Brutally Big Lacrosse Hits and Lacrosse Checks

Huge Lacrosse Hits

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Coverage of the Biggest and Baddest Lacrosse Hits (Videos, Vines and GIFs)

Note: This post will continuously be updated with new lacrosse hits and lacrosse checks videos as we find them and post them on our InstagramSo come early and come often to see the freshest lax hits and to share your favorite lax hits in the comments.

Lacrosse Hits Make you feel like this

Waking up to Chris Tucker after a brutal lacrosse hit

It's happened to all of us before. Maybe it's a ground ball or a defender sliding early, but either way you are caught off-guard and BAM you wake up flat on your back, lacrosse stick nowhere to be seen and the vision of Chris Tucker yelling “You Got Knocked the F*%$ Out”

And we've all been on the other side of those brutal lacrosse hits. The predator, not the prey. A lacrosse ball pops loose, you are 5 feet away and you notice your opponent is clearly not looking your way. Oh, it's on! You throw your lax gloves together, sprint straight ahead, lower your shoulder, and POW! check him right between the numbers. If you're lucky enough, you've got both teams yelling “Yaaardd Saaalee” after a huge lax hit like that.

Simply put, when it come to big lacrosse hits, it's definitely more fun being on the giving end than the receiving end. Well this article is meant to pay tribute to these lacrosse checks; Both the good and the bad. As embarrassing and painful big lacrosse checks can be, both giving lacrosse hits and receiving them is a universal force of lacrosse. Not to get all Zen on you, but they are what makes the sport of lacrosse the game we all love. Now in this post you'll find…..

  • The Best Lacrosse Hit Videos We Could Find
  • Complete Lacrosse Hit Highlight Videos
  • Where to Find the Top Vine Channel to Follow for Lacrosse Hits
  • Official NCAA Rules for Lacrosse Hits and Lacrosse Checks

The BEST Lacrosse Hits We Could Find on the Internet

After searching near and far for some of the absolutely huge lacrosse hits available for viewing, we came up with these. What do you think? Do you have any big lacrosse hits you think are even more brutal? Were either of these hard lax hits even legal? Be sure to share in the comments! Thank you for this first video, Inside Lacrosse!

Now what does everyone think of this big lacrosse hit? Yes, it made our list of one of the best lacrosse hits, but is this lax hit legal, illegal, and maybe even uncalled for?

Top Highlight Videos for Big Lacrosse Hits

Now we wanted to share some compilation videos and feel like these ones from Lax.com and MrWhatsforDinner have the best highlights for lacrosse biggest hits. The first video has more MLL lax hits and the second video even has some big box lacrosse hits! Gotta show our love for those Canadians.

Best Lacrosse Hits Vine Channel

Thank you for whoever did this, but they put together a Vine channel dedicated only to big lacrosse hits! They've got hard lacrosse hits, big lacrosse hits, brutal lacrosse hits, huge lacrosse hits, and they've even got box lacrosse hits….

Official Lacrosse Checks and Lacrosse Hit Rules

Alright, so what constitutes legal lacrosse checks? What about an illegal lacrosse hit? One of the most difficult parts about the best lacrosse hits is they are generally tough to declare legal or illegal! Thanks to eTeamz lax rule resource, we've detailed all of the rules constituting a lacrosse hit and lacrosse checks. Note that these lacrosse hit rules are all pretty standard across all forms of lacrosse, whether you are playing elementary school, high school, college, and even for box lacrosse hits.

The Cross Check

A lacrosse check where one player hits or pushes another player with the portion of their shaft that is between their hands. Just like in hockey. Hold those suckers tight together, otherwise you'll get called!

Lacrosse Cross Check

Cross Checks are illegal and dangerous. Do not use them!

All Illegal Body Checks

  • Hitting someone below the waist or above the shoulders
  • Hitting a player from behind
  • Hitting a player who doesn't have the ball or isn't within 5 feet of a loose ball.
  • Hitting a player who has any part of their body (other than their feet) on the ground
  • Hitting a player without having both hands on your stick
  • Hitting a player by dropping your head and “spearing” them


Using your stick to hit anywhere on your opponent’s body. Poke checks and stick checks can only contact your opponents stick or hands. If you are trying to stick check, but hit the body by accident it will generally not be called as a slash, unless it is violent.


This shouldn't really be called unless it is intentional. Tripping a player in anyway with your body or stick is illegal.

Unnecessary Roughness
A legal lax hit that is considered reckless or violent.
An avoidable lax hit where you proceed to check a player after they have gotten rid of the ball.

Tell us About Your Best Lacrosse Hits — Leave a Comment Below!

Alright so there you have it everyone! We were happy to compile these lacrosse hit videos of all of the brutal lacrosse hits, big lacrosse hits, best lacrosse hits, and huge lacrosse hits that the Interwebs have to offer. But be sure to come back as we will regularly be updating it!

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