Introducing the Lacrosse Scoop Rebounder, The Perfect Spring Training Tool For Your Lax’er

My coaches always told me growing up that an hour working on a rebounder was worth two hours of actual practice.  You get so many reps in and working on the rebounder helps develop just about every skill you need when playing lacrosse. Unfortunately for years there have been two options when it comes to buying a lacrosse rebounder, expensive but high quality or cheap but not worth your time… not anymore!

We spent the better part of this year developing our exclusive Lacrosse Scoop Premium Rebounder and for now we have it priced at $129.99. Soon we will raise the price $20-30 a unit to match our competitors and be in line with the market, but for now we want our rebounder to be helping as many developing players as possible! Check out our listing and order soon. Enjoy prime shipping, Amazon's generous return policy and ease of transaction.

This rebounder has become “Amazon's Choice” for many terms and you will not find a better Christmas gift at a better price point than this!

Product Details:

  • Rebounder is 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall giving over a 25 feet surface area
  • Fastest Way To Improve Your Game. 5 different angles allow for rapid training and improvement. Improve your grounders, line drives and pop ups.
  • 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy, we are not happy. US Based customer service team will respond to any issues within a business day.
  • Priced to deliver value. Enjoy similar quality to other rebounders costing 50-100% more.
  • Easily adjust tightness to ensure you receive a strong bounce back effect.

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