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[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing Supplies 2019


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One of the most essential pieces of lax gear you need is your lacrosse mesh.

Your lax mesh dictates your passing, shooting, cradling.


If you choose the wrong lax stringing, you'll have problems game after game, practice after practice.

You can even get a penalty for an illegal pocket…


We've put together a complete guide on how to choose the best lacrosse mesh out there.

The Best Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing in 2019

Best Mesh: East Coast Dyes HeroMesh

Best Strings: East Coast Dyes HeroStrings

Best Kit: East Coast Dyes HeroKit

In 2019, there are tons of different types of lacrosse mesh kits and styles out there. You've got phenomenal options out there like East Coast Mesh, StringKing Mesh, and Throne mesh with no idea which stringing to buy.

[VIDEO] East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Review

Here's the Deal:

Buying the best lacrosse mesh and the worst is the difference between you hitting the back of the lacrosse net or shooting wide right. Your lacrosse stringing and mesh dictates your passes, your shots, your cradling, your ground balls, your catching, and even your respect on the field.

Lacrosse mesh comes in all different colors, shapes and sizes, and it's very important that you get your lacrosse head strung with the best lacrosse mesh out there. Find out whether you need hard or soft lacrosse mesh, and where to buy it from, like east coast mesh!

In This Guide You'll Find:

  • The 3 Types of Lacrosse Mesh
  • Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Mesh Kits
  • Reviews of Lacrosse Shooting & Sidewall Strings
  • Reviews of Lacrosse Mesh Wax and Accessories

The 3 Different Lacrosse Mesh Types

Soft Mesh – Ideal for beginner and youth players, soft lacrosse mesh make catching and cradling much easier. The only issue with lacrosse soft mesh is when wet, it gets droopy, sticky and near impossible to make good passes.

Hard Mesh – The most widely used lacrosse mesh out there, hard lacrosse mesh strings into any pocket design you want. Unaffected by rain, it keeps its mold forever. The only drawback with lacrosse hard mesh is it takes a while to break in.

Traditional Mesh – Stringing traditional lacrosse pockets requires expertise, multiple strings, and takes a while to break in. It's also not the best in the rain. But, traditional lacrosse mesh, if strung correctly, will make you the happiest laxer on the field!


Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Mesh Kits for Sale in 2019

  • Price: $10-30
  • Style: Hard, Semi Hard, Semi Soft
  • Colors: All options

Once you've chosen the type of lacrosse mesh you need, now it's time to pick your kit. But what is the best lacrosse mesh? Below we've reviewed East Coast Mesh, Stringking mesh, Jimalax mesh, and Throne of String mesh,. Each of these brands offers hard, soft, traditional and even custom lacrosse mesh and launch videos showing you how to string a lacrosse head, and how to dye lacrosse mesh. Enjoy!

ECD-East-Coast-Mesh(#1) East Coast Dyes Lacrosse HeroMesh with HeroStrings 

No lacrosse brands produce as great of lacrosse mesh as East Coast Dyes. This East Coast Mesh is some of the best lax mesh because it comes fully weatherproof. The HeroMesh will not contract or expand in hot weather, cold temperatures and even rain! Comes with the HyperWeave, which is the East Coast Mesh special way of keeping a very tight knit pattern, allowing perfectly shaped diamonds and gives you texture for improved control and feel. Weighing in at 25 grams, this is strong lacrosse mesh that will not rip or tear. Designed as a semi soft lacrosse mesh, you'll get the perfect hold and control with a smooth release.

ecd-vortex-mesh-stringing-kit-newEast Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh (Semi-Hard)

ECD brought the heat again with this new Vortex mesh. First off, it come with a new “diamond pattern” which creates a Sweetspot in your pocket, giving you a better release point while passing and shooting and will add more stability to your cradling. The patent-pending HybridWeave wraps up these diamond patterns into a brand new, dynamic mesh. WEATHERPROOF: This Vortex mesh will not expand or contract during rain, snow, or intense heat. These are also probably the lightest pieces of lacrosse mesh you can buy. 10/10 for ECD's new Vortex mesh!

string-king-lacrosse-mesh-2sStringKing Performance Lacrosse Mesh Type 2

Right behind East Coast Mesh, you've got StringKing mesh. As far as cool lacrosse stringing kits go, this StringKing mesh is a VERY close second place! Coming with a pack of semi soft lacrosse mesh, you'll find your lacrosse pocket will break in quickly and easily. StringKing lacrosse boasts that this lacrosse mesh is 5% lighter than most meshes to give you a faster shot and release. The texture on this lacrosse mesh is grippy, improving your ball handling and cradling. Also comes with lacrosse shooting strings. You can do much worse here.

epoch-lax-otter-mesh-kitEpoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh

Of all the types of white lacrosse mesh kits, we have to include this Epoch Otter mesh. Teaming up with StringKing, Epoch launched some gold lacrosse mesh, not literally, but it's da-bomb-dot-com! As far as lacrosse mesh reviews go, we've got nothing but great things to say. Using an advanced knitting process, you get the best structural connection for perfect symmetry. Military grade, ultra lightweight, composite fiber materials, weatherproof, AND the lightest lacrosse mesh out there!

Throne-mesh-stringing-lacrosseThrone of String Lacrosse Throne Mesh

This list of lacrosse mesh wouldn't be complete without Throne of String's crazy light and durable Throne Mesh. This full lacrosse stringing kit includes everything you need to get your lacrosse head from unstrung to strung….while looking like a boss! This Throne of String mesh kit includes 15mm mesh, 3 tipped shooting laces, 9 feet of sidewall/top string, one official Throne Mesh ball stop, and 1 screw for your head. This lax mesh ranking is right up there with StringKing and East Coast Mesh!

lacrosse-mesh-stringing-suppliesJimalax 10 Diamond Hard Lacrosse Mesh

Jimalax is most famous for their “Jimalax money mesh” and has consistently produced some of the best lacrosse mesh and string in the sport! Their hard lacrosse mesh is also great. This 10 diamond lacrosse mesh, better than 6 diamond lacrosse mesh, keeps your perfect lacrosse pocket. Available in basically any color you want (black, white, pink, purple, orange, silver, gold, rasta, and multi-colored) you can't go wrong with this cheap lacrosse mesh. We recommend this as attack or defense lacrosse mesh!

ecd-goalie-east-coast-lacrosse-meshLacrosse Goalie Mesh – East Coast Dyes 12 Diamond

If you play keeper, then you'll need specific lacrosse goalie mesh to string your lacrosse head. In this package of east coast mesh, you get one pack of 12 diamond goalie lacrosse mesh. Like all other East Coast mesh, you get a tremendous hold in your pocket from this lacrosse goalie stringing, a feature you definitely need after making a sick save. This gonzo lacrosse mesh absorbs impact to reduce rebounds, and your throwing accuracy will never be better. Totally waterproof and breaks in easily. There's few better options for mesh lacrosse has to offer.

The Best Custom Lacrosse Shooting & Sidewall String

  • Price: $5-20
  • Style: Fits All Pockets
  • Colors: Any!

Typically, lacrosse mesh kits come with all of the lacrosse mesh, lacrosse shooting strings, and lacrosse head stringing supplies you need to get the job done. More expert players tend to use custom lacrosse stringing styles and will buy their lacrosse top strings, lacrosse shooting strings, and lacrosse sidewall strings separately. It's also super common to see traditional lacrosse stringing styles.

best-lax-mesh-heromesh-ecdECD HeroMesh Stringing Laces

If you haven't noticed yet, we are a huge fan of anything East Coast Dyes decides to create. And their HeroMesh stringing kit is definitely the best option for anything mesh.

These lax strings will last in rain, snow, heat, cold, and basically a nuclear explosion. They are built to last, look incredibly dope, and will help give you added control in your cradling and let your rip shots and passes much crisper!


StringKing Lacrosse Sidewall String 

The StringKing lacrosse sidewall strings are an excellent option if you want to customize your lacrosse pocket. Made in the USA, these lacrosse sidewall stringing laces are specially designed for consistency, stringability, and vibrancy. Constructed from non-nylon based materials, they won't loosen, shrink or stretch due to weather. The perfect size needed, you'll quickly and easily know how to string a lacrosse head. No knots or lacrosse string that won't fit through your lacrosse head holes! 15 color options available for all lacrosse custom stringing options.

lacrosse-shooting-stringing-string-kingStringKing Lacrosse Shooting Strings

You won't find as good of lacrosse shooting strings as these StringKing ones. No more crappy Warrior lacrosse mesh, or stick doctor mesh: Hooray! These lacrosse string shooting t laces gives you ultimate accuracy and feel throughout your lacrosse pocket. The lacrosse top string actually melt into your pocket giving you a smooth bump to feel the ball while shooting. The lacrosse shooting chords are made to craft a tight braid for a thin, hard construction…nothing but crisp passes and shots. Tons of lacrosse mesh color options here too!

lacrosse-stringing-sidewall-spoolNinjalax.com Lacrosse Mesh Spool

Many laxers prefer to buy wholesale lacrosse mesh bulk as it's cheaper and more cost-effective. If you do a lot of lacrosse traditional stringing and fiddling, you'll need this black lacrosse mesh spool. You get 100 yards of nylon string for your sidewalls, top string, bottom string, shooter, or even lacrosse mesh repairs. Throw this is in your lacrosse coach bag because you never know when you may need it!

Lacrosse Mesh Wax and Pocket Accessories

You don't need to know how to string a lacrosse head to take great care of your new lacrosse mesh. The products below are meant to show you how to break in lacrosse mesh, clean lacrosse mesh, wax lacrosse mesh and make your perfect pocket.

lacrosse-mesh-wax-formulaEast Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh Wax

We've got a secret for you: Many players who know how to wax lacrosse mesh will do so to get extra grip on their mesh, gloves, or stick tape. This advanced lacrosse wax mesh formula is designed to work into the fibers of your lax mesh to make your pocket waterproof and feel like actual wax lacrosse mesh. Applying this lacrosse wax mesh to the palms of your gloves will create a grip that makes them feel brand new! You can apply this mix to your lacrosse stick tape too for crazy great grip

lacrosse-pocket-stretching-ball-stickSTX Lacrosse Pocket Pounder

Once you have your lacrosse head strung up, you might be wondering how to soften lacrosse mesh to improve your cradling, hold, and grip. If you read any lacrosse stringing guide, they will stress the importance of a stretching pocket, and a lacrosse pocket pounder is the best and quickest way to get the perfect pocket. Once you've installed your canadian lacrosse mesh, simply take the lacrosse pocket stretcher and pound the pocket in the place you want your pocket to loosen it up! Lather with some lacrosse mesh wax, and voila, you're good to go!

At the end of the day, you need some lacrosse mesh that is easy to string, will hold a solid pocket, and works well with the way you cradle and pass. We love East Coast Dyes mesh, and they have excellent resources on how to string a lacrosse head, and keep your pocket working at 100%!

(VIDEO) How to String a Lacrosse Head

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