Finding the best lacrosse balls for cheap can be a tough process.

There are countless online stores to buy from, with dozens of colors and cases and boxes full of 6, 12, and even 120 lacrosse balls!

Here’s the Secret:

The higher volume of lacrosse balls you buy, the less you will pay.

This guide will show you the cheapest options out there.

The Best Deals for Lacrosse Balls in 2018

Best: Champion Lacrosse Balls

Bulk: Case of 120 Balls

Massage: Therapy Lax Balls

The Three Things to Consider…

  1. Price Per Ball
  2. Materials
  3. NOCSAE Safety Standard


Lacrosse Balls Pricing

The more lacrosse balls in bulk you buy, the less you will pay per ball.

If you only want to buy 1 lacrosse ball, then you’ll end up paying around $5. But, if you buy cheap lacrosse balls in bulk, of say 120 lacrosse balls, then you will pay less per ball.

So you need to ask yourself this question…How many lacrosse balls will I need in the next year while shooting on your lacrosse goal? We promise you will lose more than you think!

Official Lacrosse Ball Size, Dimensions and Materials

The lacrosse ball size is similar to that of a baseball or tennis ball, and is 3.5 inches in diameter.

What are lacrosse balls made of?

Well, lacrosse balls are made of 100% rubber and are enforced by the engraved “Meets NOCSAE Standard” label by US Lacrosse, NOCSAE and the NCAA to prevent injuries stemming from non certified lacrosse balls. When buying your next set of lax balls, know that sometimes both hard and soft lacrosse balls made of rubber have been known to be a little smelly.

Other Lacrosse Ball Uses: We’ve been seeing tons of lacrosse balls for massages to treat back and neck pain. Additionally, you can use lacrosse balls with dogs as toys!

Where to Buy the Best Bulk & Cheap Lacrosse Balls for Sale

Price Per Ball: Small packs around $5, Wholesale around $2
Colors: Varies by quantity: white, black, yellow, orange, hot pink, purple, green, blue

We’ve done all of the research and leg work to bring you the best deals, discounts, prices on all of the best lacrosse balls by Brine, Warrior, STX, and Champion.

You will find this lacrosse balls buying guide split up by the quantity of lacrosse ball packages and sets you need, coming in sets of 1, 2, 6, 12 and 120. All hard lacrosse balls listed are officially certified for NFHS and NCAA play for youth, high school, college, and MLL lacrosse.

best-champion-lax-balls-cheapOne Official Champion Lacrosse Ball

Champion Lacrosse Ball – $6

This Champion lacrosse ball is an official NOCSAE ball and meets all standards. Over at Amazon, we found the best deal online for when ordering just 1 lacrosse ball. You can also order in custom lacrosse ball colors: Red, yellow, orange, green, white, black, purple and pink!

two-lacrosse-balls-cheap-setPack of 2 Lacrosse Balls

2 Lacrosse Balls – $12

Coming from the lacrosse ball store, this pack of two lacrosse balls is bound to impress you. A set of one blue lacrosse ball and one green lacrosse ball, they meet all certifications and standards for NOCSAE, NFHS and NCAA.

half-dozen-lacrosse-balls-champion-cheapPack of 6 Lacrosse Balls

6 Lacrosse Balls – $20

Another set of champion lacrosse balls, this pack of six comes with the following lacrosse ball colors: white, blue, orange, yellow, green, and multi-colored.

All lacrosse balls are officially NCAA and NFHS legal and approved. Comes packaged in a reusable lacrosse mesh bag to carry around from your game or practice.

pack-of-lax-balls-12Pack of 12 Dozen Lacrosse Balls

Dozen Lacrosse Balls – $30

Thanks to Champion again, we have a great set of cheap lacrosse balls for you.

Coming in a pack of 12 lacrosse balls, you’ll love the color options of hot pink, white, or yellow. These lacrosse balls meet all certifications of NCAA, NOCSAE and NFHS standards.

brine-lacrosse-balls-bulk-cheap-box-case120 Bulk Lacrosse Balls Case (about $1 per ball!)

Case of Lacrosse Balls – $200

One of the benefits of buying bulk lacrosse balls is the price per ball is a lot cheaper. For around $180 dollars, you get a box of 120 lacrosse balls cheap!

Every single lacrosse ball meets all of the standards and certifications set in place from the NOCSAE, NCAA and NFHS to ensure safety and no injuries.

indoor-lacrosse-balls-hollowSoft Lacrosse Balls for Practice

Soft Lacrosse Balls – $14

Soft lacrosse balls are great for developing youth players and kids looking to improve their lax skills. Because they are half the weight of a regulation lacrosse ball, and are soft, they make for excellent practice lacrosse balls both inside and outside. This pack of 6 lacrosse balls is an excellent coupon code for you. Please not they tend to be bouncy!

mini-lacrosse-balls-softBrine Mini Lacrosse Balls 2 Pack

Mini Lacrosse Balls – $8

If you have a set of mini sticks, then you’ll need extra mini lacrosse balls for sure! This pack 2 comes with one green lacrosse ball and one orange lacrosse ball.

These aren’t as hard as regular lacrosse balls as they are made of a soft foam rubber that is bouncy making them great as indoor lacrosse balls. No broken lamps or windows here!

best-lax-balls-for-massage-bodyBest Lacrosse Balls for Massage

Massage Lax Balls

Many athletes and personal trainers use lacrosse balls for massage and other therapy. The strength and firmness of a lacrosse ball is perfect for massaging your muscles.

When your roll a lax ball along your foot, back, neck, or other pressure points, you can really loosen up those muscles. Getting a reflexology, acupressure, or myofascial release just became that much easier. We recommend this pack of massage lacrosse balls.

lacrosse-balls-bag-bucket-stxSTX Lacrosse Balls Bag for Carrying & Shagging

Lacrosse Balls Bag – $25

Coaches and parents are going to love this lacrosse balls bag. Easily carry, fetch, and grab your lacrosse balls with this bag.

Thanks to the sturdy base construction, this lacrosse balls bucket bag carries up to six dozen lacrosse balls. A heavy duty zipper lets you take it anywhere, and strong holding handles let you pick it up and drop it down with ease!

how-to-clean-lacrosse-balls-greasyLacrosse Ball Degreaser & Cleaner

Ball Scratcher 2.0

Don’t you hate it when lacrosse balls get greasy and slippers? Well, The Ball Scratcher 2.0 is proven to officially “degrease” lax balls. All you do is chuck your old, greasy lacrosse balls into the special scratching bucket, and use a drill to spin it around.

The result? Fresh, brand spanking new lacrosse balls….that aren’t greasy anymore! We highly recommend looking at one if you have tons of old lax balls that need refurbishing. It will save you time, save you money, and is environmentally friendly!

Below…checkout the Ball Stratcher 2.0 IN ACTION!

[Cheap] Places to Buy Lacrosse Balls in Bulk 2018 GuidesFinding the best lacrosse balls for cheap can be a tough process. There are countless online stores to buy from, with dozens of colors and cases and boxes full of 6, 12, and even 120 lacrosse balls! Here's the Secret: The higher volume of lacrosse balls you buy, the less you will pay. This guide...