Tired of getting hard slashes on your ribs?

Do you have a previous injury that requires extra padding?

Here's the Deal:

Lacrosse rib pads are designed for those box, youth, and field players who need more protection out of there lacrosse pads.

If you hate nasty slashes and need extra protection..

Then you'll definitely be needing a pair of the best lacrosse rib pads in 2018.

These Laxers Wear Lacrosse Rib Pads:

  1. Youth Players
  2. Box & Indoor Laxers
  3. Injured Players

Our 3 Top Picks for Lacrosse Ribs Pads in 2018:

Best Deal: STX Agent Rib Pads

Most Protective: STX Stallion HD Combo Pads

Most Lightweight: Shock Doctor Rib Pads

Best for Kids: STX Stallion 100 Rib Pads

If you've sustained an injury lately, then lacrosse rib pads will help keep your kidneys and other organs safe from hits and keep you on the field.

In this lacrosse rib pads buying guide, we will outline how to fit and how to wear lacrosse rib pads and show you the cheapest place to buy them from Amazon at a discount that are on sale and on clearance!

[Video] Lacrosse Rib Pads Sizing Chart

Watch this short video below from Lacrosse.com to learn the lacrosse rib pads sizing chart for both youth and box lacrosse players.

Just like Lacrosse Shoulder Pads–Rib pads come in all sizes from small, medium, large and extra large and also have youth rib pads sizing. If you've ever used football rib pads, the sizing for lax rib pads is very similar!

And here's a sizing chart to get the perfect fit on your lax rib pads…

Rib Pads Sizing Chart

Age Size
 5-9 Yrs Small (S) or Youth Small (YS)
 10-12 Small (S) or Youth Medium (YM)
13-16  Medium (M)
 17+  Large or XL

The Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for 2018

Take a look at these best selling and cheap lacrosse rib pads that won't break the bank. We've listed lacrosse kidney pads for kids, box, and field players. You'll find STX rib pads, Under Armour rib pads, Warrior rib pads, and Brine rib pads.

Best-STX Stallion HD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads-size-weight-colorsFull Body STX Lax Shoulder & Rib Pads Combo

STX Stallion HD Pads

It can get annoying having to carry around two separate pieces of lacrosse gear all of the time. The STX Stallion HD shoulder and rib pads combo solves this entire problem. In just one set, you get the necessary protection for both your shoulders and your ribs.

We love the Stallion HD Pads for 3 great reasons:

  1. Perfect Fit  – Designed with the new STX “Fit System”
  2. Protection – Advanced polymer absorbs all lax checks
  3. Flexibility – Easy and natural movement on the field

shock-doctor-lacrosse-rib-pads-shirtShock Doctor Lacrosse Rib Pad Shirt

Shock Doctor Rib Pads

This is inspired by Rhino lacrosse gear. And if you haven't worn one of these lacrosse rib pads shirts, then you are missing out. Just a little more expensive that actual rib pads, these lacrosse shirts are lightweight, strong, and won't be annoying underneath all of your lax gear. Highly recommended! The Ultra Shockskin 5-Pad Impact rib pads Shirt is sure to be the perfect Shockskin for dedicated lacrosse players everywhere with the 5-Pad Protection over the shoulders, ribs and spine; giving you the protection you expect from Shock Doctor.

stx-stallin-kids-rib-body-padsSTX Stallion 100 Youth Rib Pads

STX Stallion 100 Youth Pads

These are one of the newest sets of lacrosse rib pads on the market today. So you know they've got some of the top technology and have the best engineering. Right off the bat you'll notice a nice mesh liner in the back for added fit and stability.

The 3 Reasons We Like These:

  1. Hard Plastic – Strategically designed for hard hits
  2. Low Profile – Extra level comfort and protection
  3. Fit – These are designed to fit for years

STX-rib-pads-lacrosse-box-youthSTX Agent Lacrosse Rib Pads

STX Agent Rib Pads

These STX Rib Pads were built to full protect your mid section from harsh slashes and checks. Your rib cage is covered by a reinforced shield and multi-layer foam to help you work through those intense games. Your hips and spine are also covered with the wrap-around anatomically contoured padding. Your comfort is not sacrificed with this protection, either. The breathable mesh vest design and wide elastic straps give you a customized and comfortable fit. The super soft liner liner adds to your high level of comfort while also wicking away moisture to keep your body dry. The microbe shield inside the liner also helps protect you from extreme odors and bacteria build-up.

Warrior-Rib-Pads-Lacrosse-BurnWarrior Burn Lacrosse Rib Pads

Warrior Burn Rib Pads

These Warrior rib pads are some best-sellers that you need to checkout. Super-duty here. All new midline series that redefines both speed and protection. VPS Venting throughout the pad for increased breathability and weight reduction. New segmented pad design allows the pad to naturally bend to your body. Dual density foam in key impact zones.

Brine-Rib-Pads-Uprising-ProtectionBrine Uprising Lacrosse Rib Pads

Brine Uprising Rib Pads

Entrry level protective series provides flexibility and protection for new and developing players. The Brine rib pads dual-density protection provides increased protection and comfort in your mid-section in your abdominal, ribs and lower back. The multiple flex points all for totally and completely unrestricted movement. At this price, you have nothing to lose…..that is if you don't buy them you could be losing a rib :/

Brine-Rib-Pads-YouthBrine Uprising Lacrosse Rib Pads [Youth]

Brine Uprising Youth Rib Pads

These Brine rib pads were designed specifically for the youth laxers. The small and medium sizing are designed to fit kids. Of all of the lacrosse rib pads youth players can grab, these are definitely the best bang for your buck especially considering your child will probably grow out of them within a year or two. Also, there aren't many options for lacrosse rib pads youth can buy, so scoop these up.

Lacrosse Rib Pads (The Final Word)

If you need extra protection out of your lacrosse gear, then scooping up a pair of lacrosse rib pads as a box, youth, or high school player will pay off. It's not worth risking a nasty injury!

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Rib Pads in 2018https://lacrossescoop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/STX-rib-pads-lacrosse-box-youth-699x1024.jpghttps://lacrossescoop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/STX-rib-pads-lacrosse-box-youth-150x150.jpgEvan SutkerShoulder PadsBox,YouthTired of getting hard slashes on your ribs? Do you have a previous injury that requires extra padding? Here's the Deal: Lacrosse rib pads are designed for those box, youth, and field players who need more protection out of there lacrosse pads. If you hate nasty slashes and need extra protection.. Then you'll definitely...