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Swax Lax Lacrosse Ball Review

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soft-lacrosse-ballAlright guys, we've got another awesome review for you, this one being a new lacrosse ball.

The Swax Lax lacrosse ball is the same exact size and shape of an official lacrosse ball, even the same weight except they are softer. You'll notice the material it's comprised of it strong and durably weaved together. When gripping them they are stiff and hard, but have a little give to them.

The Swax Lax practice lacrosse ball is great for just that. Practice. As a young or beginning lacrosse player, if you want to practice with lacrosse balls that don't bounce (or give you welts) these are your go to.

One option for players over the years has been practicing with a tennis ball. But the weight difference between a tennis ball and lax ball is sooo far off that it throws you off!

Goalies, especially new ones, should love the Swax Lax lacrosse ball. It's a great training lacrosse ball for new goalies as they get comfortable in the goal, and advanced players can use the Swax Lax for hand-eye coordination drills.

Passing and shooting around you'll feel the grip isn't quite the same as an official lacrosse ball and your release will be a bit high. Everything else feels spot on though.

Overall, we highly recommend the Swax Lax to cradle around inside your house, or toss with some bros who suck at lax so you won't have to go running for the ball when they miss a pass.

Love this product. A great idea. Go check out Swax Lax!

Swax Lax Video Review from East Coast Dyes

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