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Review of Warrior Regulator Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder and Arm Pads


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Full Review: Warrior Regulator Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder Pads and Arm Guards

Warrior-Regulator-Collection-Gear-ReviewThe Warrior Regulator collection is one of the best in the game. Hands down. There is a reason that Warrior lacrosse decided to create an entire collection of this equipment, from helmets to arm guards. This top of the line gear was designed to keep you safe and protected while playing your best lax ever. Now in this post you will find a Warrior regulator review for each piece of equipment in the regulator collection. You'll even find the cheapest and best place to buy each! So here's what you'll find…..

  1. Warrior Regulator Helmet Review
  2. Warrior Regulator 2 Gloves Review
  3. Warrior Regulator 2 Goalie Gloves Review
  4. Warrior Regulator Arm Guard Review
  5. Warrior Regulator Shoulder Pads Review

Warrior Regulator Helmet Review

1. Warrior Regulator Helmet Review

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Better fit, better performance is the name of the game for the Warrior regulator helmet. The UMASS lacrosse team decided to scoop up the Warrior regulator helmet for their 2014 season, and they look freaking awesome! Warrior has done a lot of things right with these helmets including….

  • They came out with this new “WarFit” construction, which allows for a super comfortable fit on any player and any size head.
  • The Viconic EAS Liner System is supposedly the same type of liner material they use in the military. Military grade, who can beat that?
  • The Warrior regulator helmet fits all NOCSAE standards, which is a fancy way of saying it meets all safety requirements enforced by the NCAA, high school, and youth lacrosse
  • The great thing about this helmet is that it's highly customizable. If you are looking for a custom Warrior regulator helmet, checkout Warrior lacrosse's main website and use their customize tool!

Warrior Regulator 2 Gloves

2. Warrior Regulator 2 Gloves Review

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Now in case you were wondering, the Warrior regulator gloves and the Warrior regulator 2 gloves are exactly the same! There actually is no Warrior regulator glove, just the Warrior regulator 2 gloves. If you are looking for a FULL Warrior regulator gloves review, then checkout the extended version we wrote. If you just want the spark notes, we've highlighted them below!

  • The flexibility is fantastic. All thanks to that new Diamond Backhand Pattern, which has been Warrior’s patented system to allow the best flexibility.
  • Warrior has also introduced the new compression molded cuff– Which reduces the overall bulkiness and weight of the Warrior regulator 2 gloves, without sacrificing protection.
  • The Warrior regulator gloves were made with huge vent holes in the both the palms and the back-hand– These are constructed to improve the overall breath-ability and airflow throughout the entire gloves.

3. Warrior Regulator 2 Goalie Gloves Review

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Warrior Regulator 2 Goalie Gloves

Just as you'd imagine, the Warrior regulator 2 goalie gloves are just as good as the original regulator gloves. Warrior took the same engineering and technology and added them to the goalie gloves!

  • The main difference between the regulator 2 gloves and the Warrior regulator 2 goalie gloves has the added thumb protection–no broken thumbs here!
  • IMPAX technology liner throughout the glove, you will have the best lightweight protection available in the game
  • An added layer of protection through the back-hand of the goalie gloves will ensure no hard shots will breaking any bones.
  • The Warrior regulator gloves are completely customizable as well, but you can buy them in standard white, blue, red, or black!


4. Warrior Regulator Arm Guard Review

LISTEN UP: Checkout this article to see the difference in sizing between lacrosse arm guards and elbow pads. If you play offense as a middie or attackman, you are going to want the Warrior Regulator Arm Guards! If you play defense or middie then you want the the Warrior regulator arm pads OR the Warrior Regulator elbow pads! The arm pads and elbow pads are smaller, whereas the are guards are more protective and covering.

The Warrior Regulator Arm Pads

Arm Guards Here – $90

Arm Pads Here – $75

Elbow Pads Here – $45

If you haven't noticed yet, Warrior infuses all of their new padding technology into all of their equipment. So the awesome protection you see in the Warrior regulator arm guards, you will also see in their Warrior regulator arm pads and the Warrior regulator 2 gloves! Isn't that fantastic? So with the new Warrior Regulator Arm Guards, you're going to see…..

IMPAX molded foam technology that will ensure maximum absorption of all those nasty lacrosse checks. The Warrior regulator arm guard comes with a natural contour design, allowing you maximum flexibility and comfort. No more pinched skin around your elbow and feeling constrained when you bend your arm. The patented ABS elbow caps are placed perfectly to deflect those tough slashes from defender.

5. Warrior Regulator Shoulder Pads Review

Alright so we've got the Warrior regulator shoulder pads broken out into two different reviews. If you are looking for a more lightweight shoulder pad, then we recommend the Warrrior regulator Ultralyte shoulder pads, whereas if you want more protection and coverage then definitely go with the Warrior regulator Hitman shoulder pads! Here is a quick review of each below….

The Warrior Regulator Ultralyte Shoulder Pads

Warrior Regulator Ultralyte Shoulder Pads

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The Warrior Regulator Ultralyte shoulder pads are super lightweight, as the the name describes. There are plenty of reviews saying these are the lightest lax shoulder pads in the game, and it feels like you aren't even wearing any shoulder pads. Well, let's take a look at the features….

  • IMPAX molded foam technology that will ensure maximum absorption of all those nasty lacrosse checks
  • Comes with the SlimBib fit, meaning you just throw them right over your head, Velcro two side straps, and bam you are ready to lock and load
  • WARTECH liner gives you the best breathability, while keeping your dry and comfortable during competition
  • The Warrior regulator Ultralyte shouder pads are for any laxer who needs lightweight gear, such as Defense, Middie's, and FoGos.

The Warrior Regulator Hitman Shoulder Pads

Warrior Regulator Hitman Shoulder Pads

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These Warrior Regulator Hitman shoulder pads are made for the laxer who needs more protection and are perfect for an attackman or offensive middie. Think of them as the older, stronger brother to the Warrior regulator Ultralyte shoulder pads. In addition to some of the features listed in the with the regulator Ultralyte's above, you're gonna get….

  • Some of the most dense, yet not bulky protective material on the market
  • Added protective caps right over the shoulders
  • Stiff sternum plate to make sure you don't get the wind knocked out of you too bad
  • They do not come super-light, but definitely aren't bulky!

Make sure you read all of the Warrior regulator reviews above so that you get the best pads for your game! Heck, you can't go wrong by just buying the entire Warrior regulator collection! Leave your comments and thoughts about these below. Thanks for swinging by.

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The Best Lacrosse Quotes, Pictures, Sayings, Memes, and GIFs

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The best lacrosse memes available

Browse the Biggest Stockpile of Lacrosse Quotes, Pictures, Memes, Sayings and GIFs

On this page you will find the only massive list of lacrosse quotes, lacrosse sayings, lacrosse memes, lacrosse GIFs, lacrosse pictures and more–basically every inspirational, funny, famous, motivational and good lacrosse picture or quote you can imagine is right here! This baby will always be updated with new content, so come back early and come back often.

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Brutally Big Lacrosse Hits and Lacrosse Checks

Huge Lacrosse Hits

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Coverage of the Biggest and Baddest Lacrosse Hits (Videos, Vines and GIFs)

Note: This post will continuously be updated with new lacrosse hits and lacrosse checks videos as we find them and post them on our InstagramSo come early and come often to see the freshest lax hits and to share your favorite lax hits in the comments.

Lacrosse Hits Make you feel like this

Waking up to Chris Tucker after a brutal lacrosse hit

It's happened to all of us before. Maybe it's a ground ball or a defender sliding early, but either way you are caught off-guard and BAM you wake up flat on your back, lacrosse stick nowhere to be seen and the vision of Chris Tucker yelling “You Got Knocked the F*%$ Out”

And we've all been on the other side of those brutal lacrosse hits. The predator, not the prey. A lacrosse ball pops loose, you are 5 feet away and you notice your opponent is clearly not looking your way. Oh, it's on! You throw your lax gloves together, sprint straight ahead, lower your shoulder, and POW! check him right between the numbers. If you're lucky enough, you've got both teams yelling “Yaaardd Saaalee” after a huge lax hit like that.

Simply put, when it come to big lacrosse hits, it's definitely more fun being on the giving end than the receiving end. Well this article is meant to pay tribute to these lacrosse checks; Both the good and the bad. As embarrassing and painful big lacrosse checks can be, both giving lacrosse hits and receiving them is a universal force of lacrosse. Not to get all Zen on you, but they are what makes the sport of lacrosse the game we all love. Now in this post you'll find…..

  • The Best Lacrosse Hit Videos We Could Find
  • Complete Lacrosse Hit Highlight Videos
  • Where to Find the Top Vine Channel to Follow for Lacrosse Hits
  • Official NCAA Rules for Lacrosse Hits and Lacrosse Checks

The BEST Lacrosse Hits We Could Find on the Internet

After searching near and far for some of the absolutely huge lacrosse hits available for viewing, we came up with these. What do you think? Do you have any big lacrosse hits you think are even more brutal? Were either of these hard lax hits even legal? Be sure to share in the comments! Thank you for this first video, Inside Lacrosse!

Now what does everyone think of this big lacrosse hit? Yes, it made our list of one of the best lacrosse hits, but is this lax hit legal, illegal, and maybe even uncalled for?

Top Highlight Videos for Big Lacrosse Hits

Now we wanted to share some compilation videos and feel like these ones from Lax.com and MrWhatsforDinner have the best highlights for lacrosse biggest hits. The first video has more MLL lax hits and the second video even has some big box lacrosse hits! Gotta show our love for those Canadians.

Best Lacrosse Hits Vine Channel

Thank you for whoever did this, but they put together a Vine channel dedicated only to big lacrosse hits! They've got hard lacrosse hits, big lacrosse hits, brutal lacrosse hits, huge lacrosse hits, and they've even got box lacrosse hits….

Official Lacrosse Checks and Lacrosse Hit Rules

Alright, so what constitutes legal lacrosse checks? What about an illegal lacrosse hit? One of the most difficult parts about the best lacrosse hits is they are generally tough to declare legal or illegal! Thanks to eTeamz lax rule resource, we've detailed all of the rules constituting a lacrosse hit and lacrosse checks. Note that these lacrosse hit rules are all pretty standard across all forms of lacrosse, whether you are playing elementary school, high school, college, and even for box lacrosse hits.

The Cross Check

A lacrosse check where one player hits or pushes another player with the portion of their shaft that is between their hands. Just like in hockey. Hold those suckers tight together, otherwise you'll get called!

Lacrosse Cross Check

Cross Checks are illegal and dangerous. Do not use them!

All Illegal Body Checks

  • Hitting someone below the waist or above the shoulders
  • Hitting a player from behind
  • Hitting a player who doesn't have the ball or isn't within 5 feet of a loose ball.
  • Hitting a player who has any part of their body (other than their feet) on the ground
  • Hitting a player without having both hands on your stick
  • Hitting a player by dropping your head and “spearing” them


Using your stick to hit anywhere on your opponent’s body. Poke checks and stick checks can only contact your opponents stick or hands. If you are trying to stick check, but hit the body by accident it will generally not be called as a slash, unless it is violent.


This shouldn't really be called unless it is intentional. Tripping a player in anyway with your body or stick is illegal.

Unnecessary Roughness
A legal lax hit that is considered reckless or violent.
An avoidable lax hit where you proceed to check a player after they have gotten rid of the ball.

Tell us About Your Best Lacrosse Hits — Leave a Comment Below!

Alright so there you have it everyone! We were happy to compile these lacrosse hit videos of all of the brutal lacrosse hits, big lacrosse hits, best lacrosse hits, and huge lacrosse hits that the Interwebs have to offer. But be sure to come back as we will regularly be updating it!

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Meet the Lacrosse Crease King

Lacrosse Crease

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Looking for an Easy Way to Make a Lacrosse Crease?

Then you gotta checkout this story. Super excited since this is our first guest post over at Lacrosse Scoop. I came across a cool product the other day for lacrosse goals, and an even cooler story from William Wethington (excellent prep school lax name). The product is called the Eazy Crease. If you are a coach, assistant coach, or just need to line up the lax field every now and then I highly recommend you checking it out.

I love this story because William is a real entrepreneur following his passion. He saw an opportunity, seized it, and now sells the Eazy Crease in retailers like the Lacrosse Ball Store, Epic Sports and LaxLand. Tip of the hat to you William, keep rocking.

How to Make a Lacrosse Crease Video

Enter William Wethington, Lacrosse Crease King and Founder of Eazy Crease

Have you ever had a dream in the middle of the night of a great idea, and the dream seemed so real, you solve some type of problem, or invented a product that everyone could use. Then all of a sudden you wake that morning and you feel that you had come up with a great idea, but you have no recollection what it was.

The high school where I coached had put in a new turf football field. The turf cost just under a million dollars. I was told it’s the same turf that is used at Dallas Cowboys stadium. I wasn’t sure if the lacrosse team would even be allowed to use it, later we were told the team could use it for games.

I was so worried about making the perfect crease on the field that I bought two portable creases that pop out and you’re ready to play. It didn’t take long to realize this was $250.00 down the drain, not only did it fall apart, but it posed a risk for the players to trip on.

One night while I was sleeping I started dreaming of the perfect tool I could use to make the perfect crease. The dream was so real I knew I needed to write the idea down. Quickly I jumped out of bed and grabbed a piece of paper and started writing everything I saw in the dream. I went back to bed and when I woke up hours later I got dressed and grabbed the piece of paper and headed to the hardware store and bought about $50.00 worth of supplies.

When I got home, I put together the first crease tool made of garage door wires, tent pegs, and pole clamps. I went to the garage and grabbed some field paint and started marking perfect goal circles in my front yard. My wife thought I had lost my mind making circle after circle in the yard. The name came from just how easy it actually is to use. I took it to practice, pulled the rough looking Eazy Crease out of the ball bag and made two perfect creases for practice. It worked great, no more tape measures, screwdriver, string, and trying to hold the paint can. My assistant coaches told me it was a great idea.

I went to the lacrosse convention in Philadelphia and gave out flyers to vendors and customers. Everyone I talked to thought it was a great idea and were excited about the product. One week later, The Lacrosse Ball Store from New Jersey ordered 12 and Eazy Crease was on the market.

Eazy Crease has been sold to just about every state in America and a few places in Canada. Every time I sell one, I think… “If I don’t sell another one, I’ve still done something that most people only dream of.” I created a product for the sport I love to watch, coach, and play. Eazy Crease!

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The Fastest Lacrosse Shot Ever Recorded (VIDEO)


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This Guy Even Beat Paul Rabil for the Fastest Shot


Yup This Guy!

Alright so what is the speed of the fastest lacrosse shot in the world? Does anyone know how fast it entered the lacrosse goal? 110 MPH? Nope. 115 MPH? Close. Okay, well who is the record holder? Casey Powell? Wrong. Paul Rabil? Never! Well at least not until some guy named Zak Dorn came around and clocked the fastest lacrosse shot speed ever recorded!

But Zak Dorn, who the heck is that? Well I'd never heard of him either, that is until he rifled a lacrosse ball 116 miles per hour at the MLL All-Star game. When those numbers 1-1-6 came up on the radar gun, the stands were ecstatic. Yes because he had just set a new world record, but most importantly because he didn't even play Major League Lacrosse! Zak Dorn was just a lacrosse fan working at a lacrosse store in Chicago when he qualified to attend the MLL All-Star game and have his chance at making history.

The Fastest Lacrosse Shot Video


The EXACT Stick Zak Dorn was Shooting With…..

Discount on Amazon: Epoch Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft

Now we're not saying just because you own the same lacrosse stick as Zak Dorn, that you will shoot 116 MPH. But we are saying that buying the same stick could help improve your lacrosse shot speed. The FLEX technology from the Epoch Dragonfly shaft gives your shaft a “snap-back” when you rip a shot off. This snap-back increases your lacrosse shot speed. True story. Scoop one up today from Amazon.

Zak Dorn's Interview

The craziest part after watching him shoot the fastest lacrosse shot ever was his interview. Yes he was excited, but he said his fastest lacrosse shot speed wasn't even 116 MPH. He has shot it even faster before–Checkout this video on more of his story!!!

You hear about this phenomena all of the time in athletics and world records, especially around the Olympics. That swimmer who claims they've swam a faster 100 freestyle, or like Usain Bolt saying he's ran faster at his home track in Jamaica than at the world stage. It's too bad those records don't count.

But it only counts when it's actually recorded at an event that's authorized to declare the fastest speed. And in Zak Dorn's case, he could have probably shot the lacrosse ball 125 MPH back in Chicago for all we know. Unfortunately it doesn't matter unless you prove it on a world stage like at the MLL All-Star game. Which he did.

If you're curious what the other world record holders are for the fastest lacrosse shot, we've listed them below for you, with their respective shot speed.

Previous Record Holders for the Fastest Lacrosse Shot

Mike Sawyer, 114 MPH, 2013
Paul Rabil, 111 MPH, 2010
Paul Rabil, 111 MPH, 2009

It's pretty unbelievable to think that Zak Dorn, just an average guy living in Chicago, could smack the back of the net with is hardest lacrosse shot than any professional lacrosse player out there, including one of the greats like Paul Rabil. If you've got any friends who have clocked faster lacrosse shots before, post those speeds in the comments! Also, what are your average lacrosse shot speeds?

Finally, congratulations to you Mr. Dorn. You Came, You Sniped, You Conquered ($1000 and mad laxtitute tail).

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