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STX Shield Goalie Head Review

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STX Shield Goalie HeadThank you for reading the STX Shield Goalie Head Review. Lax on. STX is introducing some pretty sweet technology on this head for example the C-Channel technology. Be sure to checkout the STX Shield Chest Pad review too.

This is going to give you that extra strength and stability you need when making some tough top-right-corner saves. You'll also notice that the throat at the bottom of the head is more comfortable– This is because they made it more ergonomic to help improve your wrist mobility. And what goalie head would be complete without tons of stringing holes so you can build any pocket type you want.

The STX Shield GoalieĀ head is lightweight, durable, and will give you that extra push you need when making a save (while doing the splits!). Scoop it up today!

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