The Best Lacrosse Shirts and Sweatshirts 2018


Wearing lacrosse gear outside of practice and games allows you to show the world you're a part of the fastest, most popular sport in the United States.

Whether it's your team's custom lacrosse shirts, some college lacrosse shirts, or a USA lacrosse shirt, you can represent something that's larger than yourself; For roughly $20 you can represent a team, a family, and an awesome sport that is rich in history and tradition.

Owning lacrosse shirts with designs that represent you can make you the talk of the team, especially if you own cool lacrosse shirts, jerseys, and pinnies. Lax t shirts make the best gifts too, so next time your mom and dad ask what they can get you for your birthday, let them know you want the lax shirts that fit your personality and style. Both lacrosse shirts for men and women's lacrosse shirts of all brands are found online, even on clearance or at a discount.

Our Favorite Lacrosse Shirts:

Best Shirt: Evolution Lax Shirt

Best Sweatshirt: Zebra Girls Sweatshirt

Funny lacrosse shirts, long sleeve lacrosse shirts, and lacrosse sweatshirts are the perfect way to express your passion and love for the game. You can wear your lacrosse shirts year round, and more options, like a long sleeve lacrosse shirt, a lacrosse sweatshirt and a lacrosse hooded sweatshirt make them easy choices to wear in the colder months, when you're anticipating playing your favorite sport in the spring. Thanks to Lax All Stars for this funny video….

The Top Lacrosse Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Lacrosse shirt designs differ by company and brand, but the top brands, logos, and most requested college teams remain somewhat the same. Warrior lacrosse shirts, Nike lacrosse sweatshirts, and college lacrosse sweatshirts are always popular choices. Another top design brand on the rise is Vineyard Vines lacrosse shirts, one of the leading sellers in bright colors and flashy patterns. NCAA schools with college teams also boast high sales of Syracuse lacrosse shirts and Duke lacrosse shirts. Many MLL teams sell gear you can buy at games, like hoodies with laces made from shooting strings.

t-shirt-lacrosse-sport-growthThe Evolution of Lacrosse Shirt

The “Evolution of Lacrosse” shirt: While it's not the cheapest, this lacrosse shirt comes in several different colors. It shows that the most evolved humans play lacrosse! A funny shirt, the swag of this shirt boasts that it takes a special breed of person to play lacrosse.

duke-lacrosse-2014-champs-tshirtOfficial Duke Lacrosse Shirt

This Duke lacrosse shirt gives you the top gear worn by only those that love the Blue Devils and the 2013-2014 Championship team. A sleek design, it has the official Duke Lacrosse champions logo. The logo can also be found on the Duke lacrosse sweatshirt. Find the Duke lacrosse shirt on Amazon.

syracuse-sweatshirt-lacrosseSyracuse Lacrosse Sweatshirt

This Syracuse lacrosse sweatshirt is bright orange, and can't be missed. ‘Cuse possesses some of the most talented players in the NCAA. The sweatshirt is hooded and thick for those looking to warm up in the winter. A Syracuse lacrosse shirt or sweatshirt is always a top pick because of the love for the Orange across the nation. Find the Syracuse lacrosse sweatshirt online.


Girls Lacrosse Sweatshirt Zebra Print

Girls lacrosse sweatshirts come in a variety of designs and colors to fit every girl's style and outfit. This ever-popular zebra print stitched hoodie is thick. They make great gifts for women coaches too! Find a variety of color choices like pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, and green to get that special and unique look!

Nike-lacrosse-hoodie-shirtNike Lacrosse Sweatshirt Dri Fit

This Nike lacrosse sweatshirt is made of dry-fit material and perfect for a cool day out on the field. The shirt has loose sleeves for tons of movement so you can focus on your stickwork. A subtle but trendy “Lacrosse” screen print on the left sleeves reps your game whether you're in the weight room or lounging around between classes. Find it online.



Best Girls Lacrosse Shirts

Girls lacrosse shirts make great clothing options for the female players in your life. They come with designs that are humorous or show off the sassy side. Fun designs and slogans like “Look like a beauty, play like a beast,” or “No Helmets, no pads, no pockets, no problem,” are trendy and comfortable. Find “Look like a beauty, play like a beast” on Amazon.

under-armour-lax-shirtUnder Armour Lacrosse Shirt

This Adrenaline lacrosse shirt fits the typical “lax bro” style. It's designed to resemble the American flag with the Under Armour logo of the lacrosse player focused on the flag. This shirt isn't cheap, but it's a collector for those passionate about the game. Bright yellow makes it stand out. Sweat wicking t shirt material is perfect for those hot lax days!

Picking up Custom Lacrosse Sweatshirts and Shirts

Whether you are looking for gear that is going to represent your personal style and play or team shirts and sweatshirts that make your team look like a force on the field, you can find what you're looking for online. All the major lacrosse suppliers, like Brine, Warrior, and Nike = can supply you with your teams gear for the upcoming season. Or, you can find them through a site where you can customize your own, like CustomInk and VistaPrint. Make sure to get the best gear to signify your team and playing style!

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