[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Gloves Guide 2019


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Lacrosse gloves are one of the most essential pieces of lacrosse gear you need in this sport.

The purpose of lacrosse gloves is to protect your hands from being injured or suffering any damage. These gloves are padded heavily and worn by both men and women. The gloves serve the purpose of protecting hands, wrists and forearms of players.

Gloves may differ for goal tenders as their role in the game is different from that of the other players. However it can be hard to choose the correct gloves because of the variety available in the market.

We've all used cheap lacrosse gloves before, and unfortunately, our stick handling and lax game payed the price.

And this happened…

Either the texture didn't have enough grip to hold the lax shaft right…

The protection wasn't solid enough to withstand a nasty slash,

The palms and fingers didn't fit right, or the ventilation was terrible and caused your gloves to smell like a sewer…

And not to mention….the palms probably ripped. The WORST!

The Bottom Line:

That you deserve better. And if you're ready to buy the best lacrosse gloves for sale and bring your lacrosse game to the next level, then you've come to right place.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves for the 2019 Season:

Best Overall: Maverik RX3 Gloves

Best Value: Warrior Burn Gloves

Best Youth: STX Stallion 100 Gloves

Best Girls: Brine Dynasty Gloves

The Things We Looked At:

  1. Comfort
  2. Protection
  3. Grip
  4. Ventilation
  5. Price

And if that's not enough:

We understand everyone is on a tight budget….and lacrosse gear can be expensive. So we've gone ahead and put together a complete list of the best lacrosse gloves for sale on Amazon (with discounts);

You'll find Warrior, Brine, STX, Maverik, and even Nike lacrosse gloves. All designs, all styles, all sizes.

But first……

5 BIG Things When Buying the Best Lacrosse Gloves

Read through our big four factors that every laxer needs to know before buying new lacrosse gloves. We cover everything from lacrosse glove comfort, protection, grip, and ventilation. All of these are super important!

Warrior-Lacrosse-Gloves-Sizing-Guide1. Comfort

Comfort is super important when choosing lax gloves. If you're fingers don't fit just right, and the gloves are either too small or too big, you won't play right. You want to make sure your new lax gloves fit snug, but aren't too small in the palms. Also, make sure they don't feel too stiff when you make a fist….most gloves tend to loosen up too.

Lacrosse gloves come in different numbered sizes:

  • (Youth) Small Lacrosse Gloves: 8″ – 10″
  • Medium Lacrosse Gloves: 12″
  • Large Lacrosse Gloves: 13″
  • Extra Large Lacrosse Gloves (XL): 14″

Size 13″ lacrosse gloves are the most common sizing and will fit the hands of most lacrosse players ages 15 and above.

If you are new to lacrosse and need youth lacrosse gloves then the smallest gloves are size 10″ and usually come with a complete lacrosse starter set. We recommend these smaller gloves for kids ages 6-12. Then, you can bump up to size 12″ lacrosse gloves.

And, of course, if you are like Troy Aikman and have massive hands, you can get size 14″ lacrosse gloves.

If your gloves aren’t providing you comfort you are less likely to focus on the game and spend more time fixing your gloves. Beginner or advanced level, comfort matters at all stages which is why it is important that gloves with high level of comfort are chosen.

2. Protection

Ah yes, protection. This is the entire reason you even wear lacrosse gloves….To withstand those nasty slashes and checks. And if you are a goalie, you have specially designed lacrosse gloves that have more padding to save your paws from nasty 100 mph shots.

The most elite lax gloves today have a very lightweight protection. They use the best padding options on the market to give you a lacrosse glove that is both protective and lightweight. For example, the Maverik Rome NXT gloves are super lightweight at 5.5 ounces, but are crazy protective!

Make sure when you're choosing your new gloves that the padding covers your entire hand and wrist.


The main reason why you’re purchasing gloves in the first place is because you want to protect your hands from being ripped and if a glove doesn’t meet this requirement, that means it’s a waste product.

3. Grip

Quite possibly the most important feature of your lacrosse gloves is the grip they have. If the material on the palms isn't the best lacrosse technology, then your hands will slip and slide around and your stick handling will suffer greatly. And not to mention the most common issue with cheap lacrosse gloves….the palms rip. Ugh! Imagine losing a game because of poor grip. So when making a purchase inspect the gloves first as often minor things can result in a big loss.

Take our word for it:

You want to buy lacrosse gloves that have been proven the best for years. The lax gloves we list below have excellent grip on the palms, and will last you all season long. Do not, we repeat, do not skimp and buy cheap lacrosse gloves. They will rip, they will smell, and they will hurt your stick handling. Go with the best!

top-selling-lax-gloves-20174. Ventilation

We know, this sounds a bit weird here. But if you don't have proper ventilation in your lacrosse gloves, they will be overly sweaty and wet, will cause your hands to slip around your shaft too much, and will leave your lacrosse bag smelling worst than a sewer. The gloves should hold the ability of allowing your hands to breathe and should have some ventilation holes so as to make it easy for the air to pass in and out.

The top lacrosse gloves on the market have proper ventilation and breathability. Taking a look at the STX Cell 3 gloves for example, they have vents on the back palms, and even on the thumbs. These allow proper air flow in the right places, without sacrificing protection.

Having proper ventilation ensures your hands stay dry, your stick handling unbeatable, and your lacrosse bag smelling like flowers. Okay not flowers, but you get the idea!

Full List: The Best Lacrosse Gloves in 2019

Listed in this order, we've got the:

  • Best Selling Mens Lacrosse Gloves
  • Goalie Lacrosse Gloves
  • Girls Lacrosse Gloves
  • Box Lacrosse Gloves

The Best Selling Lacrosse Gloves for 2019

Take our word for it when we say you need to buy the best lacrosse gloves out there. If you don't then the palms will rip, the grip will be terrible, and you'll be wasting your money. Spend a little more to get the best from Warrior, Brine, STX, Maverik, and Nike.

best-maverik-rome-rx3-gloves-2017Maverik Rome RX3 Gloves

Maverik has done it again with the Rome RX3 gloves. For years Maverik lacrosse has made some of the best gloves, using cutting edge technology. With this 3rd generation lax gove, you're going to find all new stuff. The grip in the palm is to die for, and floating cuff doesn't even feel like it's there! These were designed for better, snugger fitting hands in mind. So you're control should be off the charts. Scoop em up!

  • Maverik's SPEED FIT Profile with close to the hand fit gives maximum feel
  • PORON XRD foam hardens on impact giving you protection on the thumb & fingers
  • The liner allows for fast sweat evaporation keeping the players hand dry and cool.
  • QUATTRO PALM gives durable you that natural feel to help you feel closer to your shaft
  • Weighing in at 5.7 ounces

Those who have used this product have found it to be of high quality and have labeled it as one of the best gloves available in the market.

Warrio-burn-popular-best-selling-lax-gloves-15-proWarrior Burn Lacrosse Gloves

The old standby for lax gloves — the warrior burn makes our list each and every year! Warrior is producing some top notch lax gear, from gloves to shafts to heads. And we love all of them. These fit SO good. The comfort is undeniable. You get the perfect hold on your stick no matter what. They keep your hands cool and ventilated, and will last at least a season or two. BIG FANS of these gloves! This product is available in different sizes and provides a strong grip allowing hands to remain ventilated at the same time.

  • 10% lighter than the original
  • Enhance flexibility for better stick handling and shooting
  • Two-piece nash palm that will provide a natural feel over the stick

Brine-king-superlite-2-lax-gloves-protection-best-whiteBrine King Superlight 2 Gloves

All of the Major League Lacrosse players and college laxers love the Brine King V gloves. You may be familiar with the Brine King gloves, from the Brine King 3 gloves. And even the Brine King 4 gloves. Although one of the more affordable lacrosse gloves out there, you cannot beat the protection, grip, and flexibility these lax gloves offer.

  • The best lacrosse grip in the game: Easily roll your wrist forwards and backwards with no problem
  • Crazy protection: Added padding on your cuff and back of hand, while still lightweight
  • Comfort: Attack love these lax gloves, and so do defenders.

This pair is popular as it is reasonably priced and holds durable qualities. Plus, it offers comfort and full protection to the hands.

warrior-evo-white-lax-gloves-2017Warrior Evo 2017 Gloves 

The Warrior Evo 2017 gloves are the best Warrior lacrosse gloves you can buy. The Warrior Macdaddy gloves used to be the best, but now we recommend the new Evo gloves.

  • The flexibility is fantastic. All thanks to that new Diamond Backhand Pattern, which has been Warrior’s patented system to allow the best flexibility.
  • Warrior has also introduced the new compression molded cuff– Which reduces the overall bulkiness and weight of the Warrior Evo gloves, without sacrificing protection.
  • The Warrior Evo gloves were made with huge vent holes in the both the palms and the back-hand– These are constructed to improve the overall breath-ability and airflow throughout the entire gloves.

maverick-m3-lacrosse-gloves-light-strong-bestMaverik M3 Lax Gloves

If you liked the Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves, then you’re going to love the Maverik M3 gloves! These lacrosse gloves have excellent protection, great durability, superb comfort, and just look damn sexy. These babies were recently featured at the Maverik Showtime National Recruiting Spotlight, one of the most prestigious lax events out there.

  • Added FLOWCOOL ventilation to give you the best breathability out there, with added vents on the back of the glove!
  • On the palms, DURASTRETCH provides the strongest, most comfortable grip available
  • Super lightweight with XFOAM for maximum breathability

A popular pair offering flexibility and safety makes it worth the money.

Stx-cell-3-lax-gloves-lightweightSTX Cell 3 Lax Gloves

The STX cell 3 gloves are the newest gloves from the best selling STX Cell line. We always thought the STX cell 2 gloves just okay, but not great. Well the Cell 3 gloves are a huge upgrade. You'll notice tons of new technology that came with the STX Stallion HD gloves, but cheaper!

  • Improved comfort: Shortened cuffs improves mobility and flexiblity
  • Better grip: Upgraded palm material gives these STX lacrosse gloves superb grip and texture
  • Protection: The STX Cell gloves have always had awesome protections, and these keep the trend going!

These are comforting and high quality gloves suitable for use in tournaments and practice sessions. These are also perfect for players who have the position of attack in the game.

best-stx-surgeon-lax-glovesSTX Surgeon 500 Lax Gloves

I had the pleasure of trying on and using the brand new STX Surgeon 500 gloves, which are fresh off the press for 2019. First thing I noticed is they fit exactly how lax gloves should. They felt super comfortable and snug on every single finger. They didn't require any breaking in. The protection seemed top notch as well. Our only draw-back is the felt-like material used for the grips is a bit slippery. But nothing a little lax tape can't take care of!

  • Seamless construction design techniques on the palm create incredible stick feel
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thumb inserts along with compression pads provide unrivaled thumb Protection
  • ISO thumb technology provides effortless 360 degree thumb rotation

These gloves are light weight, made from top quality materials and have added features for protection of the thumb. With that the gloves are well ventilated and comfortable to use.

Brine-king-v-5-lax-gloves-ventedBrine King 5 Gloves

The Brine King 5 gloves are one of our favorites for the 2019 season. What you get with these gloves are flexibility, comfort and protection all wrapped into one super awesome super-man glove. But they are expensive ($$$)….If you can afford them, THESE ARE THE GLOVES TO BUY. One of our favorite features is your wrists can roll forward and backwards easier, making cradling, passing and shooting much easier.

  • Arch-Tech backhand provides improved flexibility and venting while providing extra impact absorption in backhand.
  • Skylight protection assures maximum impact absorbtion.
  • The new Ax Suede palm with mesh inserts is comfortable and water resistant.
  • Ventilator Fresh liner keeps your gloves dry and odor free.

The Cheap, But Still Pretty Good Lacrosse Gloves ($)

These lacrosse gloves have been best sellers for years, and are classics in the sport. Although not the newest lacrosse technology, they are low in price and will get the job done!

These gloves are perfect for beginners who don’t have enough of an investment to purchase expensive protection gear. Though these gloves may lack some features they do the same job as expensive ones that is to keep your hands protected.

Best-STX K18 Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsSTX K18 Lacrosse Gloves

The STX K18 lacrosse gloves tend to get forgotten in the lacrosse world. When they were first released years ago, we admit they weren't the best. But in 2014 they launched an updated version that has added protection, improved grip, and a very wallet-happy price….

  • Find some of the same technology used on the STX Stallion HD Gloves
  • Improved finger protection to help against those nasty slashes
  • Better mobility, so you can improve your cradling and stick handling skills

Best-Brine Uprising 2 Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsSTX Stallion 100 Gloves (Beginners)

The STX Stallion 100 lax gloves have been a PERFECT standard for all youth laxers out there. They are super inexpensive (around $), and get the job done. If you are new to the sport, or just don't want to spend a fortune on lax gloves for your young player, then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the STX Stallion 100 gloves. The grip is fine and the durability is great. These make an awesome starter kit lax glove!

  • Best beginners and youth lax gloves in the game
  • Backhand pattern provides solid protection but does not restrict flexibility
  • Mesh insert in palm helps keep hand comfortable during play

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves for Sale

Thankfully, all of the lacrosse gloves we listed above make lacrosse goalie gloves for you keepers out there. But we thought we'd give you our very favorite goalie lacrosse gloves out there!

Best-Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsBrine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

The Brine King Superlight gloves are definitely the best bang for your buck. You get all of the best protection, comfort and most importantly….durability. With a price of around $100, these puppies will wear great and last all season long.

  • Light weight lacrosse gloves that won’t get in your way or compromise on protection.
  • TruVents increase ventilation to the backhand keeping you cool when the head is on.
  • Textured nash palm provides improved feel of the stick for the conrol you want and the confidence you need.
  • Floating cuff around the wrist gives you an protective advantage during face offs and picking up ground balls.

Top Girls and Womens Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse for girls may not be as rough as it is for men; still there are chances of injuries. Women too require protection gear to prevent damage and injuries from taking place.

Instead of listing every girls lacrosse gloves out there, here are the lacrosse gloves for girls we highly recommend you buy from Amazon! Be CLEAR there are two types of gloves:

  1. WARM (made for warm weather)
  2. COLD (made for cold weather)

brine-dynasty-lacrosse-gloves-girls-womensBrine Dynasty Girls Lacrosse Gloves (WARM)

There are few lacrosse brands that make as high quality girls lacrosse gear as Brine. If you're looking for the best girls lacrosse gloves to wear in both cold and warm weather, the Brine Dynasty gloves are your best bet. You'll find…

  • Awesome padding is strategically placed on the back of the palm to save you from nasty slashes
  • Great breathability so you can wear them in both warm and cold weather
  • Washable palm made of amara so you they won't stink up your girls lacrosse bag.
  • Flexible stretch mesh and lycra for fit and comfort
  • Aggressively nimble for speed and faster reaction time.

best-brine-womens-lax-glovesBrine Cameo Girls Lax Gloves (COLD)

Cold gear gloves for girls are designed for two main reasons: The first being to get a better grip on your shaft. Whether it's raining, snowing, or just darn slippery, these Brine Cameo gloves will help your grip. Secondly, they are made to keep your hands warm during cold lax games. You won't be able to play at your top level if your hands are freezing cold…not to mention and slashes you suffer will hurt 10x as much! So scoop up these girls lax gloves to get better grip and to stay warm.

  • Water resistant material on the back of the hand provides warmth and flexibility.
  • Additional thumb padding. Ideal for poor weather conditions.
  • New textured palm for improved grip and holding onto your stick during critical times in the game.

The Best Box Lacrosse Gloves

Box lacrosse gloves are a bit different than normal lacrosse gloves. They are actually more like goalie lacrosse gloves, in the fact they have more padding and protection. After seeing tons of box lacrosse gloves, here are the ones we recommend….

Best-Gait Gunnar Box Gloves Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsGait Gunnar Box Lacrosse Gloves

The Gait Gunnar gloves are a staple in the box lacrosse community. Ask any indoor laxer, and they'll tell you they've worn a pair of these bad boys before. In fact, when you realize how the box game is different and needs specialized protection in the arena, this is the pair you should likely go for. They may not be the best box lacrosse gloves out there. But they are cheap, solid, comfortable, and get the job done…..just like any old box lax player right?

  • Extra box padding ensure your fingers are safe
  • Nash palm gives you great grip and texture
  • Great flexibility from hinged fingers and thumb

These features paired with durability are the reasons for Gait’s popularity.

Choosing Custom Lacrosse Gloves for your Team

There are many options you can use to customize lacrosse gloves online, and all of the big brands like Warrior, STX, Brine, and Maverik have their own systems. You can also take a peak at Factory Custom's online web tool to customize and order team lacrosse gloves to fit your color needs. Customization will help you get a product of your choice that fulfills all your requirements.

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