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[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Rebounder Walls & Nets 2020


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Do you know the most essential lacrosse workout?

It's called wall ball.

The greatest lacrosse players of all time have spent THOUSANDS OF HOURS playing wall ball.

Just 10 minutes a day will make you an elite passer and catcher.

But sometimes it can be difficult to find a solid brick wall to pass back and forth on.


There is an awesome invention called a lacrosse rebounder.

For around $150 dollars, you can have a portable, folding rebounder lax net.

Thousands of satisfied lax parents, coaches, and trainers have purchased a lacrosse rebounder for their backyard or practice field!

Here are the 3 BEST Lacrosse Rebounders in 2020:

Best Overall: Lacrosse Scoop Rebounder

Best Value:Lacrosse Scoop Rebounder

Cheapest:Lacrosse Scoop Rebounder

4 Big Questions; Choosing the Best Lacrosse Rebounders, Bounce Backs & Lax Walls

  1. How Big Should the Lacrosse Bounce Back Be?
  2. Can I Angle the Lax Wall?
  3. Can I Store the Lacrosse Rebounder?
  4. Will the Frame Last?

where-to-buy-the-best-lacrosse-rebounders-for-saleA high quality lacrosse rebounder will get you through multiple seasons of lacrosse. After you invest in one of these lax walls, you won’t have to worry about trekking to the nearest brick wall to work on your stick skills. Each of these products come with instructions to make assembly a breeze.

With their sturdy steel frames, (like Lacrosse Goals & Nets) some of the best lax walls are even foldable and portable to make training possible anywhere.

1 – How big should the wall be?

Most lacrosse rebounders are made with steel frames so that they last as long as possible. You might end up paying a steeper price for a name brand lax wall like Brine, but a newer brand pitch back like Predator or Gladiator will do the job for half the cost and all the same features. You might want to consider size an important factor when buying your lax wall. Most feature the same size mat, which is 4’ tall and 3’ wide. The mat sits at the top of the frame, which is at stick height for when the player is passing or shooting.

2 – Can I angle the lax wall?

You might want to practice different skills, so some are adjustable and can be angled to different spots. If you want to work on more than you can with just a pass back, look for a rebounder that has adjustable angles. That way, you can work on your ground balls, perfect passes, and pick off some high passes as well.

3 – How about storing the wall?

If you’re playing in a smaller area, like a backyard, you might want to make sure your lax wall can be easily stored. The ability to fold flat makes the lax wall even more valuable, so you can store it in the offseason. A heavy-duty, primarily nylon mat with bungees to attach to the steel frame holds up in the harshest climates, and continues to return the ball to you with the same speed you throw it at.

4 – Will the frame last?

The best lax wall you can buy is the one you will use time and time again. Investing in a lax wall with stainless steel poles and parts and good reviews by other users is a great place to start.

The Very Best Lacrosse Rebounders for Sale

  • Pricing: $150-250
  • Quality: Steel frame, high
  • Foldable/Adjustable: Yes, and transportable

The reason these are the best lacrosse rebounders are because you can answer YES to all of the five questions above. We highly recommend going with a quality lacrosse bounce back like one of these lacrosse pitch backs!

EZ-goal-outdoor-lacrosse-wall-rebounderEZ Goal Lacrosse Rebounder

The EZ goal lacrosse throwback is the most uniquely structured that you can buy. It doesn’t have the typical A frame, but has the smaller triangular frame at the base. It's the best lacrosse rebounder you can buy.

Still constructed from steel, the frame adjusts so that you can not only play with different angles to work on different skills, but you can also store it flat when you are not using it. The mat size is the largest we will see with all of the lax rebounders, at 6’ high and 4’ wide. It’s a much bigger surface, which allows for different types of skill work.

Getting great 4.5 star reviews, players love this lacrosse rebounder at just under $$$ on Amazon.

Gladiator-Lacrosse-Bounce-Back-WallGladiator Lacrosse Rebounder Review

The Gladiator lacrosse rebounder is about the norm.  The mat is constructed with nylon and cotton to allow for the ball to return at the same speeds you are throwing at, and is the average size at 4’ tall and 3’ wide.

The A frame is constructed from steel pipes which are adjustable and can be angled for different skills, yet folds flat to be tucked away when not in use. Gladiator rebounders are a cheaper brand of lacrosse products that still stands up to the test of the players that use it.

For sale for just at $$, it’s a cheaper product that will not only get the job done, it will hold up as well as deliver exactly what you are looking for.


The Classic Brine Lax Wall Review

By far the most expensive lacrosse rebounder on the market, the Brine lax wall sits at $$$.  Though it sits at a steeper price than its counterparts, the Brine model has also been deemed to have the most quality into its design.

It is made with heavy-duty, aluminized steel pipes for its A frame with notches for different angles.  The bottoms also have rubber feet, ideal for the frame to stay in place if playing on concrete or flooring.

The mat is 4’ by 3’, and it does fold flat to store.  Although it is a bit pricier than the other rebounders, reviewers are thrilled with the product stating “you get what you pay for.”

Champion-Lacrosse-Rebounder-NetChampion Lacrosse Rebounder Review

Definitely the cheapest option thus far, the Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Bounce Back gets 4.5 stars at only $$.

The steel frame is adjustable for a variety of angles and also folds flat to store.  Its purchasers agree that through a cheaper option, you shouldn’t have to overpay for a brand name rebounder and suffer through poor quality, and almost all of these purchasers were happy with their purchase!

Most agreed that the product is heavy, and difficult for younger kids to maneuver on their own, and it is also loud.  The springs, though the right amount of taut in order to secure the mat to the frame, rattle noticeably more than its more expensive counterparts.

lacrosse-wall-rebounder-casey-powell-signature-edition-gladiatorLimited Edition Casey Powell Rebounder

This lacrosse rebounder comes with all the bells and whistles.  Another Gladiator product, the designers teamed up with the guru himself, Casey Powell, to create this limited edition lax wall.  The mat surface is 4’ by 3’  nylon on a steel frame that has been dampened so rebounds are cut to a minimum.

Any lacrosse player would benefit from the use of this lacrosse bounce back, seeing as it also comes with a training guide designed by Casey Powell in order to get the maximum benefit from the work you are putting in.

The limited Casey Powell Edition of the Gladiator lax wall sits at $$$ on Amazon.

Predator-outdoor-lax-wall-rebounder-nettingPredator Sports Lacrosse Rebounder Review

The Predator lacrosse rebounder, designed to be a cheaper alternative to the likes of Brine, STX and Warrior, gets decent, yet mixed reviews.  Some purchasers claimed the frame did not fit together well or that the screws were stripped.

Others claimed their product was in perfect condition and that they were happy with getting a great product for a steal at only $$$.  The mat is 4’ by 3’ and offers adjustable angles.  There is little information about the quality of the steel frame, but reviewers claim it was easy to assemble.

While there was some consensus about the ‘tightness” of the mat, the Predator lacrosse bounce back is a cheaper option of the very coveted lax wall.


The STX Rebounder Review

Though the STX rebounder is a name brand lacrosse item, several reviewers claimed that they had issues with the mat straps breaking and some of the welds cracking.

Nevertheless, this gets 3.5 stars at a steeper $$$.

Seemingly pricier because it has the STX name, this product measures 4’ by 3’ and is constructed with a steel frame that can shift to different angles as well as flat.  The mat also is outlined in orange for a targeted area.

franklin-lax-rebounder-cheap-metal-frame-pitch-backFranklin Lacrosse Rebounder Review

The Franklin Sports Rebounder is another off-brand lax wall that stands up to the tests of critics.

It is heavy, which is good for the tests of high winds but also doesn’t offer much portability. This lax wall gave some reviewers a hard time, as it didn’t come with instructions, but that didn’t stop the product from getting 4.5 stars at $$$.

The mat is 4’ by 3’ and comes on all weather steel constructed pipes that adjust to various angles, including flat.

The Cheap Lacrosse Rebounders (Buy at Your Own Risk)

  • Pricing: $99-$150 (on clearance)
  • Quality: Medium/Low, may break
  • Foldable/Adjustable: Some, see descriptions

Alright, so we were a bit skeptical of even adding the cheap lacrosse rebounders on this list, because they honestly are just pretty crappy. In most cases you can only answer YES to 2 or 3 out of 5 of the key questions to ask when buying a lacrosse bounce back. Unless you are on a super tight budget, steer clear of these lacrosse pitch backs.

cheap-affordable-champion-lacrosse-rebounderChampion Lacrosse Rebounder Review

This Champion rebounder is a little different than the ones we have primarily seen.  It is designed with a nylon mat that is clear, more like netting rather than a trampoline style mat.

It still measures 4’ by 3’ and has a steel A frame construction that folds flat. It only gets 3.5 stars, presumably because of the unpredictability of the mat, reviewers say.

The large holes in the netting cause the ball to return to the player in an unpredictable manner, which would not be very good for a beginner who is just learning to pass and catch.  At $108, there may be better options.

cheap-double-sided-lacrosse-rebounder-stxSTX Double Sided Lacrosse Rebounder Review

The design of the STX double sided rebounder allows it to be utilized on both sides.  It has adjustable angles to allow for different drills, however the most useful angle would put only one side to use at a time.

The netting surface is 5’ by 3’, but the netting reaches to the ground, somewhere the lacrosse player shouldn’t be passing to.

Assembly was claimed to be difficult to most reviewers, and the bounce at which the ball comes back to the player was not at full speed.  Still receiving 4 stars, the STX double sided training rebounder can be purchased for $118.

powerbolt-best-cheap-lax-wallPowerBolt Lacrosse Rebounder Review

Guys, let me start out by saying we do not recommend this PowerBolt Lacrosse product! Yes, it may be the cheapest you can buy, but it's not sturdy, tends to come with missing parts, and rips and tears very easily.

If you read any reviews online, you'll find this lacrosse pitch back usually gets 2 out of 5 stars. Yes it's one of the cheap lacrosse rebounders so it won't kill your wallet, but it's worth spending a little more for higher quality.

The Lacrosse Rebounder Accessories You Need to Get

If you have a broken lacrosse rebounder net, want to cover your lax wall during the winter, or want to improve your passing accuracy then we've got you covered!


STX Lacrosse Rebounder Cover Review

The STX Outdoor rebounder cover is just that, a cover for your lax wall.  It is designed to universally fit most bounce backs, which is a plus.

Made from 100% polyester, the cover will help protect your rebounder from the elements, lengthening the time you can use it without worrying about straps and bungees breaking.  Customers gave this STX cover 3.5 stars at $50.


STX Pass Master Review

The STX Bounce Back Pass Master Cover is a great way to begin to fine tune your accuracy when passing or shooting. Clearly marked with orange targets, the cover slips over your existing rebounder and now gives you the ability to shoot or pass to clearly marked targets.

Working on accuracy while on the run and thinking about rebounds is clearly the goal of the cover.  The cover is secured by a bungee that loops around the back of the rebounder and universally fits most with the same 4’ by 3’ mat and frame.  Only $ on Amazon, the cover gets 4 stars and can help turn an average lacrosse player into a star in no time.

[VIDEO] Lacrosse Rebounder Workout Drills & Tips

The Difference Between a Lacrosse Rebounder, Bounce Back, Lax Wall, Pitch Back and Throwback

Does anyone know the answer? Well we've heard a lot of names for a lacrosse rebounder; Lacrosse bounce back, lax wall, lacrosse pitch back, and lacrosse throwback.

All of them serve the same purpose; To throwback the lacrosse ball to you after you pass it—They are all the same thing! If you ask any professional laxer, they will tell you that playing wall ball to practice their passing skills was one of the most important trainer drills they did to elevate their game–Practice makes perfect! Now if you cannot find a great wall to play some wall ball at or you just want the convenience of passing in your own backyard, then we highly recommend investing in a lacrosse rebounder to setup in your backyard in 2014 and beyond.

The Final Scoop

We are so happy to announce that we have sourced and shipped over our own Lacrosse Rebounder. For now, it is only $99.99. Please check it out and give me feedback!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.


Brine Lacrosse Rebounder Review

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Brine Lacrosse RebounderThank you for checking out the Brine Lacrosse Rebounder Review, be sure to share your thoughts below. For a full list of rebounders, checkout our complete lacrosse rebounder buying guide.

One of the great things about this rebounder is that it was made specifically for lacrosse players! Made with a heavy duty aluminum frame (1.5″) and a big rebounding target of 3'x 4′ you really can't go wrong scooping this bad boy up, because it's freaking durable. Conveniently enough, the rebounder is fully adjustable to provide multiple rebounding positions and heights.

You can also fold it up for easy storage! This can be used for single wall-ball or you can use it for team shooting and passing drills since it's easy to move. If you're looking to improve your passing and shooting skills, scoop it up today and be sure to share your thoughts on this product below!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.