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Nike Vapor Lacrosse Head Review

Best Nike Vapor Lacrosse Heads

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Best Nike Vapor Lacrosse HeadsLacrosse heads are one of the most important pieces of your lacrosse stick. When looking at the Nike Vapor lacrosse head review, keep in mind price, value, NFHS and NCAA regulations, your position, and style of play. Also, decide on how much pinch, stiffness, weight, and stringing options you need, and if the Nike Vapor meets your needs. Nike Lacrosse has proven its quality for years, so you've come across a good defensive lacrosse head. The Nike Vapor should give you what you need, with a price tag of $74.99. Checkout some other Nike lacrosse heads before you buy one, and be sure to watch the Nike Vapor lacrosse head video review if we've posted one! 

The Bottom Line for the Nike Vapor

When we got the Nike Vapor two Pros here kept these for themselves on the first shipment. Bottom line these are simply awesome. The Nike Vapor has Super lightweight construction. The vapor is stiff and durable. This head should be priced at the elite level of $100 but at $85 it explains why this head is a top choice.

What Nike Says on the Nike Vapor Head

The Nike Vapor has a sleek lightweight design that is still durable and stiff. Gradual offset provides optimal balance between catching area and ball retention. Bottom rail designed for quick and smooth release when shooting and feeding. Multiple stringing holes allow for unlimited pocket options. Aggressive and bold design stands out from the crowd. Complaint for NFHS play only .

College and High School Lacrosse Head Size Regulations:

Based on the Nike lacrosse heads pinch, length and width, it's legality changes. In the 2015 lacrosse season, you may use lacrosse heads marked U or X at all levels of play (NCAA and NFHS). You may only use lacrosse heads marked HS (NFHS) in high school lacrosse. When buying a lacrosse head, be sure to reference if it's legal for high school or college lacrosse.


Nike Vapor Lax Shaft Video Review

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.


[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Shorts & Skirts 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

The ultimate lacrosse player isn’t complete without a few pairs of lacrosse shorts to complete their wardrobe.

Whether it’s your college lacrosse shorts, team USA lacrosse shorts, or your favorite brand, like Warrior lacrosse shorts, the right pair can be worn anytime for the upmost in comfort and style.

Everyone can use a pair of cool lacrosse shorts that will represent your style and your love for the game, even in the offseason.

Our Top Picks:

Best Guys: American Flag Lax Shorts

Best Girls: Girls UA Lax Skorts

Youth lacrosse shorts, boy’s lacrosse shorts, and girl’s lacrosse shorts come in crazy designs and colors like neon colors, American flags, and even the ever popular argyle pattern.

In the women’s game, skirts and skorts (skirts with built in shorts or spandex) are worn as part of the uniform, but most players also multiple pairs of women’s lacrosse shorts as part of their practice gear or even just to lounge around in. Whether you can find them on clearance or at a discount, lacrosse shorts are an essential part of a player’s closet. If you get creative, you can also design a pair of custom lacrosse shorts for you and your teammates to really look fierce on the field.


You Gotta See: The Top Lacrosse Socks in the Game

The Coolest Lacrosse Shorts for Boys & Men

ua-lax-shortsUpton O’Good Under Armour Lacrosse Shorts

These Under Armour lacrosse shorts can be found on sale online in 2015. These men’s lacrosse shorts are found from size small to size extra large (XL), and are the definition of crazy lacrosse shorts. They are a printed pair of white, neon pink, and blue moisture trapping shorts. They have mesh lining pockets, which is best if you’re going to be wearing them to school or around campus to hold your phone or other necessities. It also comes with a drawcord so you can tighten them up when you start practice.

best-american-flag-lacrosse-shorts-2016American Flag Lacrosse Shorts

Tribe Head Lacrosse came out with lacrosse shorts crazy enough to make you stand out throughout the season with these American flag shorts. The shorts are sublimated, so the ink is injected into the fabric rather than screen printed on which makes them light and durable. Though they aren’t exactly a pair of cheap lacrosse shorts, the design is flawless and they’re a great addition to your lacrosse gear. Find them here.



Duke Lacrosse Shorts

As Duke is always a contender for a national championship, they are also an incredibly popular choice for gear purchases by lacrosse players. The intimidating design and colors will set you apart from the run of the mill solid color shorts. This pair is also sublimated, making them wearable for practice,
games, and even hanging out on the couch. Find the shorts the Blue Devils wear here.

cheap-lacrosse-shorts-crazy-orange-cuseOrange Syracuse Lacrosse Shorts

Made for the ultimate ‘Cuse fan, these bright and bold lacrosse shorts can represent your passion for the NCAA Division I Orange lacrosse team. Again a great pair of sublimated shorts, just like it’s Duke counterpart. They have deep pockets to secure your valuables while you’re walking around campus. They’re also made from DryFlex fabric to keep you dry and cool even during the most humid of days.



Flow for Life by Flow Society Lacrosse Shorts

These lacrosse shorts, youth and adult sizes, are a must have for the serious lacrosse player no matter the age. The Flow for Life shorts and Flow Society stand for the easygoing, laid back lacrosse culture and vibe. These crazy Flow Society youth lacrosse shorts are perfect for the little laxer, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. Flow Society lacrosse shorts for the adult player are a little less outrageous, but still bring a pop of color and boldness to your style. Find them here.

Best Womens & Girls Lacrosse Shorts, Skirts & Skorts

girls-womens-nike-lax-shorts-redNike Women’s 2 in 1 Lacrosse Shorts

These light weight and comfortable women’s lacrosse shorts have a long inseam to keep you comfortable, and they also have a built in pair of spandex so you can simplify your gear for practice and games. Emblazoned with the mantra “Fast or Last” on the waistband, these shorts will give you the comfort and style you need to play your game. Find them here.

girls-lacrosse-skirt-skort-shortsLax So Hard Lacrosse Shorts for Girls

You have a choice of a variety of colors in these mesh girl’s lacrosse shorts, so pick whatever color fits your personality. While they come in a variety of colors link pink, purple, and lime green, they also have “Lax so hard” printed on the sides, so your opponents’ know you’re serious before you even step on the field. Find them here.

UA-Girls-Womens-Lacrosse-Skorts-SkirtUnder Armour Shot Girls Lacrosse Skorts

This Under Armour lacrosse skort is just that, a simple yet streamlined sleek black skirt with built in spandex for the all-in-one game gear. While many colors aren’t offered, the solid colors mean business and the skorts are made of performance wicking material to keep you dry and cool when playing in warm weather. It’s the ultimate skort for the frequent player. Though it’s a tad pricey, it won’t leave you disappointed and the quality will last you many seasons. Find it here.

Final Word on Choosing Lacrosse Shorts

Whether you’re a youth or adult player, male or female, you’ll be able to find a pair of shorts that fits you’re playing style and represents you on and off the field. Lacrosse players take pride in their gear and the ability to stand out among other sports. Take your game to the next level and find a pair of shorts that will make you look great, on and off the field!

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Buying Guides

[Cheapest] Places to Buy Lacrosse Balls in Bulk 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Finding the best lacrosse balls for cheap can be a tough process.

There are countless online stores to buy from, with dozens of colors and cases and boxes full of 6, 12, and even 120 lacrosse balls!

Here's the Secret:

The higher volume of lacrosse balls you buy, the less you will pay.

This guide will show you the cheapest options out there.

The Best Deals for Lacrosse Balls in 2019

Best: Lacrosse Scoop Twelve Pack

Bulk: Lacrosse Scoop Twelve Pack

Massage: Lacrosse Scoop Twelve Pack

The Three Things to Consider…

  1. Price Per Ball
  2. Materials
  3. NOCSAE Safety Standard


Lacrosse Balls Pricing

A very simple rule of getting things at a cheaper price is to buy them in bulk. When we talk about lacrosse balls, they are items that will not spoil quickly hence a wise decision is to purchase in bulk.

The more lacrosse balls in bulk you buy, the less you will pay per ball.

If you only want to buy 1 lacrosse ball, then you'll end up paying around $5. But, if you buy cheap lacrosse balls in bulk, of say 120 lacrosse balls, then you will pay less per ball.

So you need to ask yourself this question…How many lacrosse balls will I need in the next year while shooting on your lacrosse goal? We promise you will lose more than you think!

Official Lacrosse Ball Size, Dimensions and Materials

The lacrosse ball size is similar to that of a baseball or tennis ball, and is 3.5 inches in diameter.

What are lacrosse balls made of?

Well, lacrosse balls are made of 100% rubber and are enforced by the engraved “Meets NOCSAE Standard” label by US Lacrosse, NOCSAE and the NCAA to prevent injuries stemming from non certified lacrosse balls. When buying your next set of lax balls, know that sometimes both hard and soft lacrosse balls made of rubber have been known to be a little smelly.

Other Lacrosse Ball Uses: We've been seeing tons of lacrosse balls for massages to treat back and neck pain. Additionally, you can use lacrosse balls with dogs as toys!

Where to Buy the Best Bulk & Cheap Lacrosse Balls for Sale

Price Per Ball: Small packs around $5, Wholesale around $2
Colors: Varies by quantity: white, black, yellow, orange, hot pink, purple, green, blue

We've done all of the research and leg work to bring you the best deals, discounts, prices on all of the best lacrosse balls by Brine, Warrior, STX, and Champion.

You will find this lacrosse balls buying guide split up by the quantity of lacrosse ball packages and sets you need, coming in sets of 1, 2, 6, 12 and 120. All hard lacrosse balls listed are officially certified for NFHS and NCAA play for youth, high school, college, and MLL lacrosse.

best-champion-lax-balls-cheapOne Official Champion Lacrosse Ball

This Champion lacrosse ball is an official NOCSAE ball and meets all standards. Over at Amazon, we found the best deal online for when ordering just 1 lacrosse ball. You can also order in custom lacrosse ball colors: Red, yellow, orange, green, white, black, purple and pink! This lacrosse ball is made using molded rubber construction and is perfect for use while training or during a tournament. This item can be bought in multiple packs of 3, 6 or 12 and can be used to improve lacrosse skills.

two-lacrosse-balls-cheap-setPack of 2 Lacrosse Balls

Coming from the lacrosse ball store, this pack of two lacrosse balls is bound to impress you. A set of one blue lacrosse ball and one green lacrosse ball, they meet all certifications and standards for NOCSAE, NFHS and NCAA.

half-dozen-lacrosse-balls-champion-cheapPack of 6 Lacrosse Balls

Another set of champion lacrosse balls, this pack of six comes with the following lacrosse ball colors: white, blue, orange, yellow, green, and multi-colored.

All lacrosse balls are officially NCAA and NFHS legal and approved. Comes packaged in a reusable lacrosse mesh bag to carry around from your game or practice.

Perfect for use in training sessions and suitable for indoor use, this practice ball is slightly softer as compared to others.

pack-of-lax-balls-12Pack of 12 Dozen Lacrosse Balls

Thanks to Champion again, we have a great set of cheap lacrosse balls for you.

Coming in a pack of 12 lacrosse balls, you'll love the color options of hot pink, white, or yellow. These lacrosse balls meet all certifications of NCAA, NOCSAE and NFHS standards.

Use these lacrosse balls to uplift your game performance as they are perfect for training and practice sessions.

brine-lacrosse-balls-bulk-cheap-box-case120 Bulk Lacrosse Balls Case (about $1 per ball!)

One of the benefits of buying bulk lacrosse balls is the price per ball is a lot cheaper. For around $180 dollars, you get a box of 120 lacrosse balls cheap!

Every single lacrosse ball meets all of the standards and certifications set in place from the NOCSAE, NCAA and NFHS to ensure safety and no injuries.

The balls are suitable for use by the youth as well as adults. Purchase them in bulk to make yourself a pro at lacrosse and utilize them during practice sessions.

indoor-lacrosse-balls-hollowSoft Lacrosse Balls for Practice

Soft lacrosse balls are great for developing youth players and kids looking to improve their lax skills. Because they are half the weight of a regulation lacrosse ball, and are soft, they make for excellent practice lacrosse balls both inside and outside. This pack of 6 lacrosse balls is an excellent coupon code for you. Please not they tend to be bouncy!

They can be used indoors and are suitable for use by children who want to polish their skills and want to become a pro at lacrosse.  

mini-lacrosse-balls-softBrine Mini Lacrosse Balls 2 Pack

If you have a set of mini sticks, then you'll need extra mini lacrosse balls for sure! This pack 2 comes with one green lacrosse ball and one orange lacrosse ball.

These aren't as hard as regular lacrosse balls as they are made of a soft foam rubber that is bouncy making them great as indoor lacrosse balls. No broken lamps or windows here!

However these mini balls aren’t intended for use in tournaments but are perfect for practicing indoor without doing any damage.

best-lax-balls-for-massage-bodyBest Lacrosse Balls for Massage

Did you know that lacrosse balls can be used to relax and cool down muscle pain? The hard and dense quality of a lacrosse ball allows it to act as a powerful massage device unlike tennis balls that soften under pressure.

If you wish to reduce muscle pain, improve muscle performance and reduce soreness, lacrosse balls can assist in doing so.

Many athletes and personal trainers use lacrosse balls for massage and other therapy. The strength and firmness of a lacrosse ball is perfect for massaging your muscles.

When your roll a lax ball along your foot, back, neck, or other pressure points, you can really loosen up those muscles. Getting a reflexology, acupressure, or myofascial release just became that much easier. We recommend this pack of massage lacrosse balls.

What’s better than having a sports item that doubles as a massage agent? Get your hands on this lacrosse ball to get maximum relaxation benefits.

lacrosse-balls-bag-bucket-stxSTX Lacrosse Balls Bag for Carrying & Shagging

The purpose of a ball bag is to ensure that all balls can remain in one place and aren’t misplaced.

Having a lacrosse ball bag can be quite handy as it can be used to put not only your lacrosse balls but other items as well. Listed below is the lacrosse ball bags that you can purchase to make your life easier:

Coaches and parents are going to love this lacrosse balls bag. Easily carry, fetch, and grab your lacrosse balls with this bag.

Thanks to the sturdy base construction, this lacrosse balls bucket bag carries up to six dozen lacrosse balls. A heavy duty zipper lets you take it anywhere, and strong holding handles let you pick it up and drop it down with ease!

how-to-clean-lacrosse-balls-greasyLacrosse Ball Degreaser & Cleaner

Playing with messy and dirty balls can interfere with performance as when balls get greasy they are harder to play with. Just like we require cleaning agents to clean our messy items similarly lacrosse balls also have cleaning material that can help restore it to its original health.

Don't you hate it when lacrosse balls get greasy and slippers? Well, The Ball Scratcher 2.0 is proven to officially “degrease” lax balls. All you do is chuck your old, greasy lacrosse balls into the special scratching bucket, and use a drill to spin it around.

Make use of this ball scratcher to reduce the greasiness and improve the condition of your lacrosse ball so that it is suitable for use in tournaments and practice session.

The result? Fresh, brand spanking new lacrosse balls….that aren't greasy anymore! We highly recommend looking at one if you have tons of old lax balls that need refurbishing. It will save you time, save you money, and is environmentally friendly!

Below…checkout the Ball Stratcher 2.0 IN ACTION!

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Buying Guides Shafts

[Debunked] Wooden Lacrosse Sticks vs Carbon vs Titanium


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

If you didn't know this yet, there are many types of lacrosse sticks

And each stick can be made of different materials: Wood/Bamboo, Carbon Fiber, and Metal.

When selecting a lacrosse stick there are certain things that need to be kept in mind such as the level. Are you a beginner or can play at an advanced level? Are you an attacker or defense player? Usually advanced player suggest that a lacrosse stick that has a wide based head and is light weight should be selected.

Which stick is better?

Each material has its own pros and cons, like being lightweight and strong– which you'll want to consider when choosing your next lacrosse shaft to buy.

Below we've outlined all of the lacrosse shaft materials (including wood/bamboo, carbon fiber, and metal) and show you the best lacrosse shafts available in each material.

Best Wooden Lacrosse Sticks 2018:

Best Wood/Bamboo: Burd Wood Shaft

Best Carbon Fiber: East Coast Dyes Carbon Fiber

Best Metal: Maverik Apollo Shaft

The 3 Types of Lacrosse Shaft Materials:


best-wood-lax-shafts1. Bamboo or Wooden Lacrosse Sticks

The bamboo and wooden lacrosse sticks hit the market years ago, and has many excellent benefits. And you may have actually noticed many defensive lacrosse players playing with a wood lacrosse shaft, like the Bamshaft.

This is for many good reasons, which you'll find below. That being said, we don't recommend using a wooden lacrosse shaft for attackman or offensive players. So defenders, listen up!

The Best Wooden Lacrosse Shaft:

Attack: Burd Wood Attack Shaft

Defense: Burd Wood Defense Shaft

Made by Burd lacrosse. They have been pioneers for wood lacrosse sticks for years and have engineered the best wooden lacrosse shaft you can get.

Burd Lacrosse is known for providing and crafting one of the best lacrosse sticks and even provides one year warranty. They have different types of lacrosse sticks available and other sports related products available.

Pros of Using a Wood Lacrosse Shaft

  • Long Lasting – Wooden lacrosse sticks are built to be stronger and last longer. The wood used to make these lacrosse shafts is durable and makes sure stability is provided.
  • Stronger Checks – This is probably the biggest reason a defender would adopt a wooden lacrosse shaft. They are heavier, and therefore pack a much harder check on attackman. They make your hit stronger by making sure you are easily able to put down your opposition.
  • Intimidation Effect – Defenders who use a wood lacrosse shaft are just plain boss. They look cool and they make a statement. And the scare the heck out of attackman. If you wish to command a game of lacrosse, this shaft is a must have.

Cons of Using a Wood Lacrosse Shaft

  • Warping – Wood tends to warp when it gets wet, and unfortunately wooden lacrosse shafts are no exception.
  • Grip – Wooden lacrosse sticks don't possess the same grip qualities as traditional carbon fiber lacrosse shafts do. Having a strong grip is important if you want to remain ahead.
  • Heavy Weight – Wooden lacrosse shafts are great if you are strong enough to use them! This is probably the biggest drawback, wooden shafts hold that they are bulky as compared to others which can be a serious problem for those who can’t carry the weight.

The Bottom Line for Buying Wooden Lacrosse Shafts:

If you are strong enough, the Burd Wooden Lacrosse Shaft packs a harder check on your opponent, look intimidating, but aren't as lightweight or flexible as a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft.

ECD Carbon Shaft Attack2. Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts

The newest type of shaft on the market is the carbon fiber lacrosse shaft, also known as composite lacrosse shafts. In recent times carbon fiber lacrosse shafts have gained popularity especially with elite lacrosse players.

A favorite among attackman and offensive players, carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are very lightweight, yet very sturdy.

The leader has been Epoch Lacrosse, who launched the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft. Epoch is known for creating quality based carbon lacrosse shafts that are built using an engineered process. The shafts are sealed with a coating that provides a strong grip ensuring that players are able to play well. Wooden lacrosse shafts vs carbon fiber lacrosse shafts is the hot debate now, so we've outlined the pros and cons below…

The Best Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft:

The Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft by Epoch is the best carbon fiber lacrosse shaft you can buy on the market, and we strongly recommend it! This is because it’s designed with the aim of improving performance. Plus, it’s constructed using material that makes it lightweight while also ensuring that top performance is given.

Pros of Using a Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft

  • Lightweight – Carbon Fiber lacrosse shafts are the lightest in the game. Which means that players can now focus on the game with ease. They don’t have to carry a bulky item and play as lightweight features can reduce the burden.
  • Flexibility – Using a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft will give you the best flexibility in your shaft, which can help you shoot faster. You can now focus better and play easily.
  • Strength – Having a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft will be very strong, yet not heavy like a wooden lacrosse shaft. This is a big advantage as there are very few lacrosse shafts with this ability.
  • Grip – A carbon fiber lacrosse shaft allows tons of grips and textures to be used on the shaft. Carbon fiber meets the purpose of providing a strong grip and this is exactly what lacrosse players’ need.

Cons of Using a Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft

  • Too Light – Some lacrosse players prefer a medium weight for their lacrosse shafts, so a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft may not work best if that's you.
  • Durability – There are stories of carbon fiber lacrosse shafts not being as durable as others, and can break on a cross-check

The Bottom Line for Buying a Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft:

Carbon fiber is one of the best sports materials out there today because it's lightweight, yet strong and flexible. It is recommended specially for advance level players who want performance and ease of use at the same time.

The ECD Carbon Shaft is an excellent option for your next lacrosse shaft, especially if you know you want a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft.

Shapes of Lax Shaft3. Metal Alloys: Titanium & Scandium Lacrosse Shafts

Most metal lacrosse shafts you see are an alloy lacrosse shaft, which means they are a blend of metals like titanium, aluminum, or scandium.

Titanium lacrosse shafts and scandium lacrosse shafts are being phased out of the lacrosse game for the most part.

After the launch of lightweight composite lacrosse shafts and carbon fiber lacrosse shafts, the titanium lacrosse shaft and scandium lacrosse shaft costs more for manufacturers to produce. If you can get your hands on a titanium lacrosse shaft, we recommend one! This shaft will help you dominate the game and improve overall performance because of the various features it offers.

The Best Metal Lacrosse Shaft You Can Buy:

Attack: Maverik Apollo Shaft

Defense: Epoch Gen6 Limited Edition

The above mentioned brands specialize in producing metal shafts that can help provide ball control and make sure that proper handling is done.

Many brands have used the perfect blend of Titanum and Scandium in this shaft to create one of the lightest AND strongest lacrosse shafts you can buy!

Pros of Buying a Scandium and Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

  • Strength – The titanium lacrosse shaft is still the strongest in the game which means that you can score well with the use of this shaft.
  • Lightweight – The titanium lacrosse shaft is very strong, yet very lightweight. This is beneficial for players who want performance combined with comfort of using the equipment involved. And guess what? Titanium lacrosse shafts do just the trick.
  • Grip – Tons of grip options, so your hands wont slip around. If you want to play well without having to lose grip this type of shaft is a must.

Cons of Buying a Scandium and Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

  • Bends – A titanium lacrosse shaft, by nature, can bend. But the benefit is that it won't break or crack. So you can bend it back into shape!
  • Slippery  – Sometimes when metal gets wet and doesn't have a grip on it, it will be slippery as this can really interfere with the overall performance.

The Bottom Line on Buying a Scandium or Titanium Lacrosse Shaft:

In a world where composite and carbon fiber lacrosse shafts have sort of taken over the market, you can't go wrong with a strong and well built titanium lacrosse shaft like the Gait ICE or the STX Sci Ti lacrosse shaft!

And be sure to even checkout the traditional wooden lacrosse sticks we recommended above! Remember, don't assume the most expensive lacrosse stick is the best!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Buying Guides

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Sticks for Sale 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Looking for a lacrosse stick?

Whether you are brand new to the sport of lacrosse, or you've been playing for years, buying a cool new complete lacrosse stick can be tough.

You have to consider factors like brand, size, quality and price.

We think buying a combo lacrosse stick (head + shaft) is a fantastic option for beginners! And usually, advanced players buy their lax head and lax shaft separately.

Here's the Truth:

Some lax sticks are better than others.

And we're here to make your life easier by ensuring you completely nail this buying decision.

Today, you will learn what to look for when buying the best lacrosse sticks in the game, and we'll show you a full list of the best options (with reviews) out there.

Quickly — Our Best Lacrosse Sticks in 2019:

Best Head: Maverik Optik

Best Shaft: ECD Carbon

Best Beginners Complete Stick: STX Stallion 200

Best Girls Complete Stick: STX Crux 100

Best Goalies: STX Shield 100

4 Things You Need to Know When Buying a New Lacrosse Stick


Ignore these 4 factors at your own risk. Considering whether you need girls lacrosse sticks, custom lacrosse sticks, or maybe even wooden lacrosse sticks for sale are all elements to keep in mind.

With the 2019 spring lacrosse season approaching, you’re probably wondering what stick is best for you.  The answer depends on quite a few things, but we’re here to help you pick the stick that’s right for you! Many variables can play into your decision, like if you’re a girls or boy’s lacrosse player, and if you’re looking for a regulation size stick vs a junior stick.  Once you know what type of stick you are looking for, these three factors are the most important to consider

Also Checkout Our Top Guides On…

Best Lacrosse Heads

Best Lacrosse Shafts

Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks

1. Boys Vs Girls

Between the ages of 4-8 years old, it's pretty common that both boys and girls can use youth lacrosse sticks as their first stick. But as they get older, mens lacrosse sticks will differ from girls lacrosse sticks, and they will need to buy specific sticks based on their gender. The older you get, the more expensive and advanced your lacrosse stick will be.

The type of lacrosse stick you will purchase can depend on your skills and ability.  If you’re an intermediate or beginner, you certainly don’t need to purchase the best and most expensive lacrosse stick on the market.  Also, if you’re an advanced player looking to step up your game, you probably want to steer clear of beginners and intermediate sticks.  There are cheap options for boy’s and girl’s lacrosse players of all abilities, and we’ve given you a jumpstart in the reviews below.

best-lacrosse-sticks-sizing-chart2. The Position You Play

Lacrosse Stick preference depends on the position you are playing.  Obviously, a goaltender will need a goalie lax stick, a girl’s lacrosse player will need a girl’s lacrosse stick, and a boy’s lacrosse player will need a boy’s lacrosse stick.  Outside of that, stick choice can depend on which position you are playing.  Attacker’s sticks can differ from defender’s sticks in boy’s lacrosse in that the defender’s sticks are longer and more rigid to cut down passes and scoop ground balls from a distance.  Our reviews will help you decide which stick is best for your position as well.

When you are buying a complete lacrosse stick, keep in mind the length and width you need. At the youth level, your lacrosse sticks size and length needs to be between 36 inches and 42 inches. Most sticks weigh around 20 ounces. Refer to the lacrosse stick sizing guide on the right!

  1. Attack Sticks – You want lighter, short as legally possible. Great grip.
  2. Defense Sticks – Longer shafts for checks and pokes, stronger head
  3. Goalie Sticks – Larger head for making saves and longer pole
  4. Girls Sticks – Lighter head, no pocket allowed

3. Complete Sticks Are Best for Beginners

What you see is what you get here. As soon as your new lacrosse stick arrives in the mail, after unboxing you can play catch right away. No extra accessories needed. Just throw it in your lacrosse bag and you're ready for practice.

When you move out of youth lacrosse sticks, you'll notice the quality and price increase in lacrosse heads and lacrosse shafts. More advanced lacrosse heads will come unstrung, because high school and college players like to string their own custom lacrosse mesh and knots on the head, and tape up their own shaft. But for a beginner or intermediate lacrosse stick, a complete one is ideal!

4. How Much You Should Pay

Unless you're buying sticks in bulk, buying lacrosse complete sticks is more cost-effective than buying separate lacrosse sticks and heads. Buying a combo is perfect for toddlers, little kids, beginners and intermediate players who don't want to break the bank but still want a decent lacrosse stick.

Cost can be one of the most intimidating reasons that players do not purchase a lacrosse stick.  The truth is, your lacrosse stick doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  If you are a beginner or intermediate player, a quality lacrosse stick should only cost you anywhere from $30-$80.  Both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse sticks can be found at discounts right before the season starts.  Cheap lacrosse stick options are outlined in our stick reviews below.

[VIDEO] How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Stick:

Full List of Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks in 2019

Coming up below, you've got the best complete lacrosse sticks in the sport for all ages and levels. Notice that we've broken up the list by differences in age groups. This section is broken up into 4 main sections….choose the section that fits your needs!

  1. Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks (ages 3-7)
  2. Best Beginner & Intermediate Lacrosse Sticks (ages 10-16)
  3. Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks (Any Age)
  4. Goalie Lacrosse Sticks & Mini Lacrosse Sticks

Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks for Kids

  • Price: $-$$
  • Ages: 3-7
  • Legal: NFHS (youth boys & girls)

We doubt you want to play with old and used lacrosse sticks. Look at these youth lacrosse sticks, that are made for junior lacrosse players, also called “scoopers.” As a young player, you may not be tall enough to use a full-sized stick. Well thankfully, lacrosse stick length rules allow a legal stick be as short as 36 inches. Both of these warrior lacrosse sticks and STX lacrosse sticks kits are great boys lacrosse sticks!

stx-stinger-junior-complete-beginner-lacrosse-stick(#1) STX Stallion 50 Junior Complete Stick

Another of those awesome lacrosse sticks, the Stinger is one of the best STX lacrosse sticks for kids you can buy! A shorter lacrosse stick length allows for easier handling as a young player.

Also, the lacrosse shaft is thinner, so their hands can easily pass and catch with these kids lacrosse sticks. The lacrosse head comes with a soft mesh for easier catching. Note that the lacrosse shaft is not legal for NCAA or high school play.

warrior-lax-sticks-mako-boys-girlsWarrior Mako Junior Stick 

The Warrior Jr. Mako lacrosse stick is an essential for the young boy’s lacrosse player.  Most youth players used to have to learn with a full-sized boy’s lacrosse stick, but this newly designed Mako Jr. stick has cut down on the length of the shaft as well as the diameter of the shaft handle.  The changes allow boys youth players to learn the skills necessary to play the game while not struggling to use a stick that was not necessarily designed for them.  The Mako Jr is a steal for around $30, making it easy to upgrade to full sized lacrosse sticks when the player has grown.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

  • Price: $-$$
  • Ages: 10-16
  • Legal: NFHS & NCAA

These lacrosse sticks are full and regulation size for both NCAA and NFHS play by great lacrosse stick brands. Buying a complete lacrosse stick like these will save you money save you the hassle of stringing or lacing your head with new lacrosse mesh or assembling a shaft and head together. Butt end cap included!

These intermediate lacrosse sticks are designed for developing lacrosse players who have some experience under their belt. They make an excellent option for middle and early high school lacrosse players. Once your child is a sophmore at an academy and will continue playing lacrosse, we recommend buying more expensive and high quality lax gear. Otherwise, these will do for now!

stx-stallion-beginner-lax-stick(#1) STX Stallion 200 U Beginner

The STX Stallion 200 was designed with the elite Stallion 500 lacrosse stick in mind for a fraction of the cost.  The cheaper cost allows beginners and intermediate player that ability to get improved control and more feel on the ball for quicker shots and passes, without having to spend more money on an advanced lacrosse head.  Even with the cheaper design, the lax stick meets all rules and regulations, making it game ready.  You can’t beat the price for quality, control, and feel for an intermediate or new boy’s lacrosse player.

Warrior Rabil NXT 2 Beginner Stick warrior-rabil-lax-stick

Designed straight from lacrosse legend Paul Rabil himself, the Rabil Next 2 stick is a suburb choice for the developing or intermediate player.  Low sidewall and a widened scoop increase the area for ground ball pickups, and the graphics and design of the stick make it a hot item for boy’s players as well.

For a cost of around $$, you’ll be getting a lacrosse stick with advanced development and feel while not lacking in the fundamentals, like quality and ball control.

warrior-evo-next-lax-stickWarrior Evo Next Complete Lax Stick

The Warrior Evo is a highly-recommended stick.  Developed with the intermediate and advanced player in mind, the EVO stick is as close you can get to buying an advanced stick without the advanced price tag too.   The Warrior EVO boy’s lacrosse stick has the lowest offset sidewall to offer deeper pockets and more ball control.  Textured grip paint on the shaft gives you more feel in your gloves so you can feel the stick especially on rainy days.  A seriously great pickup of a 5-star stick for only $$.

maverik-charger-intermediate-kids-lax-stick-completeMaverik Charger Intermediate Lacrosse Stick

The Maverick Charger is a full sized, entry level lacrosse stick that has been the choice for many beginners.  The complete stick is not junior sized, so you won’t see narrower shaft diameter or shorter shaft length here.  This lax stick is designed with the older beginner in mind.

The cost is perfect for a new lacrosse player that doesn’t want to dish out a ton of money to just develop skills.  The Maverick Charger stick has low sidewalls and a widened scoop, great for mastering ground ball and cradling skills before moving on to a more advanced lacrosse stick.

stx-stallion-beginner-lax-stickSTX Stallion 200 U Defense Length Stick

The defensive length version of the Stallion 200 U Stick — This is a totally awesome option here for lacrosse defense sticks. Of all the beginner Brine lacrosse sticks, this is one of the greats! Just for beginner and intermediate lacrosse players, the head is lightly offset to make catching and passing easier. The open sidewall design allows for a wider face, making catching easier as well as ground balls. The sidewall is also reinforced to help ensure the best strength possible. Excellent value here with this brine lacrosse stick.

The Best Complete Girls Lacrosse Sticks

  • Price: $$-$$$
  • Ages: 10-18
  • Legal: See Individual Stick

To see our full list of girls lax sticks, go here. As a girl, lacrosse sticks for boys can be used for youth leagues. After that, you'll have to buy specific lacrosse sticks for girls. These are the best cheap lacrosse sticks girls can buy. And there are options for customized lacrosse sticks for girls too! If none of these work, look at Harrow and deBeer lacrosse sticks too.

Best-STX-Crux-100-Lacrosse-Womens-Complete-Sticks-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth-advanced(#1) STX Crux 100 Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX crux is one of the most highly sought after stick for advanced attackers and midfielders alike.  The Crux 100, 300, and 500 all offer the lowest sidewall possible, allowing superior pocket depth and ball protection.

Crafted with a “V” scoop, ground ball pickups are easier and more convenient to scoop ground balls on the run.  Designed with the ball handler in mind, the sidewall rail drops at the release point for quick shots and passes.  This girl’s lacrosse stick is the top choice of intermediate and advanced players.

girls-brine-dynasty-lax-stick-reviewBrine Dynasty Rise Girls Stick

The Brine Dynasty Rise lacrosse stick is the best of two worlds for beginners and some intermediate players.  It not only gives you the hold and handle of a Brine Stick, but it also doesn’t go heavy on the wallet either.  This Brine stick offers a wider scoop area to allow for new players to get a feel for grabbing loose balls.

The girls lax head itself has all the bells and whistles associated with the Brine design, sturdy construction and heavy nylon stringing will last the female player a few years, not a few months.

Best-STX Exult 500 Lacrosse Womens Complete Sticks-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth- advancedSTX Exult 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick

This STX lacrosse stick has been a go-to complete stick for beginner and intermediate girls. One of the most well-rounded girls lacrosse sticks, you can't go wrong here. The Exult has the lowest legal sidewalls in the game, allowing great cradling and ball handling. Patented STX forward can't for improved passing and shooting. Comes stock with a girls lacrosse shaft AL6000 which is high school and college legal. Snag this as one of those lacrosse sticks cheap and good!

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

stx-shield-goalie-lax-stickSTX Eclipse Goalie Lacrosse Stick

The STX Eclipse goalie stick is the perfect choice for both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse goalies.  The length of the factory shaft may be too long for a girl goaltender, but can easily be cut down and customized to a length that works.

The head itself is crafted with optimal strength, with closed sidewalls that keep the head from bending and flexing under pressure.  An optimal choice for a youth or rec level player, the STX Eclipse is strung with Dura Monster Mesh to cut down on rebounds and control the ball for clears.  Cheapest choice for a reliable goalie stick.

Best Warrior Nemesis 2 Lacrosse HeadsWarrior Nemesis 2 Goalie Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior Nemesis goalie stick is one of the best in the game.  It’s designed with widened, aerodynamic sidewalls that offer a light and reactive head for ground balls and cradling.

Stringing also comes easy, seeing as the Nemesis offers the maximum number of stringing holes around the head so that you can customize your pocket completely.  The head itself is flexible and versatile, created with an offset design so clears and ball handling are at your best.  This Warrior Nemesis goalie stick is the best choice for intermediate to advanced boys and girl’s players.

Wrapping Up:

After buying these different types of lacrosse sticks, you're gonna need a rack for your lacrosse sticks! At the more advanced level, you can buy a more lightweight lax stick, and even customize it with stick wraps, tape, and decals that mold to your stick. We doubt you'll want to play with an antique from the Native American days, get a one piece original lax stick today that won't need repairs or replacement parts and will last a long time.

Once you purchase your lacrosse stick for the 2019 season, the most important thing you can do is use it.  Get used to your new stick, customize it to your liking, and get ready to make a statement this season!  A complete lacrosse stick should last you a few seasons, not just a few months.  Make sure to take care of your equipment for the best possible results game after game!

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