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[Answered] The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft & Gear EVER


The year is 2018 and we've had huge advances in lacrosse technology.

…especially when it comes to weight of lacrosse gear.


No laxer likes being bogged down by heavy lax gear.

Buying the lightest, most flexible lax gear is essential to being your best on the field.

So you now you ask, what is the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world?

And the lightest lacrosse head? Gloves? Cleats? Helmet?

To answer these questions, we’ve gone through the weeds to make a list of the lightest lacrosse gear available on the Internet. Sit back and enjoy as we answer this age old question that laxers coast to coast have been asking since the dawn of time.

Lightweight lax shafts can improve overall athletic performance by reducing weight burden on the player. Despite being lightweight, these shafts fulfill the promise of delivering the desired results required.

Checkout our Top 10 Best Lax Shafts Guide

With every piece of light lacrosse gear we list, you'll find short a review and description of each, AND the cheapest place to buy them if your heart so desires.


Get the Lightest Lacrosse Shaft in the World…

tri-kor-sub-5-lacrosse-shaft-reviewTri Kor Sub 5 Shaft – 3.33 oz – Lightest in the World!

If you aren't familiar with Tri-Kor, they are a newer lacrosse brand that is challenging the big brands. And they are doing a pretty stellar job. They are known for their incredibly lightweight lacrosse shafts and for constructing the Tri-Kor Sub 5, one of the lightest lacrosse shafts in the world. The reason they call it the “Sub 5” is because the Tri Kor Sub 5 weight is below 5 ounces! Now this shaft is designed for Attack, so if you are looking for the lightest defense lacrosse shaft, checkout the Tri Kor Sub 13, and if you are looking for the lightest goalie lacrosse shaft, then checkout the Tri Kor Sub 7.

This lightweight shaft can last a long time and is appropriate for use by both youth and adults. Laxers using this product have found it to be extremely fine-spun and does the exact same job as an advanced level lacrosse shaft. If you are still training to be a lacrosse player and are at the beginner level, this product is for you.

Best Gait Scandal Lacrosse ShaftsGait Scandal Lacrosse Shaft – 4.58 Ounces

The Gait Scandal is an excellent option for your next lacrosse shaft. Not only is it the lightest lacrosse shaft you can buy, it's actually quite strong as well! You'll notice that it's very similar to the Gait ICE lacrosse shaft, but the Gait Scandal is actually BETTER! Made with some of the strongest, yet lightest materials on earth, you'll love rocking this bad boy on the field as either attack or middie! We love this shaft!

This lightweight product has a strong grip which means that you can use it to rock your performance.

stringking-metal-shaft-lacrosse-reviewStringKing Metal Shaft – 4.58 Ounces

So the StringKing Metal lacrosse shaft is one of, if not, THE most popular lacrosse shaft on the market right now. And for good reason. Ask anyone who has tried out the new StringKing shaft, and they'll tell you why. The Metal weight is super light, will withstand any big lacrosse check, and has an awesome grip for one of the lightest lax shafts. No, it's not the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world, but you'll be happy with it!

Best Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Dolo Diamond – 5.1 Ounces

The Warior Dolo Diamond Pro shaft almost took the gold on lightest lacrosse shaft in the world. Well, it actually was the lightest lacrosse shaft for years, until Gait launched the Scandal and Tri Kor launched the Sub 5 series! The Warrior Diamond pro has been an excellent shaft, with great durability and favoritism across the lax community. It has been designed by Paul Rabil and has the strongest grip. This product allows flexibility; you can easily indulge in multiple movements with the use of this product. So much so that we actually did a full review of the Warrior Dolo Diamond pro here! And Warrior Krypto Pro Goalie shaft review here.

According to customers, this is one of the greatest and lightest shafts available that allows you to focus on performance while provide excellent results.

The Lightest Lacrosse Heads Ever

Best Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse HeadsBrine Clutch Elite – 4.3oz – Lightest in the World!

Not to be confused with the regular Brine Clutch lacrosse head or Clutch 3, the Brine Clutch Elite is the second lightest lacrosse head in the world! Being lightweight isn't the only great feature about this lax head either. It comes infused with the Brine NOZ technology, it dramatically decreases the weight of the Brine clutch Elite without sacrificing strength! Another Brine patent is the TruOffSet which allows for maximum pocket control. Scoop it up today!

It is reasonably priced and nicely designed to help you standout. This lacrosse head is durable and popular especially among the youth who find it to deliver exceptional results.

Best Brine RP3 X Lacrosse HeadsWarrior NOZ2 Lax Head – 4.5 Ounces

The Warrior NOZ2 is one of the best new heads we've seen in a long time. Warrior's engineering team did an excellent job designing this head for the expert attack or the best lacrosse head for middies who is looking to score goals. The custom sidewall options expand your possibility for advanced stringing options. This head will go down as the one of the coolest and highest selling lacrosse heads in 2018.

Best Maverik Optik Universal Lacrosse HeadsSTX Super Power+ Lax Head – 4.5 Ounces

Another very popular lacrosse head that is also one of the lightest lacrosse heads available is the STX Super Power+. The Super Power weighs in at only 4.5 ounces, it was designed specifically to focus on accuracy and precision of your lacrosse shots and passes. It's definitely a lightweight lacrosse head you should checkout! Also, to mention, it's one of the best selling lax heads of all time.

The Lightest Lacrosse Gloves

The purpose behind wearing lacrosse gloves is that they allow for protection. They are padded and prevent the fingers from being hurt. Lacrosse is a rough game which requires strict safety measures and gloves do just the trick.

However having gloves that are lightweight and allow you to keep a strong grip is also important that is if you wish to win the game. Listed below are lacrosse gloves that aren’t bulky and provide safety and performance side by side.

Best-Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsBrine King Superlight 2 Gloves  – 5.5oz – Lightest in the World!

There are plenty of light lacrosse gloves out there on the market, but we thought we'd bring you the ONLY lightest lacrosse gloves ever. These have had excellent reviews around the Internet, so let us know what you think of the lightest lacrosse gloves. Note that the lightest lacrosse gloves weight is by each individual glove, not the pair!

Moving on, the Brine King Superlight 2 gloves are awesome. Very similar to the Brine King V gloves, these are the next step in evolution for light lax gloves. Not only are they the lightest lacrosse gloves, but they are comfortable, breathable, protective, and they look boss!

The Lightest Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse cleats serve the purpose of providing mobility while protecting the player from getting injured. Whether the ground is wet or dry, cleats help players remain stable and play the game without falling or slipping.

Listed below are some of the lightest lacrosse cleats:

UA-banshee-lax-cleat-reviewUnder Armour Banshee Low Cleats – 10.1 oz

Just like with the Lightest lacrosse gloves above, the lightest lacrosse cleats are measured by each cleat, not by the pair. If you are anything like me, then you just love lightweight shoes, especially for playing lacrosse.

The UA Banshee Low cleats are one of the newer lacrosse cleats by Under ARmour, who makes awesome lax cleats by the way. Being the lightest lacrosse cleats in the game, the Banshee's don't skimp on anything. They have incredible comfort, ankle support, and are lightweight you can dodge so much quicker.

Custom-Cascade-R-Lacrosse-HelmetThe Lightest Lacrosse Helmet

Being one of the most physically demanding sports out there, lacrosse requires the best protective equipment available. Helmets in this sense can make the difference between a serious injury or no injury at all.

Having a helmet is crucial but choosing one that provides comfort combined with safety is even more important. Given below is one of the lightest lacrosse helmets available in the market that can be purchased to get a blend of both comfort and safety:

Cascade R Helmet – 40 oz 

There's nothing worse than having a super heavy bucket resting on top of you shoulders. Hopefully having the lightest lacrosse helmet will let you keep your head on a swivel while not breaking your neck!

If you didn't know this yet, Cascade makes some of the best lacrosse helmets on the market. They consistently produce top-notch lacrosse technology, giving the lacrosse world the lightest lacrosse helmet at the most affordable price. We've bullet pointed the key features of this super lightweight lacrosse helmet and given you the cheapest place to buy!

Do any of you own the lightest lacrosse head or lightest lacrosse shaft? If you have ever used any of these types of lax gear, please share your comments with everyone else below!

Buying Guides News

The Best Lacrosse Gifts Guide for 2018 Christmas

lacrosse christmas gifts

You Just Found a Full List of Lacrosse Gifts Ideas!

Looking for lacrosse gift ideas for guys and girls? Of course, the best ideas for lacrosse players would probably be a new lacrosse shaft, or head, or maybe a lacrosse rebounder.

If you're looking for lacrosse gift ideas, a helpful exercise could be looking at your recipients lacrosse gear and asking yourself “What's their oldest piece of lacrosse gear that could be replaced?” Chances are you will come up with something they need!

But if that's not the case and you are looking for something less expensive, then have no fear as we've compiled this list of the best lacrosse gifts for boys and girls! And since it's the holiday season, we've got some lacrosse Christmas gifts listed too, and you can find our article lacrosse posters here, which also make an excellent gift.


Unique Lacrosse Gifts for Boys and Girls

Below you'll find the complete list of unique and fun lacrosse gifts. Whether you are buying them for christmas, birthdays, or out of good spirit, then you can't go wrong with any of these lacrosse gifts for both guys and girls alike.


Mini Lacrosse Sticks ($20-30)

Oh fiddlesticks! Mini lacrosse sticks make awesome lacrosse gifts! Whether you are looking at buying them for a youth lacrosse player, a little kid to teach them how to play lacrosse, or for an advanced lacrosse player as a trick stick, they will make for an excellent lacrosse gift. You can usually pick up lacrosse mini sticks for a pretty cheap price around $20-$40, making them a unique lacrosse christmas gift as well and they are a great lacrosse gift for guys and girls. Did someone say stocking stuffer?


Lacrosse Wall Decals ($20-50)

Have you seen a Fathead of Lebron James or Clay Matthews yet? Well they are pretty darn cool. Thankfully, you can now buy some pretty cool lacrosse wall decals as well. Unfortunately they only make lacrosse wall decals for guys, but this one could also work for girls. Either way as soon as you gift them, chances are your kid will be running up to their bedroom to put the lacrosse wall decal above their bed or with their lacrosse gear. The great thing about lacrosse wall decals is they won't damage the wall and they make for a very cost-effective lacrosse decoration or unique lacrosse Christmas gift. This may be your kids favorite lacrosse gifts ever!


Lacrosse Socks ($10-20)

Lacrosse socks are an excellent lacrosse gift idea. Not only are they a great christmas lacrosse gift, but you can get highly personalized lacrosse socks, unique lacrosse socks, lacrosse socks for girls, lacrosse socks for guys and everything inbetween. All of the different types of lacrosse socks you can buy range from mustaches to Santa Claus. If want to see the full list of all the different types of lacrosse socks, we recommend following the link we provided to Amazon. Here are a few types of lacrosse socks you'll find there…

  • Mustache lacrosse socks
  • Christmas lacrosse socks
  • American lacrosse socks
  • Rasta lacrosse socks
  • Lacrosse socks make for great lacrosse gifts!


Lacrosse Christmas Ornaments ($10-20)

Yes, lacrosse christmas ornaments are one of the best lacrosse gifts out there! First and foremost they are great because they are an excellent lacrosse gift for boys and lacrosse gift for girls! Nothing will spread the holiday cheer over the years like buying a new lacrosse christmas ornament for your kids who play lacrosse! Lacrosse christmas ornaments is one of those personalized lacrosse gifts that everyone will love. You can find a full list of lacrosse christmas ornaments by following the link to Amazon.


Lacrosse Jewelry ($10-50)

Lacrosse jewelery charms will make an excellent lacrosse gift. Thankfully, they make lacrosse jewelry charms for both guys and girls alike, and if you needed a lacrosse coach gift idea…you just found your lax gift! If you want to checkout the different pieces of lacrosse jewelry available, checkout the link to Amazon we provided. Here's a few that you'll find….

  • Lacrosse Earrings
  • Lacrosse Necklace
  • Lacrosse Bracelets
  • Lacrosse Pendants
  • Lacrosse Rings


Lacrosse Gift Cards ($25-100)

Lacrosse Gift Cards!

So if you don't like any of our lacrosse gift ideas, then one of the best lacrosse gifts you can buy would be a lacrosse gift card. That way, you can let the person you are buying the lacrosse gifts for decid exactly what they want! One of the best lacrosse retailers around is Amazon, because they seem to always have the lowest prices. That being said, we highly recommend buying a lacrosse gift card from them as they make an excellent stocking stuffer!


5 Tips For a Lacrosse Girl in College


Give a nice warm welcome to our good friend Ron over at Girls Lacrosse HQ for this superb guest post!

We know you are busy thinking about the never-ending list of academic responsibilities, social life challenges, money, travel, living situations and so much more. But lets face it, when the love of the game runs deep, lacrosse is going to be on your mind.

In this article we will help you identify the most important areas of the game that you should focus on while being a lacrosse girl in college. Additionally we will discuss some off-field strategies that will keep the game at the top of your priority list while pursuing a happy college life.

Whether you are a returning college student or a freshman about to embark on your college journey, there are things that are critically important that should be kept in the forefront if you want to keep the fire burning for lacrosse throughout your college years.

Maybe you were recruited and about to jump to the next level or maybe you thought your girls lacrosse career ended in high school. No matter what your situation is, if you're like most of us who have loved the sport for so long, the game is going to be on your mind.

But in college, the game changes doesn't it? After all, isn't this when we stop calling it “Girls Lacrosse” and start calling it “Women's Lacrosse?” If the name of the sport matures at this stage, we should probably be taking a more responsible look at the way we approach the game in our lives, shouldn't we?

Here are 5 tips that can help insure that lacrosse continues to grow in your life.

1. Nutrition and Health (It's not just about logging hours at the gym )

This is the most simple concept yet probably the most difficult to deal with in your day-to-day life as a college student. Meal plans, vending machines, late night snacking, fast food, alcohol and so much more. This all seems obvious but this problem will sneak up on you slowly.

College is also about having fun and all of these contributing factors to weight gain by themselves are part of the the great experience of college and probably should be part of your experience but when put together in excess can pack on the pounds. The weight gain comes when you don't make a choice to say no often enough.

The best plan for avoiding the weight gain is to have a plan for eating and stick with it. Write down your intentions and stick to them. If you plan your meals for the day, you will likely not plan to overeat. However, if you have no plan, you will likely eat more impulsively. Just be real with yourself i.e. today I know I am going to want Chipotle because I walk by it on the way home so therefore I'm going to skip my meal plan dinner tonight. Enough of these small victories will equal minimal weight gain if any at all.




If you are on the team then your team workouts are enough. End of story. Trust your coaches to keep you in shape and use your down time for recovery.

So if you are not playing for a team during college, fitness will be your responsibility so train responsibly. Try to maintain a consistent workout schedule and schedule downtime. Try not to workout to lose weight but rather to stay fit for the purpose of doing fun and active things. Going on a 5 mile run on Sunday because you are trying to burn off Saturday's pizza is not a good strategy.

How do you know if you are over-trained? Pay attention to the signs your body gives you letting you know that you are recovered. If you fly right by and ignore these signs, you might find yourself over-trained after it is too late. Fitness expert Ben Greenfield provides 25 tips to detect with laser-like accuracy if your body is ready to go again.

If you hit your targets for the week and you are still really itching to do something, try working on your mobility with some kind of movement practice like Yoga, Pilates or advanced stretching using the principles of the book Becoming a Supple Leopard.

Sleep is something we all know how to do instinctively but too many things pull us away from this necessity in life. Lack of sleep can be attributed to conditions such as immune system failure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, and memory loss. If you're like me, I just want an easy reference to follow and the best one we have found is a book written by fitness and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson. This book was an absolute game changer and really exposes what sleep amateurs most of us are.

You probably won't be surprised by the obvious tips like getting more sleep and not drinking caffeine late in the day but there are some that will be very tough to swallow like eliminating screen time before bed. As the author puts it in his book “get your friends out of your bedroom.” Blackout curtains, blue blocking glasses and sleeping cool are a few of the ninja tips laid out in his guide.

You can reference worth the $10 to have a copy for reference.

So why does college bring on the biggest flood of new and harmful substances to the body? Freedom! Freedom is an interesting thing; it's what we would kill for yet it has a chance of killing us. Ironically freedom is also what nets us the freshman 15.

So how do you avoid trashing your body temple? Balance. It's about avoiding the excesses. If you don't participate in anything that can be harmful to your body then great; but let's assume you do. We instinctively know when our bodies have had too much but we tend to ignore the messages when we are “having fun.” When you are in that moment, just say to yourself I'm all done just for now instead of I'll never do this again or I have to stop. Giving yourself this permission to fly off the handles again will save you from feeling like you have to squeeze it all in at once. We all know about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but nobody is saying you have to go home. What about just switching over to the old water in solo cup trick? Additionally, if you decide that you are all done for now, you will likely avoid the depression and guilt that comes with knowing that let yourself go. Get a couple of these wins under your belt and you will be building up some serious will power.

And remember one key thing…Nobody…I mean NOBODY should feel like they can tell you what to do with your body temple. You are the master and keeper and Chief Decision Maker of this temple.

As Andy Puddicome asked during his famous TED talk about mindfulness, “so with that in mind, I'd like you just to take a moment to think, when did you last take any time to do nothing? Just 10 minutes, undisturbed? And when I say nothing, I do mean nothing.” Pretty deep huh? And challenging. I mean when we are scrolling and swiping and tapping, we think we are doing nothing but in fact that is causing the mind to go in every which way. The purpose of this article is not to wax poetically about the values of mindfulness but rather just to call your attention to how powerful mindfulness can be in your life.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

We purposely ended this section with mindfulness because it can help with all of the previous health concerns in your life. Each good decision you make about your health requires not just one monumental decision to change your ways but rather many small decisions as you are constantly bombarded with during challenging situations. Mindfulness is the key to being present to make those decisions wisely.

So do you need to sit in the lotus position on the top of the Himalayas to properly meditate? Of course not. Guess what passes as a perfect form of meditation? Take 10 minutes and hit the wall. Wall ball is just the right mix of Lax, fitness and meditation.

2. Stay in the Game (Especially if you aren't playing on the school team)

You didn't get recruited so lacrosse is a thing of the past right? Wrong, there are many ways to keep in the game long after your high school days are over.

If your school doesn't currently have an intramural program already, you can easily start one. In fact, you may even attract a player who gave up the sport back in Youth Lacrosse or maybe even someone who has never tried it.

What is the worst that can happen here? You won't make the team and you'll get a few good workouts. This is a no-brainer and you should attempt this every year you can.

There are likely to be other Lacrosse players in your area who want to keep the game going in their lives. Once again, if this doesn't exist, start it on your own. You can find or start your own meetup or even post an interest ad on Craigslist.

There is no greater tribute you can pay to the game of Lacrosse than to pass on what you've learned to the next generation of players. Do a quick google search of the youth lacrosse programs in your area and send out a few interest emails. Try and get the email of the league director because they will check their emails more frequently and likely respond quicker. Also, the league director is the one who will be the most motivated to act on your offer. This will be a rewarding experience that you won't regret.


Girls Lacrosse Referee Signals

Girls Lacrosse Referee Signals

I know, you almost passed out when you read that. Until now, you thought Umps were cyborgs or synthetically produced beings who come to games to ump and then go back in their recharging pods.

If you can get over the fact that umps are real people and that you could become an ump, you can find out how to become one over at US Lacrosse. You will learn the finer points of the game like never before and most likely earn more money than working in retail or fast food.


3. Grow Up, Would Ya (Well, maybe not all the way up)

Enjoy your new freedom as an adult but remind yourself about the great responsibility you have to stay mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.

Hopefully mom stopped carrying your bag some time in high school but doesn't mean you've cut the umbilicle cord yet. Your first couple of years in college are supposed to be a transition into “real” adulthood but there are plenty of shinanigans that can catapult you back a few years in maturity. There is no shame in being a bit immature as long as you have the awareness of what areas you can improve upon. The key here is to tackle a few easy things to start building up your skills. Some examples are:

– Get a job…if you can. If you are playing in a program, you might be prohibited
– Become a mentor – either in your academics or as a youth lacrosse coach. Organizations like Big Brother/Big Sister can be a wonderful experience.
– Get a routine – whether it be working out, studying, employment, volunteering or anything else. Make sure it's a regular part of what you do. It really helps to write it down and put it where you can see it every day.
– Keep a calendar of appointments and be on time – even for social activities.
– Get some, keep some or enhance some kind of spirituality in your life. Whether you are a religious person or not, spirituality can be very healthy to your mental well-being and keep you on the path to maturity.

4. Are you hanging with the right people? (Your friends define you)

It is important to be at least mindful of who you keep for company. Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. I hope you aren't choosing to hang with people who are always putting you in tough, peer pressure ridden, awkward, dangerous or other types of situations that you don't really want to be in. I hope that is obvious but we have some more subtle suggestions.

Don't just hang with your Lax crowd or the same group of people constantly. It's OK to have your core group but try to venture out as much as possible. As Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and yes there are lots of great people out there beyond your inner circle. Broaden your horizons!

You've come all this way to a college with thousands of people you've never met before and you choose to hang with the 5 most similar people in the whole school? Bridge out, explore, meet someone who you would never meet at home.

With all that said, please don't go in the other direction and reject your Lax roots. Maintain your lacrosse relationships because that will more than likely keep you in the game.

5. Stay connected with the game electronically (Lax on your phone)

Of course we will shamelessly plug for all the latest and greatest info but there is so much more out there. Find your favorite sources for the latest news on the game. Inside Lacrosse has a Women's section of the site that is a great resource.

Get involved in an online forum like the SubReddit on Women's Lacrosse on You might have to comb your way through some goofy stuff now and again but it's a great way to get your passion flowing on the sport. My suggestion is to post something that could start a bit of an argument or heated discussion like maybe helmets in the sport of girls lacrosse. This isn't to be argumentative but rather to keep that passion flowing. Also, this is a great way to keep up with the hot topics in the sport.

Keep your US Lacrosse membership current. At the very least, you get a free magazine out of the deal. Also if you choose to take the path of being a coach or umpire, you will need to keep this current.

Official Lax Girl

Official Lax Girl

Make sure you are following the leading influencers on social media. Start with the Official Lax Girl on Twitter. With over 16k followers and over 47k posts, I would say she is pretty much THE influencer when it comes to the sport of Girls Lacrosse. She has great posts and has a vibrant way of bringing excitement and fun to the game.

Above all make sure that you are enjoying every minute of being a lacrosse girl in college. The time will fly by and if you don't dedicate some time to staying around the game and keeping healthy, you may regret the time lost.

Ron Cochran is a lacrosse writer, coach, parent and lover of the game. You can find more of this awesome writing at his website and on Twitter @GirlsLacrosseHQ


LaxRec: The Best Lacrosse Recruiting Tool

top-lacrosse-recruits is a free lacrosse recruiting website that provides the essential tools to find the right college to play lacrosse, and potentially get recruited by that school.

At the most fundamental level, LaxRec allows players to create a free profile, which is essentially a LinkedIn for lacrosse players who want to get recruited to play in college. Much like LinkedIn, this profile is their resume, which can be found through the website, or even by doing a Google search. Players can post information like:

  • Scoring Statistics
  • Player Position
  • Club Teams Played On
  • Honors/awards
  • Academic Information
  • GPA, SAT/ACT Scores and class rank
  • Camps & Tournaments Played

Lacrosse RecruitingLaxRec makes this process much simpler, since players do need to upload it. We understand that it would be a nuisance to upload the same video to several different platforms. This is why we allow users to simply add the YouTube or Vimeo url, and LaxRec will automatically embed it into its built-in slider. While this is free to do, we also offer services to make videos for players who need a company to make one for them. This can cost as little as $59.99 per video, depending on the package.

The last feature on the profile page is the recruit/commit list. Coaches can directly recruit players on the website; players can then choose to commit to whichever school they want. If you want to see a demo of what this looks like, search for my name on the search bar (Daniel Marcus).

While having a free, online lacrosse resume like this is already an immensely useful tool, we did not stop there. You can message every single NCAA coach directly on the website. If a coach is not signed up, then the message will send to his email, until he does.


My favorite feature on the site by far is the school search function. You can find school based off of LaxPower and US News ranking, cost, location, GPA requirement and SAT and ACT scores. For instance, I might be looking for DI colleges in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, with a minimum SAT score of 1100/1600 and maximum cost of $40k per year. I can then click on a school that I like (for example, Boston University). Once I click on the link, I have access to Boston University’s school page, which allows me to see all of the information from the school search page, along with majors offered, camps/tournaments that the college is attending and a full list of commits for any specified year. If a player likes a certain school, then he can “add to potential school,” which basically bookmarks that school for him. He can continue to do this for as many universities as he wants. On a side note, any school page can be accessed on the universal search bar, which also allows you to find players.

From a coach’s perspective, he can also post camps/tournaments he is attending. He can also directly recruit players on the website. This makes his recruit/commit list very organized, since it is already categorizes players by year, position and whether or not the player committed. Coaches can find players through the player search feature, which is very similar to the school search, only for players, rather than colleges.


Warrior & STX Brands Both Have Roots in Hockey

Thanks for this guest post from our boys over at Hockey World Blog!

Did you know that two companies who originally got started in lacrosse and field hockey are now making a name for themselves now producing hockey equipment? It's true, both Warrior and STX got their starts in other industries before they become prominent figures in the world of hockey gear.

stx-lacrosse-hockey-logoSTX just recently joined the world of hockey with a line of sticks and protective equipment. Before that, however, they had a history with field hockey and lacrosse.

STX carries three lines of field hockey equipment, the Surgeon, Stallion, and Hammer lines. They produce everything you could need including sticks, protective equipment, goggles, goalie equipment, apparel, bags, and accessories.

On the lacrosse side, STX has two unique lines, the Stallion and Surgeon. The gear they make includes helmets,

heads, handles, protective, goalie, apparel, accessories and bags.

For their newest venture, hockey, STX carried over both their Stallion and Surgeon lines to production. So far on the hockey side, STX produces sticks and protective gear. Depending on their success, we may see more from them in the future.

warrior-laxUnlike STX, Warrior never produced any field hockey gear. They originally made a name for themselves producing lacrosse equipment and haven't slowed down. Some of their collections include the Burn, Evo, Rabil, Rabil Next, and Regulator. They manufacture everything for lacrosse, including heads, handles, gloves, protective, helmets, and more. Their partnership with New Balance allows them the opportunity to produce outstanding cleats as well. Warrior also has an extensive line of goalie gear for lacrosse as well.

On the hockey side, Warrior has a number of collections of gear including Dynasty, Covert, Krown, and Ritual. They are a popular hockey stick and protective gear maker, and also offer pants and helmets.

Warrior differentiates themselves from STX on the ice by providing a more complete line-up, including goalie gear for hockey. This includes chest & arm protection, pants, leg pads, catch gloves, blockers, and sticks.

Both STX and Warrior have their strengths when it comes to producing hockey equipment, but it's fun to remember where they got their start. They wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the sports of lacrosse and field hockey.

Differentiating themselves from STX, Warrior also produces goalie gear for hockey.