cover gets 4 stars and can help turn an average lacrosse player into a star in no time.

best-lacrosse-target-buddy-shooting-goalieChampion Lacrosse Goal Target Buddy

Lax Goal Target

So we did some research and tried out a few of the best lacrosse goal targets in the market. After this research, we recommend the Predator lacrosse goal corner target stopper.

We are just very impressed with every piece of lacrosse gear guards and stoppers they have developed. The reviews on the predator lacrosse goal blocker and defender are awesome, and even better than the Champion lacrosse goal targets out there.

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Training Gear for 2018 GuidesStaying in shape in the offseason is SO important for any dedicated lacrosse player. And... Having the drive and determination to stay in shape is one thing But... Having the lacrosse training equipment is just as important. Other than your lax stick of course, We’ve come up with some of the best tools on the...