[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks 2020


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Playing lax (both guys and girls) requires tons of gear:

Your stick, headwear, pads, gloves, cleats, jerseys, mouthguard, water bottle, and on and on.

And…carrying all your lacrosse gear can be frustrating when all of your stuff doesn’t fit like it should.

The solution:

The right lacrosse bag or backpack!

Luckily for players, as the game grows in popularity, so do the choices in lacrosse bags and lacrosse backpacks.

Here are Our Top 3 Lacrosse Bags for 2020:

Best Guys: Lacrosse Scoop Backpack

Best Girls: Lacrosse Scoop Backpack

Best Backpack: Lacrosse Scoop Backpack

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There are specific lacrosse bags for girls with stick holders, which are smaller in size since there is less equipment involved, but there are also large lacrosse gear bags for boys and goalies that hold much more.

Some of the top bags for sale can be personalized, come with wheels and are made of a water resistant canvas to keep your team equipment dry during travel and bad weather.

The best lacrosse bag, though, is up for debate since many of them have a variety of organization, pockets, and come in many different colors.

[VIDEO] A Peak Inside Greg's Lacrosse Gear Bag

The 3 Types of Lacrosse Bags

  1. Full Sized Lacrosse Bags (for Guys)
  2. Girls Lacrosse Bags
  3. Lacrosse Backpacks

While many teams often purchase bags together in order to match, if it isn’t mandatory, you can go out on your own to purchase custom lacrosse bags that suit your style. You can pick out a bag that will fit all of the equipment you need made from a material that will keep your stuff dry.

Most bags are made of canvas or waterproof lined polyester to resist water inside and out. A bag that is easy to open and close and will resist water is best, we all know lacrosse is played in all of the elements! Most bags come in a variety of colors so you can match it to your team colors.

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Should you buy a full sized lax bag?

If you have equipment that needs to be stored and traveled with, as boy’s players and both boy’s and girl’s goalies do, invest in a full sized bag. It will store all of your equipment plus give you some extra room to store sticks and clothes as well. For most girl’s players, a lacrosse backback or stick bag works best. Girl’s players don’t normally have enough equipment to store in a full sized bag, so it’s a waste. A lacrosse backpack or bag that stores your stick either in a pocket or stick holder, plus all the extra pockets can help you keep the essentials organized.

A new up and comer, Scout lacrosse bags are sought after because of their cool color combinations and their wearability on and off the field. Scout also gives you the ability to design your own custom lacrosse bag, with monogram ability. So if you’re looking for an awesome bag for the long haul, forget the lacrosse bag clearance rack and invest in a bag you can call your own.

The Top Lacrosse Backpacks (Guys & Girls)

  • Price: $20-$40
  • Specs: Designed to Fit Most Gear, Some Fit Sticks

Lacrosse ball bags and Lacrosse backpacks are different than full sized bags and stick bags in that they are worn in backpack style. Ball bags are designed to carry balls to and from practice and games, whereas the backpack is designed to hold your gear. If you need a full sized bag because of all your gear but want a backpack style, there are multiple choices you can check out to see if they are large enough to hold your stuff.

stx-lacrosse-backpackSTX Lacrosse SideWinder Backpack

The STX lacrosse backpack is a popular choice for those loyal to STX. The STX Sidewinder lacrosse bag comes with a separate shoe compartment to keep muddy cleats away from your gear. It also has a stick holder on the outside as well as an insulated water bottle pocket. It’s big enough to hold a full set of gear. STX lax bags are on the rise in popularity, and the Face Off bag is a number one choice for boys or girls lacrosse.

Brine-lacrosse-jetpack-bagBrine Lacrosse Jetback Backpack

This Brine lacrosse backpack is designed to hold as much equipment as you need in a smaller space than a full sized bag. Reviews of this bag state that all necessary boy’s equipment fit well inside the Jetpack backpack with room to spare. It will not fit a stick on the inside, but comes with a holder on the outside to secure your stick to the side of it. Girls are also able to use the bag, with the ideal amount of space it offers, there is much more to be able to pack to bring along with you.

harrow-lax-backpack-gear-bagHarrow Lacrosse Gear Pack Backpack

The Harrow Elite lacrosse backpack is fully functional and has several compartments to separate gear and clothes.

All girls or boys lacrosse equipment can fit inside, and it also comes with the stick holder on the side to make access to the stick easy and convenient. IT COMES IN TONS OF COLORS!!!!

UA-lax-backpack-bag-for-stick-gearUnder Armour Lacrosse Backpack

This Under Armour lacrosse backpack is popular and sleek. The bag has a sleeve that holds one complete stick, plus a large interior to store equipment.

Under Armour gives you a couple of different options on colors, and super reasonably priced. This lacrosse backpack will definitely work for your lax gear or school supplies. Buy it today.

Best Full Sized Lacrosse Gear Bags

  • Price: $40-$100
  • Specs: Full-Size, Fits Stick & All Other Gear

A full sized bag includes several different compartments, pockets, and straps for easy organization and carrying. These lacrosse bags are best for boy’s lacrosse players and goalies as well. Full sized lacrosse bags are designed to carry all of your important gear; helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, cleats, rib pads, a chest protector for goalies, and any additional padding you like to wear. These awesome lacrosse bags are commonly used for kids all the way up to college and professional players.

stx-challenger-large-lacrosse-bagSTX Challenger Lacrosse Bag

This STX lacrosse bag comes in two sizes, the 36” and the 42”. This lacrosse bag comes with both hand straps and a shoulder sling for easy carry. While this tote only comes in black, it also has an outer pocket that you can slide your stick in after practice, to avoid getting the rest of your gear muddy and wet. This is one of the best lacrosse bags for a goalie or a boy’s player at a higher level. STX lacrosse bags have a great reputation for durability and longevity.

warrior-black-hole-shorty-lax-bagWarrior Black Hole Shorty Lacrosse Bag

This Warrior lacrosse bag is the highest selling of all Warrior lacrosse bags. It is 42” long, and includes pockets to keep dirty clothes and gear separate from clean stuff for easy cleanup.

The Warrior Black Hole Bag also is one of the toughest lacrosse bags on the market. It fits several sticks and extra items.

maverik-bag-for-lax-gear-stickMaverik 365 Lacrosse Gear Bag

The Maverik 365 lax bag is another large bag, big enough to hold all your equipment and then some. It contains a vented stick pocket so your mesh dries inside the bag.

The Maverik 365 bag contains a separate compartment for cleats as well and comes in the color blue, red, and white so you've got plenty of options to choose from!

maverik-monster-lacrosse-bagMaverik Monster Lacrosse Bag

This Maverick lacrosse bag is sleek and streamlined to take up less space while still offering plenty of room for equipment. It is one of the lacrosse bags on sale that comes in a ton of color options so you can make these lacrosse bags custom to your liking.

Maverick lacrosse bags make great team bags that hold lots of extra gear for travel. Cheap lacrosse bags that offer room for all your stuff are hard to come by, but this is one of them.

champion-sports-lax-bagChampion Sports Lacrosse Gear Bag

This Champion lacrosse bag comes with a huge inner pocket to store all of your stuff, including several sticks. The bag itself has a stuff bottom from an insertable board so your equipment doesn’t sag inside the bag. This bag also has a bunch of pockets to keep your gear separate from your cleats and clean clothes.

Best Girls Lacrosse Stick Bags for Sale

  • Price: $-$$
  • Specs: Fits Stick, Goggles, Mouth Guard & Other Gear

Girl’s lacrosse bags are normally smaller and designed to be more streamlined and lighter for girls to wear and transport easily. Girls normally use their bags to store their goggles, mouth guards, and cleats. Some bags are specifically designed to fit sticks as well, with additional pockets for extra clothes and mouth guards.

stx-lacrosse-bag-pink-fits-stickSTX Essential Girls Lacrosse Stick Bag

This women’s lacrosse bag is perfect for a beginner. It holds all of the essential items a girl’s or youth player needs, like a stick, goggles and mouth guard. Designed to fit only 2 sticks, the bag isn’t too roomy, but has an outer pocket to keep any other items you need. It comes in several pretty colors that you can find online like pink, orange, green, and blue.

brine-girls-lacrosse-bag-black-originalBrine Classic Girls Lacrosse Stick Bag

This Brine lacrosse bag is exactly what it states in the name; a classic. With a sleek new design on the outside of the bag, it draws attention yet gives you the ability to pack everything you need in one simple bag. Brine Lacrosse bags always get great reviews from parents and players. Comes in a variety of colors and really suits the preppy lifestyle.

debeer-girls-lax-bag-girls-for-stickDebeer Lacrosse Girls Stick Bag

This Debeer lacrosse bag is closely related to the Brine and STX bags. The Debeer lacrosse bags feature an additional pocket at the top of the bag that stores your goggles and mouth guard separately from the stick, which is great if your gear is muddy. Reasonably priced, this bag is comparable to other stick bags and comes in a variety of colors.

lacrosse-balls-bag-bucket-stxSTX Mesh Lacrosse Ball Bag

This mesh lacrosse ball bag can be used for both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse. It holds 24 lacrosse balls and comes with a cinch drawstring that you can tighten to close the bag. You can either carry this STX lacrosse backpack by its handles or throw the drawstring around your shoulders for hands free carrying.

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