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[Top 10] Best Womens & Girls Lacrosse Sticks 2020


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Having the right girls lacrosse stick is crucial to your success on the field.

Sure, your lacrosse goggles, cleats, and even socks are important. But your stick is your weapon on the field! The whole game revolves around your stick whether you are a middie, attacker or a goalie.


We believe that you can be just as good as the best laxers ever.

But it's going to take two things: Hard word, and the right girls lacrosse stick.

The hard work is up to you. But choosing the right womens lacrosse stick is up to us. We are here to help you choose the stick that will put your hard work to good use on the field.

The Best Girls Lacrosse Stick in 2020:

Best Value: STX Crux 300 Women's Lacrosse Stick

Buying Guide; Choosing the Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks

  • Ability: Age, Skillset
  • Cost: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Position: Middie, Attack, Defense

Best-Girls-Lax-Sticks-2018Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the U.S., which means tons of girls are taking up the fastest game on two feet. The game is being played at college and high school levels. Even younger girls and youth levels are taking up the game now.  That means girl’s lacrosse sticks are advancing and ever-changing, year after year.  We’re here to give you the rundown on the best possible girls lacrosse sticks you can choose from for your 2020 season.  Along with some new manufacturers in the market, the dominant girl’s lacrosse stick developers like Brine, STX, DeBeer, and Warrior have been producing more elite sticks to allow girl’s lacrosse players to put their best efforts on the field. As times move forward, games become more complex and the manufacturers try to keep up with these changes by modifying their products to make the best lacrosse sticks possible.

Girl’s lacrosse sticks are all developed with a variety of factors in mind.  Beginners sticks are developed with the basics in mind; scooping, throwing, and catching, while advanced sticks are developed with the positional lacrosse player in mind.  Throughout your quest to find the perfect stick for you, we want you to keep some of these points in mind.


Your sick should reflect your ability.  If you are just beginning the sport, a more advanced stick probably won’t be the right choice for you. When you start playing the game, you need to go for a stick that gives you maximum cradling ability. After some practice, you can move to the advanced levels.  Advanced sticks are designed with more narrow channels and lower sidewalls, creating a missed opportunity for a beginner to develop their ground ball scooping ability and their cradling ability.  Beginners do well with beginner or intermediate girls lacrosse sticks, giving them the best tool to learn the basics while still being a threat on the field.  Vice versa, advanced players are better off with more elite girl’s lacrosse sticks, as they are designed to give the ball handler more feel and quicker releases on shots and passes.


The best and most elite sticks of course come with a heftier price tag, but often for a good reason.  Elite sticks are designed to last seasons, and not just a few months.  The best girl’s lacrosse sticks offer the most ingenuity when it comes to sidewall design, pocket depth, and channeling.  If you are playing at pro level, then you should definitely invest in a stick that will be your companion through some seasons.  Not every elite girl’s lacrosse stick will be as expensive as the next, and it definitely depends on the manufacturer. You just have to skim through the products by different brands and find one that suits your needs and budget.  Beginners lacrosse sticks can offer the most ‘bang for your buck,” still offering a quality stick at an affordable price.


Once you have been playing for a while, some womens lacrosse sticks are preferred and recommended for certain positions over others.  Obviously, goaltenders use goalie lacrosse sticks, but you’ll soon see how some sticks are developed strictly for attackers, while some are better for defenders.

  1. Midfielders
  2. Attackers
  3. Defenders

Girls lacrosse is different than boys lacrosse. And so are girls sticks. Today, the top manufacturers that make Brine, deBeer and STX lacrosse sticks offer the best in class gear. They all give you maximum control with the ball at an affordable price.


Look for sticks with slight flex throughout the top half of the head to allow for controlled passes, quick releases, and speedy shots. The best attack lacrosse head for midfielders have a wider throat channel to naturally carry the ball in the middle to the top of the pocket. The “V” shaped head scoop work well for midfielders. Wider heads and low sidewalls along with the channeled stringing allows for an easy transition from offense to defense. If you’re an offensive midfielder, a pinched head will give you more feel with the ball and keep it nestled the pocket if you get checked.


All attack girls lacrosse sticks are designed with scoring goals in mind. Maximum offset from shaft to scoop allows for control even through double teams and stick checks because of a lower side rail and pocket. A pinched head keeps the ball centered in the head and offers control through dodges and fakes but still allows for a quick catch and release. Newer methods of stringing in attacker’s sticks use recessed sidewall holes to allow for pocket movement so the ball moves with you and your cradle instead of wobbling within the head. Look for “V” point scoops, which will keep the ball continuously flying out of the same release point on shots and passes, even on a rainy day. If you need help deciding which stick to get based on your position, you can go to your coach or watch some pro level players who play the same position as you.


Look for a girls lax stick that has stiffness throughout the head while offering a flattened or dropped scoop to allow maximum ground ball pickups. Womens lacrosse heads aimed at strict defenders have low flex points and sidewalls to allow for maximum pocket depths to increase control when carrying the ball. Though you can always restring a stick to your liking, many defensive girls lacrosse heads come with a gripper pocket which allows for more ball control throughout a variety of seasons. Wider womens lacrosse heads feature more surface area which increases a defenders chance of knocking down shots and passes in the 8 meter.

The Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks for Advanced Players

  • Ages: 12+
  • Price: $100-200
  • Complete: Shaft & Head

Womens lacrosse sticks are usually developed with high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate players in mind. As the game progresses in skill and technique, advances in lax stick technology have been relied on to give you an edge over your opponent. The materials are higher quality, and the purposes more specific on advances girls lacrosse sticks.  Different sticks are based on the position of the player, the level of durability required and the overall strength of the material used.  Checkout the reviews below!

stx-crux-500-best-girls-lax-stick(#1) STX Crux 500 Womens Lacrosse Stick

The STX Crux 500 is THE absolute best possible womens lacrosse stick you can purchase for the advanced laxers.  It can be seen being used by the top women’s players in the country in colleges and universities as well as the U.S. Women’s National team.

The Crux 500 is developed with 10 degree offset rail, so shots and passes get more whip and accuracy, something the advanced attacker and midfielder need.  The minimal sidewall development and offset head allow the ball to sit deeper in the pocket, allowing flex and control when cradling.  At just over $200, this can be a sticking point with some buyers. However, for those girl’s lacrosse players looking to really up their game, this is the stick you have to have.  You don’t have to invest in this stick if you’re just starting to step into the game. But if you’re playing on higher levels, this is the most ideal stick in terms of accuracy, firmness and control.

stx-crux-girls-womens-lax-stick-completeSTX Crux 300 Women's Lacrosse Stick

The middle model in the Crux series, the STX Crux 300 offers some of the perks associated with the STX Crux 500, without the $200 price tag.  It does have the minimal sidewall and the offset rail technology to allow a deeper pocket and flex point for shooting and ball control.

The STX Crux 300 is a little bit wider than the Crux 500, which makes it the better choice for the more intermediate player rather than the advanced.  Since it has a wider head, it is quite effective at checking and so can be used by defenders. The Crux 300 still has the widened scoop and flex for superior ground ball pickups.  The price for the STX Crux 300 womens lacrosse stick is cheaper than the 500 at just over $130.  This is the stick you want to invest in if you are still transitioning to advanced levels. It will definitely last you a few seasons and is not heavy on the pocket.

stx-exult-300-girls-stick-laxSTX Exult 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Exult 100 womens lacrosse stick is newer to the usual lineup, but girl’s lacrosse players are claiming they love these newly designed STX lacrosse sticks.  STX prides itself on lasting longevity of sticks, creating no-tear top strings and heavy pocket construction to last for years.

The center channel itself has grips that flex around the ball when it’s in your stick, creating a close bond between the center of the stick and the ball. This allows the midfielder and attacker to feel the ball when dodging and pulling back to shoot, knowing the ball is right where they want it every time.

stx-fortress-300-womens-lacrosse-stickSTX Fortress 300 Womens Lacrosse Stick

The STX Fortress is a lockdown defensive womens lacrosse stick. The head is designed to be stiff to knockdown passes and go right through ground balls in the defensive zone without flexing.  The elongated stick face allows the defender to get more power on outlet passes, and the widened head allows more surface area to check.

The pocket is designed for the ball carrier to be able to both carry and clear the ball, creating a unique flex point in the center strings so that the ball can be felt when cradling.  The top choice of elite defenders at right around $120 for this womens lacrosse stick.

maverik-vertigo-girls-lacrosse-stickMaverik Vertigo Womens Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Vertigo on Amazon

An interesting choice for the elite girl’s lacrosse player that needs longevity out of a stick that does it all.  A widened head allows for maximum scoop and channel for cutting down passes and defense, but also is created with a flexible pocket that hugs the ball when cradling, ideal for the midfielder who sees a lot of defensive and offensive action.

Pocket design keeps the ball in the sweet spot for quick releases on passes and shots.  A good yet different choice for the midfielder looking for something unique, outside of the typical STX or Brine stick.  Can be found for around $90.

STX Shield Goalie HeadSTX Shield Girls Goalie Lacrosse Head

Coming fully strung, this womens lacrosse goalie heads for girls is an awesome bet for intermediate to advanced laxers out there. A definite step up from the Goalmaster lacrosse goalie head, the STX Shield is now lighter and better than ever. If you play competitive high school or Divison 1 lacrosse, this is the girls lacrosse head for goalies who are the best of the best!

The Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

  • Ages: 6-12
  • Price: $30-60
  • Complete: Shaft & Head

In order to arm our nations youth players with the right tools learn the sport, manufacturers develop easy to use, skill developing, girls lacrosse sticks. Manufacturers like Brine, STX, and deBeer have lines of girls lacrosse sticks that put the focus on catching, throwing, and scooping ground balls. With wider scoops and less off-set than womens lacrosse sticks, it allows younger girls to learn the essential skills of the sport without worrying about high-tech advancements that come with more expensive sticks from the same manufacturers. Once your little girl has learnt the basics of the game, you can get a more expensive version of the same stick from these manufacturers.

Best-STX-Crux-100-Lacrosse-Womens-Complete-Sticks-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth-advancedSTX Crux 100 Review

The STX Crux 100 girl’s lacrosse stick is the first stick in the Crux model.  The models get newer and more advanced, so the Crux 100 is a great place to start for a beginner who will be progressing into the sport year after year.

The Crux line is developed for the more midfield and attack minded, offering superior ball control in its narrower channel and “V” shaped scoop.  The stick is very well liked by beginner and intermediate players, getting 4.5 stars out of 5.  For only $50, this STX Crux 100 girl’s lacrosse stick will serve its purpose and then some. You cannot expect it to last for many seasons but it will definitely be a great stick for practice. With this young players will be able to learn how to exercise control on the ball and have a grip on the shaft.

Brine-dynasty-rise-girls-complete-lax-stickBrine Dynasty Rise Lax Stick

Developed by the same manufacturer that designs the girls lacrosse sticks of elite players, the Dynasty Rise was created to offer beginners the feel of an elite stick without forgetting all the assets that a beginner needs to truly learn the sport.

The Brine Dynasty girl’s lacrosse stick has low, offset sidewalls to allow beginners and intermediates to begin feeling the ball in their stick without minimizing control.

The Dynasty Rise also offers one of the most widened scoops available, so that the beginners can maximize ground ball pickups, especially when new to the sport.  Available for just under $40, the Brine Dynasty Rise is a great option for the girl’s lacrosse player who is serious, but new to the sport. At such a minimal price, this stick is a wise choice if you want to teach a young girl how to scoop a ball properly.

debeer-impulse-girls-womens-lax-stick-beginnersdeBeer Impulse Girls Lacrosse Stick

The model itself is a few years old but there have been little improvements on this great choice for the intermediate to advanced lacrosse player.  The DeBeer Impulse girl’s lacrosse stick is light and responsive, designed with low, aerodynamic sidewalls that allow you to really feel the ball. The sidewalls allow for the ball to be placed in the middle so that it gets the most impact when you are shooting.

The stringing has the gripper center channel, keeping the weight of the ball in the center of your stick, ready for a pass, shot, or cradle in a split second.  Plus, the fact that it was released in 2013 means you can get it for cheap, at much less than a new 2017 or 2018 model.  Starts at just around $50.

stx-girls-lacrosse-sticks-lillySTX Lilly Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Lilly girl’s lacrosse stick is the typical beginner stick.  This stick is ideal for beginners and youth players, but almost too much of a beginner stick for the intermediate player.

This girl’s lacrosse stick is designed with the widest possible scoop for ground balls, ideal for those who aren’t yet efficient in passing and catching.  The channel in the middle of the stick is also wider, so that cradling skills can be developed and passes can be crisper.  It’s definitely the type of girl’s lacrosse stick you start a youth player out with so that they can learn the basics, and not a bad price for $30, easily replaceable for when your youth player is ready to move on to a more advanced girls lacrosse stick.

maverik-lacrosse-women-twist-complete-stick-inset4Maverik Twist Girls Lacrosse Stick

The Maverik Twist girls lax stick comes with a pocket developed to give the beginner more feel with the ball.  The precision pocket is ideal for those who have mastered ground balls, passing, and catching, and now want to develop their shooting skills.

The pocket is strung with heavy nylon, which offers more control around the ball within the pocket. This control is extremely important when you are learning how to shoot the ball. Priced at under $50, you can't go wrong with this lax stick for beginners or intermediate players.

stx-exult-starter-girls-pack-kitSTX Exult Girls Lacrosse Starter Pack

The STX Exult girls lacrosse starter package comes with the STX Exult stick, youth-sized 4sight goggles, and stick bag.  It is the ideal package for the beginner or intermediate girl’s lacrosse player that needs to cover her bases with equipment.

The Exult 200 stick is a decent beginner stick that offers widened surface area for ground ball pickup, and optimal sight protection with the 4sight goggles.  Available in a few colors, we found it in pink for $85.

maverik-twist-girls-lax-beginner-kitMaverik Twist Girls Lacrosse Starter Pack

Complete with the Maverick Twist Girls Lacrosse Stick with flexible swivel pocket to offer the youth player flexibility when learning to carry the ball.

The Twist girls lax starter package also includes the coveted Poly Pro goggles, which has the best possible sightline to the ball with its one-lined eye protection.

The Maverick Twist package also includes a lacrosse backpack style bag, which is becoming more common and desired among youth players. We found it in carolina blue and pink for $80.

The Final Scoop on Girls Lacrosse Sticks

No matter what position you play, there is a girls lacrosse stick out there designed with you in mind. The best way to get a feel for what you need is to try out the sticks of your teammates, coaches, and mentors. While you may get used to one stick over time, you might not be performing at the top of your game without a stick that is designed for your position, especially at a higher level.

Trying out newer, more advanced lacrosse sticks for girls will keep you performing at the top of your game season after season! It is always good to keep your choices open. You never know when you will hold a stick that belongs to another player and love the way it fits in your hand.

Girls or Womens lacrosse stick choice should depend on your ability, position, and cost, but don’t let those be just the deciding factors.  Choose the girls lax stick that feels right in your hands, and the best thing you can do is try out your teammates sticks as well.  There are pros and cons to every option but the stick that can get you through a long season with little wear and tear is going to be your best bet. You can be the best at the game but if you are not comfortable with your stick or if the stick you are using is not top notch, you can never give your best play. A stick can make or break a new or even elite player, so get the stick that is right for you!

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Buying Guides Womens

[Top 10] Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles in 2019


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Best-Girls-Lacrosse-Goggles-CheapBuying the perfect lacrosse goggles can be a difficult process.

You have to consider:

Will these lax goggles FIT right?

If they don’t fit right, they will bother you during the game. You don’t want to be preoccupied with your goggles while trying to give your best play.  

Are they LEGAL?

Also, your goggles have to be legal. There are some rules set in place by the NCAA and National Lacrosse League. Make sure to give them a read before you buy a pair of lacrosse goggle.

Are they SAFE?

Your goggles must be safe for you and the players around you. Getting hurt during the game with be a bummer for you and your team.

And most importantly, will they give you ACNE?

The 3 top factors in choosing lacrosse goggles:

  1. Protection
  2. Visibility
  3. Fit

[Pre-Approved] Best Lacrosse Goggles for 2017:

Best Overall: STX 4Sight Form

Best Deal: STX 4Sight Plus

Best for Glasses: Bangerz Eyeguard

In addition to informing you of buying the best lacrosse goggles, we will review the top girls lacrosse goggles available today, coming from top brands like Bangerz, Brine, STX, deBeer, and Cascade.

But all lacrosse goggles are made a bit differently, and this girls lacrosse goggles buying guide will break down all the specs for you.

Lacrosse Scoop will have you looking great and feeling protected in no time!

safe-lacrosse-goggles-kids[Protection] ASTM Lacrosse Safety Standard

Just like your lax stick, Lacrosse goggles are a mandatory piece of equipment needed to play the field in girls lacrosse.

Lacrosse goggles have to be ASTM certified in order to be legally worn in the game.

Having the ASTM seal means they were designed and tested internationally to protect the eyes of the field player. It also means that a pair of lacrosse goggles designed for recreational play, like simple sports goggles, do not meet the USLacrosse standard, and aren’t legal for play.

All approved eyewear has the ASTM F803-03 seal, and as of January 2016, all lax eyewear will need to meet the newest standard, ASTM 3077. The current standard states that protective lacrosse eyewear should be able to withstand a force of a ball moving at 45mph at the youth level, and 60mph at the adult level. All adult lacrosse eyewear is approved for youth players as well.

[Visibility] Adult Vs Youth Lacrosse Goggles

The difference between adult eyewear and youth eyewear is simply the size of the frame of the goggles. Adult frames are wider and more adaptive to the adult players size head, while youth lacrosse goggles are designed with a smaller, narrower frame with younger player’s heads in mind.

As the player grows, the lacrosse goggles size should eventually be transitioned from youth to adult based on comfort and vision.  Many youth players wear adult sized goggles because the more comfortable fit, which is totally legal. Likewise, if you feel like you have a smaller head for an adult, you can always go for a pair of youth goggles. It is permissible in the game.

best-girls-lax-goggles-fit[Fit] Comfortable Girls Lacrosse Goggles

Girls lacrosse goggles are made by some of the best lacrosse brands, and come in a variety of colors, designs, and fits. The number one factor you should consider when purchasing a new pair of goggles is protection.  While goggles may protect your eyes, they will not protect your head and they may not even protect the nose, depending on the fit.

When you are trying different goggles, you need to make sure that the visibility is optimal too. If you cannot see properly through the goggles, they are not the pair for you.

Finding a pair that fits well over your eyes and allows you to see clearly that will optimally protect you from eye trauma is essential. Before you purchase a new pair, head on over to US Lacrosse and check out their list of approved eyewear to make sure your new favorite pair is on the list.

The National League approves eye wear based on the protection that they provide to the wearer. You do not want to end up with a pair that you can’t wear to a game.

[ACNE] How to Reduce Breakouts from your Lax Goggles

Pimples suck. But lacrosse is awesome. The key here is not to quit lax because you're breaking out. Just make sure you're properly cleaning your lacrosse goggles. When you wear your goggles, sweat builds up and gets into your pores.

When your skin pores open, sweat can build up into them. The sebum causes acne breakouts. This is probably the worst thing to happen during game season. So, it is important to stay hydrated and use a good cleanser daily.

If you don't clean your face and your goggles, then you will breakout.

We recommend picking up some cleaner to easily clean your silicone lax goggles, and make sure you're washing your face regularly too!

Reviews of the Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles in 2017

  • Price: $20-50
  • Design: Metal Wire, Silicone Frame
  • Ages: All Ages

Most girls lacrosse goggles designed for players today are made with lightweight metals, but polycarbonate plastic goggles are also used to play. Thin but strong wiring will protect the eyes and not interfere with vision. Metal wire and cage options are plentiful.

They come in a variety of shapes and designs to minimally interfere with vision while allowing the best possible protection. The most popular choices among lacrosse goggles involve a combination of good design, little vision restriction, and comfort.

Comfort is a very important thing to look for in a goggle. Your goggle might be up to the league’s requirements and give maximum visibility but if it keeps bothering you during the game, you will have a tough time finding your way to victory.

stx-4sight-form-plus-leSTX 4Sight Form LE Plus Goggles

These are the most expensive girls lacrosse goggles on the market. And for good reason. The unique floating cage allows for one of the best fitting lax goggles out there. These feel like wearing custom lax goggles! The titanium cage is so lightweight, but protective. The oval wire design give you awesome visibility anywhere on the field at any angle. They also meet all ASTM requirements. Great pair of goggles for girls here. The goggles have oval wires that give better visibility. Along with providing superior visibility, it also prevents acne breakouts. The googles are lined with X-static liner. This is anti-odor so it does a great job of keeping the stink from excessive sweat away. And it is also antimicrobial so you can keep your worries about germs attacking your body locked away while you are playing.

stx-sight-4-womens-lacrosse-gogglesSTX Sight 4 Lacrosse Goggles

The STX Sight 4 is one of the most popular and best selling team lacrosse goggles of all time. Just holding them on your hands, or putting them on, you'll understand why. They are a lightweight lacrosse goggle made of protective, yet comfortable, silicone. These silicone lacrosse goggles don't absorb sweat or moisture to prevent acne breakouts. These STX lacrosse goggles meet all ASTM rules and fit easily over your lacrosse glasses! Tons of lacrosse goggles color options from green, pink, blue, black, purple, red and many more to fit all team and players needs.

best-stx-rookie-girls-lacrosse-goggles-womensSTX Rookie Girls Lacrosse Goggles

The STX Rookie lacrosse goggles are some of the most popular ones on the field. These lax goggles are made to be low profile and minimalist with a flattering oval wire design. Excellent visibility and sight from these. The silicone padding is vented to give you added comfort and breathability–No more acne with these! Meets all ASTM lacrosse standards and are a perfect fit for high school or youth lacrosse goggles! If you happen to play field hockey, these are legal for that sport too! Also, the silicone does not absorb any moisture making it easy for you to clean your goggles regularly. Take your pick from the three unique colors.

deBeer Lacrosse Goggles VistadeBeer Vista SI Womens Lacrosse Goggles

This list wouldn't be complete without listing the best deBeer lacrosse goggles in the sport. The deBeer Vista SI goggles are perfect for any advanced or beginner lax player. Meeting all NFHS and college standards, these Tru-Vu vision system goggles are designed to reduce glare while on the field. The Cat-eye style lacrosse goggles wire frame increase your vision and improve protection. These are supposed to be tight and can be worn with glasses.

stx-girls-lax-sight-focus-goggles-newSTX 4Sight Focus Womens Goggles

These 4 Sight Focus goggles are brand new from STX, and they are pretty awesome. Right off the bat, the oval wire design gives excellent visibility anywhere on the field. Second, the comfort for these is great, especially because of the lightweight frame. The form-fitting silicone padding is super easy to clean and will NOT absorb sweat or water. No more breakouts of acne! These STX Sight 4 Focus goggles are a great option that meet ASTM F3077 standards. These are available in seven different colors so you can take your pick. Just be careful that although the company doesn’t say it, customers have said that these goggles are a bit tight on adults. For youth, however, these are an awesome pick.

debeer-lax-gogglesDeBeer Lucent Girls Lacrosse Goggles

Some players need to wear glasses under their goggles, and not every goggle will allow for comfortable fit and room for glasses to be worn. The Debeer Lucent lacrosse goggles stands out among others that give the wearer protection and comfort while wearing glasses underneath. The deBeer Lucent sit further away from the face and allow plenty of room for glasses to be worn underneath. While they are an older design than most of their newer goggle counterparts, they were designed with protection in mind and are still the top choice among players that need to fit a pair of glasses underneath. They direct pressure to the face and forehead, and not on top of the glasses frame, which a lot of other thinner, narrower goggles can do. Make sure you get the adult size even if you are buying for a youth player though, because the you need room underneath for glasses. you opt for a smaller size, there is still a chance of the glasses underneath getting shattered. So, it’s better to stay on the safe side.

brine-lacrosse-goggles-vantageBrine Vantage II Lacrosse Goggles

Brine lacrosse goggles are some of the best in the game, and this list wouldn't be complete without them! Excellent beginner and youth lacrosse goggles, the vision and fit is totally awesome. The low profile cage allows maximum visibility, but optimum protection. No fogging or itching when wearing these lax goggles. A dual head strap ensure they won't fall off and are tight enough. The Brine Vantage II lacrosse goggles will be a good fit!

cascade-iris-girls-lacrosse-gogglesCascade Iris Girls & Womens Lacrosse Goggles

One pair of goggles that makes players happy are the Cascade Iris goggles.  The intention of the design is clear, to have as minimal lines to obstruct vision as possible, these are very safe yet cheap lacrosse goggles. If you are going to be playing a contact sport like girls lacrosse, you need a strong, sturdy pair of lax goggles. There are plenty of other options that allow great sight with minimal lines and obstruction, but we've been happy with these Cascade Iris goggles so far. But if these fit your fancy, then go for them! These goggles are designed to keep fogging and distortion away. Also, they eliminate rain beading and do not let the air flow affect your vision. Meeting the ASTM standards, these are fit for youth and adult lacrosse both.

Girls Lacrosse Goggles Accessories (Glasses & Straps)

bangerz-polycarbonate-plastic-lacrosse-gogglesBangerz Lacrosse Goggles Over the Glasses

Most lacrosse goggles are designed with vision and comfort in mind, while nose protection is an afterthought. Most womens lacrosse goggles will not protect your nose, regardless of design. If a player is hit with a ball or stick in the face, chances are the nose will be affected regardless of the type of goggles the player is wearing. In order to cut down on potential nose injuries, there are lacrosse goggles for those that have suffered nose injuries in the past. These Bangerz lacrosse goggles are perfect to prevent nose injuries and fit over your lacrosse glasses. Anti fog, so no fogging or itching here!

lokosphere-womens-lacrosse-strapsLokoSphere Girls Lacrosse Head Straps

If you want to customize your lacrosse goggles, these Lokosphere straps are perfect for that. In addition, the neoprene sleeve keeps you comfortable and keep your goggles from rattling. You can adjust these lacrosse goggles straps to fit all ages, old and young. Great fit over your ponytail and head. Comes in tons of cool colors to look the best on the field! One size fits all players as it comes with Velcro straps. These help to adjust the size to every age. One thing you might want to consider before buying it is that the straps can only work with googles that have loop holes. These loopholes are basically made for adjusting straps.

Final Word on Girls Lacrosse Helmets Rules

With the future of girl’s lacrosse equipment in the air, goggles may eventually come to be obsolete in the wake of mandating protective headgear for all women’s and girl’s players.  Though it is something to be concerned about in the future, protective headgear is the next big thing in women’s lacrosse. Some states, like Florida have mandated its players to wear a padded protective helmet over the head in order to stave off concussions. While Florida is alone on this one, it may be a matter of time before it is a nationally recognized element of the sport.  In the meantime, goggles it is!

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How to Play Girls Lacrosse (Rules, Gear, Field, Drills & More)


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girls-lacrosse-rules-field-gear-drillsHow to Play Girls Lacrosse

Like most sports, the goal of girls lacrosse is to score more points than your opponent in order to win the game.  Girl’s lacrosse is played with twelve players per team on the field; 1 goaltender, 4 defensemen, 3 midfielders, and 4 attackers.  Though the game shares similarities with boy’s lacrosse, girl’s lacrosse is a much more finesse and skill-laden game due to the lack of physical contact between players.  The game is dictated by scoring goals in your opponent’s net, which can be achieved in a different number of ways through different offenses and penalties. The game is played at many different levels of skill, from youth to college, and even semi-professionally.  It is an ever-changing game, as the skills and talents of players expand; the game is constantly updated by USLacrosse, the governing body for lacrosse in the United States.  These changes and additions allow for growth of the game.

The Playing Field and Goals

The space allotment for a girl’s lacrosse field has some variance, depending on each site’s field.  Current USLacrosse rules state that a girl’s lacrosse field must be between 110 and 140 yards long and 60 to 70 yards wide.  The goals should be placed no less than 90 and no more than 100 yards apart on the field, with at least 10 yards of space behind each goal. Placed on the field are a series of lines, native only to girl’s lacrosse and completely different than boy’s lacrosse.  In the center of the field, there is a draw circle.  The diameter of the draw circle is 60 feet.  Inside the center of the draw circle, there is another line marking exactly half of the field.  This line is where the draw takes place.  Like a faceoff in boy’s lacrosse, a draw occurs after every goal scored, and to begin every game and second half.

30 yards up from each goal line where the goals are placed, are the restraining lines.  Restraining lines are placed on the field for two reasons: One, all other players besides three midfielders per team must be behind the restraining lines when a draw occurs.  Two, a restraining line is used to mark the offensive and defensive zones.  Each team may have 7 players in their attacking zone, but 8 in their defensive zone, (7 field players and a goaltender.)  Teams must hold four players behind the restraining lines when in the attacking and defending zones, or they are committing an offside foul and can be penalized.

In each attacking zone, there is a 12 meter arc and an 8 meter fans.  The 12 meter arc extends from the goal line up to 12 meters in front of the goal, and back around to the opposite side of the goal line.  The 8 meter fan extends from the goal line and intersects with the goal circle.  There are also hash marks on the 8 meter for free position penalties.

The goal circle encompasses the goal, and has an 8 ½ foot diameter.  Inside is the goal, which is a 6 x 6 square made up of metal pipes and netting.

The entire field is kept in by sidelines and end lines, referred to as “hard boundaries.”  A hard boundary in girl’s lacrosse means that if the ball or player with the ball goes out of bounds, it is treated as a minor penalty, and the ball is given to the non-offending team.  The game must be played within the boundaries and players cannot use space outside the sidelines or end lines to play.


Girl’s lacrosse is played with sticks that must meet specifications in order to be designated as legal.  Most common manufacturers, like Nike, DeBeer, Brine, and STX, ensure their designs meet all rules specified for players.  The sticks must be between 35 ½ and 43 ¼ inches, and the pocket of the stick must allow for the ball to be seen over the side rail of the head.  There are other specifications that allow for a certain number of strings and leathers, but every stringing is a little bit different.

Girl’s participating in lacrosse must also wear ASTM approved eyewear in protective goggles.  A mouth guard that must be any color other than clear has to also be worn while playing.  Field players can also wear protective gloves.

A goaltender in girl’s lacrosse has different specifications for necessary equipment since they are jumping in front of shots. They must wear a NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmet, a throat guard, chest protector, gloves, thigh pads, and shin guards.  A goaltenders stick must be between 35 ½ and 52 inches long, with pockets rarely being illegal.

Format and Time

The girl’s game is separated into halves, with a set amount of time each half and halftime. High school participant’s normally play 40-50 minute games, with halves of 20 or 25 minutes.  The college game is played with 30 minute halves.  Time does not stop when the whistle blows in most situations unless indicated by the official for an injury, a timeout, a card, or after goals.  The team with the most goals at the end of the designated game time wins.  If tied, many teams will continue to play periods of three minute overtimes.

The Draw

Like a faceoff in boy’s lacrosse, two players meet in the middle to take a draw after goals and the start of the game and half.  Girl’s lacrosse draws are taken by placing the ball between the backs of two player’s sticks, one player from each team.  On the officials whistle, the draw takers lift the sticks over their head in a quick motion, releasing the ball and allowing both teams to fight for possession of the ball.  Upon taking possession, the teams can then bring the ball into the attacking zone and try to score.


Strategy of girl’s lacrosse delves deep into many different options of both offense and defense.  Like most sports, there is the option, when in possession of the ball, to take it straight to the goal and try to score off the draw.  This is referred to as a “fast break.”  Attacking teams can also choose to “settle” the ball, pass it from teammate to teammate, and look to score off of options and set plays. Defenses can also be played with the best options in mind, and can go from zone to man-to-man and different variations of the two.  More options and strategy comes with age and experience in the game.


Fouls are a large part of the girl’s lacrosse game.  Players that commit a foul during the game will cause the game to stop on the officials whistle, and everyone on the field must freeze, or “stand.” This allows for no disadvantages to either team. There are team fouls and individual fouls, as well as cardable fouls.  Major fouls, usually dangerous to players, can be cardable.  Receiving a card means a player will have to leave the game for 2-4 minutes, depending on the severity of the card.  Major fouls include blocking, checking within the sphere, dangerous shot on the goalkeeper, illegal procedures, offensive fouls,  goal circle fouls,  pushing, illegal cradles, holding, illegal stick on the body, obstruction of free space to goal or shooting space, rough check, three seconds, tripping and warding.  Cardable offenses being the most serious can be any variations of player or coach misconduct, delay of game, slashing, check to the head, dangerous propel, and any repeated dangerous action the official deems necessary to card.  Minor fouls include checking the empty stick, and covering.

Though it may seem like a lot of penalties and fouls, when the game is played fairly and safely, the outcome is better dictated by the players than it is by the officials.  As young players learn the game, the whistle is blown more due to the need to teach appropriate skill and procedure.  Once skill and knowledge is obtained throughout a player’s career, the game flows more smoothly with less need of dictation by the official.

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Lacrosse Sticks Womens

Nike Tiva Girls Lacrosse Stick Review

Best-Nike Tiva Lacrosse Womens Shafts-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth- advanced

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Best-Nike Tiva Lacrosse Womens Shafts-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth- advancedWelcome back for the Nike Tiva girls lacrosse stick review, brought to you by Lacrosse Scoop. Deciding on the best womens or girls lacrosse stick can be a difficult process. Well we're here to help you! Nike girls lacrosse sticks are some of the best lacrosse sticks for sale today. The Nike Tiva lax stick is a great option, with a price of $37.99. Whether you're a youth, high school, or college player read the Nike Tiva review to see if this girls lacrosse stick fits your needs! 

What Nike Says for the Nike Tiva:

Performance stick for advanced young players. Raised ball stop height. Sidewall texture pattern.

The Nike ® Women's Tiva is bound to become your go-to complete lacrosse stick. Perfect for casual to competitive play, the Tiva features a Precision Pocket ™ stringing, a raised ball stop and textured sidewalls for better ball control.

Features Precision Pocket ™ stringing for the most broken-in, ready-for-play pocket in the game
Raised ball stop
Forward Cant ™ technology drives the ball into the sweet spot
Textured sidewall pattern for better ball control
7/8″ alloy handle
Recommended for use in attack, midfield and defense positions

Girls Lacrosse Stick Sizing and Rules

Since girls lacrosse is a different sport than mens lacrosse, there are also specific rules for girls lacrosse sticks, pockets, stringing, and stick length.

  • Girls lacrosses shafts are usually made of wood, hard plastic, metal alloy or composite.
  • Girls lacrosse head is made of hard plastics and are strung using traditional lacrosse stringing. No lacrosse mesh allowed!
  • Girls lacrosse stick sizing must be 35 1/2 – 43 1/4 inches, that's including the full length of the head and shaft.
  • Girls lacrosse heads must be 7 to 9 inches wide at the top.
  • No deep lacrosse pockets allowed, as the lax ball must sit even with the sidewalls of the head.
  • Goalies in girls lacrosse may use a wider head, just like with boys lacrosse goalies

Nike Tiva Lacrosse Stick Video Review

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Lacrosse Sticks Womens

STX Crux 500 Girls Lacrosse Stick Review

Best-STX Crux 500 Lacrosse Womens Shafts-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth- advanced

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Best-STX Crux 500 Lacrosse Womens Complete Sticks-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth- advancedWelcome back for the STX Crux 500 girls lacrosse stick review, brought to you by Lacrosse Scoop. Deciding on the best womens or girls lacrosse stick can be a difficult process. Well we're here to help you! STX girls lacrosse sticks are some of the best lacrosse sticks for sale today. The STX Crux 500 lax stick is a great option, with a price of $109.99. Whether you're a youth, high school, or college player read the STX Crux 500 review to see if this girls lacrosse stick fits your needs! 

***2019 Update***

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers to find a stick that would be perfect for women lacrosse players.  Rather than charge $150-250 for a premium stick, we made one for $99 available on Amazon.  The stick comes with everything, a killer all carbon fiber shaft perfect for middies and attackers, a prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls for better impact resistance and longer endurance. Check it out by clicking here.

7 Reasons to Buy the STX Crux 500:

  1. This head features the BRAND NEW LAUNCH POCKET.
  2. ACCURACY-top scoop allows ball to release the same each time
  3. DURABILITY-composite shaft won't get cold on cold, rainy days
  4. CONTROL-ball doesn't rattle around when cradling
  5.  LAUNCH POCKET-rubber on rubber. Doesn't get any better than that
  6.  PRECISION SHOOTING-hitting corners is so much easier
  7. Extreme scoop angle provides the most whip and accuracy available on a straight head

What STX Says for the STX Crux 500:

New STX Crux 500 women's lacrosse shaft. Built with STX flex Technology giving added power and snap on passes and shots. Flex level 25. Soft rubberized finish for better feel of the shaft. Composite material stays temperate in all weather conditions for year around play.

Girls Lacrosse Stick Sizing and Rules

Since girls lacrosse is a different sport than mens lacrosse, there are also specific rules for girls lacrosse sticks, pockets, stringing, and stick length.

  • Girls lacrosses shafts are usually made of wood, hard plastic, metal alloy or composite.
  • Girls lacrosse head is made of hard plastics and are strung using traditional lacrosse stringing. No lacrosse mesh allowed!
  • Girls lacrosse stick sizing must be 35 1/2 – 43 1/4 inches, that's including the full length of the head and shaft.
  • Girls lacrosse heads must be 7 to 9 inches wide at the top.
  • No deep lacrosse pockets allowed, as the lax ball must sit even with the sidewalls of the head.
  • Goalies in girls lacrosse may use a wider head, just like with boys lacrosse goalies

STX Crux 500 Lacrosse Stick Video Review

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.