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[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads in 2020

Best-STX Stallion HD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads-size-weight-colors

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Lacrosse shoulder pads are the backbone of your lax pads.

They are the piece of lacrosse equipment that keep your shoulder from falling out of its socket game in and game out.

Lacrosse shoulder pads keep your sternum intact when you get laid out hard on the lax field.

They are those pads that make your shoulders look broader than they really are, and in turn, making you look more intimidating on the lax field.

Listen Up: 

If you pick the wrong lax shoulder pads, then your shots and passes will be off, flexibility will suck, and you'll just feel too stiff on the field.

So to help make your life easier….

The Top Lacrosse Shoulder Pads in 2020:

Best Overall: STX Cell 3

Best Value: Maverik Charger

Best Youth: Warrior Regulator Lite

It's hard to believe that not long ago laxers around the country could wear their hockey shoulder pads in a lacrosse game. Man did those look bulky, and weird.

Well in 2020, you can now scoop up the best lacrosse shoulder pads this world has ever seen. Lightweight padding, extreme protection, perfect flexibility, awesome ventilation.


In this buying guide, we'll cover the most important factors when choosing a new pair of shoulder pads in 2020. In addition, you'll be getting a full list of the very best lacrosse shoulder pads by Brine, Warrior, STX, Maverik, Nike and Under Armour….many of which are on clearance, sale and discount at Amazon!

[VIDEO] Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Sizing Guide

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Sizing Chart Lacrosse Player Height Lacrosse Player Age
Small or Youth 4’0″ & Under 6-10
Medium 4’6″ – 5’6″ 11-13
Large 5’6″ – 6’0″ 14-17
Extra Large (XL) 6’0″ & Over 18+

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads by Position

The first step in choosing your new lacrosse shoulder pads is choosing the position you play. Whether you play attack, defense, middie, or goalie will define which type of lax shoulder pads you want.


Attack and offensive players want the most protection out of their lacrosse padding. If you play offense, you will suffer the most slashes and hits. But you will also be doing the most dodging and shooting, which means you need maximum flexibility!

This is why you need to go for shoulder pads that provide you maximum protection against the hits and impactful shots. However, it should not restrict your movement as you need to be a swift mover.


Middies can really wear any type of lax pads they want. Protection isn't as important for midfield as playing attackman. Many middies prefer what are called “Speedpads” which are lax shoulder pads that are lightweight, flexible, and don't have any upper bicep arm pads.

Middies are a little more relaxed so they can go for shoulder pads that provide moderate protection.


If you play defense, you are the player laying down the hits and slashes, not the player receiving them. This means as a defender you don't need as bulky or thick shoulder pads. You can go with a lightweight speedpad or liner.

If you are playing in defense, you must go for shoulder pads that provide maximum flexibility and are not at all heavy.


A quick note on goalies: There are a totally different lacrosse goalie shoulder pads all-together. As a keeper, you will be wearing lacrosse chest protectors. These are shoulder pads that have heavy padding in the chest area, and cover your chest and stomach completely.

But keep in mind:

The amount of protection you want is totally based on your personal preference. You may play on offense, but want to use a lacrosse shoulder pad liner, rather than a full set. And that's fine. Go with pads that you're comfortable with.

Complete List of the Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads in 2020

We've broken down this list starting with the most protective lacrosse shoulder pads, and move down to the least protective.

Keep in mind the position you play and other lacrosse pads you will be wearing to dictate how protective you want your pads to be.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Attack

The name of the game here is protection. As an attackman in lacrosse, you tend to take a beating. Hard slashes, strong checks, and plenty of diving lacrosse shots means your lacrosse attack shoulder pads need to save you from death. Okay, not death. But they will save you from a broken collar bone or dislocated shoulder blade!

Don't skimp here. Purchase a full set of lacrosse shoulder pads, not just a basic lacrosse liner, speed, or lite set. Those are for defense and middies.

best-maverik-rx3-pads-shoulder-2016Maverik Rome RX3 Shoulder Pads

The Maverik Rome RX's are brand new shoulder pads in 2020. This entire RX3 line by Maverik is absolutely perfect. Everything from their gloves, to their arm guards, to now their shoulder pads are ideal for just about any lacrosse player. If you have the money, we think at around $150, these are a steal. They are highly protective, look great, and will give you maximum flexibility.

The bicep guards and shoulder caps are removable. Made with PORON XRF foam, the shoulder pads are quite soft when touched but still provide maximum protection. This is because they harden on impact. The pads also provide protection to the clavicles and the sternum.

It has a 37.5 liner which helps for easy evaporation of sweat. This keeps you cool during the game. Additionally, the COMFORTFIT arch helps in easy adjustment of the pads.

Best-STX Stallion HD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads-size-weight-colorsSTX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads

These are a step up from the STX k18 shoulder pads. The STX Stallion HD shoulder pads are the next generation…stemming from the STX assault shoulder pads, these now have an extended back and stomach protection. So you won't need to buy lacrosse rib pads with these STX Lacrosse shoulder pads. These are the most protective lax shoulder pads for offensive players who need an exoskeleton that will withstand those super nasty lacrosse slashes in the mid section. These are the cream of the crop as far as STX shoulder pads.

STX Shadow Shoulder PadsSTX Shadow Shoulder Pads

Right away you are going to notice the sweet design of the shoulder pads and the low profile design. Slim, sleek and flexible is the name of the game. Playing off that, the STX stretch zones allow for maximum upper body movement so you can move freely while ripping a shot.The Shadow’s also allow for some personal customization depending on how protective you want them. They have adjustable shoulder caps as well as completely removable upper arm pads (that come with a spandex sleeve). The reviews on these things are great, and they allow maximum mobility with fantastic protection. Made with plus foam technology, these shoulder pads provide maximum support and flexibility.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Middie

As a lacrosse middie you don't get quite as much pounding as a crease attackman, but you do get plenty of slashes from running up and down the field. You're going to want mid lacrosse shoulder pads that can withstand nasty checks and will have great top shoulder protection.

Best-STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad Lacrosse Shoulder Pads-size-weight-colorsSTX Cell 3 Shoulder Pads

After the STX Cell 2 shoulder pads, STX went back to the drawing board and came up with a much improved form fitting pad that our Pros were happy to demo. The over shoulder pieces were slimmed down for comfort and took all the bulk out. The chest and rib protection we also notched to fit better and the result is one of the best feeling pads on the market. One feature our guys really liked was the backside. Anyone who isn’t afraid to pick up a ground ball knows why that is important. Bottom on the STX Cell shoulder pads line huge upgrades big results – these Cell 3 pads will be all over the fields this season when kids get hold of the new improved design.

Best-Brine King V Mid Shoulder Pad Lacrosse Shoulder Pads-size-weight-colorsBrine King 5 Mid Pads

These are the best midfielder Brine lacrosse pads for this coming season !! Why ?? Super light weight and ultra mobility. If you want to wear big boy protection that feels like you are wearing nothing the exo skeleton here is awesome. These pads have a nice fit and feel over the collarbone and the arm pads come right off if you want to get even lighter. As the price point suggests.. these are the elite class of new wave padding from Brine. The King line has long dominated the lacrosse world and this newest version delivers on that legacy.

The shoulder pads are made with Aero shield foam that helps to keep a sustained fit between flexibility and protection. Since there is an arch tech shoulder support, the pads keep your socket joint from falling out. Also, there are sternum inserts that provide support to your back.

The pads are lined with ventilators that help to keep the sweat away and allow quick evaporation for cooling the body.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Defense

Here you'll probably want more lightweight lacrosse shoulder pads, like a liner or speed pad. If you play defense, then you will be laying some nasty lacrosse hits on those pesky attackman, so keep in mind you may want shoulder caps.

But a good rule of thumb is lacrosse defense shoulder pads can be lighter and smaller.

maverik-rome-rx3-lacrosse-speed-pad-liteMaverik Rome RX3 Speed Pad

These are some of the best shoulder pads lacrosse has to offer. Definitely a step up from the Maverik M3 shoulder pads. Maverik RX3 shoulder pads are following up on the best selling pads on the market for 5 years running. Maverik understood elite players needs and came out with a soft feeling pad that had all the mobility and protection that collegiate players demanded. Just look at the best sellers list and the answer is clear – you can spend more on other’s, but these are the king of elite no frills padding.

It comes with a 37.5 liner that helps in quick evaporation of sweat. This will ensure that you stay cool during the game and the extra wetness does not affect your gameplay. The COMFORTFIT arch is adjustable so each player can adjust it according to their own preference or playing position. In addition to that, the Anaform technology ensures maximum mobility on the field and added protection.

stx-cell-3-lax-speed-pad-linerSTX Cell 3 Speedpad Liner

Of all the STX shoulder pads, these are the next generation! STX shoulder pads are consistently awesome, dating back for years. Defense and Middies, we’ve got the lightweight, minimalist version of the STX Cell 3 full pads above. Now STX has owned the Speedpad market for years and they’ve done it again. You are going to find added protection along the shoulders, so you can lower your shoulder for a hit. Also, the same protection runs through the sternum in case you take a nasty lacrosse shot to the chest. They give you the necessary protection around your upper ribs as well. Most importantly, these things are so lightweight and low profile.

warrior-regulator-speedpadWarrior Regulator Hitlyte

Middies D poles and FOGO’s… your dream come true has arrived in lacrosse shoulder pads. Like wearing a Storm Trooper bikini top. High density and low profile foam combined with the perfect addition of soft mesh flex points. Run like a deer in these bad boys. Chest Plate is floating with full quality velcro straps. A home run for advanced players that want to wear something that feels like nothing. These are a lighter version of the Warrior Regulator Hitman full size pads.

These shoulder pads provide specialized protection in high impact areas such as the chest and shoulders. The Slim bin fit ensures that the pads fit you properly and let you move flexibly around the field. With the WARTECH liner, you will stay dry and the sweat will quickly evaporate to provide coolness to the body. The Bone Protection feature keeps the shoulders superiorly protected.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Kids

We understand that everyone can be on a budget, money can be tight. Well thankfully, Amazon has some awesome clearance and discount lacrosse shoulder pads. Take a look at these reviews, and scoop them up at a great price!

Take a look at the best youth lacrosse shoulder pads. These are some of the best shoulder pads for lacrosse as a youngster or a new player. They have good protection, but are cheap. It is better to go for a cheaper option when you are buying for kids. However, the shoulder pads must still provide the mobility and protection that are an essential need of lacrosse.

warrior-rabil-nxt-youth-pads[Youth] Warrior Rabil NXT Shoulder Pads

Okay so the Warrior Rabil NXT shoulder pads might be the best kids out there. For a younger player, they have everything you're looking for. They are lightweight, very protective, and very affordable. If you are a younger player age 8 and up, these will work perfectly. The Warrior Rabil shoulder pads come in multiple sizes (Small, medium, large) so they should fit any new player.

brine-uprising-shoulder-pad[Youth] Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads

In our opinion, the Brine Uprising are better than the STX Stinger shoulder pads. The Uprising shoulder pads offer great protection in a value oriented package that is hard to beat. These pads were also included in our best selling starter set kits and flew of the shelves. We give the uprising an 8 out of 10 for durability and mobility. Price point is great as well.

The dual density design provides extra protection to your young ones. Also, it comes with a sleek design for the shoulder pads to provide maximum fit and protection to the wearer. It has an internal palate system that is fitted in the high impact zones for specialized protection.

STX-Cell-100-Shoulder-Pads[Youth] STX Cell 100 Shoulder Pads

Of all the STX lacrosse shoulder pads available online, these are definitely the best value you can come by. The Cell line has been around for years… sells like candy and delivers awesome performance and durability year in and year out. Why ?? Because STX incorporates small changes in technology every single year that keep these pads getting better and better. On the value spectrum.. the STX Cell line is a 10. These pads are so durable they frequently get passed down to little brothers and neighbors at the end of several seasons. A continuing winner from STX. Each year, they incorporate the latest technology in making of these shoulder pads to increase durability and functionality

stx-impact-shoulder-pads-kids[Youth] STX Impact Shoulder Pads

STX shoulder pads are these Impacts. If you want the best lacrosse shoulder pad.. without all the weight.. the Impact series is a total winner. The shoulder caps are adjustable and/or removable. There are plastic caps to increase protection. The bicep pads are easily removable. Since the shoulder pads are contouring in design, they fit each player perfectly These are advanced pads for players that run the lines and want to keep their bulky padding to a minimum. Maximum mobility and super comfy.. we also rate these very well on the value spectrum for the price point.

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