Best Lacrosse Mini Sticks Sets 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Mini lacrosse sticks are tons of fun…

They allow kids, coaches, and even advanced lacrosse players to fiddle with their lax sticks to learn new moves, improve their stick handling, and have fun.

Ask any major league lacrosse player in 2019, and they'll admit they've played with lacrosse fiddlesticks to learn new lacrosse stick tricks.

Why you Need Lacrosse Mini Sticks:

Lacrosse mini sticks will make you a better laxer, both girls and boys! Think about it. In every sport out there, being able to just goof off, play around, and get creative will make you a better player. Yes, fundamentals and mechanics are important, but the best lacrosse players are those who get creative with their stick handling and dodges. Custom mini lacrosse sticks let you do just that.

***2019 Update***

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers to find a stick that would be perfect for lacrosse players.  Rather than charge $150-250 for a premium stick, we made one for $99 available on Amazon.  The stick comes with everything, a killer all carbon fiber shaft perfect for middies and attackers, a prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls for better impact resistance and longer endurance. Check it out by clicking here.

The Best Mini Sticks Sets:

Best Set: STX Fiddle Sticks Set (with goal)

Best Stick: STX Mini Sticks (Set of 2)

Lacrosse fiddle sticks also make an excellent replacement for youth lacrosse sticks if you're kids are very young. Sometimes, a full sized lacrosse stick can be too large for little kids just starting out. Having a small lacrosse stick let's your kids learn the basics of lacrosse without buying a real stick. Not to mention parents, grandparents, and even dogs love playing with lacrosse mini sticks too!

Full List & Guide to Buying Mini Lacrosse Sticks


You can either buy a full fiddlesticks lacrosse set which includes a soft orange ball, goal, goalie stick, and usually 4 small lacrosse sticks. Or, you can buy just the traditional mini lacrosse sticks, which usually come in a set of just 2 fiddle sticks. Checkout the list below, where we've listed the cheapest place for sale to buy from Amazon and eBay.

Top 5 Complete Mini Lacrosse Sticks Sets

If you are looking to buy a mini lacrosse stick set that includes multiple sticks, a goalie stick, and mini goal then these are the options for you. The STX mini fiddlesticks set is our favorite!!

Stx-fiddlestx-lacrosse-set-miniSTX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

Okay this “FiddleSTX” lax set is the best bang for your buck. You get the name brand of STX mini lacrosse sticks, a full goal, 7 sticks, balls. So many awesome reason's to scoop this up today….

  • 6 Mini Field Player Complete Sticks
  • 1 Mini Goalie Stick
  • 6 Soft Practice Balls
  • 1 Fiddle STX PVC Goal w/ Sleeve Net – Dimensions: 3′ x 3′
  • Instruction book and game play rules

Mini-Warrior-lacrosse-sticks-set-goalComplete Warrior Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

This would be our recommended 2nd best option for fiddle lacrosse sticks set. Warrior mini lacrosse pop up set. Dual purpose goal – open net or target comes complete with two mini Evo 4 sticks and one Mini Nemesis Stick and 2 mini balls.

  • Dual purpose goal – open net or target
  • Contains two Mini Evo 4 and one Mini Nemesis and 2 mini lacrosse balls
  • Comes with carrying case

brine-mini-lax-sticks-set-with-goalFull Brine Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

We think tied for 2nd place is this Brine mini lacrosse sticks set. You can use this in your basement indoors, or set it up anywhere outside or in your backyard you like!

  • 2 Mini Brine E3 lacrosse sticks
  • 1 Mini Money Goalie lacrosse stick
  • 1 Mini lacrosse goal
  • Pack of 2 mini lacrosse balls

maverik-mini-lacrosse-goal-setMaverik Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

The game does not have to end when you leave the field. The Maverik Mini Lacrosse Set is the perfect tool for getting young prospects acclimated to the game. It's also great for the player who just can't get enough lacrosse in their life! The Mini Lacrosse Set includes….

  • 2 Juice Jr. Mini Sticks
  • 1 Base Jr. Goalie Stick
  • 2 Soft Mini Lacrosse Balls
  • 1 PVC Goal with netting.


Mylec Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

A super cheap mini lacrosse stick set for you here. We can't promise durability, but you gotta plan on mini lax sticks breaking anyways. They aren't made for real play!

  • Mini lacrosse goal with weighted bottom
  • 2 Mylec Mini lacrosse sticks
  • 1 Rubber mini lacrosse ball

The Best 2-Packs of Mini Lacrosse Sticks

Checkout these packs of 2 lacrosse mini sticks if you don't need a goal or mini goalie lax sticks. Great for just tossing around in the backyard! Mini wooden lacrosse sticks are an option too.

STX-Mini-Lacrosse-Stick-SetSTX Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

Enjoy all the action and fun of lacrosse with 30″ miniature sticks. Each mini lax stick has a soft mesh pocket and durable plastic handle – ideal for young players Great for indoor and outdoor play! Each stick packaged with soft orange ball.

  • FiddleSTX The world's most popular lacrosse mini stick game
  • Two mini Super Power stick with one ball
  • Rugged plastic heads and shafts

brine-fiddlestick-mini-set-of-2Brine Super Toss Mini Lacrosse Sticks

If you just want a basic set of mini lacrosse sticks to pass around with and work on your lacrosse stick tricks, this is a super good deal!

  • 2 toy mini-sticks with authentic look and feel
  • Mesh pocket
  • Soft foam rubber ball included
  • Colors are assorted (blue, red, green, etc)

cheap-mini-lacrosse-fiddlestick-setToysmith Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

The beginning girls or boys lacrosse player will love this Toysmith Lacrosse Set. It features 2-31″ long lacrosse sticks and a 2.25″ rubber ball. Hours of outdoor fun and exercise. Perfect for ages 5 and up.

  • Set includes 2 lacrosse sticks and a 2.25″ rubber ball
  • Lacrosse sticks are 31″ long
  • Great outdoor fun
  • The best youth lacrosse stick

The 5 Lacrosse Fiddle Sticks We Love

If you just want to buy individual mini lacrosse sticks, check out these high quality options….defensive, attack, goalie mini lacrosse stick options too!

warrior-fiddle-stick-mini-evo-4Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick

Warrior MINI Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick for mini lacrosse play. The Next Generation of Warrior mini sticks for the backyard, bbq, or basement laxing. Comes with mini lacrosse ball. Colors available: Red, Royal, Orange, Black, White. Not intended for game use.

lacrosse-warrior-accessorie-mini-stick-relentless-27-cobra-mini-stickWarrior Mini Cobra Lacrosse Stick

Warrior turns one of their best lacrosse sticks into mini form with the Cobra. Mini lacrosse stick mesh and ball included with this. Awesome option for a kids lacrosse sticks who's just starting out…also great to play toss with your dog in the backyard!

Brine-clutch-mini-fiddle-stick-lacrosseBrine Clutch Mini Lacrosse Stick

Brine Clutch Mini

Brine brings their best selling clutch lacrosse stick into mini form here! We love the full sized version of this stick, and the mini lax stick is just as good! The mini lacrosse shaft is great quality, and the mini lacrosse head is too. Comes with a soft lacrosse ball!

warrior-revo-defense-mini-fiddle-stickDefensive Warrior Revo Mini Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior revo mini lacrosse stick is a replica of the full version. We love this thing! If you have a youth laxer who is interested in playing defense, this is your go-to lacrosse fiddle stick. This sucker also comes with one soft orange mini lacrosse ball.

stx-mini-lacrosse-stick-eclipse-goalieGoalie STX Eclipse Mini Lacrosse Stick

Don't think we've forgotten about you lacrosse goalies. STX shrunk their best selling lacrosse goalie stick, the Eclipse in to a small lacrosse stick. Now you beginner goalies can practice with a mini goalie lacrosse head. Comes with a soft lacrosse ball!

Brine Replacement Mini Lacrosse Balls SoftPack of 2 Replacement Mini Lacrosse Balls

Need a pack of replacement mini lacrosse balls? Scoop these up from Amazon, comes as a pack of two and you get orange and green. They are soft balls, and aren't hard lacrosse balls.

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

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