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3 Exercises That Will Take Your Lacrosse Game to the Next Level

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Lacrosse players are always looking for that slight edge. They are looking for those one-percenters that mean they will outperform their opponents and increase their chances of getting that win.

A big part of this is making sure that players have the right exercise routine – one that will improve their play. Below we’ve outlined the 3 best exercises that will take your lacrosse game to the next level and we’ve outlined a couple of other tips to improve your game and give you the edge that you are looking for. Another way to improve your lacrosse game is to use the best lacrosse rebounder.


#1 Plank

Improved core strength will improve every area of your lacrosse game. The plank is a great exercise that can be done in a relatively confined space – at any time of day or night and in any weather. Core strength will improve your ability to pass effectively, it will increase your shot strength and it will help with your defense. It will improve your movement and coordination.  Improved core strength will increase your balance and increase your agility. 

When you first do a plank you may not last longer than 30 seconds. Start off with multiple rounds of planks at 30 seconds but as your strength increases add time to your plank. Aim for multiple rounds of plank for 2 minutes or longer. You can do it when you get up or before you go to bed so there is no excuse not to add the plank to your daily routine. 

#2 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is another great exercise that gives you massive results and also can be done in a relatively enclosed space. Jumping rope provides massive cardio benefits. Improved cardio conditioning means you’ll perform better for longer on the lacrosse field. Jumping rope will also increase your strength and agility. Jumping rope will build muscles in a whole body workout. You’ll benefit your forearms, calves, quads, and others.

There are a number of ways you can manage your jumping rope but interval circuits are generally best. You should look at working up to 2 minutes of jumping, 30 seconds rest over a number of rounds. Work up to 10 rounds. 

#3 Squats and Lunges

Leg strength and core strength are key factors in gaining an advantage over your competitors. Regular squats and lunges – even bodyweight squats and lunges – will give you massive results. Squats and lunges will increase your power. They’ll increase your speed and strength. There are a number of routines that the elite lacrosse players follow. They may do bodyweight lunges up and down their lacrosse field. If they are in the gym they’ll pack weight on the barbell and go heavy in a squat rack to keep safe. 

Lunges can also help increase the flexibility of your hip flexors. If you have tight hip flexors you won’t perform at your best. You’ll find your running is impacted and your conditioning will suffer. You will tire quicker. Tight hip flexors also increase your chances of injury. 

You may have noticed a common theme among our top 3 exercises. They are designed to improve your core and leg strength as increases here will have the biggest impact on your lacrosse game. 

In order to take your game to the next level, there are two other areas where you should focus – nutrition as well as shooting, dodging, and passing drills. 


To perform at your best as a lacrosse player, a balanced diet and adequate hydration are key. The right food and the right hydration increase your muscle mass, help with your conditioning, and support your recovery. The more attention you pay to nutrition, the better the results that you will see

Agility Drills – Shooting and Passing Drills 

Many players avoid their agility drills and they lose an advantage over their competitors because of this. They focus on practice on the field. You shouldn’t forget your drills. You should get the right equipment. A lacrosse rebounder is great for running your own drills and improving your agility. A rebounder will also help you identify areas for improvement. 

If you are looking to gain an edge over your lacrosse opponents I hope you have found this article useful. We’ve shared with you 3 key exercises that will improve your core and leg strength. These 3 exercises will give you the best “bang for your buck.” Combining these exercises with nutrition and the right skills training will improve your lacrosse. It will help you get the edge that you want over your opponents. 


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Buying Guides Lacrosse Sticks Womens

[Top 10] Best Womens & Girls Lacrosse Sticks 2020


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Having the right girls lacrosse stick is crucial to your success on the field.

Sure, your lacrosse goggles, cleats, and even socks are important. But your stick is your weapon on the field! The whole game revolves around your stick whether you are a middie, attacker or a goalie.


We believe that you can be just as good as the best laxers ever.

But it's going to take two things: Hard word, and the right girls lacrosse stick.

The hard work is up to you. But choosing the right womens lacrosse stick is up to us. We are here to help you choose the stick that will put your hard work to good use on the field.

The Best Girls Lacrosse Stick in 2020:

Best Value: STX Crux 300 Women's Lacrosse Stick

Buying Guide; Choosing the Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks

  • Ability: Age, Skillset
  • Cost: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Position: Middie, Attack, Defense

Best-Girls-Lax-Sticks-2018Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the U.S., which means tons of girls are taking up the fastest game on two feet. The game is being played at college and high school levels. Even younger girls and youth levels are taking up the game now.  That means girl’s lacrosse sticks are advancing and ever-changing, year after year.  We’re here to give you the rundown on the best possible girls lacrosse sticks you can choose from for your 2020 season.  Along with some new manufacturers in the market, the dominant girl’s lacrosse stick developers like Brine, STX, DeBeer, and Warrior have been producing more elite sticks to allow girl’s lacrosse players to put their best efforts on the field. As times move forward, games become more complex and the manufacturers try to keep up with these changes by modifying their products to make the best lacrosse sticks possible.

Girl’s lacrosse sticks are all developed with a variety of factors in mind.  Beginners sticks are developed with the basics in mind; scooping, throwing, and catching, while advanced sticks are developed with the positional lacrosse player in mind.  Throughout your quest to find the perfect stick for you, we want you to keep some of these points in mind.


Your sick should reflect your ability.  If you are just beginning the sport, a more advanced stick probably won’t be the right choice for you. When you start playing the game, you need to go for a stick that gives you maximum cradling ability. After some practice, you can move to the advanced levels.  Advanced sticks are designed with more narrow channels and lower sidewalls, creating a missed opportunity for a beginner to develop their ground ball scooping ability and their cradling ability.  Beginners do well with beginner or intermediate girls lacrosse sticks, giving them the best tool to learn the basics while still being a threat on the field.  Vice versa, advanced players are better off with more elite girl’s lacrosse sticks, as they are designed to give the ball handler more feel and quicker releases on shots and passes.


The best and most elite sticks of course come with a heftier price tag, but often for a good reason.  Elite sticks are designed to last seasons, and not just a few months.  The best girl’s lacrosse sticks offer the most ingenuity when it comes to sidewall design, pocket depth, and channeling.  If you are playing at pro level, then you should definitely invest in a stick that will be your companion through some seasons.  Not every elite girl’s lacrosse stick will be as expensive as the next, and it definitely depends on the manufacturer. You just have to skim through the products by different brands and find one that suits your needs and budget.  Beginners lacrosse sticks can offer the most ‘bang for your buck,” still offering a quality stick at an affordable price.


Once you have been playing for a while, some womens lacrosse sticks are preferred and recommended for certain positions over others.  Obviously, goaltenders use goalie lacrosse sticks, but you’ll soon see how some sticks are developed strictly for attackers, while some are better for defenders.

  1. Midfielders
  2. Attackers
  3. Defenders

Girls lacrosse is different than boys lacrosse. And so are girls sticks. Today, the top manufacturers that make Brine, deBeer and STX lacrosse sticks offer the best in class gear. They all give you maximum control with the ball at an affordable price.


Look for sticks with slight flex throughout the top half of the head to allow for controlled passes, quick releases, and speedy shots. The best attack lacrosse head for midfielders have a wider throat channel to naturally carry the ball in the middle to the top of the pocket. The “V” shaped head scoop work well for midfielders. Wider heads and low sidewalls along with the channeled stringing allows for an easy transition from offense to defense. If you’re an offensive midfielder, a pinched head will give you more feel with the ball and keep it nestled the pocket if you get checked.


All attack girls lacrosse sticks are designed with scoring goals in mind. Maximum offset from shaft to scoop allows for control even through double teams and stick checks because of a lower side rail and pocket. A pinched head keeps the ball centered in the head and offers control through dodges and fakes but still allows for a quick catch and release. Newer methods of stringing in attacker’s sticks use recessed sidewall holes to allow for pocket movement so the ball moves with you and your cradle instead of wobbling within the head. Look for “V” point scoops, which will keep the ball continuously flying out of the same release point on shots and passes, even on a rainy day. If you need help deciding which stick to get based on your position, you can go to your coach or watch some pro level players who play the same position as you.


Look for a girls lax stick that has stiffness throughout the head while offering a flattened or dropped scoop to allow maximum ground ball pickups. Womens lacrosse heads aimed at strict defenders have low flex points and sidewalls to allow for maximum pocket depths to increase control when carrying the ball. Though you can always restring a stick to your liking, many defensive girls lacrosse heads come with a gripper pocket which allows for more ball control throughout a variety of seasons. Wider womens lacrosse heads feature more surface area which increases a defenders chance of knocking down shots and passes in the 8 meter.

The Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks for Advanced Players

  • Ages: 12+
  • Price: $100-200
  • Complete: Shaft & Head

Womens lacrosse sticks are usually developed with high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate players in mind. As the game progresses in skill and technique, advances in lax stick technology have been relied on to give you an edge over your opponent. The materials are higher quality, and the purposes more specific on advances girls lacrosse sticks.  Different sticks are based on the position of the player, the level of durability required and the overall strength of the material used.  Checkout the reviews below!

stx-crux-500-best-girls-lax-stick(#1) STX Crux 500 Womens Lacrosse Stick

The STX Crux 500 is THE absolute best possible womens lacrosse stick you can purchase for the advanced laxers.  It can be seen being used by the top women’s players in the country in colleges and universities as well as the U.S. Women’s National team.

The Crux 500 is developed with 10 degree offset rail, so shots and passes get more whip and accuracy, something the advanced attacker and midfielder need.  The minimal sidewall development and offset head allow the ball to sit deeper in the pocket, allowing flex and control when cradling.  At just over $200, this can be a sticking point with some buyers. However, for those girl’s lacrosse players looking to really up their game, this is the stick you have to have.  You don’t have to invest in this stick if you’re just starting to step into the game. But if you’re playing on higher levels, this is the most ideal stick in terms of accuracy, firmness and control.

stx-crux-girls-womens-lax-stick-completeSTX Crux 300 Women's Lacrosse Stick

The middle model in the Crux series, the STX Crux 300 offers some of the perks associated with the STX Crux 500, without the $200 price tag.  It does have the minimal sidewall and the offset rail technology to allow a deeper pocket and flex point for shooting and ball control.

The STX Crux 300 is a little bit wider than the Crux 500, which makes it the better choice for the more intermediate player rather than the advanced.  Since it has a wider head, it is quite effective at checking and so can be used by defenders. The Crux 300 still has the widened scoop and flex for superior ground ball pickups.  The price for the STX Crux 300 womens lacrosse stick is cheaper than the 500 at just over $130.  This is the stick you want to invest in if you are still transitioning to advanced levels. It will definitely last you a few seasons and is not heavy on the pocket.

stx-exult-300-girls-stick-laxSTX Exult 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Exult 100 womens lacrosse stick is newer to the usual lineup, but girl’s lacrosse players are claiming they love these newly designed STX lacrosse sticks.  STX prides itself on lasting longevity of sticks, creating no-tear top strings and heavy pocket construction to last for years.

The center channel itself has grips that flex around the ball when it’s in your stick, creating a close bond between the center of the stick and the ball. This allows the midfielder and attacker to feel the ball when dodging and pulling back to shoot, knowing the ball is right where they want it every time.

stx-fortress-300-womens-lacrosse-stickSTX Fortress 300 Womens Lacrosse Stick

The STX Fortress is a lockdown defensive womens lacrosse stick. The head is designed to be stiff to knockdown passes and go right through ground balls in the defensive zone without flexing.  The elongated stick face allows the defender to get more power on outlet passes, and the widened head allows more surface area to check.

The pocket is designed for the ball carrier to be able to both carry and clear the ball, creating a unique flex point in the center strings so that the ball can be felt when cradling.  The top choice of elite defenders at right around $120 for this womens lacrosse stick.

maverik-vertigo-girls-lacrosse-stickMaverik Vertigo Womens Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Vertigo on Amazon

An interesting choice for the elite girl’s lacrosse player that needs longevity out of a stick that does it all.  A widened head allows for maximum scoop and channel for cutting down passes and defense, but also is created with a flexible pocket that hugs the ball when cradling, ideal for the midfielder who sees a lot of defensive and offensive action.

Pocket design keeps the ball in the sweet spot for quick releases on passes and shots.  A good yet different choice for the midfielder looking for something unique, outside of the typical STX or Brine stick.  Can be found for around $90.

STX Shield Goalie HeadSTX Shield Girls Goalie Lacrosse Head

Coming fully strung, this womens lacrosse goalie heads for girls is an awesome bet for intermediate to advanced laxers out there. A definite step up from the Goalmaster lacrosse goalie head, the STX Shield is now lighter and better than ever. If you play competitive high school or Divison 1 lacrosse, this is the girls lacrosse head for goalies who are the best of the best!

The Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

  • Ages: 6-12
  • Price: $30-60
  • Complete: Shaft & Head

In order to arm our nations youth players with the right tools learn the sport, manufacturers develop easy to use, skill developing, girls lacrosse sticks. Manufacturers like Brine, STX, and deBeer have lines of girls lacrosse sticks that put the focus on catching, throwing, and scooping ground balls. With wider scoops and less off-set than womens lacrosse sticks, it allows younger girls to learn the essential skills of the sport without worrying about high-tech advancements that come with more expensive sticks from the same manufacturers. Once your little girl has learnt the basics of the game, you can get a more expensive version of the same stick from these manufacturers.

Best-STX-Crux-100-Lacrosse-Womens-Complete-Sticks-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth-advancedSTX Crux 100 Review

The STX Crux 100 girl’s lacrosse stick is the first stick in the Crux model.  The models get newer and more advanced, so the Crux 100 is a great place to start for a beginner who will be progressing into the sport year after year.

The Crux line is developed for the more midfield and attack minded, offering superior ball control in its narrower channel and “V” shaped scoop.  The stick is very well liked by beginner and intermediate players, getting 4.5 stars out of 5.  For only $50, this STX Crux 100 girl’s lacrosse stick will serve its purpose and then some. You cannot expect it to last for many seasons but it will definitely be a great stick for practice. With this young players will be able to learn how to exercise control on the ball and have a grip on the shaft.

Brine-dynasty-rise-girls-complete-lax-stickBrine Dynasty Rise Lax Stick

Developed by the same manufacturer that designs the girls lacrosse sticks of elite players, the Dynasty Rise was created to offer beginners the feel of an elite stick without forgetting all the assets that a beginner needs to truly learn the sport.

The Brine Dynasty girl’s lacrosse stick has low, offset sidewalls to allow beginners and intermediates to begin feeling the ball in their stick without minimizing control.

The Dynasty Rise also offers one of the most widened scoops available, so that the beginners can maximize ground ball pickups, especially when new to the sport.  Available for just under $40, the Brine Dynasty Rise is a great option for the girl’s lacrosse player who is serious, but new to the sport. At such a minimal price, this stick is a wise choice if you want to teach a young girl how to scoop a ball properly.

debeer-impulse-girls-womens-lax-stick-beginnersdeBeer Impulse Girls Lacrosse Stick

The model itself is a few years old but there have been little improvements on this great choice for the intermediate to advanced lacrosse player.  The DeBeer Impulse girl’s lacrosse stick is light and responsive, designed with low, aerodynamic sidewalls that allow you to really feel the ball. The sidewalls allow for the ball to be placed in the middle so that it gets the most impact when you are shooting.

The stringing has the gripper center channel, keeping the weight of the ball in the center of your stick, ready for a pass, shot, or cradle in a split second.  Plus, the fact that it was released in 2013 means you can get it for cheap, at much less than a new 2017 or 2018 model.  Starts at just around $50.

stx-girls-lacrosse-sticks-lillySTX Lilly Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Lilly girl’s lacrosse stick is the typical beginner stick.  This stick is ideal for beginners and youth players, but almost too much of a beginner stick for the intermediate player.

This girl’s lacrosse stick is designed with the widest possible scoop for ground balls, ideal for those who aren’t yet efficient in passing and catching.  The channel in the middle of the stick is also wider, so that cradling skills can be developed and passes can be crisper.  It’s definitely the type of girl’s lacrosse stick you start a youth player out with so that they can learn the basics, and not a bad price for $30, easily replaceable for when your youth player is ready to move on to a more advanced girls lacrosse stick.

maverik-lacrosse-women-twist-complete-stick-inset4Maverik Twist Girls Lacrosse Stick

The Maverik Twist girls lax stick comes with a pocket developed to give the beginner more feel with the ball.  The precision pocket is ideal for those who have mastered ground balls, passing, and catching, and now want to develop their shooting skills.

The pocket is strung with heavy nylon, which offers more control around the ball within the pocket. This control is extremely important when you are learning how to shoot the ball. Priced at under $50, you can't go wrong with this lax stick for beginners or intermediate players.

stx-exult-starter-girls-pack-kitSTX Exult Girls Lacrosse Starter Pack

The STX Exult girls lacrosse starter package comes with the STX Exult stick, youth-sized 4sight goggles, and stick bag.  It is the ideal package for the beginner or intermediate girl’s lacrosse player that needs to cover her bases with equipment.

The Exult 200 stick is a decent beginner stick that offers widened surface area for ground ball pickup, and optimal sight protection with the 4sight goggles.  Available in a few colors, we found it in pink for $85.

maverik-twist-girls-lax-beginner-kitMaverik Twist Girls Lacrosse Starter Pack

Complete with the Maverick Twist Girls Lacrosse Stick with flexible swivel pocket to offer the youth player flexibility when learning to carry the ball.

The Twist girls lax starter package also includes the coveted Poly Pro goggles, which has the best possible sightline to the ball with its one-lined eye protection.

The Maverick Twist package also includes a lacrosse backpack style bag, which is becoming more common and desired among youth players. We found it in carolina blue and pink for $80.

The Final Scoop on Girls Lacrosse Sticks

No matter what position you play, there is a girls lacrosse stick out there designed with you in mind. The best way to get a feel for what you need is to try out the sticks of your teammates, coaches, and mentors. While you may get used to one stick over time, you might not be performing at the top of your game without a stick that is designed for your position, especially at a higher level.

Trying out newer, more advanced lacrosse sticks for girls will keep you performing at the top of your game season after season! It is always good to keep your choices open. You never know when you will hold a stick that belongs to another player and love the way it fits in your hand.

Girls or Womens lacrosse stick choice should depend on your ability, position, and cost, but don’t let those be just the deciding factors.  Choose the girls lax stick that feels right in your hands, and the best thing you can do is try out your teammates sticks as well.  There are pros and cons to every option but the stick that can get you through a long season with little wear and tear is going to be your best bet. You can be the best at the game but if you are not comfortable with your stick or if the stick you are using is not top notch, you can never give your best play. A stick can make or break a new or even elite player, so get the stick that is right for you!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Buying Guides Heads

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Heads of 2020 Guide


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Your lacrosse head is one of the most important pieces of lacrosse equipment you’ll own as a laxer.

It’s the one you’ll be stringing, customizing, and dyeing for your whole career.

When you find the perfect lax head, your passes will be crisper, ground balls smoother, and shots faster. This is why it’s important to find the right lacrosse head so that you can really up your game.


You’ll probably spend more money on lacrosse heads than on all your other lax gear.

The greatest players in existence wouldn’t be where they are without their lacrosse heads in their hands! So, even if you have to spend a few extra bucks, don’t hesitate to do so. Spend wisely but be ready to pay a little more than what you paid for other equipment. The investment totally pays off in the end.

If you want to play like an elite laxer…

The Best Lacrosse Heads for Sale in 2020:

Best for Defense: STX Hammer

Best for Goalies: STX Eclipse

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Lacrosse Head in 2020

Every pass, every shot, every check is thanks to the little pinched polymer piece on the end of your lacrosse stick. This means that you need to choose that polymer piece wisely so that every shot of yours is perfect.

Lacrosse is still considered a growing sport in many areas.  Along with growing the game, lacrosse equipment is ever-changing, and lacrosse heads are becoming lighter, stronger, and more technologically advanced to give you the edge in your game. Sports companies and manufacturers are introducing new and better gear each year. You need to be aware of the latest advancements to find the right head.

Buying the best lacrosse head won’t necessarily make you the best player, but it can elevate your game to a new level.  Most of these heads are customizable, meaning you can string it, dye it, and tweak it to really make it yours.  The opportunity to play with the same lacrosse sticks as the pros is here, and we can show you the best products on the market right now to get you ready for your spring season.

best-lacrosse-heads-2018-buying-guide-reviewsJust like lacrosse shafts, there are different lacrosse heads for different positions, some better for faceoffs, defense, and attack.  Based on what you’re trying to accomplish with your new head, you should ask yourself some questions so that you know you’re making the right purchase.

Checkout: Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks

Your lacrosse stick is your baby, and deciding which one you’ll take to battle will depend on your position on the field. Check out this lacrosse heads buying guide to see which is the best lacrosse heads for sale.

There are so many awesome lacrosse heads from brands like Warrior, Brine, STX, Gait and even new lacrosse heads from Adidas, Epoch, Tribe 7 and Hawk. Boy are you in for a treat!

Along the way, keep in mind whether you want a strung or unstrung lacrosse head, and if you want a cool custom lacrosse head, or dyed lacrosse mesh. And of course, depending on if you play box, attack, defense, middie, FoGo, LSM, or goalie will depend on the lacrosse head you need! And we've got you covered in all aspects. Better make a check list before you start looking for a lacrosse head. If a certain lacrosse head matches your preferences, you are golden.  Read on friends.

Unstrung vs Strung?

Usually everyone knows that one guy who strings everyone’s lax stick before the season starts.  If you’re that guy, you can easily get away with buying an unstrung head.  Unstrung heads are usually cheaper, which is a bonus, and you can string it any way you want. Strung heads are factory strung, meaning every pocket is the same.  It’s not a bad way to go, since they’re usually strung to be average with passing and catching.  If you’re an attacker though, you might appreciate a little more hold and more whip on your shots, you’re better off stringing your own or getting someone who knows how to do it to string it for you.

If you don’t know how to string a head on to your shaft, you can watch YouTube tutorials or you can simply opt for a strung one. However, when you play in an attacking position, you would want the head to be a bit more customized for your game play. So, unstrung it is for you.

Get the Right Lax Head for your Position

Positional specific lacrosse heads come into play when we talk about pinch and pockets.

  • Defensive lacrosse heads are usually built to be strong and sturdy and a little heavier to withstand checks and ground balls.
  • Attack/Middie lacrosse heads are lighter, usually more pinched (narrow) and slightly offset for the best passes, shots, and feeds in the game. When buying these heads, you need to read the description carefully as the manufacturers describe their products as pinched or arched.
  • Goalie lacrosse heads are in a world of their own, but we’ll give you the breakdown for the best goalie heads and women’s lacrosse heads below.
  • Faceoff middie specialists have a specific need of the FoGo lacrosse heads they play with. Faceoff lacrosse heads like the Warrior OG Blade should flex not break and be able to suck the ball in.

The Complete List of the Best Lacrosse Heads of All Time

Below we've listed the best lacrosse heads for attack, defense, middie, box, faceoff and goalies! We've broken down the section just for your position. Most lacrosse head prices are around $50, give or take. It's rare you can find a lacrosse head for under $10 or $20. We'll do our best to lit the clearance, discount and on sale lacrosse heads on Amazon. This guide will be listed by….

  1. Offensive Lacrosse Heads
  2. Defensive Lacrosse Heads
  3. Goalie Lacrosse Heads
  4. Box Lacrosse Heads

1. The Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads for Attack

Offensive shooters and dodgers need a narrower stick that lets them thread tight passes and place accurate shots. This is really important if you are an attacker because you are the one who is scoring the goals. Be sure to match your lacrosse head with the best lacrosse attack stick. The slimmer throat and narrower head also makes it easier to keep the ball safe in your pocket even if your stick gets checked. Here are some of the best lacrosse heads for attack out there right now:

east-coast-dyes-mirage-lax-head-2017East Coast Dyes Mirage Lacrosse Head

The East Coast Dyes Mirage head has been developed over and over again until it was promised to be perfected.  The Mirage lacrosse head is built to be customized for the stringer to design the pocket exactly how they want it to be.  The offset scoop allows the player to get the perfect feel for ground balls.  For just under $90, you get either the black or white unstrung head.  Designed to be used for elite attackers and midfielders.

ECD released their lax shafts just a couple of years ago with raving reviews. People love them. You don't want to miss out on the Mirage lax head. 10/10.

Best-Warrior-Evo-4x-Lacrosse- HeadsWarrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Evo line has been around for some time now, and has been tried and tested by professional lacrosse players around the country.  The Warrior Evo 4x lacrosse head was redesigned to offer optimal stiffness throughout the head while still maintaining the minimum weight so can really feel the ball.

The Evo 4x offers the new SYMRAIL design, so that the interior sidewall mirrors the outside sidewall, which provides the head with stability.  This Warrior Evo 4x lax head is easily strung to your liking, because it has the maximum number of stringing holes throughout the head so you can customize your pocket.  Different colored heads cost different amounts, but the trust all-black Evo 4x unstrung lacrosse head will only set you back about $80. Since it has stringing holes in it for customization, you can either get it strung once by a friend for the whole season or you can string it differently for your game play that certain game or day.

Best-Maverik-Optik-Universal-Lacrosse-HeadsMaverik Optik Lacrosse Head

Though Maverik hasn’t been around as long as other big name brands like Warrior, Brine, and STX, they are still making waves in the lacrosse world with their stick and equipment advances.  The Maverik Optik lacrosse head is designed with a “V” shaped scoop, great for middies who are scooping up lots of loose balls.

The Optik lacrosse head comes unstrung, and is available in a variety of colors all for the same price at $90.  The lightweight 2-strut design allows the head to be aerodynamic and light so you can pull moves at top speed and not worry about losing feel of the ball.  The level 2 bottom rail allows the pocket to be deep, but won’t sacrifice passing and shooting accuracy.

Best-STX-Super-Power-Lacrosse-HeadsSTX Super Power Lacrosse Head

STX lacrosse heads have been built upon the tested design of the Proton to come out with a version that’s lighter, stronger, and more customizable. You're going to notice tons of stringing holes for the perfect pocket.

The STX Super Power has a multifaceted design that lends itself to sucking up ground balls while giving you the control to put the ball where you want it. The reinforced sidewall makes it a great option for both attackmen and middies alike.

Scoop up the Super Power for around $50 over at Amazon today!

warrior-paul-rabil-lacrosse-head-2xWarrior Rabil 2 Lax Head

The Warrior Rabil 2x lacrosse head is designed straight from the elite lacrosse player himself, Paul Rabil.  This Warrior Rabil head is designed with Sym-Rail Twist technology to keep the head stiff in order to prevent a swift check from knocking the ball loose.

Stringing is customizable with the Rabil 2x, with stringing holes placed around the sidewalls for perfect mid-high pocket placement.  Gets great reviews from the elite lacrosse players, so naturally it’s a little pricier than most lacrosse heads at $95-110.
Epoch Hawk Prequel Lacrosse Head

Epoch is a relatively new brand in the world of lacrosse products.  The Epoch Hawk lacrosse head was designed to be a reliable head that offers unrivaled ball control and release on passes and shots.  Epoch designed this head with the attacker in mind, perfect for those who use one-handed dodges frequently.

The head itself has some flex to it, as it’s made from Composite injected polymer to match flexibility with strength.  Priced at $100, the Epoch Hawk lacrosse head is one that you should try if you’re looking for a new twist on your offensive game. This is why their product is flexible for efficient defense and is strong enough to bear checks.

2. The Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads

Defensive lacrosse heads should be rigid and able to withstand some abuse from throwing poke and slap checks. Make sure you choose a durable lacrosse head because you don’tt want one that breaks with the first poke check. It’s also a good idea to have a wide head and throat to make it easier to pick off passes. You don’t have to worry about having a pinched head for better ball handling—We're look at you lacrosse D-Poles and defensive midfielders.

stx-hammer-defensive-lax-head-longpolesSTX Hammer U Lacrosse Head

One of the best defensive lacrosse heads currently on the market, even though it was released in 2013.  Four years later, the STX Hammer U lacrosse head is the most reliable head for defensemen.  The STX Hammer is designed with C-Channel technology that provides stability and strength when checking and scooping up loose balls.

The sidewalls are designed with three struts across, to keep the head from flexing too much when poke checking.  Stringing holes are oriented towards the top of the head, so that the head can be designed with a high pocket to offer reliable and consistent passes and releases.  Can be found for $60-100 depending on the color.

stx-stallion-lax-head-700-sidewallsSTX Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

A force to be reckoned with on the field, the STX Stallion 700 is one of the best lacrosse heads available for the elite player.  The bottom side rail is pushed out towards the scoop, allowing for mid-high pocket placement to allow for shooters to hit the net and not waste valuable seconds trying to feed the ball from a lower set pocket.

The STX Stallion 700 lacrosse head is developed with the Speed Scoop, which turns the scoop towards the bottom of the stick for easier ground balls. Priced at $90, this newer head gets great reviews and would be a valuable tool for any lacrosse player. People who have used the head have been satisfied with the ease it provides in scooping ground balls.

maverik-tank-lax-head-defenseMaverik Tank Lacrosse Head

A wide lacrosse head with a stiff frame is going to give you the confidence you need to dive into ground ball scrums and throw hard checks knowing your lax head is going to withstand the abuse.

This head will not last you your whole career, we are not going to lie, but it will help you in effective checking when you are playing in defense.

Maverik came out with a solid performer and it’s been a popular Maverik Tank lacrosse head for the defenseman who likes to lay the lumber on shift attackmen.

Reinforced sidewalls with a stiff frame make this head great for strong poke checks. And for around $70 over at Amazon, this head will last you at least 2 seasons.


Warrior Revo 3X Lacrosse Head

This lacrosse head was obviously over engineered for stiffness. Take a look at the side of the head and you’ll see a lot of reinforcement. Warrior lacrosse has be producing great lacrosse heads for years and the Revo 3X is no exception. The company continues to create lacrosse gear that makes players’ game play even better. Their focus is on ensuring that the lacrosse heads last you long enough and are not easily damaged by poke checks.

The Warrior REVO collection of heads has been around for a long time and Warrior keeps improving it. The latest offering of the 3X gives you more sidewall options for pocket placement, and will not break on any stick or poke checks!

stx-x10-lax-head-xcalibur-2017STX X10 Lacrosse Head

This is another great offering of STX lacrosse heads…Given to us from the lacrosse gods!

When Brine released the Edge lacrosse head, the X10 was STX lacrosse's response. It’s a superb design that you can’t go wrong with. You’ll see a lot of d-poles running around with it, but the STX X10 is a versatile design that would be at home in anyone’s hands.

As an LSM (Long-stick middie) or defensive player, we love the STX X10 for you. It's very affordable, around $60 on Amazon, is incredibly stiff for checks, and perfect scoop for those pesky ground balls.

3. The Best Lacrosse Goalie Heads

Lacrosse goalies use a completely different lacrosse head made specifically for them. A goalie lacrosse head is much larger to allow them to easily make saves in the goal. Take a look at these best lacrosse heads for goalies and keepers for 2015.

stx-eclipse-lacrosse-goalie-head-strungSTX Eclipse Goalie Lacrosse Head

This STX lacrosse head comes unstrung. Most lacrosse goalies want to string their own lax heads, as many prefer different pocket depths. As a goalie, you will find it hard to play with a strung head because adapting to that pocket depth will take some time.

The Eclipse has been around for years, but has never been unseated as one of the best, if not the absolute best head for a goaltender.  Offset to get more power off of clears as well as to absorb shots, the Eclipse is designed for the elite goaltender, but can be used by younger goaltenders as well.  Strategically placed stringing holes allow the goaltender to string the pocket to eliminate rebounds and allow for accurate, speedy outlet passes.  A strong and incredibly reliable head for anywhere from $75-100, the STX Eclipse lacrosse goalie head is loved by all goaltenders.

stx-goalie-lacrosse-head-zoo-strungSTX Zoo Cheap Goalie Lax Head

The STX Zoo is the cheaper, beginner option for lacrosse goalie heads. This standby comes completely strung. This goalie lacrosse head is perfect for beginner and youth laxers who are just learning the fundamentals. Also great for intermediate lacrosse heads, you'll notice enhanced ball control and decreased ball rattle after you make that dope lacrosse save and make your outlet pass to your defender!

Nothing out of the ordinary with this lax goalie head: You get a normal sized head to catch those shots, an average scooping angle lets you grab those ground balls outside the crease, and will easily fit onto an lax goalie shaft. As it is already strung, it makes a great lacrosse head for beginners who are still learning the basics of the game.

4. The Best Box Lacrosse Heads

Box lacrosse players universally operate in tight spaces and have to be real accurate with their shots. The best Indoor lacrosse heads don’t follow the same regulations as high school and college organizations. They’re much more pinched and have a narrower throat. The unique design of a box lacrosse head allows for tighter passing, more accurate shooing, and better ball control. As you will be playing indoors, you will need to have this extra control over the ball.

best-gait-lacrosse-headGait Saber Box

Gait lacrosse heads are the powerhouse of box lacrosse and it shows with the Gait Saber Box head design. Stiff and narrow, the Saber gives you the control you need to place shots exactly where you need them. If you need the best lacrosse head for attack, you've found it. One of the best box lacrosse heads in 2020.

With its narrow throat, this lacrosse head gives you the ability to shoot precisely and to get accurate, impactful shots. Also, it is designed to give the player more control over the ball. As the head is more pinched than normal lacrosse heads, it will allow tighter passing.

Best Under Armour Judgement Box Lacrosse Heads

Under Armour Judgement Box

The Judgement’s design is built around achieving a faster shot. It’s made with whip in mind so that you can crank shots faster than the goalie can track them. Its reinforced construction also gives you peace of mind when throwing hard poke checks—you want your opponent to feel them. Definitely one of the best box lacrosse heads of all time.

[VIDEO] The Best 5 Lacrosse Heads 2020

Regardless of the lacrosse head you go with, making sure you know how to work it is the most important part of playing the game. Dial your pocket in, get on the lacrosse rebounder for some passing, and find a net to practice shooting on. Get your form and technique dialed down, and you’ll be able to play at an elite level regardless of the stick you have in your hands!

Lacrosse-Heads-Sizing-Rules-Regulations-NCAA-NFHSLacrosse Heads Explained: Rules & Regulations

Since the 90s, and even 2012-2013, there’s now differences in lacrosse head dimensions and measurements between high school (NFHS) and college legal (NCAA). Using the wrong head can land you in the penalty box for a 3-minute non-releasable penalty. A penalty this severe can set your team back pretty far in the game, so make sure you’ve got the best lax head for your position. It’s better to be aware of the rules first rather than regretting later when you ate sitting in the penalty box.  Check out this guideline and research the head you want to buy before spending your cash on an expensive head that won’t be any good to you.

The Final Scoop

Getting a new lacrosse head is a glorious occasion, and makes any player excited for the season to begin.  Picking the lax head that is right for you is important, try not to be swayed by your friend’s purchases, and feel free to try something you might not normally try.  Some lacrosse sticks are built for certain positional players, and certainly a defensemen shouldn’t buy an attack head just because all their teammates have it. You can get some advice from your coaches too as they will be able to help you find your ideal stick. Buy the head that is right for you to get the most value for your money.  When you’re able to throw checks, make crisp, clean feeds, or win draw after draw, you’ll be thankful you did your research instead of buying the lacrosse head that simply looks the coolest!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.


Best Lacrosse Mini Sticks Sets 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Mini lacrosse sticks are tons of fun…

They allow kids, coaches, and even advanced lacrosse players to fiddle with their lax sticks to learn new moves, improve their stick handling, and have fun.

Ask any major league lacrosse player in 2019, and they'll admit they've played with lacrosse fiddlesticks to learn new lacrosse stick tricks.

Why you Need Lacrosse Mini Sticks:

Lacrosse mini sticks will make you a better laxer, both girls and boys! Think about it. In every sport out there, being able to just goof off, play around, and get creative will make you a better player. Yes, fundamentals and mechanics are important, but the best lacrosse players are those who get creative with their stick handling and dodges. Custom mini lacrosse sticks let you do just that.

***2019 Update***

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers to find a stick that would be perfect for lacrosse players.  Rather than charge $150-250 for a premium stick, we made one for $99 available on Amazon.  The stick comes with everything, a killer all carbon fiber shaft perfect for middies and attackers, a prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls for better impact resistance and longer endurance. Check it out by clicking here.

The Best Mini Sticks Sets:

Best Set: STX Fiddle Sticks Set (with goal)

Best Stick: STX Mini Sticks (Set of 2)

Lacrosse fiddle sticks also make an excellent replacement for youth lacrosse sticks if you're kids are very young. Sometimes, a full sized lacrosse stick can be too large for little kids just starting out. Having a small lacrosse stick let's your kids learn the basics of lacrosse without buying a real stick. Not to mention parents, grandparents, and even dogs love playing with lacrosse mini sticks too!

Full List & Guide to Buying Mini Lacrosse Sticks


You can either buy a full fiddlesticks lacrosse set which includes a soft orange ball, goal, goalie stick, and usually 4 small lacrosse sticks. Or, you can buy just the traditional mini lacrosse sticks, which usually come in a set of just 2 fiddle sticks. Checkout the list below, where we've listed the cheapest place for sale to buy from Amazon and eBay.

Top 5 Complete Mini Lacrosse Sticks Sets

If you are looking to buy a mini lacrosse stick set that includes multiple sticks, a goalie stick, and mini goal then these are the options for you. The STX mini fiddlesticks set is our favorite!!

Stx-fiddlestx-lacrosse-set-miniSTX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

Okay this “FiddleSTX” lax set is the best bang for your buck. You get the name brand of STX mini lacrosse sticks, a full goal, 7 sticks, balls. So many awesome reason's to scoop this up today….

  • 6 Mini Field Player Complete Sticks
  • 1 Mini Goalie Stick
  • 6 Soft Practice Balls
  • 1 Fiddle STX PVC Goal w/ Sleeve Net – Dimensions: 3′ x 3′
  • Instruction book and game play rules

Mini-Warrior-lacrosse-sticks-set-goalComplete Warrior Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

This would be our recommended 2nd best option for fiddle lacrosse sticks set. Warrior mini lacrosse pop up set. Dual purpose goal – open net or target comes complete with two mini Evo 4 sticks and one Mini Nemesis Stick and 2 mini balls.

  • Dual purpose goal – open net or target
  • Contains two Mini Evo 4 and one Mini Nemesis and 2 mini lacrosse balls
  • Comes with carrying case

brine-mini-lax-sticks-set-with-goalFull Brine Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

We think tied for 2nd place is this Brine mini lacrosse sticks set. You can use this in your basement indoors, or set it up anywhere outside or in your backyard you like!

  • 2 Mini Brine E3 lacrosse sticks
  • 1 Mini Money Goalie lacrosse stick
  • 1 Mini lacrosse goal
  • Pack of 2 mini lacrosse balls

maverik-mini-lacrosse-goal-setMaverik Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

The game does not have to end when you leave the field. The Maverik Mini Lacrosse Set is the perfect tool for getting young prospects acclimated to the game. It's also great for the player who just can't get enough lacrosse in their life! The Mini Lacrosse Set includes….

  • 2 Juice Jr. Mini Sticks
  • 1 Base Jr. Goalie Stick
  • 2 Soft Mini Lacrosse Balls
  • 1 PVC Goal with netting.


Mylec Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

A super cheap mini lacrosse stick set for you here. We can't promise durability, but you gotta plan on mini lax sticks breaking anyways. They aren't made for real play!

  • Mini lacrosse goal with weighted bottom
  • 2 Mylec Mini lacrosse sticks
  • 1 Rubber mini lacrosse ball

The Best 2-Packs of Mini Lacrosse Sticks

Checkout these packs of 2 lacrosse mini sticks if you don't need a goal or mini goalie lax sticks. Great for just tossing around in the backyard! Mini wooden lacrosse sticks are an option too.

STX-Mini-Lacrosse-Stick-SetSTX Mini Lacrosse Sticks Set

Enjoy all the action and fun of lacrosse with 30″ miniature sticks. Each mini lax stick has a soft mesh pocket and durable plastic handle – ideal for young players Great for indoor and outdoor play! Each stick packaged with soft orange ball.

  • FiddleSTX The world's most popular lacrosse mini stick game
  • Two mini Super Power stick with one ball
  • Rugged plastic heads and shafts

brine-fiddlestick-mini-set-of-2Brine Super Toss Mini Lacrosse Sticks

If you just want a basic set of mini lacrosse sticks to pass around with and work on your lacrosse stick tricks, this is a super good deal!

  • 2 toy mini-sticks with authentic look and feel
  • Mesh pocket
  • Soft foam rubber ball included
  • Colors are assorted (blue, red, green, etc)

cheap-mini-lacrosse-fiddlestick-setToysmith Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

The beginning girls or boys lacrosse player will love this Toysmith Lacrosse Set. It features 2-31″ long lacrosse sticks and a 2.25″ rubber ball. Hours of outdoor fun and exercise. Perfect for ages 5 and up.

  • Set includes 2 lacrosse sticks and a 2.25″ rubber ball
  • Lacrosse sticks are 31″ long
  • Great outdoor fun
  • The best youth lacrosse stick

The 5 Lacrosse Fiddle Sticks We Love

If you just want to buy individual mini lacrosse sticks, check out these high quality options….defensive, attack, goalie mini lacrosse stick options too!

warrior-fiddle-stick-mini-evo-4Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick

Warrior MINI Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick for mini lacrosse play. The Next Generation of Warrior mini sticks for the backyard, bbq, or basement laxing. Comes with mini lacrosse ball. Colors available: Red, Royal, Orange, Black, White. Not intended for game use.

lacrosse-warrior-accessorie-mini-stick-relentless-27-cobra-mini-stickWarrior Mini Cobra Lacrosse Stick

Warrior turns one of their best lacrosse sticks into mini form with the Cobra. Mini lacrosse stick mesh and ball included with this. Awesome option for a kids lacrosse sticks who's just starting out…also great to play toss with your dog in the backyard!

Brine-clutch-mini-fiddle-stick-lacrosseBrine Clutch Mini Lacrosse Stick

Brine Clutch Mini

Brine brings their best selling clutch lacrosse stick into mini form here! We love the full sized version of this stick, and the mini lax stick is just as good! The mini lacrosse shaft is great quality, and the mini lacrosse head is too. Comes with a soft lacrosse ball!

warrior-revo-defense-mini-fiddle-stickDefensive Warrior Revo Mini Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior revo mini lacrosse stick is a replica of the full version. We love this thing! If you have a youth laxer who is interested in playing defense, this is your go-to lacrosse fiddle stick. This sucker also comes with one soft orange mini lacrosse ball.

stx-mini-lacrosse-stick-eclipse-goalieGoalie STX Eclipse Mini Lacrosse Stick

Don't think we've forgotten about you lacrosse goalies. STX shrunk their best selling lacrosse goalie stick, the Eclipse in to a small lacrosse stick. Now you beginner goalies can practice with a mini goalie lacrosse head. Comes with a soft lacrosse ball!

Brine Replacement Mini Lacrosse Balls SoftPack of 2 Replacement Mini Lacrosse Balls

Need a pack of replacement mini lacrosse balls? Scoop these up from Amazon, comes as a pack of two and you get orange and green. They are soft balls, and aren't hard lacrosse balls.

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

News Shafts

[Answered] The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft & Gear EVER


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

The year is 2019 and we've had huge advances in lacrosse technology.

…especially when it comes to weight of lacrosse gear.


No laxer likes being bogged down by heavy lax gear.

Buying the lightest, most flexible lax gear is essential to being your best on the field.

So you now you ask, what is the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world?

And the lightest lacrosse head? Gloves? Cleats? Helmet?

To answer these questions, we’ve gone through the weeds to make a list of the lightest lacrosse gear available on the Internet. Sit back and enjoy as we answer this age old question that laxers coast to coast have been asking since the dawn of time.

Lightweight lax shafts can improve overall athletic performance by reducing weight burden on the player. Despite being lightweight, these shafts fulfill the promise of delivering the desired results required.

Checkout our Top 10 Best Lax Shafts Guide

With every piece of light lacrosse gear we list, you'll find short a review and description of each, AND the cheapest place to buy them if your heart so desires.

***2019 Update***

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers to find a stick that would be perfect for lacrosse players.  Rather than charge $150-250 for a premium stick, we made one for $99 available on Amazon.  The stick comes with everything, a killer all carbon fiber shaft perfect for middies and attackers, a prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls for better impact resistance and longer endurance. Check it out by clicking here.


Get the Lightest Lacrosse Shaft in the World…

tri-kor-sub-5-lacrosse-shaft-reviewTri Kor Sub 5 Shaft – 3.33 oz – Lightest in the World!

If you aren't familiar with Tri-Kor, they are a newer lacrosse brand that is challenging the big brands. And they are doing a pretty stellar job. They are known for their incredibly lightweight lacrosse shafts and for constructing the Tri-Kor Sub 5, one of the lightest lacrosse shafts in the world. The reason they call it the “Sub 5” is because the Tri Kor Sub 5 weight is below 5 ounces! Now this shaft is designed for Attack, so if you are looking for the lightest defense lacrosse shaft, checkout the Tri Kor Sub 13, and if you are looking for the lightest goalie lacrosse shaft, then checkout the Tri Kor Sub 7.

This lightweight shaft can last a long time and is appropriate for use by both youth and adults. Laxers using this product have found it to be extremely fine-spun and does the exact same job as an advanced level lacrosse shaft. If you are still training to be a lacrosse player and are at the beginner level, this product is for you.

Best Gait Scandal Lacrosse ShaftsGait Scandal Lacrosse Shaft – 4.58 Ounces

The Gait Scandal is an excellent option for your next lacrosse shaft. Not only is it the lightest lacrosse shaft you can buy, it's actually quite strong as well! You'll notice that it's very similar to the Gait ICE lacrosse shaft, but the Gait Scandal is actually BETTER! Made with some of the strongest, yet lightest materials on earth, you'll love rocking this bad boy on the field as either attack or middie! We love this shaft!

This lightweight product has a strong grip which means that you can use it to rock your performance.

stringking-metal-shaft-lacrosse-reviewStringKing Metal Shaft – 4.58 Ounces

So the StringKing Metal lacrosse shaft is one of, if not, THE most popular lacrosse shaft on the market right now. And for good reason. Ask anyone who has tried out the new StringKing shaft, and they'll tell you why. The Metal weight is super light, will withstand any big lacrosse check, and has an awesome grip for one of the lightest lax shafts. No, it's not the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world, but you'll be happy with it!

Best Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Dolo Diamond – 5.1 Ounces

The Warior Dolo Diamond Pro shaft almost took the gold on lightest lacrosse shaft in the world. Well, it actually was the lightest lacrosse shaft for years, until Gait launched the Scandal and Tri Kor launched the Sub 5 series! The Warrior Diamond pro has been an excellent shaft, with great durability and favoritism across the lax community. It has been designed by Paul Rabil and has the strongest grip. This product allows flexibility; you can easily indulge in multiple movements with the use of this product. So much so that we actually did a full review of the Warrior Dolo Diamond pro here! And Warrior Krypto Pro Goalie shaft review here.

According to customers, this is one of the greatest and lightest shafts available that allows you to focus on performance while provide excellent results.

The Lightest Lacrosse Heads Ever

Best Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse HeadsBrine Clutch Elite – 4.3oz – Lightest in the World!

Not to be confused with the regular Brine Clutch lacrosse head or Clutch 3, the Brine Clutch Elite is the second lightest lacrosse head in the world! Being lightweight isn't the only great feature about this lax head either. It comes infused with the Brine NOZ technology, it dramatically decreases the weight of the Brine clutch Elite without sacrificing strength! Another Brine patent is the TruOffSet which allows for maximum pocket control. Scoop it up today!

It is reasonably priced and nicely designed to help you standout. This lacrosse head is durable and popular especially among the youth who find it to deliver exceptional results.

Best Brine RP3 X Lacrosse HeadsWarrior NOZ2 Lax Head – 4.5 Ounces

The Warrior NOZ2 is one of the best new heads we've seen in a long time. Warrior's engineering team did an excellent job designing this head for the expert attack or the best lacrosse head for middies who is looking to score goals. The custom sidewall options expand your possibility for advanced stringing options. This head will go down as the one of the coolest and highest selling lacrosse heads in 2018.

Best Maverik Optik Universal Lacrosse HeadsSTX Super Power+ Lax Head – 4.5 Ounces

Another very popular lacrosse head that is also one of the lightest lacrosse heads available is the STX Super Power+. The Super Power weighs in at only 4.5 ounces, it was designed specifically to focus on accuracy and precision of your lacrosse shots and passes. It's definitely a lightweight lacrosse head you should checkout! Also, to mention, it's one of the best selling lax heads of all time.

The Lightest Lacrosse Gloves

The purpose behind wearing lacrosse gloves is that they allow for protection. They are padded and prevent the fingers from being hurt. Lacrosse is a rough game which requires strict safety measures and gloves do just the trick.

However having gloves that are lightweight and allow you to keep a strong grip is also important that is if you wish to win the game. Listed below are lacrosse gloves that aren’t bulky and provide safety and performance side by side.

Best-Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves-size-weight-colorsBrine King Superlight 2 Gloves  – 5.5oz – Lightest in the World!

There are plenty of light lacrosse gloves out there on the market, but we thought we'd bring you the ONLY lightest lacrosse gloves ever. These have had excellent reviews around the Internet, so let us know what you think of the lightest lacrosse gloves. Note that the lightest lacrosse gloves weight is by each individual glove, not the pair!

Moving on, the Brine King Superlight 2 gloves are awesome. Very similar to the Brine King V gloves, these are the next step in evolution for light lax gloves. Not only are they the lightest lacrosse gloves, but they are comfortable, breathable, protective, and they look boss!

The Lightest Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse cleats serve the purpose of providing mobility while protecting the player from getting injured. Whether the ground is wet or dry, cleats help players remain stable and play the game without falling or slipping.

Listed below are some of the lightest lacrosse cleats:

UA-banshee-lax-cleat-reviewUnder Armour Banshee Low Cleats – 10.1 oz

Just like with the Lightest lacrosse gloves above, the lightest lacrosse cleats are measured by each cleat, not by the pair. If you are anything like me, then you just love lightweight shoes, especially for playing lacrosse.

The UA Banshee Low cleats are one of the newer lacrosse cleats by Under ARmour, who makes awesome lax cleats by the way. Being the lightest lacrosse cleats in the game, the Banshee's don't skimp on anything. They have incredible comfort, ankle support, and are lightweight you can dodge so much quicker.

Custom-Cascade-R-Lacrosse-HelmetThe Lightest Lacrosse Helmet

Being one of the most physically demanding sports out there, lacrosse requires the best protective equipment available. Helmets in this sense can make the difference between a serious injury or no injury at all.

Having a helmet is crucial but choosing one that provides comfort combined with safety is even more important. Given below is one of the lightest lacrosse helmets available in the market that can be purchased to get a blend of both comfort and safety:

Cascade R Helmet – 40 oz 

There's nothing worse than having a super heavy bucket resting on top of you shoulders. Hopefully having the lightest lacrosse helmet will let you keep your head on a swivel while not breaking your neck!

If you didn't know this yet, Cascade makes some of the best lacrosse helmets on the market. They consistently produce top-notch lacrosse technology, giving the lacrosse world the lightest lacrosse helmet at the most affordable price. We've bullet pointed the key features of this super lightweight lacrosse helmet and given you the cheapest place to buy!

Do any of you own the lightest lacrosse head or lightest lacrosse shaft? If you have ever used any of these types of lax gear, please share your comments with everyone else below!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.