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[Answered] The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft & Gear EVER


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

The year is 2019 and we've had huge advances in lacrosse technology.

…especially when it comes to weight of lacrosse gear.


No laxer likes being bogged down by heavy lax gear.

Buying the lightest, most flexible lax gear is essential to being your best on the field.

So you now you ask, what is the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world?

And the lightest lacrosse head? Gloves? Cleats? Helmet?

To answer these questions, we’ve gone through the weeds to make a list of the lightest lacrosse gear available on the Internet. Sit back and enjoy as we answer this age old question that laxers coast to coast have been asking since the dawn of time.

Lightweight lax shafts can improve overall athletic performance by reducing weight burden on the player. Despite being lightweight, these shafts fulfill the promise of delivering the desired results required.

Checkout our Top 10 Best Lax Shafts Guide

With every piece of light lacrosse gear we list, you'll find short a review and description of each, AND the cheapest place to buy them if your heart so desires.

***2019 Update***

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers to find a stick that would be perfect for lacrosse players.  Rather than charge $150-250 for a premium stick, we made one for $99 available on Amazon.  The stick comes with everything, a killer all carbon fiber shaft perfect for middies and attackers, a prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls for better impact resistance and longer endurance. Check it out by clicking here.


Get the Lightest Lacrosse Shaft in the World…

tri-kor-sub-5-lacrosse-shaft-reviewTri Kor Sub 5 Shaft – 3.33 oz – Lightest in the World!

If you aren't familiar with Tri-Kor, they are a newer lacrosse brand that is challenging the big brands. And they are doing a pretty stellar job. They are known for their incredibly lightweight lacrosse shafts and for constructing the Tri-Kor Sub 5, one of the lightest lacrosse shafts in the world. The reason they call it the “Sub 5” is because the Tri Kor Sub 5 weight is below 5 ounces! Now this shaft is designed for Attack, so if you are looking for the lightest defense lacrosse shaft, checkout the Tri Kor Sub 13, and if you are looking for the lightest goalie lacrosse shaft, then checkout the Tri Kor Sub 7.

This lightweight shaft can last a long time and is appropriate for use by both youth and adults. Laxers using this product have found it to be extremely fine-spun and does the exact same job as an advanced level lacrosse shaft. If you are still training to be a lacrosse player and are at the beginner level, this product is for you.

Best Gait Scandal Lacrosse ShaftsGait Scandal Lacrosse Shaft – 4.58 Ounces

The Gait Scandal is an excellent option for your next lacrosse shaft. Not only is it the lightest lacrosse shaft you can buy, it's actually quite strong as well! You'll notice that it's very similar to the Gait ICE lacrosse shaft, but the Gait Scandal is actually BETTER! Made with some of the strongest, yet lightest materials on earth, you'll love rocking this bad boy on the field as either attack or middie! We love this shaft!

This lightweight product has a strong grip which means that you can use it to rock your performance.

stringking-metal-shaft-lacrosse-reviewStringKing Metal Shaft – 4.58 Ounces

So the StringKing Metal lacrosse shaft is one of, if not, THE most popular lacrosse shaft on the market right now. And for good reason. Ask anyone who has tried out the new StringKing shaft, and they'll tell you why. The Metal weight is super light, will withstand any big lacrosse check, and has an awesome grip for one of the lightest lax shafts. No, it's not the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world, but you'll be happy with it!

Best Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Dolo Diamond – 5.1 Ounces

The Warior Dolo Diamond Pro shaft almost took the gold on lightest lacrosse shaft in the world. Well, it actually was the lightest lacrosse shaft for years, until Gait launched the Scandal and Tri Kor launched the Sub 5 series! The Warrior Diamond pro has been an excellent shaft, with great durability and favoritism across the lax community. It has been designed by Paul Rabil and has the strongest grip. This product allows flexibility; you can easily indulge in multiple movements with the use of this product. So much so that we actually did a full review of the Warrior Dolo Diamond pro here! And Warrior Krypto Pro Goalie shaft review here.

According to customers, this is one of the greatest and lightest shafts available that allows you to focus on performance while provide excellent results.

The Lightest Lacrosse Heads Ever

Best Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse HeadsBrine Clutch Elite – 4.3oz – Lightest in the World!

Not to be confused with the regular Brine Clutch lacrosse head or Clutch 3, the Brine Clutch Elite is the second lightest lacrosse head in the world! Being lightweight isn't the only great feature about this lax head either. It comes infused with the Brine NOZ technology, it dramatically decreases the weight of the Brine clutch Elite without sacrificing strength! Another Brine patent is the TruOffSet which allows for maximum pocket control. Scoop it up today!

It is reasonably priced and nicely designed to help you standout. This lacrosse head is durable and popular especially among the youth who find it to deliver exceptional results.

Best Brine RP3 X Lacrosse HeadsWarrior NOZ2 Lax Head – 4.5 Ounces

The Warrior NOZ2 is one of the best new heads we've seen in a long time. Warrior's engineering team did an excellent job designing this head for the expert attack or the best lacrosse head for middies who is looking to score goals. The custom sidewall options expand your possibility for advanced stringing options. This head will go down as the one of the coolest and highest selling lacrosse heads in 2018.

Best Maverik Optik Universal Lacrosse HeadsSTX Super Power+ Lax Head – 4.5 Ounces

Another very popular lacrosse head that is also one of the lightest lacrosse heads available is the STX Super Power+. The Super Power weighs in at only 4.5 ounces, it was designed specifically to focus on accuracy and precision of your lacrosse shots and passes. It's definitely a lightweight lacrosse head you should checkout! Also, to mention, it's one of the best selling lax heads of all time.

The Lightest Lacrosse Gloves

The purpose behind wearing lacrosse gloves is that they allow for protection. They are padded and prevent the fingers from being hurt. Lacrosse is a rough game which requires strict safety measures and gloves do just the trick.

However having gloves that are lightweight and allow you to keep a strong grip is also important that is if you wish to win the game. Listed below are lacrosse gloves that aren’t bulky and provide safety and performance side by side.

Best-Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsBrine King Superlight 2 Gloves  – 5.5oz – Lightest in the World!

There are plenty of light lacrosse gloves out there on the market, but we thought we'd bring you the ONLY lightest lacrosse gloves ever. These have had excellent reviews around the Internet, so let us know what you think of the lightest lacrosse gloves. Note that the lightest lacrosse gloves weight is by each individual glove, not the pair!

Moving on, the Brine King Superlight 2 gloves are awesome. Very similar to the Brine King V gloves, these are the next step in evolution for light lax gloves. Not only are they the lightest lacrosse gloves, but they are comfortable, breathable, protective, and they look boss!

The Lightest Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse cleats serve the purpose of providing mobility while protecting the player from getting injured. Whether the ground is wet or dry, cleats help players remain stable and play the game without falling or slipping.

Listed below are some of the lightest lacrosse cleats:

UA-banshee-lax-cleat-reviewUnder Armour Banshee Low Cleats – 10.1 oz

Just like with the Lightest lacrosse gloves above, the lightest lacrosse cleats are measured by each cleat, not by the pair. If you are anything like me, then you just love lightweight shoes, especially for playing lacrosse.

The UA Banshee Low cleats are one of the newer lacrosse cleats by Under ARmour, who makes awesome lax cleats by the way. Being the lightest lacrosse cleats in the game, the Banshee's don't skimp on anything. They have incredible comfort, ankle support, and are lightweight you can dodge so much quicker.

Custom-Cascade-R-Lacrosse-HelmetThe Lightest Lacrosse Helmet

Being one of the most physically demanding sports out there, lacrosse requires the best protective equipment available. Helmets in this sense can make the difference between a serious injury or no injury at all.

Having a helmet is crucial but choosing one that provides comfort combined with safety is even more important. Given below is one of the lightest lacrosse helmets available in the market that can be purchased to get a blend of both comfort and safety:

Cascade R Helmet – 40 oz 

There's nothing worse than having a super heavy bucket resting on top of you shoulders. Hopefully having the lightest lacrosse helmet will let you keep your head on a swivel while not breaking your neck!

If you didn't know this yet, Cascade makes some of the best lacrosse helmets on the market. They consistently produce top-notch lacrosse technology, giving the lacrosse world the lightest lacrosse helmet at the most affordable price. We've bullet pointed the key features of this super lightweight lacrosse helmet and given you the cheapest place to buy!

Do any of you own the lightest lacrosse head or lightest lacrosse shaft? If you have ever used any of these types of lax gear, please share your comments with everyone else below!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

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The Best Lacrosse Gifts Guide for 2019 Christmas

lacrosse christmas gifts

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

You Just Found a Full List of Lacrosse Gifts Ideas!

Looking for lacrosse gift ideas for guys and girls? Of course, the best ideas for lacrosse players would probably be a new lacrosse shaft, or head, or maybe a lacrosse rebounder.

If you're looking for lacrosse gift ideas, a helpful exercise could be looking at your recipients lacrosse gear and asking yourself “What's their oldest piece of lacrosse gear that could be replaced?” Chances are you will come up with something they need!

But if that's not the case and you are looking for something less expensive, then have no fear as we've compiled this list of the best lacrosse gifts for boys and girls! And since it's the holiday season, we've got some lacrosse Christmas gifts listed too, and you can find our article lacrosse posters here, which also make an excellent gift.


Unique Lacrosse Gifts for Boys and Girls

Below you'll find the complete list of unique and fun lacrosse gifts. Whether you are buying them for christmas, birthdays, or out of good spirit, then you can't go wrong with any of these lacrosse gifts for both guys and girls alike.


Mini Lacrosse Sticks ($20-30)

Oh fiddlesticks! Mini lacrosse sticks make awesome lacrosse gifts! Whether you are looking at buying them for a youth lacrosse player, a little kid to teach them how to play lacrosse, or for an advanced lacrosse player as a trick stick, they will make for an excellent lacrosse gift. You can usually pick up lacrosse mini sticks for a pretty cheap price around $20-$40, making them a unique lacrosse christmas gift as well and they are a great lacrosse gift for guys and girls. Did someone say stocking stuffer?


Lacrosse Wall Decals ($20-50)

Have you seen a Fathead of Lebron James or Clay Matthews yet? Well they are pretty darn cool. Thankfully, you can now buy some pretty cool lacrosse wall decals as well. Unfortunately they only make lacrosse wall decals for guys, but this one could also work for girls. Either way as soon as you gift them, chances are your kid will be running up to their bedroom to put the lacrosse wall decal above their bed or with their lacrosse gear. The great thing about lacrosse wall decals is they won't damage the wall and they make for a very cost-effective lacrosse decoration or unique lacrosse Christmas gift. This may be your kids favorite lacrosse gifts ever!


Lacrosse Socks ($10-20)

Lacrosse socks are an excellent lacrosse gift idea. Not only are they a great christmas lacrosse gift, but you can get highly personalized lacrosse socks, unique lacrosse socks, lacrosse socks for girls, lacrosse socks for guys and everything inbetween. All of the different types of lacrosse socks you can buy range from mustaches to Santa Claus. If want to see the full list of all the different types of lacrosse socks, we recommend following the link we provided to Amazon. Here are a few types of lacrosse socks you'll find there…

  • Mustache lacrosse socks
  • Christmas lacrosse socks
  • American lacrosse socks
  • Rasta lacrosse socks
  • Lacrosse socks make for great lacrosse gifts!


Lacrosse Christmas Ornaments ($10-20)

Yes, lacrosse christmas ornaments are one of the best lacrosse gifts out there! First and foremost they are great because they are an excellent lacrosse gift for boys and lacrosse gift for girls! Nothing will spread the holiday cheer over the years like buying a new lacrosse christmas ornament for your kids who play lacrosse! Lacrosse christmas ornaments is one of those personalized lacrosse gifts that everyone will love. You can find a full list of lacrosse christmas ornaments by following the link to Amazon.


Lacrosse Jewelry ($10-50)

Lacrosse jewelery charms will make an excellent lacrosse gift. Thankfully, they make lacrosse jewelry charms for both guys and girls alike, and if you needed a lacrosse coach gift idea…you just found your lax gift! If you want to checkout the different pieces of lacrosse jewelry available, checkout the link to Amazon we provided. Here's a few that you'll find….

  • Lacrosse Earrings
  • Lacrosse Necklace
  • Lacrosse Bracelets
  • Lacrosse Pendants
  • Lacrosse Rings


Lacrosse Gift Cards ($25-100)

Lacrosse Gift Cards!

So if you don't like any of our lacrosse gift ideas, then one of the best lacrosse gifts you can buy would be a lacrosse gift card. That way, you can let the person you are buying the lacrosse gifts for decid exactly what they want! One of the best lacrosse retailers around is Amazon, because they seem to always have the lowest prices. That being said, we highly recommend buying a lacrosse gift card from them as they make an excellent stocking stuffer!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.


Warrior & STX Brands Both Have Roots in Hockey

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Thanks for this guest post from our boys over at Hockey World Blog!

Did you know that two companies who originally got started in lacrosse and field hockey are now making a name for themselves now producing hockey equipment? It's true, both Warrior and STX got their starts in other industries before they become prominent figures in the world of hockey gear.

stx-lacrosse-hockey-logoSTX just recently joined the world of hockey with a line of sticks and protective equipment. Before that, however, they had a history with field hockey and lacrosse.

STX carries three lines of field hockey equipment, the Surgeon, Stallion, and Hammer lines. They produce everything you could need including sticks, protective equipment, goggles, goalie equipment, apparel, bags, and accessories.

On the lacrosse side, STX has two unique lines, the Stallion and Surgeon. The gear they make includes helmets,

heads, handles, protective, goalie, apparel, accessories and bags.

For their newest venture, hockey, STX carried over both their Stallion and Surgeon lines to production. So far on the hockey side, STX produces sticks and protective gear. Depending on their success, we may see more from them in the future.

warrior-laxUnlike STX, Warrior never produced any field hockey gear. They originally made a name for themselves producing lacrosse equipment and haven't slowed down. Some of their collections include the Burn, Evo, Rabil, Rabil Next, and Regulator. They manufacture everything for lacrosse, including heads, handles, gloves, protective, helmets, and more. Their partnership with New Balance allows them the opportunity to produce outstanding cleats as well. Warrior also has an extensive line of goalie gear for lacrosse as well.

On the hockey side, Warrior has a number of collections of gear including Dynasty, Covert, Krown, and Ritual. They are a popular hockey stick and protective gear maker, and also offer pants and helmets.

Warrior differentiates themselves from STX on the ice by providing a more complete line-up, including goalie gear for hockey. This includes chest & arm protection, pants, leg pads, catch gloves, blockers, and sticks.

Both STX and Warrior have their strengths when it comes to producing hockey equipment, but it's fun to remember where they got their start. They wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the sports of lacrosse and field hockey.

Differentiating themselves from STX, Warrior also produces goalie gear for hockey.

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.


The History of Lacrosse Timeline


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

lacrosse-historyHistory and Origins of the Sport of Lacrosse

Who invented lacrosse is a common question we hear a lot. The origin of lacrosse was first dated back to the 1600’s, when Native American Indians covered most of North America’s land. French explorers in North America observed the Native Americans playing the game, which rules and setting largely differ from how we play today. The name “Lacrosse” identified the sport, after French explorers were reminded of how similarly the sticks used to play were to the cross that a Bishop would carry, called “le crosier.” Before French explorers gave the sport a name that stuck, the game was referred to as “Baggataway.”

The Early Game (Iroquois and Native Americans)

In the beginning of the creation of the game, Native Americans played the sport to appeal to their creator, to settle disputes between different Native American Tribes, and to prepare for war as a ritual. Games were played on fields up to a half of a mile long, with no boundaries and unlimited players. The games would last for days, with players taking breaks from sundown to sunrise. All of the players on the field would fight for the ball, made out of deerskin or wood, and try to score on the opponent. Scoring was identified by the amount of points a team would gain by hitting the stick pole at the end of the field, and kept by the Native Americans who were observing the game.

Lacrosse was prepared for in the same fashion that war was prepared for. Tribes would paint their bodies, players would undergo rituals performed by their tribe’s Medicine Man in order to prepare them to play their best, and sacrifices were made to the creator prior to games. On the day of a game, tribes would perform more ceremonies, including dunking their sticks in spiritual water and receiving a blessing speech from their Shaman, the religious leader.

This was more than a blessing speech as the Shaman would also give a strategic pep talk to the players.

Just like modern games played today, lacrosse also had strict dietary rules. Players were not allowed to eat several things before a game. The Medicine Man of each tribe was not only responsible for preparing the players for the game. He was also responsible for preparing their sticks for the game. The night before game day, the players took part in a ceremonial dance which would be followed by sacrifices. Also, the tribes would yell sacred expressions. The purpose of this was to intimidate the opponents and get the blood rushing in the players.  

On game day, more rituals were performed while the teams walked to the field. As a part of some rituals, the players were scratched on their arms or their torso.

Players were required to place a wager on the game, which consisted of a small trinket, jewelry, weapons, or animals that would be given to the winning team or tribe upon completion of the game. After the games were over, after about 20 points were scored by one team, players would participate in a ceremonial dance and then feasted. Many conflicts between tribes were then considered placed behind them.

From Europe, the first people to come across lacrosse were the French. They were Jesuit missionaries who came to St Lawrence Valley during the 1630s. When they initially saw the game, they did not approve of it. According to them, the game was violent. They also opposed the game because of the betting that was involved in it. Also, they were there to eradicate a religion which lacrosse was a part of.

The missionary who gave lacrosse its name was Jean de Brebeuf. He was the first one among the missionaries to write about it. In 1637, he wrote that he saw the Hurons playing ‘crosse’. Even though the missionaries were not fond of the game, their exposure made other Europeans intrigued about the game. By 1740, the game had become a part of the French colonist’s lives as they betted on the game often. However, the colonists could not beat the Native Americans at the game.

lacrosse-for-dummies-historyFurther Reading: The Best Books on the History of Lacrosse

Flamethrowers is a phenomenal story about a young boy named Kenny who discovers the sport of lacrosse, it's history, and eventually his calling. This isn't a comprehensive history of lacrosse book, but it's a fantastic story that holds meaning for all lacrosse enthusiasts and kids of all ages!

Lacrosse for Dummies is an excellent source for those lacrosse players and enthusiasts looking to improve their knowledge of lacrosse history, rules, positions, plays, and equipment. Quickly leapfrog your competition by reading this lacrosse book! This book is an excellent source for beginners to learn about lacrosse. It gives information on everything from the equipment used in the game to the offensive and defensive strategies. There is also guidance for ‘arm chair lacrosse players’ on how they can enjoy this game on TV or in Print media. Beginners can benefit a lot from this book as it mentions many skill building exercises and also has drills for the starters to follow.

Vintage lacrosse postersHistory of Lacrosse Equipment (Sticks and Balls)

The ball, made of animal hide or wood, was carried by players that fought for it or passed from player to player by a stick crafted from wood. The wood was usually burned and charred, which made it easier to carve into the shape of a lacrosse stick. The sticks were normally 3-4 feet long, with netting made from animal hide at the top, creating a web on a triangular or circular- shaped hook at the end. When trying to score a point, the early version of the sport included a stick marked where a goal was. The stick was divided into three sections, a one, two, and three point section. Players would have to throw the deerskin ball at the stick pole and when hit it, were awarded with the appropriate number of points. Later versions of the game included using large rocks or trees as goals to score into.

After the 1940s, many attempts were made to improve the design and manufacturing of lacrosse stick. Previously, the lacrosse stick was one piece that was steam bent. In this era, the creative heads started to make lacrosse sticks with laminated wood. They would make the stick by gluing thing wooden layers together, followed by steam bending. There came a time when lacrosse sticks were made of fiberglass only. The evolution of manufacturing process, over the years, lead to formation of lacrosse sticks with aluminum shafts.

Also See Our: Wooden & Traditional Lacrosse Sticks Buying Guide

The Growth of Lacrosse

The game was expanded and revamped by a Canadian dentist names George Beers in 1856, when he founded the Montreal Lacrosse Club. The group modified the rules of the game as well as the equipment used. Lacrosse became a popular sport among young men, and the first game played with the new set of rules and equipment was played in 1857 at a college in Canada. Shortly after that, Canada named lacrosse its national sport. The game was brought overseas to England shortly after where a game was played between different nations, and expanded throughout England schools as a result. In the late 1800’s, cities in New York also founded lacrosse clubs, and the game continued to grow as a result.

history-of-lacrosse-gifThe Sport of Lacrosse Today

Lacrosse continues to be a very large part of Native American culture to this day. Games are played as praise to the Creator, and often referred to as “The Creator’s Game.” Many Native American tribes hold the game to high standards and play as a devotion to their tribe and creator. Lacrosse is played worldwide, with various different countries coming together to play in the Lacrosse World Championships. The game is played at all levels, professional, collegiate, recreational, high school, middle school, and youth levels. Both men and women play the game, through the game varies in rules, field, and equipment. The concept of the game is to score more points than your opponent, and that concept has never changed. The history of lacrosse is one of the most unique stories of all sports played today, which makes it the fastest growing sport in the world!

Women wear eye gear for protection during the game. As for the goalies, they use protective pads and helmets. Even though professional level games are separate, both genders do play together in Intercrosse. In this game, the stick is made up of plastic and the players play with a softer ball than in a regular lacrosse game.

Also See: US Lacrosse Tells the Story of Lacrosse

Events & History of Lacrosse Timeline (Major Events)

1636- Jean de Brebeuf was the first to write about lacrosse being played and gave it the name lacrosse.
1740s- European settlers took interest in the game, betting and wagering on games of local tribes.
1757- Farmer and soldier James Smith described watching the game played among local Native American Tribes.
1763- The Ojibwa tribe played a game next to a British fort, now Fort Mackinac, and used the game to distract British Soldiers that they then surprised and killed.
1805- US Army Lieutenant observed the game being played in what is now Wisconsin, and named the city La Crosse.
1834-Caughnawaga Native Americans demonstrated lacrosse in Montreal and interest grew steadily in Canada.
1856- George Beers founds Montreal Lacrosse Club.
1857-First game with new rules and equipment is played.
1860s-Canada names lacrosse as its national sport.
1867-First exhibition game played between nations in England.
1890- The first women’s lacrosse game ever is played in Scotland.
1890s-Girl’s schools throughout England adopted the sport of lacrosse.
1900s-Choctaw Native Americans were observed attaching lead weights to their sticks in order to injure opponents during games, and led to lacrosse being banned in some areas.
1904- Lacrosse became an Olympic Sport.
1908-Lacrosse became a sport at the World Games and dropped from the Olympics
1928, 1932, 1948- Lacrosse demonstrated again at the Olympics, and then dropped.
1930s- Box lacrosse grew rampantly throughout North America.
1937- The first double-sided wooden stick was designed by Robert Pool.
1987- First professional lacrosse team was founded, the Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League. It is now known as the National Lacrosse League, or the NLL.
2001- First professional field lacrosse team founded, now known as the Major Lacrosse League, or MLL.
Current- Lacrosse continues to be the largest growing sport across the world, gaining governmental regulation by bodies such as the Federation of International Lacrosse.

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Review: Maverik Rome NXT Gloves, Arm Guard, Pad, and Goalie Gear

Maverik Lacrosse

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

The Maverik Rome NXT Collection Full Review

Maverik LacrosseSo who's heard of the Maverik Rome NXT collection? Well not many people it turns out. If you're familiar with Maverik Lacrosse, then you must know their older collection, the Maverik Rome (gloves review here). The Maverik Rome has been their flagship lacrosse gear, up until the NEW Maverik Rome NXT collection that is! In this post you'll find a review for every piece of the Maverik Rome NXT collection–conveniently shown with the best place to buy. So sit back, re-lax, and enjoy the show!

Full Disclaimer: After looking at the entire Maverik Rome NXT collection, we HIGHLY recommend all of it, from the gloves to the arm guards (Which we don't do often)

Maverik Rome NXT Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT Gloves Review

Pickup the NXT Gloves from Amazon – Best Price

The first piece of gear we've got for you are the Maverik Rome NXT gloves. These babies were recently featured at the Maverik Showtime National Recruiting Spotlight, one of the most prestigious lax events out there. If you liked the Maverik Rome gloves, then you're going to love the Maverik Rome NXT gloves! These gloves have excellent protection, great durability, superb comfort, and just look damn sexy. Here are the features…

  • Added FLOWCOOL ventilation to give you the best breathability out there, with added vents on the back of the glove!
  • On the palms, DURASTRETCH provides the strongest, most comfortable grip available
  • Super lightweight with XFOAM for maximum breathability

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves Review

Buy these Goalie Gloves from Amazon

Alright goalies, are you ready for one of the best goalie lacrosse gloves you can get on the market? If you know anything about the classic Rome gloves, believe it or not, the Maverik Rome NXT goalie gloves are even better! In addition to all of the added technology talked about in the Maverik Rome NXT gloves above, you're going to find added technology just for the Maverik Rome MXT goalie gloves. The new thumb technology, TORQUELOC will prevent any hyper-extension that might occur while making that save. No more broken or jammed thumbs! In addition to the TORQUELOC, the thumb is much more protected than the standard Maverik Rome NXT gloves. There is added padding and lining to ensure Zak Dorn's fastest lacrosse shot in the world won't break your thumb!

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-arm-guardsMaverik Rome NXT Arm Guard Review

Scoop them up at Amazon

The Maverik Rome NXT arm guard is designed for the expert attackman. If you play defense or middie, we recommend getting the smaller, lighter Maverik rome nxt arm pad below. We are super excited about these Rome NXT arm guards guys. They are 23% lighter than any lacrosse arm guard Maverik has ever designed, all with added comfort. And most importantly, they stay in place and have excellent hold when you're maneuvering through dodges and making passes. Here's the new technology which makes these so great…

  • DURASTRETCH will let you comfortably extend your arm, while keeping the pads in place
  • SHARKGEL and ANAFOAM technology is placed throughout the pads to protect you from those nasty slashes
  • Moisture wicking liner and mesh throughout will keep you dry, and the Maverik rome NXT arm guards won't be sliding all over the place

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-arm-padsMaverik Rome NXT Arm Pad Review

Get these Arm Pads from Amazon

Defense and Middies, as mentioned above, the Maverik Rome NXT arm pads are smaller and lighter than the classic Maverik Rome NXT Arm Guards. Since you aren't consistently getting slashed, you don't need as full or heavy of arm guards. The greatest part is you get all of the new lacrosse technology, but at a fraction of the size and weight! One piece of technology featued in the Maverik Rome NXT arm pads you'll find is the COMFORTFIT. This ensures the arm pads fit perfectly on your arm and won't move around. These arm pads are very lightweight, comfortable, and give you the exact amount of protection you need for when a chasing attackmen does give you a nasty slash!


Maverik Rome NXT Shoulder Pad Review

Snag these from Amazon Now

Attackman and middies, you are going to abso-freaking-lootley love the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads! Maverik put tons of blood and sweat into designing these shoulder pads. The thing we love most about the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads is they have you completely covered, literally. The shoulders and sternum have a very hard plastic plate to make sure you can lay some hardcore lax hits, and not get the wind knocked out of you. Then, they added SHARKGEL foam on the sides to protect your ribs. Lastly, you'll notice they have detachable bicep pads. Personally, I take those off, but if you are an experience attackman, I'd recommend keeping those on!

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-speed-padMaverik Rome NXT Speed Pad Shoulder Pad Review

Great Price on these at Amazon

Defense and Middies, we've got the lightweight, minimalist version of the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads above. Now Maverik has owned the Speedpad market for years and they've done it again. You are going to find added protection along the shoulders, so you can lower your shoulder for a hit. Also, the same protection runs through the sternum in case you take a nasty lacrosse shot to the chest. SHARKGEL gives you the necessary protection around your upper ribs as well. Most importantly, these things are so lightweight and low profile. The Maverik Rome NXT Speedpad shoulder pads are definitely a must-have for all defense and middies who play a lean, light, and fast game!


Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Chest Protector Review

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Goalies, listen up! This new Maverik Rome NXT Goalie chest protector is pretty darn good. Right off the bat, you will notice the added collar bone protection for those high lacrosse shots. Maverik also added a soft feel padding around the sternum and neck, so it won't feel stiff or uncomfortable. Looking at the back of the neck you're going to love the spread out mesh–This will give you superb comfort and ensure the Maverik Rome chest pad won't ride up in your throat. Speaking of throat, Maverik added an extra floating neck piece. The velcro straps on the Rome NXT goalie chest protector are SUPER wide and adjustable, so you can find the most comfortable positioning. Scoop this awesome lacrosse goalie chest pad up for any style of game!

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-rib-padMaverik Rome NXT Rib Pad Review

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For those lacrosse players who need added rib protection, we definitely recommend the Maverik Rome NXT rib pads. Whether you have an injury or just get more checks around your ribs, the Rome NXT rib pads will have you covered. They leverage all of the excellent technology you'll find in the Maverik Rome NXT arm guards and the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads a well! The SHARKGEL, ANAFOAM, DURASTRETCH and every other liner and padding comes standard with these.


Do any of you have the Maverik Rome NXT Gloves, or perhaps the Maverik Rome NXT arm guard? If so, please leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments!

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