[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Shorts & Skirts 2019


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The ultimate lacrosse player isn’t complete without a few pairs of lacrosse shorts to complete their wardrobe.

Whether it’s your college lacrosse shorts, team USA lacrosse shorts, or your favorite brand, like Warrior lacrosse shorts, the right pair can be worn anytime for the upmost in comfort and style.

Everyone can use a pair of cool lacrosse shorts that will represent your style and your love for the game, even in the offseason.

Our Top Picks:

Best Guys: American Flag Lax Shorts

Best Girls: Girls UA Lax Skorts

Youth lacrosse shorts, boy’s lacrosse shorts, and girl’s lacrosse shorts come in crazy designs and colors like neon colors, American flags, and even the ever popular argyle pattern.

In the women’s game, skirts and skorts (skirts with built in shorts or spandex) are worn as part of the uniform, but most players also multiple pairs of women’s lacrosse shorts as part of their practice gear or even just to lounge around in. Whether you can find them on clearance or at a discount, lacrosse shorts are an essential part of a player’s closet. If you get creative, you can also design a pair of custom lacrosse shorts for you and your teammates to really look fierce on the field.


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The Coolest Lacrosse Shorts for Boys & Men

ua-lax-shortsUpton O’Good Under Armour Lacrosse Shorts

These Under Armour lacrosse shorts can be found on sale online in 2015. These men’s lacrosse shorts are found from size small to size extra large (XL), and are the definition of crazy lacrosse shorts. They are a printed pair of white, neon pink, and blue moisture trapping shorts. They have mesh lining pockets, which is best if you’re going to be wearing them to school or around campus to hold your phone or other necessities. It also comes with a drawcord so you can tighten them up when you start practice.

best-american-flag-lacrosse-shorts-2016American Flag Lacrosse Shorts

Tribe Head Lacrosse came out with lacrosse shorts crazy enough to make you stand out throughout the season with these American flag shorts. The shorts are sublimated, so the ink is injected into the fabric rather than screen printed on which makes them light and durable. Though they aren’t exactly a pair of cheap lacrosse shorts, the design is flawless and they’re a great addition to your lacrosse gear. Find them here.



Duke Lacrosse Shorts

As Duke is always a contender for a national championship, they are also an incredibly popular choice for gear purchases by lacrosse players. The intimidating design and colors will set you apart from the run of the mill solid color shorts. This pair is also sublimated, making them wearable for practice,
games, and even hanging out on the couch. Find the shorts the Blue Devils wear here.

cheap-lacrosse-shorts-crazy-orange-cuseOrange Syracuse Lacrosse Shorts

Made for the ultimate ‘Cuse fan, these bright and bold lacrosse shorts can represent your passion for the NCAA Division I Orange lacrosse team. Again a great pair of sublimated shorts, just like it’s Duke counterpart. They have deep pockets to secure your valuables while you’re walking around campus. They’re also made from DryFlex fabric to keep you dry and cool even during the most humid of days.



Flow for Life by Flow Society Lacrosse Shorts

These lacrosse shorts, youth and adult sizes, are a must have for the serious lacrosse player no matter the age. The Flow for Life shorts and Flow Society stand for the easygoing, laid back lacrosse culture and vibe. These crazy Flow Society youth lacrosse shorts are perfect for the little laxer, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. Flow Society lacrosse shorts for the adult player are a little less outrageous, but still bring a pop of color and boldness to your style. Find them here.

Best Womens & Girls Lacrosse Shorts, Skirts & Skorts

girls-womens-nike-lax-shorts-redNike Women’s 2 in 1 Lacrosse Shorts

These light weight and comfortable women’s lacrosse shorts have a long inseam to keep you comfortable, and they also have a built in pair of spandex so you can simplify your gear for practice and games. Emblazoned with the mantra “Fast or Last” on the waistband, these shorts will give you the comfort and style you need to play your game. Find them here.

girls-lacrosse-skirt-skort-shortsLax So Hard Lacrosse Shorts for Girls

You have a choice of a variety of colors in these mesh girl’s lacrosse shorts, so pick whatever color fits your personality. While they come in a variety of colors link pink, purple, and lime green, they also have “Lax so hard” printed on the sides, so your opponents’ know you’re serious before you even step on the field. Find them here.

UA-Girls-Womens-Lacrosse-Skorts-SkirtUnder Armour Shot Girls Lacrosse Skorts

This Under Armour lacrosse skort is just that, a simple yet streamlined sleek black skirt with built in spandex for the all-in-one game gear. While many colors aren’t offered, the solid colors mean business and the skorts are made of performance wicking material to keep you dry and cool when playing in warm weather. It’s the ultimate skort for the frequent player. Though it’s a tad pricey, it won’t leave you disappointed and the quality will last you many seasons. Find it here.

Final Word on Choosing Lacrosse Shorts

Whether you’re a youth or adult player, male or female, you’ll be able to find a pair of shorts that fits you’re playing style and represents you on and off the field. Lacrosse players take pride in their gear and the ability to stand out among other sports. Take your game to the next level and find a pair of shorts that will make you look great, on and off the field!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

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