Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shaft Review

Best Brine King Magnum Lacrosse Shafts

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On March 14, 2015
Last modified:April 23, 2018


Created by Brine lacrosse, the Brine King Magnum is a great option for advanced or new laxers.

Best Brine King Magnum Lacrosse ShaftsWelcome back for the Brine King Magnum lacrosse shaft review, brought to you by Lacrosse Scoop. Choosing the right Lacrosse Shafts can be difficult. So whether you want the lightest lacrosse shaft, or can't decide between a carbon fiber or wooden lacrosse shaft, we're here to help. Brine Lacrosse have been a lacrosse sticks leader for years. The Brine King Magnum is a great option, with a price of 109.90. Do your research before buying a new or cool lacrosse shaft, and checkout some other Brine Shafts before you buy! Looking for lax gloves? See the Brine King 3 gloves!

The Bottom Line for the Brine King Magnum

This is the beat down meat stick of 2014 !! We could not believe it when we held it. It's hard to explain – but it is light yet feels like you are about to thrash someone with a lead pipe. Our MLL guys loved it. A true punish-er for big nasty middies who aren't stepping aside for ground balls. Do you play close D with a shortie ?? You want that other guy to feel it when you cross check hold and run him down the alley ?? This shaft will be a best seller and you better hope you're not wearing shoddy pads when your opponent takes the field with this beast.

What Brine Says on the Brine King Magnum

The Brine King Magnum- Perfect balance of lightweight and durability. The best strength to weight performance in a Brine shaft. Diamond blasted texture for an ultimate grip that wont wear off.

Brine King Magnum Shaft Color and Size Options:

Color:Black and Silver | Styles:Attack, Middie, Defense, Goalie, LSM

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Attack and Middies
Long Stick Middies (LSM)

Brine King Magnum Lax Shaft Video Review

Created by Brine lacrosse, the Brine King Magnum is a great option for advanced or new laxers.
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