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[2020 Update] Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear Ever


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Lacrosse goalies are a breed of their own.

They make crazy saves, get pelted with 90 MPH shots, and put their body on the line…every game.


Being a lacrosse goalie requires you to be mentally and physically tough.

You must physically be able to take the force of strong shots by the offending team. Also, you must have the mental concentration level to not lose your nerves when you see an opponent aiming towards you.

And the position also requires you to wear equipment that will help protect you from fast-moving lacrosse balls.

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Getting the right lacrosse goalie gear is important…

Buying top of the line equipment isn’t always the most affordable option, but there are plenty of styles of the different gear you’ll need that will keep you safe and mobile during the games.

Here — Our Favorite Goalie Gear for 2020:

Best Gloves: Maverik M3 Gloves

Best Stick: STX Eclipse Prestrung

Best Chest Pad: STX Shield 500

Best Pants: Shock Doctor Lax

Best Helmet: Cascade CPX-R

Best Cleats: New Balance Freeze

Buying Guide – The Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear 2020


Lacrosse goalies are some of the most athletic players on the field.  In order to take advantage of that athleticism, you have to have equipment that’s going to work with you, protect you, and not hinder you.  Lacrosse equipment is becoming more advanced than ever, so the equipment isn’t as bulky or restrictive as it has been in the past.  Protection no longer means restrictive, which is beneficial for you out of the crease goalies that like to move with the ball.

Getting the right gear depends on what the rules mandate for your position.  Goalies are mandated to wear helmets, throat guards, gloves, and chest protectors.  Youth goalies and female goaltenders are also mandated to wear thigh pads and shin guards.  Most goaltenders also choose to wear cups because well, they’re hit with balls as hard as players can throw them, and most don’t want to take any chances.

The mandatory protective equipment doesn't differ that much from the men’s game to the women’s game, but most important equipment, the helmet, throat guard, gloves, chest protector, and stick are by far the most vital pieces to have for all levels of play.

  1. Goalie Gloves
  2. Goalie Sticks & Heads
  3. Chest Protectors
  4. Goalie Helmets
  5. Goalie Footwear & Pants
  6. Throat Guards, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads, Pants & Jock Pads

[VIDEO] British Guy Explains the Essential Lacrosse Goalie Gear

1. Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Goalie gloves are different from the gloves of a field player.

Checkout: Lacrosse Gloves Buying Guide

Due to the nature of the position, goalie gloves normally have a reinforced thumb pad and even fingers as well, whereas gloves for a field payer do not. This is to reduce the chance of thumb injury when hit in the hand by a ball.

Pads that are present in the thumb and finger part of the glove help to break the extent of the force with which the ball is thrown towards them.

maverick-m3-lacrosse--goalie-gloves-light-strong-bestMaverik M3 Lax Goalie Gloves

If you liked the Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves, then you’re going to love the Maverik M3 goalie gloves! These lacrosse goalie gloves have excellent protection, great durability, superb comfort, and just look damn sexy. While most other good-looking gloves fail to give the functional advantages, these ones do not. They are extremely light and do not restrict your movement at all. These babies were recently featured at the Maverik Showtime National Recruiting Spotlight, one of the most prestigious lax events out there.

  • Added FLOWCOOL ventilation to give you the best breathability out there, with added vents on the back of the glove!
  • On the palms, DURASTRETCH provides the strongest, most comfortable grip available
  • Super lightweight with XFOAM for maximum breathability

brine-king-superlight-lax-goalie-glovesBrine King  Superlight Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

The King Superlight Gloves are top of the line gloves for goaltenders for around $$. The design just keeps getting better, and Brine gloves are now designed with a water resistant lining that can help keep your hands dry in the rain. The hydrophobic lining is a great addition to the glove. It ensures that no matter how sweaty your hands are, you are still able to save a goal.

The flexibility of these gloves while still offering protection and padding throughout is unmatched by any other pair on the market. There’s a reason why they are called the King Superlight gloves, they are so dang lightweight you will make every save possible while holding down the goal!

Warrior-2-Lacrosse-Goalie-Best-Gloves-2017Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

For around $$$ the Warrior Regulator gloves are designed with padding that will absorb and redirect the force away from your hands, a critical aspect of playing goalie.

The new Thumb Ultra Lock allows stiffness yet flexibility throughout the thumb so there is no backbend in the thumb when a shot tips off the glove. Decent protection for the cost for a reliable pair of gloves with multiple color combinations.

stx-shield-youth-lax-goalie-gloves-red[Beginners] STX Shield Goalie Gloves

STX is pretty consistent with their offerings of some of the best goalie equipment made.  The STX Shield gloves are developed with the thumb guard, which is fixed to lock in thumb positioning.

The thumbs are most vulnerable to shots, so the added padding and protection to the Shield goalie gloves helps dissipate the force of any shots to the thumb area.  The reinforced lining of the gloves is resistant to tearing but doesn’t sacrifice feel for cradling and clearing.  Can be found in a few different colors that match your team for anywhere from $-$$.

2. The Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

The lacrosse goalie stick is different than the traditional stick used to play lacrosse. First off, the lacrosse goalie head is much larger, to allow easier saves. Also, the lacrosse goalie shaft is shorter, usually around 40 inches to give the goalie enough control and maneuverability. Back in the day, the sticks were totally made of wood or fiberglass. Now, the head is synthetically made while the shafts are aluminum. Check out these top of the line, cheaper sticks below!

stx-eclipse-strung-goalie-lacrosse-headSTX Lacrosse Eclipse Goalie Complete Stick

Stx again with the clutch lax goalie products, this time with one of the most reliable complete sticks you can buy as an intermediate, advanced or youth goalie.  This Eclipse goalie stick comes with the STX 6000 shaft, so you don’t have to worry about buying a shaft and head separately.

The head is strung with Dura Monster Mesh, to allow for crisp passes without sacrificing rebound control.  Not as aerodynamic and as light as some of the more advanced heads on the market, the STX Eclipse can be found on Amazon for $.

Since it is not very light, the stick might not be suitable for youth levels. However, adult levels can totally make use of this stick.

brine-eraser-lacrosse-stick-goaliesBrine Eraser 2 Lacrosse Goalie Stick

The Brine Eraser line has been around for years, and the design of the stick just keeps improving which keeps this stick one of the top choices by both men’s and women’s goalies at all levels of the game. The stick ($) is light, depending on the shaft you have on it, and offers a true offset design that can help you improve your clearing abilities. The core tech sidewall allows stiffness and strength by centering the weight of the stick in the bottom of the head, naturally funneling the ball into your stick as you make saves. This head comes unstrung, so take a peak at how to string a goalie head.

The offset side wall is designed quite well to ensure that your outlet passes are accurate and well-controlled. Coming in 4 different colors, this stick is definitely one to try out.

Best-Warrior-Nemesis-2-Lacrosse-HeadsWarrior Nemesis 2 Lax Goalie Head

The Warrior Nemesis, like the Brine line, has been around for several years. With the new Sym-Rail Twist technology the head is lighter than ever and has an outer appearance of the facing side rail, allowing more saving area that will channel the ball into your pocket.

With the Warrior Nemesis, there are also more stringing holes in the sidewall to decrease weight as well as give you the opportunity to string it however you like. Price is $$.

3. Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protectors

Some chest protectors come with the additional arm and shoulder protections, almost like shoulder pads, and some do not. More mobility comes from a chest protector that protects the chest without the additional arm padding. For more protection or for youth players, the arm padding is definitely the way to go.

brine-king-lax-goalie-chest-padBrine King Superlight Chest Protector

The Brine king superlight chest protector ($), like the Brine Eraser stick, has been around for a few years and is incredibly reliable. The new design of this chest pad allows the pad to flex with your body in order to keep you mobile, especially during low saves or on the run outside the crease.

The pad is brought closer to the body by its dual strap system so it doesn’t ride up or restrict hand and stick movement. Made of the most impact absorbing high density foam, it absorbs shots and disperses the force around the pad, so the velocity of the shot isn’t concentrated to one area.

stx-shield-pro-500-lax-chest-padSTX Shield Pro Chest Protector

At around $$, the STX Shield Pro pad is the first of its kind in protection of the heart. It is designed with floating chest plates so that shots to the chest are fully dispersed around the cardiac area to reduce the risk of cardiac and rib injuries.

The material used for making these shield pads is high definition polymer. It is lighter than many other materials that are used and yet provides superior protection. The sleeve is full-length and its ergonomic design provides breathability as well as extreme support to ensure that the pad stays in its place during the game.

The pad is also designed to be low profile, allowing for all the movement you need to clear and make saves.

stx-sultra-womens-lax-goalie-chest-padsSTX Sultra Girls Lax Goalie Protector

This STX goalie chest protector is designed for female goaltenders.  The extended shoulder and hip area are designed to be ergonomically correct for the female fit.  The protection that this STX Sultra chest protector offers is second to none, it is one of the more advanced goaltender chest protectors.

It is cut wider in the arm and shoulder area to allow for more freedom of movement, and the chest protector is created with an antimicrobe material to prevent the buildup of bacteria and prevent smells. One of the more advanced goaltender chest protectors for females, this piece of equipment gets 5 stars and is highly recommended by goalies.  Can be found for $-$$.

stx-shield-300-lacrosse-goalie-chest-protectorSTX Shield 300 Goalie Chest Protector

The STX Shield Goalie chest protector is a lower cost piece of equipment, but it does the job and comes recommended by intermediate and youth players.  The STX shield chest protector is not restrictive and offers full range of motion with minimal weight.

Not as strong as some of the more protective pieces of equipment, but offers durability and flexibility and that already broken-in feel.  Secured by Velcro on the sides, one size fits most and can be bought for $.

jock-strap-compression-shorts-for-lacrosseShock Doctor Lacrosse Fit Compact Short

No matter what position you play, you need to take care of your special parts. Jock straps are so important in lacrosse. I mean think about it, there is a hard white rubber ball flying around at 100 MPH. And if you play goalie, you absolutely NEED a jock strap. We recommend compression shorts like these Shock Doctor ones. Designed just for lacrosse, they have extra padding along the legs, thighs and hips. Comes complete with a cup as well that goes in and out easily.

The foam pads used it this jock strap are vented. In addition to that, high frequency seams ensure that the material is secure in its place. Not only does it protect the body, it also gives comfort by contouring the shape due to presence of orbital gel pads. It is designed to give a relaxed fit so that the wearer does not feel any compression. The best part is that it allows maximum movement while keeping your special parts safe.

4. Best Lacrosse Goalie Helmets

The good thing about a lacrosse goalie helmet is that it is the same specs and model of a men’s field player, so they are interchangeable. What you have to add to the goalie helmet though, is the throat protector, which will be covered later.

cascade-cpx-r-lax-helmetCascade CPX-R Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

At around $$$, the Cascade CPX-R is the most popular helmet on the lacrosse market by both players and goalies. The CPX-R has new SevenTechnology Liner system that transfers energy throughout the helmet to decrease the risk of head injuries. The helmet was designed with a custom SPRfit system which adjusts the fit of the helmet around the head to get a better fit throughout, instead of just in certain areas. It has been deemed the most aerodynamic helmet on the market. While expensive, it’s without a doubt the most popular choice because of the safety and customizability it offers.

Youth-Cascade-Lacrosse-helmetCascade CS Youth Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

The Cascade CS Youth is a newer advancement of lacrosse helmet, most uniquely sporting the visor and shell combo for a streamlined look. The helmet itself offers peak comfortability and protection, with the one-piece shell designed to sweep frontal impacts and collisions to the sides of the helmet to avoid head injuries. The lining is made of expanded polypropylene foam that cushions and protects the head while offering comfort. The Cascade CS is one of the helmets that offers intense designs, like camo, steel plate look, and matte.

The helmet has especially been designed for players below the age of 12. It is very light weight and fits close to the head for keeping fatigue at minimum. Since it is a mask design, it aids in improving the player’s visibility. One size is fitting for everyone. Ensuring this the pull tab system that eases adjustments.

5. Lacrosse Goalie Cleats, Shoes & Pants

Some lacrosse goalies prefer footwear that have cleats or not. So, you get to choose between the best lax cleats or best lax shoes. This is personal preference so choose what best works for you in the crease!

Equally as important are your lacrosse goalie pants, or girdles. These keep your lower half protected from fast shots. We've listed our favorite ones below!

new-balance-v1-freeze-lax-cleats-new-2017New Balance Freeze Men’s Lacrosse Cleats

This lacrosse cleat has a synthetic bottom, but with TPU molded cleats for maximum traction. This lacrosse cleat is created with Quixrail technology, which is strengthened “X” pattern at the midfoot that mirrors lateral movements created by the player.

Base lugs on the cleats make rotational movements extremely easy. Also, they help in keeping the traction of underfoot movements. It has a dual density TPU plate. This provides ultimate stability to the player while moving and also assists in maximizing flexibility and traction on the field.

Players rave about their comfort and durability.  The snug fit supports the foot, but lets you move and run naturally.  For $110, you can get these New balance Freeze lacrosse cleats in primary colors like red, blue, black, and white.

Best-Under Armour Womens Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Footwear-size-weight-colorsUnder Armour Highlight Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Like the men’s version of the Under Armour Highlight lacrosse cleats, the women’s Highlight lacrosse cleats are light and streamlined to add to the finesse of the women’s game.  The supportive ankle allows you to maintain your speed without being dragged down by a heavy shoe.

These Under Armour women’s cleats come with UA Clutchfit upper wraps that contain and morph to your foot so the cleat moves naturally on your foot without feeling bulky or loose.  Comfort is not lost in these women’s lacrosse cleats, as they come with molded 4D foam footplates to keep the shoe tight and conformed to your foot.  One of the more pricey lacrosse cleat options, these women’s Highlight lacrosse cleats run from $-$$, but will be worth every penny.

stx-lax-goalie-pants-girdle-protector-leggings[Youth] STX Lacrosse Goalie Pants

This list would not be complete without giving you the best lacrosse goalie pants on the market. Some lax goalies just want added protection on the leg areas around your quads, hamstrings, and jock area.

These STX goalie pants are awesome for beginner and advanced players alike. They are very lightweight and won't get in the way of your making big saves during the game. They are also very breathable, so you won't be sweating up a storm either. Between the small to XL sizes, they should fit any size and aged player on the field.

warrior-burn-lax-goalie-pants-girdles-padsWarrior Burn Lacrosse Leg Pads

The Warrior Burn leg pads are a spandex-type short that slide on like regular shorts.  They have padding in the hips, quads, and outer legs to protect from shots but also comes with a sleeve for a cup, should you choose to wear one.

It has a Wartech compression fit which gives ultimate flexibility of movement to the player while keeping things comfortable.

The Warrior Burn goalie leg pads are designed with lightweight VPS foam that offers maximum protection against shots and doesn’t weigh you down.  The padding isn’t restrictive to the inner thighs, so movement and running won’t be constricted.  For $, these lacrosse goalie thigh pads come in normal sizes from x-small to XL.

6. Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guards, Shin Guards & Extra Pads

Throat guards are definitely a mandatory piece of lacrosse gear as a goalie today. It's very important you wear one that covers your neck completely, to prevent any serious injuries. Lacrosse goalie shin guards and elbow pads are optional gear you can wear for added protection, especially if you have injuries in those areas!

cascade-throat-protection-goalieCascade Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guard

The Cascade Throat Guard is by far the most superior throat guard on the market.  Designed specifically for goalie helmets, the tempered plastic throat guard attaches to the helmet by screws and bolts, unlike the strings and Velcro that some other throat guards use to attach.

The Cascade is the safest lacrosse neck guard, and least restrictive to goaltenders, moving flush with the helmet and not getting trapped under the chest protector or coming unattached.  For $, you can get one and it’ll last you your entire career, definitely a value.

brine-kids-girls-lax-goalie-shin-guards-padsBrine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

Female goaltenders and youth goaltenders have to wear shin pads, and Brine developed a one size fits all Velcro shin guard that easily wraps around the leg and detaches in seconds.  The low profile padding sits above the shoe and protects the ankle from shots by wrapping around the sides as well.

The material wicks away sweat so you don’t get itchy, and they can be cleaned easily.  They have plastic within an air pocket space to maintain lightness but protection all in one.  Definitely for the goalie that knows they have to wear leg protection but doesn’t want to be weighed down by bigger, bulkier pieces of equipment, and an affordable piece at $.

brine-uprising-lax-goalie-elbow-padsLacrosse Goalie Elbow Pads

Elbow pads can also be worn to protect the goalie from shots. While not mandated, elbow pads can give the youth player more protection and confidence. The elbow pads don’t need to be overly expensive or bulky, like an attackers elbow pads that go from upper arm to wrist. Something that will allow flexibility yet a little bit more protection will do. The Brine Clutch elbow pads are a good pick because they slide on and offer a decent amount of protection to injury prone areas for goalies.

shock-doctor-mouth-guard-for-lacrosseShock Doctor Lacrosse MouthGuard

A mouthguard is one of those essential pieces of lacrosse gear for any laxer, whether you play goalie or attack. A mouthguard not only keeps your teeth safe from chips, but more importantly absorbs health-threatening impacts that might occur from large lacrosse hits that can lead to nasty concussions. We recommend the Shock Doctor mouthguard for lacrosse players of all ages. It's moldable and very comfortable.

It has a gel-fit liner that offers ease in fitting all teeth forms. Also, the exoskeletal shock frame provides maximum protection even from those pro level strong hits. It comes with an internal shock absorbing frame for protection superior to conventional mouth guards. The convertible tether allows you to use the mouth guard without straps.

Lacrosse Goalie Equipment: The Final Word

Trying on your equipment first may give you a better idea what feels right and what doesn’t. For some goalies, more flexibility and give is a must, while for others the stiffness in equipment works.

Lacrosse goalie equipment can feel restrictive at first, but just like any piece of equipment, it has to be broken in first.  Comfort and flexibility is a must, but your peace of mind is most important.  Put on the equipment and make sure you feel comfortable making saves and sacrificing our body, then make your purchase!

The best equipment around is the equipment that makes you feel protected and offers reliability and support in your position. Protection equals confidence and a great goalie has to have tons of confidence!

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