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[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Helmets Guide 2020


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Having the best lacrosse helmet is the only thing standing between you and a career-ending injury.

You NEED to get this purchase right.

Lacrosse is a very rough game which requires protection at all stages. Having a helmet is crucial as it protects from head injuries and helps focus on the game without worrying. Plus, being a full contact support that can result in serious injuries is why you need the perfect head gear that will keep you safe at all times.

We've put together this buying guide to review everything you need to know when buying the best lacrosse helmet.

Here's the Deal:

If you want a good bucket for your noggin, your best bet is to stick with the two companies that have consistently been making the best lacrosse helmets.

We recommend Warrior lacrosse helmets and Cascade lacrosse helmets.

The 3 Best Lacrosse Helmets in 2020:

Best Overall: STX Stallion 600

Best Youth: Cascade CS-R

Best Value: Cascade CPXR

Cascade has been making lacrosse helmets the longest and have a relatively good track record with the stuff they put out, like the Cascade R helmet, CPX R helmet, and Pro 7 Helmet.

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(3 Things) How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Helmet

  1. Safety – Make sure your lax helmet has the NOCSAE stamp of approval
  2. Fit – Snug and Tilted
  3. Style – Helmet color, facemask color, decals, visors, wraps oh my!

STX released its first STX helmet this season, the STX Stallion helmet, and time will tell if it will be a performer.

But before you throw down serious cash for a lax helmet, read this guide to see which factors you should consider when you start looking, what the best lax helmets are, and where to buy them! Also, we'll show you how to style your lax helmet with lacrosse helmet decals, lacrosse helmet wraps, or a sweet lacrosse visor!

1. Safety First for Lacrosse Helmets

Lacrosse-Helmets-Safety-NOCSAEThe increasing popularity of lacrosse means that players are getting bigger, faster, and more competitive than before. If you want to run with the best, it's important to wear both a safe and good lacrosse helmet.

Concussions are no joke, and you’ll need to keep your head on your shoulders if you want a shot at playing long-term. And if you're a goalie, making sure you add a throat protector to your lacrosse goalie helmet.

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is the gold standard for assessing the smash-worthiness of any helmet that goes on a player’s head.

Don’t screw on a helmet until you see that it has a NOCSAE logo on it. That means it’s passed a battery of tests to prove it can withstand the abuse you’re about to put it through.

For a full explanation of NOCSAE certification issues with Warrior and Cascade.

Lacrosse helmets are designed in a way that they have several components. These components will help you decide whether the helmet is good or not. Some of the components include shell, facemask, chin bar and chin strap. Is the shell lightweight yet strong? Does it have ventilation holes? These are some of the questions you need to keep in mind when making the purchase.

2. Fit: Make Sure Your Lax Helmet Fits Perfectly

Get the right fit and it will go a long way towards keeping your egg safe. Everyone’s head is shaped a little differently and sometimes one lacrosse helmet will just fit better than the other. Try the helmet on before you throw your money lacrosse-helmet-different-stylesdown.

Finding the right helmet is crucial if you don’t want to mess up your game. Most helmet models are available in different shapes and sizes and come padded to provide maximum comfort.

You might like the look of one but find that it doesn’t fit quite as good as you’d like. Some players don’t know how to wear a lacrosse helmet and end up looking out the wrong hole of the lax facemask.

Second bar syndrome is a sure way to spot a noob on the field. Most seasoned players know how to sport lacrosse helmet tilt correctly, but here’s a refresher in case you forgot.

  • If you’ve got the helmet too high, you’re gonna look real dumb and you’ll be exposing your neck to potential injury.
  • Too low and you won't be able to see very well.

Wearing your helmet any other way than how it was intended means you’re not getting the full protection your helmet was made to provide. Check your helmet’s manual and adjust the straps accordingly. If you’re looking out the wrong hole, you’re putting yourself at risk for some serious hurt.

A lot of time and money went into getting these things designed right. Don’t screw it up by wearing your bucket the wrong way. If you have to look up to see straight, your bucket is too low on your head.

3. Style: Making Your Lacrosse Helmet Look Cool!

A lot of the culture behind lacrosse has been built by the promotion of custom lacrosse gear. Lacrosse helmets are some of the coolest pieces of equipment for any sport, and rocking a dirty bucket is your right as a laxer—unless you need a high school or college lacrosse helmet. Then hopefully your team has a cool lacrosse helmets color scheme.

Just make Lacrosse-Helmet-Stylingsure you’ve got the skills to back it up if your lax helmet looks cool, because everyone will be expecting it. If you need a high school lacrosse helmet, chances are there isn’t much freedom in the style department.

High school regulations for lacrosse facemask color and color uniformity are the strictest of any level of play, and chances are your lax helmet is already picked out.

Check with school's athletic director or coach to see if they have pre-selected which standard or custom lacrosse helmets your team will be using.

Finding comfort with an appealing design can often be tough which is why when selecting the helmet make sure that the helmet meets all requirements.

However, for tournament play you can go all out and you can wear any lacrosse helmet accessories your heart desires! Check your tournament rules, but there usually aren’t many restrictions to the amount of customization you can bring to your look.

This is where custom lacrosse helmet decals, lacrosse helmet wraps, custom lacrosse facemasks, matte finishes, and sick color schemes make their debut. Some helmets lend themselves more to customization and give you a wider array of options out of the box. Others are a bit more straightforward and give you the standard color options. The helmet that you pick will determine the options for the look you want to represent. Be sure to checkout our lacrosse helmet customizations section below!

must-have-lacrosse-helmets-buying-guideThe Top Lacrosse Helmets For Sale in 2020

  • Cascade Lax Helmets
  • STX Lax Helmets
  • Warrior Lacrosse Helmets
  • Youth Lacrosse Helmets
  • Customizing Your Lax Helmet

Of course in womens and girls lacrosse, only goalies wear girls lacrosse helmets. Otherwise they wear lacrosse goggles. Cascade helmets, warrior helmets, and STX helmets have been around since the beginning of lax and have played a huge part in getting the game to where it is today. We recommend all of the lacrosse helmets we detail below! This is because rules for girls and boys differ. Things can really get messy in a boys lacrosse game, however the case isn’t the same for girls.

The Best Cascade Lacrosse Helmets

Cascade helmets have been the leader for a long time and is a popular choice for lax players. Cascade lacrosse has been making lacrosse helmets since the 80s, and it’s has been the official helmet of the MLL since 2000. The custom lacrosse helmet options aren’t as varied as with Warrior helmets, but the Cascade look has stood the test of time. It’s a classic look that gets better every year, but there aren’t many options to stand out. Adding Cascade helmet decals might add some personal flare to your look, but overall you’re limited to a stock color unless you’ve got connections and can place a custom order. Cascade lacrosse helmet sizing chart runs true to size.

Custom-Cascade-R-Lacrosse-HelmetCascade R Lacrosse Helmet

This Cascade lacrosse R is the flagship lax helmet. The custom R lacrosse helmet is the one you’ll see on all the MLL players this season, and is also the official Syracuse lacrosse helmet and unc lacrosse helmet. It’s got the latest developments from Cascade’s R&D department wrapped up in a nice looking package.

The lacrosse R helmet has a double liner that protects from two types of impacts. The SevenTechnologyTM liner is designed to minimize high-energy hits while the PoronXRDTM foam liner helps with low speed impacts. And the newly designed chin piece extends to the ear to provide extra protection there and allow awesome Cascade r custom options.

Anyone who's taken a shot to the ear knows what a huge improvement this is. A monoshell also means the Cascade R helmet has a more rigid build and provides extra protection from big hits. Depending on your teams needs, you can get a custom Cascade r as well!

The product is liked by the customers who have given it a high rating and stated that it is as good as it is advertised. It can be customized according to the need and is lightweight as well as comfortable to wear.

cascade-cpxr-lacrosse-helmet-greyCascade CPXR Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade CPX R lacrosse helmet has been a favorite (and affordable) helmet for years now.

Another late model of a Cascade lacrosse helmet, but still a very strong contender for the top spot in helmets. The Cascade CPX R introduced the SPR fit, which gives the helmet a firmer grip on your dome. And some might argue the Cascade CPX R helmet is still one of the best looking helmets on the market today.

Because of the Cascade CPX-R lacrosse helmet's long profile, it will give you an awesome looking tilt. As one of Cascade's best lacrosse lacrosse helmets, you'll love the Cascade CPX lacrosse helmet!

Customers who have used the product have found it to be strong in terms of the making. To match style with safety and comfort choose from the 3 color options available.

Cascade-pro-7-lax-helmetCascade Pro 7 Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade helmet of yesteryear. The Cascade Pro 7 helmet was Cascade’s first attempt at fusing the lacrosse visor to the shell of the helmet for a more rigid frame, with some pretty good success.

The improved rigidity gave players the added protection they were looking for. And they look pretty darn dope. The Cascade Pro 7 lacrosse helmet is the second best helmet Cascade has ever made.

You can't go wrong scooping this or the r lacrosse helmet up! The Cascade Pro7 helmet is a step up from the Cascade CLH2 lacrosse helmet.

This piece is the perfect blend of technology, reliability and a lightweight design. Making use o Cascade’s Seven Technology, the pro7 is always impact ready with a sizing system that gives a one size fits most helmet.

The Best STX Lacrosse Helmets

STX has been in the lax game for a long time and it puts out good stuff every year. This season is STX’s first attempt at a helmet and it looks promising.

stx-stallion-600-lax-helmet-2017STX Stallion 600 Helmet

For its first shot at a lacrosse helmet, STX has teamed up with Schutt—a company with a proven record making football and baseball helmets. The Stallion 600 features Schutt's protective technology wrapped with STX's styling.

The STX Stallion 600 lacrosse helmet offers quite the spread in the way of customization. With 13 different design schemes that you can customize lacrosse helmets with your own colors, it'll be easy to create the exact look that suites your style.

You can also choose a custom lacrosse facemask color and upload your own logo that STX will print on the helmet before it's shipped to you. The STX Stallion 600 employs the relatively new D30 technology used in a lot of motorcycle and law enforcement gear. The inner D30 padding hardens on impact, which allows for a more comfortable fit without compromising protection.

What customers most like about this product is its sight-line. It is a lightweight helmet that provides comfort and protection side by side.

The Best Warrior Lacrosse Helmets

Warrior may not have been around the longest, but it offers impressive gear and its lacrosse helmets have some solid designs. There are far more options for color schemes and Warrior hydrographic helmets let you bring even more swagger to the field right out of the box. You can't go wrong with a Warrior helmet below.

warrior-evo-lax-helmetWarrior Evo Lacrosse Helmet

This is the latest offering from Warrior lacrosse helmets, and is actually the official Duke lacrosse helmet. It combines the most recent lacrosse technology with an updated design.

The Warrior Evo helmet uses Warriors' Viconic EAS technology for its inner lining to protect the head from impacts. It comes in two shells sizes to ensure you've got the right fit.

If you want the best from Warrior, this is the Warrior helmet you want. And in case you enjoy the Warrior Regulator collection as much as we do–You can checkout the full Warrior Regulator collection review right on over here–come on now, don't be shy!

The product is easy to put on and take off. It is comfortable and perfect for use during practice sessions or for tournaments.

Youth Lacrosse Helmets

If you’re shopping for a young player who is relatively new to the game, it would be worth checking out youth lacrosse helmets. These relatively cheap lacrosse helmets offer you the same great protection at a reduced price, so you don’t have to drop $300 for your kid to decide he doesn’t like lacrosse. And if it turns out he’s a stud, then you can upgrade him to the elite models. Here are the most popular youth models out there.

Youth-Cascade-Lacrosse-helmetCascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade CS youth lacrosse helmet is designed specifically for laxers under the age of 12. The Cascade CS youth helmet is the ultimate beginner helmet. But it's good for just that–beginners!

The protection is medium, and isn't meant for more advanced style of play. For more advanced middle school or high school lacrosse helmets, we recommend checking out other Cascade youth lacrosse helmets.

With this helmet on you no longer need to worry about your kids getting injured as it is among the best being sold in the market.

Most youth lacrosse players over 8 should consider stepping up to the Cascade CPV lacrosse helmet or the CPX lacrosse helmet!


STX Stallion 100 Youth Lacrosse Helmet

STX Stallion 100 Helmet

As mentioned above, STX lacrosse helmets teamed up with Schutt to design Grade-A boys lacrosse helmets. And the STX Stallion 100 youth lacrosse helmet is a fantastic option for all youth lacrosse players.

When other youth lax helmets were found to be uncomfortable and unprotecting, the STX Stallion 100 youth lacrosse helmet has set a new bar in the lacrosse helmet world. EVA and EVP liners and padding make it super comfortable and strong. The adjustable jaw pad allows for a perfect fit on this STX lacrosse helmet. Scope up the STX Stallion 100 Youth lacrosse helmet today and you definitely will not be disappointed!

The Best Lacrosse Helmet Customizers (Decals, Wraps, Visors)

What’s better than having headgear that you can customize based on your own requirements? Not much else. Customization helps add the features you are looking for allowing you to focus better.

SHOC-Lacrosse-Helmet-VisorLacrosse Helmet Visors

You usually can't get a lacrosse helmet with visor, so you must install your own. And lacrosse helmet visors make you look cool. But are they legal? Checkout our full post on lacrosse visors, which will give you valuable information like what the rules are and how to install one. Quick hint, we recommend the Oakley lacrosse visor, which take some slight modifications to install on your lacrosse helmets. Also, be aware that the NOCSAE does not allow tinted lacrosse visors, it's against the rules!

Lacrosse Helmet Decals


Depending on what your team colors are, lacrosse helmet decals might make sense for you. You can buy practically any color of helmet decals lacrosse has to offer, and it will definitely enhance your style. You can buy a classic sticker for your lax helmet, or you can buy the more traditional Mohawk lacrosse helmet decals, and you can also buy a back panel decal to match. Ultimately you can place lacrosse helmet stickers on anywhere, and Cascade lacrosse helmet decals look dope!

choosing-lacrosse-helmet-wrapsLacrosse Helmet Wraps

Lacrosse helmet wraps are styled adhesive you place on your lax helmet. Just like with lacrosse helmet decals, whether your rock a lacrosse helmet wrap during your games will depend on the team you play for. During most lacrosse tournaments, anything goes. But be fully aware that either your lacrosse league or lacrosse team allows specific lacrosse helmet wraps. Consult with your coach to find out if your team is using a lacrosse helmet wrap, and where they purchased them. You can check out HeadWrapz.com to see what wraps they offer!

Box Lacrosse Helmets

Box lacrosse players use a different kind of helmet to meet the needs of the faster, more aggressive variation of the game. These guys buy a hockey helmet and slap a box lacrosse facemask on it to get better vision. These players operate in tighter spaces and have to be ready to catch passes in a lot of traffic. Having the extra vision to see those feeds on a busy crease gives them an edge over someone who might be wearing a field lacrosse helmet. We recommend the Gait lacrosse helmet face mask, and then strapping it onto a hockey helmet!

The Final Scoop on Lacrosse Helmets

Picking the right lacrosse helmet is going to be determined by how much you like the fit and what kind of style you're looking for. Most of the lacrosse helmets on the market are going to keep your head protected as much as it can be. NOCSAE makes sure of that. Just make sure you don't buy an outdated Easton lacrosse helmet. And unfortunately you can't even purchase a Brine lacrosse helmet or Riddell lacrosse helmet.

In the end, the best thing you can do is try on some old lacrosse helmets or used lacrosse helmets. Try a friend's lax helmet on for fit or go to a lax shop and take a look at the different products they've got before you buy one. You'll be able to tell if a lacrosse helmets cheap or not. All these helmets protect your head, but the differences in fit and style can make an impact on how you play.

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