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A+ Shaft! Review of the Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen 5, for attack, defense and goalies. The C30, R60, C40, F30, and C32B are lightweight and flexible!

Epoch Lacrosse ShaftsSo this lacrosse shaft review has been long awaited for. The Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shaft has made quite the splash in the lacrosse world. At a time when you thought metal alloy lacrosse shafts were the best, the Epoch Dragonfly gen 5 hits the market, comprised 100% of carbon fiber. Our review? We DEFINITELY approve. Two thumbs up, standing ovation. You can't go wrong with an Epoch lacrosse shaft. You can pick one up now by clicking the red button, otherwise read on for the full Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shaft review, and how to pick the right one for you!

The Epoch Dragonfly Gen 5 Lacrosse Shaft Technology

Choosing the right shaft can be difficult, especially the right Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shaft, we know. For example, you have the Epoch Dragonfly C30, R60, C60, and then these iQ5, iQ7 letters and numbers. What do they all mean?! Don't fret, because below we've detailed exactly what all of these numbers and letters represent, and how to choose the best Dragonfly lacrosse stick for your position and style of play!


Geometries: Choose Your Dragonfly Shaft Shape (C, E, X, R, F)

So the letters you see all represent the shape of the lacrosse shaft. Warrior, STX, Brine and Gait have controlled the lacrosse shaft marketplace for years, only allowing basically one standard shape. Well thanks to Epoch lacrosse, you can now choose the shape of the Dragonfly shaft to fit your style of play. Some lacrosse players prefer the most common Epoch dragonfly C30 lacrosse shaft, which is the standard octagonal shape. Have a look at the graphic provided by Epoch Lacrosse, and choose which shape fits your preferences.

Dragonfly-Lacrosse-Shaft-FlexFlex iQ: Get the Right Amount (iQ1- iQ10)

Fiberglass is a no-no. And unfortunately, that's exactly what other lacrosse shafts have been built with in order to give you FLEX. Well the Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shaft is a game-changer, built with carbon-fiber, instead of cheap fiberglass. Now if you're not sure what lacrosse flex is, flex is when your lacrosse shaft slightly bends when making a hard pass or shot. The benefit is a faster and quicker release. It can actually increase your lacrosse shot speed! The Epoch dragonfly lacrosse shaft comes in a range of “Flex iQ”. The higher the number, the more the flex. The lower the number, the less the flex. Take a look at the diagram and choose a Dragonfly shaft that fits your flex preferences!

Length: Pick the Shaft for Your Position (30, 60, 40)

The numbers after the initial letter, for example Dragonfly C “30”, means the lax shaft is 30 inches long. So attack and middies will typically go with a 30″ shaft, defense and lsm 60″, and goalies 40″

Now Grab Your Epoch Dragonfly Gen 5 Shaft:

Attack and Middie Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shafts
If you're a middie or attackman, we highly recommend an Epoch Dragonfly C30, X30, or E30 shaft. You can't go wrong with either of these shapes, just pick one that you are comfortable with. The amount of flex iQ you'll want is determined by your preference. If you've never owned a shaft that possesses a lot of flex, we recommend getting an Epoch Dragonfly C30 with iQ3 so that you can feel it out.

Epoch-Dragonfly-Flex-DefenseDefense and LSM Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shafts
Defense, you should be lining up to get an Epoch Dragonfly R60 or C60 lacrosse shaft. Grab the Dragonfly C60 or R60 shape, and then choose your flex. Using a Dragonfly lacrosse defense shaft that has FLEX gives you greater slashes and maneuverability. Not to mention the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft weight is next to nothing!

Goalie Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft
As a goalie, using a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft like the Epoch Dragonfly C40 shaft will elevate your game. First off, it won't break from a nasty lacrosse shot. Second, it's lightweight, allowing you to quickly get to those top corner lacrosse shots. Lastly, the grip on the goalie lacrosse Dragonfly shaft is gritty enough to hold your hand position, but slick enough to let you move them.

Face-Off Middie Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft
Hey Face-off Middies, grab a specially designed Epoch Dragonfly F30 shaft, which is specially designed just for Face-Off-Get-Off (FoGo) Middies. Thanks to Epoch lacrosse and their “MotoGrip design, you can now maximize your clamping speed and power.

Box Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft
For all of the reasons above, an Epoch Dragonfly C32B BOX shaft will work great for your indoor lacrosse needs. The Box lacrosse shaft is 32 inches instead of the standard 30 inches, and the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft comes with all of the awesome technology as the classic one!

More Technology with Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen 5

Reload Technology – When you are passing or shooting, the Dragonfly shaft's carbon fibers get stretched on the front of the shaft and compressed on the back. Reload Technology makes the Dragonfly's fibers return to their natural spot, giving you a “snap back” effect.

Uniform Release – This is also called “Kick Point” and gives you a consistent feel while shooting or passing with the Dragonfly lacrosse stick, no matter where your hands are.

Epoch-LaxLower F.A.W. – The MMXV Gen 5 Dragonfly lacrosse shaft uses a lower F.A.W. (Fiber Areal Weight) than standard shafts. Using lighter and smaller carbon fibers gives you increased durability.

Slip Grip – You'll notice the Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shaft has an awesome “gritty” textured coat on the shaft, which gives you thorough grip throughout the shaft in all weathers. But, it's also slick enough for you to freely move your hands.

Resin – All Epoch Dragonfly shafts are treated with chemical surface treatments to improve the strength between the fibers, increasing durability of the carbon fibers!

For more information head over to Epoch Lacrosse's Website to read up on their new shafts and technology!

A+ Shaft! Review of the Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft Gen 5, for attack, defense and goalies. The C30, R60, C40, F30, and C32B are lightweight and flexible!

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