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[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Goals & Nets 2021


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Lacrosse goals can be expensive.

You want to make sure you get this purchase right.

Otherwise, you will be stuck with a good-for-nothing goal post. And if it costs you a lot of money, you are sure to have some major regrets.

Following the directions in this buying guide will get you the exact lacrosse goal you need, at the lowest price!

You're Gonna Love This:

We've compiled a complete list of all of the best lacrosse nets and lacrosse goals for sale from Amazon!

Buying from Amazon is always a wise choice as you can bag some amazing offers here. Also, the returns and exchange option is a huge plus.

And once you choose your new, slick orange lacrosse goal, be sure to choose the best lacrosse backstop for your needs!

The Best Lacrosse Goals for 2019:

Best Overall: Lacrosse Scoop 3 in 1

Best Value: Lacrosse Scoop 3 in 1

Best Portable: SKLZ Quickster Goal

Replacement Netting: Park & Sun Slip-On Net


The complete list of all of the best lacrosse goals for sale is split up into THREE sections, which we've labeled below so you can easily find what you are looking for!

  • 3 Things You NEED to Consider
  • The Best Lax Goals in 2019 (Full List)
  • Top Accessories (Replacement Nets, Bungees, Shooting Targets)

The 3 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Lacrosse Goal


1. The Size and Dimensions of a Lacrosse Goal

How big or tall is a lacrosse goal? First off, let's make sure you know what the correct size of lacrosse goal you need. Regulation lacrosse game goals sizing and dimensions are a 6 x 6 lacrosse goal.

It is essential that you get the correct goal size if you are going to practice with it. Practicing with a smaller or a larger goal with totally put you off when you are playing in the actual game. Get your dimensions right!

So whether you are looking to buy a lacrosse practice goal, or an official lacrosse goal, the size will be 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The only time you would ever use a different lacrosse goal size would be if you needed an indoor lacrosse goal, and the size would be 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

2. Official Lacrosse Goals vs. Lacrosse Practice Goals

So there are a few slight differences between an official lacrosse goal and a lacrosse practice goal, also known as a lacrosse backyard goal. We've bulleted the differences for you below…

  • Official lacrosse goals have squared off welded corners, whereas lacrosse practice goals have rounded corners.
  • Official lacrosse goals use thicker steel pipes, usually 1.75 to 2 inches in diameter. Lacrosse practice goals typically have 1.5 inch steel piping.
  • Official lacrosse goals can weigh hundreds of pounds, and are of higher quality metal.

It is important to know the difference between the two so that you can make the right choice when buying one. You do not want to end up with a heavy and thick goal if you just want to practice. It will just be inconvenient and costly.

3. Do You Need a Folding Lacrosse Goal?

Just like with a lacrosse rebounder, having a folding lacrosse goal is one very handy thing. Having portable lacrosse goals that folds up allows you to bring your lacrosse goal anywhere.

For example, if you are a lacrosse coach, you should totally invest in a folding lacrosse goal. It will be so much easier for you to transport the goal around the field.

If you think you will be transporting your new lacrosse goal around your yard, to and from practice, or around the lacrosse field then we highly recommend buying a lax goal that will fold fast. That's also why we DO NOT recommend used lacrosse goals or how to build a lacrosse goal (DIY)…they aren't portable…

Also, DIY lacrosse goals take a lot of time, resources and skill. Instead, if you search in the right places, you will be able to find a goal at a reasonable price.

If you make your own lacrosse goal, it will be cheap PVC lacrosse goals made of piping that will break quickly. Spend your time and money investing into a top of the line lacrosse goal that will last!

The Best Lacrosse Goals for Sale in 2021

Alright so this section is split up into 5 categories to better help you navigate to the type of lacrosse goal you are looking for. By now, you should have decided on the type of lacrosse goal you want and the features you need, like is it foldable or is it regulation lacrosse goal size.

  1. The Best Cheap Lacrosse Backyard Goals – Used in your backyard and for practicing because they are lightweight and easily transportable
  2. Folding Lacrosse Goals – Designated to be collapsible lacrosse goals
  3. Official Lacrosse Goals – Also a game goal, used for high school and college lacrosse games
  4. Cheap Lacrosse Goals for Kids – Brands like Rukket RipIt and Champion make great goals for toddlers
  5. Accessories for Your Lax Goal – Replacement netting, bungees, shooting targets & more

We recommend all of the lacrosse goals we list under the best lacrosse goals for sale section. So find one that suits your needs and price, and have it shipped to your door!

1. The Best Cheap Backyard Lacrosse Practice Goals

Pricing: $-$$
Quality: Pretty high, should last years
Official Goal: No, for use as practice or backyard

As mentioned above, the main difference between an official lacrosse goal size and a lacrosse practice goal is lacrosse practice goals are collapsible, portable, and lightweight! Most lacrosse practice goals these days are made to easily fold and transport around your backyard or around the practice field! Keep your eye out, as in each lacrosse goal review below we will dictate whether the lacrosse goal is portable and/or foldable. These practice goals are highly recommended as backyard lacrosse goals for shot training on those orange pipes!

(#1) Lacrosse Scoop 3 in 1

You can't beat the value here, and it doesn't hurt that this is our product :).  Get a full, regulation sized lacrosse goal, 3 feet of backstop protection for each side and a target for $199.99, purchased individually this would cost $300 or more.

  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal width and height
  • 3 feet of backstop protection on each side
  • Removable target
  • Pretty portable lacrosse goal set with net string


Gladiator Lacrosse Goal

This gladiator lacrosse goal is definitely your best bet if you want a lacrosse goal cheap and easy. Made of 100% steel, this lax goal is always under $100 over at Amazon.

  • Designed for backyard and training.
  • Lacrosse goal shooting net backup included
  • Official 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • Made of 2 Inch steel with welded corners
  • Rust Proof: Fully coated with orange over zinc coated steel

This goal is quite a steal at such a reasonable price. To make things even better, it is rust proof. This means you do not have to worry about weather or oxygen ruining your goal over time.

Champion Lax Goal

Champion Lacrosse Goal

So the Champion lacrosse goal made it in the cheap lacrosse goals category because the engineers made this lacrosse goal for babies. Overall, the lacrosse goal frame is pretty good, made of steel and it's pretty sturdy. But the lacrosse net this goal comes with is complete crap. It's very thin, and it comes with velcro straps to hold it in place. A lacrosse shot of only 50 MPH knocks holes in this lacrosse net. Here are the specs for you below, in case you still want to buy it!

  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • 1.5 inch steel tubing
  • 2.3mm poly lacrosse netting
  • Weighs 15 lbs, so is a pretty portable lacrosse goal
  • Portable lacrosse goal

This lacrosse goal is suitable for youngsters. You do not want a pro to practice with this goal if you want it to last.

Maverik backyard lacrosse goal

Maverik Lacrosse Goal

This Maverik Practice Lacrosse Goal is another excellent option out of all the lacrosse nets available. The Maverik backyard lacrosse goal is regulation size, lightweight, and a portable lacrosse goal. It also comes with a 4mm lacrosse net, very heavy duty for a backyard lacrosse goal. Sort of similar to the Powerbolt lacrosse goal.

  • 4mm heavy duty polyester lacrosse net
  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • 1.5″ Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Portable lacrosse goal
  • Maverik lacrosse goal has easy assembly!

Everything about this goal is top notch, ranging from the strength of the net to easy assembly. Since it is portable, you can also transport it from your backyard to the field when practicing.

2. Folding Lacrosse Goals:

Pricing: $-$$
Quality: Pretty high, should last for years
Official Goal: No, but foldable and transportable

There are many benefits to having a folding lacrosse goal. The most important is probably that it quickly turns into a portable lacrosse goal, so you can take it anywhere you like. Folding lacrosse goals allow you to quickly pack up your goal, bring it to another field, and move it around your backyard.

This feature makes this goal popular with people who like to practice in different places. If you are at home, you can assemble it in your yard and simply transport it to the field for practicing, when you are there.

EZ Goal Folding Lacrosse Goal

EZ Goal Lacrosse Goal

Alright so EZ Goal has always provided some pretty awesome lacrosse goals in the past, and this folding lacrosse goal is no different! As just a lacrosse goal frame, the ez goal lacrosse goal is perfect. It's very sturdy, made of strong steel and is actual a portable lacrosse goal. Our only fuss is the lacrosse netting for goal is pretty cheap. But for the money, this is one of the cheapest lacrosse goals, yet highest value you can get!

  • 1.5 inch steel framing, weight 33 pounds
  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • Rock solid 12 guage folding system
  • Folding lacrosse goal
  • Portable lacrosse goal

Finding a good goal for this price is hard but EZ has done it.

sklz-quickster-lacrosse-folding-goalSKLZ Quickster Folding Lacrosse Goal

This SKLZ Quickster lacrosse goal is an excellent option for a lacrosse backyard goal! It has excellent reviews from across the web, and SKLZ as a brand always deliver with excellent products! Here are the SKLZ lacrosse backyard goal specs….

  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal width and height
  • Heavy-duty nylon frame
  • Regulation size
  • Ground stakes and carrying bag included

Bownet Lax Goal

Bownet Folding Lacrosse Goal

So we were pretty skeptical of this bownet lacrosse goal. Bownet has come out with some pretty great lacrosse gear in the past, like their bownet lacrosse backstop. The reason we were skeptical is because it just looks flimsy. It doesn't use traditional steel poles like the other backyard lacrosse nets do, which was a cause for concern. Believe it or not, is an awesome lacrosse goal! It's a folding lacrosse goal, and also a portable lacrosse goal. Super easy to setup and takedown, all just in 5 minutes. Here are the specs….

  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • Bownet lacrosse goal Carry bag included
  • Only weighs 25 pounds and setups up in 5 minutes!
  • Rigid fiberglass and steel poles
  • Folding lacrosse goal
  • Best portable lacrosse goal

STX Lacrosse Goal

STX Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Alright so we really like this STX backyard lacrosse goal, especially because it's a folding lacrosse goal! Just like the Bownet lacrosse goal above, and the EZ goal lacrosse goal, you can't go wrong buying the stx folding lacrosse goal. All three of them are great. It comes with a thick steel frame, pretty strong lacrosse netting, and is easy to assemble…

  • 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • 1.5 inch steel lacrosse tubing, and weighs 16 pounds
  • Includes a 3mm lacrosse net
  • Folding lacrosse goal
  • Portable lacrosse goal

3. Official Lacrosse Goals

Pricing: $$$-$$$$
Quality: High, should never break
Official Goal: Yes, high school or college

As mentioned above, official lacrosse goals are made from heavy duty steel piping that's usually 1.75 to 2 inches thick and have squared off welded corner pockets. The lacrosse goal netting for these goals is traditionally stronger and thicker, to withstand fast lacrosse shots, like Zak Dorn's. These goals are officially made for high school and collegiate lacrosse games.

Predator Lacrosse Goal High School

Official Predator Lacrosse Goal (High School)

So predator lacrosse has done an excellent job of making lacrosse rebounders (which we've reviewed here), lacrosse goals, lacrosse nets, and lacrosse goal targets. This high school regulation lacrosse goal is actually their best selling lacrosse goal for sale! We've highlighted the details below…

  • Thick 1.75 inch powder coated steel frame
  • Official 6 x 6 lacrosse goal height
  • Included is a heavy-duty 5mm lacrosse goal netting
  • Not foldable, and weighs 53 pounds, so you probably won't want to transport it too far

Despite the fact that it cannot be transported, this is one of the most popular goals from the company. The net, being super strong, can bear shots from collegiate and high school pros.


Official Champion Lacrosse Goal (NCAA Collegiate)

One of the best college lacrosse goals you can buy is the Champion lacrosse goal. The welding done on this bad-boy is impeccable, and it's nice and heavy so the goalie won't move it during a lax game. We've detailed all of the Champion lacrosse goals specifications below for you…

  • NCAA regulation lacrosse goal (6 x 6 lacrosse goal)
  • Thick 2-inch steel piping
  • Has a flat bottom goal base for official game play
  • Weigh an incredible 114 pounds!
  • Includes a 5mm polyester lacrosse net, one of the best lacrosse nets out there

Following the proper NCAA dimensions, this goal is way too heavy to be transported anywhere.

STX Lacrosse Goal

Official STX Lacrosse Goal (High School)

So this lacrosse goal is the high school equivalent to the NCAA lacrosse goal above. You will notice that it has a few differences, the main ones being the lacrosse net isn't as heavy duty and the steel piping isn't as thick. We've detailed the high school stx lacrosse goal below…

  • High school regulation lacrosse goal (6 x 6 lacrosse goal)
  • Thick 1.75-inch steel piping
  • Not quite as heavy as the college stx lacrosse goal, at 60 pounds
  • Includes a 3mm polyester lacrosse net, the second best lacrosse nets out there


Official Brine Lacrosse Goal (High School)

Alright so kicking it off, we've got the official Brine lacrosse goal. The official Brine lacrosse goal is designed for lacrosse games at the high school level. There are a lot of positive reviews of this official Brine lacrosse goal around the web, and it should last you years. The best retailers who have Brine lacrosse goals for sale are Amazon and Lacrosse Monkey. Here are the specs…

  • Thick 1.75 inch powder coated steel frame
  • Official 6 x 6 lacrosse goal height
  • Included is a heavy-duty 3mm lacrosse goal netting
  • Not foldable, and weighs approximately 50 pounds, so you probably won't want to transport it too far.

4. Cheap Youth Lacrosse Goals for Kids

Pricing: $-$$
Quality: Medium-Low, lacrosse netting will rip
Official Goal: No, for use as training for kids in practice or backyard

These lacrosse goals aren’t complete crap, but they definitely aren’t the best lacrosse goals for sale. We’d recommend reading the reviews pretty closely before buying any of these cheap lacrosse goals. But if you are strapped for cash, they could be a decent option for your kids and youth players as a cheap lacrosse goal.

rukket-ripit-folding-lacrosse-goal-kidsRukket Rip It Lacrosse Goal

This Rukket RipIt! lacrosse goal makes for an awesome option for young kids just beginning into the sport of lacrosse. It easily folds down for you our your child to carry and transport it around. The flexible frame allows for great lacrosse shot impact, meaning it won't break on impact!

  • Available as a 6 x 6 or 4 x 4 lacrosse goal
  • Perfect as a box or indoor lacrosse goal
  • Goal poles made of strong fiberglass
  • Easily folds down into a cover bag for carrying and transporting
  • Lax goal anchors included

Quite contrary to the view that youth lacrosse goals are not worth the money, this one has some notable features. With a decent price tag, this goal can be the perfect goal for your young one to kick start their lacrosse career.

Champion Lacrosse Goal Pop UpFranklin Youth Lacrosse Goal

This Champion lacrosse goal is similar to the Rukket RipIt above….an awesome lacrosse goal for youth, kids, beginner laxers for training purposes. Also, coaches and advanced player love this goal to practice on in the backyard with some lacrosse mini sticks.

  • Available as a 6 x 6 or 4 x 4 lacrosse goal
  • Lacrosse goal targets included
  • Perfect as a box or indoor lacrosse goal
  • Goal poles made of strong fiberglass
  • Easily folds down into a bag for carrying and transporting

Mini Lacrosse Goals

STX Mini Lacrosse Goal

Mini lacrosse goals are excellent for both fun pickup games and for youth lacrosse players who aren't old enough to use real lacrosse sticks. We recommend the STX mini lacrosse goal set, as it includes lacrosse sticks, balls, and the lacrosse nets. Here are the product details…

  • 6 Mini Field Player Complete Ssticks
  • 1 Mini Goalie Stick
  • 6 Soft Practice Balls
  • 1 Fiddle STX PVC Goal w/ Sleeve Net – Dimensions: 3′ x 3′
  • Instructions book and game play rules

3. Replacement Lacrosse Goal Nets, Targets and Accessories

You've come to the right place to research a lacrosse goal replacement net. Unfortunately, lacrosse nets tend to rip, especially if you have a fast lacrosse shot! Also, when practicing your lacrosse shot, having a lacrosse goal target to shoot at will increase your accuracy tremendously. Lastly, you may be looking for indoor lacrosse goals or a mini lacrosse goal and we've got you covered!

best-replacement-lax-nettingReplacement Slip-On Lacrosse Goal Netting

Replacement lacrosse goal netting is something we take very seriously here at lacrosse scoop. Replacement lacrosse goal nets are nothing to joke about, and can actually be very difficult to find if you don't know what you're looking for. Because let's face it, lacrosse nets break sometimes.  It would be foolish to replace the whole goal because of a broken net. So, the wise option is to replace a broken net with a slip on. Especially if you're sniping those corner pockets, after continuous use, they will break. So you've come to the right place to find the best replacement lacrosse goal nets and lacing chord out there. As far as lacrosse goal net replacement goes, we recommend the Crankshooter replacement lacrosse goal net. After doing our research, the Slip-On replacement lacrosse goal net will be an excellent replacement for any lacrosse goal out there. Its 4mm thickness will withstand any seriously hard lacrosse shot, and it comes with bungee cords to easily install it. Here are the specs…

  • 4mm lacrosse goal netting, which is water-proof
  • Triple stitched reinforced edge binder to make an already strong lacrosse goal net stronger
  • 4 quick ties to secure key points of the lacrosse goal netting
  • 0.7mm Anchor pocket to strongly secure the rear apex of the net.
  • 80 feet of lacing cord included so you will never run out

replacement-lax-goal-bungees-fasteners-for-netsPredator Strongest Lacrosse Bungees

These are the best value for lacrosse bungees we found online. If you want strong lax bungee holders that are easy to fasten and hold for a long time, then these Predator ones are your best bet! You get a pack of 24 which will EASILY cover your entire lacrosse netting, whether you have 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm thick netting. At around $25, you can't find a better option.

  • Set of 24 Elastic Bungees
  • Rounded Ball Caps for Easy Holding
  • Can be used on lax goals or backstops

best-lacrosse-target-buddy-shooting-goalieChampion Lacrosse Goal Target Buddy

So we did some research and tried out a few of the best lacrosse goal targets in the market. After this research, we recommend the Predator lacrosse goal corner target stopper. We are just very impressed with every piece of lacrosse gear guards and stoppers they have developed. Since these targets fit the official 6×6 dimensions, these are super helpful for practicing. The reviews on the predator lacrosse goal blocker and defender are awesome, and even better than the Champion lacrosse goal targets out there. Here are the specs…

  • Backup Lacrosse goal target ties for included
  • Fits standard 6 x 6 lacrosse goal
  • 9 pockets and openings to buddy lacrosse target
  • Just the lacrosse goal target cover – no goal included
  • No fishing in the back of the lacrosse nets–Balls will return just a few feet in front of the goal

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Buying Guides

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Training Gear for 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Staying in shape in the offseason is SO important for any dedicated lacrosse player.


Having the drive and determination to stay in shape is one thing


Having the lacrosse training equipment is just as important.

Other than your lax stick of course, We’ve come up with some of the best tools on the market that can help you maintain your peak physique in order to dominate during the season.

***2019 Update***

We have been working tirelessly with our suppliers to find a stick that would be perfect for lacrosse players.  Rather than charge $150-250 for a premium stick, we made one for $99 available on Amazon.  The stick comes with everything, a killer all carbon fiber shaft perfect for middies and attackers, a prestrung head with enhanced sidewalls for better impact resistance and longer endurance. Check it out by clicking here.

The Top Lacrosse Training Equipment & Gear


The game of lacrosse combines sharp hand eye coordination with power, finesse, and speed. In order to achieve all of these things, you’ll have to focus on your training in the offseason and year-round.

Nutrition, fitness, and keeping track of all of the hard work you put in are important parts of developing your skill. Here are some of the best lacrosse training equipment that will help you do just that:

EZ-goal-outdoor-lacrosse-wall-rebounderLacrosse Rebounder Trainer

Our absolute favorite piece of lacrosse training gear has to be a rebounder. No questions asked. Why? Because practice makes perfect. And the best type of practicing you can do passing on your lax wall. It builds what's called muscle memory. If you do the same repetitive movement over and over again, you will train your muscles to do that movement on impulse. So if you practice passing on a lacrosse rebounder for an hour a day, over the course of a month your passes will be perfect, and you won't even think about how to pass on the field. It will just happen naturally.

Use this piece of equipment to practice your passing and catching while becoming more familiar with your stick. For optimal results, try to aim for the same target on every throw. This will help focus on specific moves while improving the accuracy of your throws. To make this task easier you can add in a rebounder cover that comes with clearly marked targets such as the STX Pass Master. Get busy with some serious target practice to develop your accuracy when shooting or passing.

A lot of rebounders are portable, and setup easily. The best ones also come with options to angle the rebounder and can accommodate other sports such as softball and basketball as well. We recommend the EZ Rebounder….a great piece of lacrosse training gear!

lacrosse-cradle-babyCradle Baby for Passing & Catching

Okay so this little lacrosse training device is pretty darn cool. What you do is attach the strap to your lacrosse head. The strap is then attached to a lacrosse ball. Now, you can cradle, pass, dodge and more (indoor or outdoors) without the lacrosse ball flying all over the place and breaking anything. This is perfect for younger players who are developing their cradling skills. It will let you walk around the house, practicing your cradles and dodges and perfecting them. Remember how we mentioned “muscle memory” above? Well that's exactly what the Cradle Baby is used for!

This piece comes with a universal fit for both men and women to work on any shaft/stick/head and makes for a super easy way to get more repetitions. And when you practice indoors, there’s no danger of the lacrosse ball flying through the air and hitting stuff.

best-lacrosse-bmp-training-gear-resistance-bandsResistance Band Set

Black Mountain has come up with the ultimate all-purpose resistance lacrosse training equipment– complete with bands, straps, and a case to put it all in. Since not everyone has access to a gym or fitness center, this Black Mountain resistance band set allows you to use your surroundings to your advantage throughout a lacrosse workout. You can work multiple large muscle groups with the bands, and even fine tune the smaller muscles as well. The exercise choices are endless, and you can work with a single band, allowing minimal resistance, and with multiple bands stacked you can add more resistance. You can even anchor the straps to a lacrosse stick to work on stick handling and shooting as well. While it’s one of the more multipurpose tools we’ve listed, it won’t cost you over $40 and there’s a lifetime guarantee on this lacrosse training gear.

Made of superior quality synthetic rubber, the bands measure approximately 48 inches each, making them suitable for players who are tall, short and in between. You can vary the weights you want to work with and to make things just a tad easier, the weights are color coded.

The set also comes with a door hanger letting you increase your exercise options, an ankle strap, an exercise chart and a case to carry and transport your bands.

lacrosse-training-gear-pullup-barIron Gym Pull Up Bar

The Iron Gym is a tried and true tested piece of equipment, especially for lacrosse training gear. No actual gym necessary, the Iron Gym attaches to any door frame in your house and allows you to perform a variety of upper body and core workouts. The Iron Gym is a staple in the routine of many different fitness professionals due to its versatility in training and its ease in use for chin-ups, sit-ups, crunches, dips, and pushups. You can target large muscle groups essential to the game of lacrosse by training with the Iron Gym. Pushing and pulling are essential motions in lacrosse, with shooting, taking faceoffs, and holding your own against an opponent requiring your entire body to adapt. The Iron Gym can help you conquer these key exercises.

This multi functioning strength training device can become your ultimate trainer in sculpting all muscle groups. Designed to work on all types of body weight exercise the Iron Gym is portable without the need for permanent fastening. Move it around from the top of your doorframe to put it on the floor and get the best of your workout.

lax-training-equipment-protein-shakerPost Workout Blender Bottle

What better way to finish a workout than a health protein shake packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to help you recover and build muscle? The Blender Bottle is one of the best lacrosse training equipment out there for protein shakes on the go. The Blender Bottle itself comes with measurement lines up to 20oz, with 28oz of room for shaking. The Blender Bottle also comes with a surgical steel grade whisk ball that pulverizes your protein powder and mixes your drink quickly and effectively. The flip cap and large mouth opening are easy to clean and pop into the dishwasher. The flip cap and large mouth opening are easy to clean and pop into the dishwasher. The adjustable loop allows you to hold more when your hands are full while the screw on lid prevents any threat of spills or leaks. Definitely a must for those fitness fanatics and lacrosse players on the go.

Say bye-bye to lumpy protein shakes and usher in great tasting smooth drinks instead.

lax-training-gear-foam-rollerFoam Roller for Stretching

Foam rollers are becoming more and more popular in the lacrosse fitness scene, and for a good reason. Using your body weight, you can use the foam roller to apply pressure throughout different body parts in order to stretch, lengthen, and massage muscles. Foam rollers come in a variety of sizes, so you can store a 12 inch in your bag, while you can stock a 36 inch at home. Foam rolling helps alleviate tight muscles by doing just that; rolling your arms, back, legs, sides, and torso over the roller. Made of high-density foam, the roller elongates muscles and allows blood flow to help you cool down after a workout and stretch while your muscles are still warm. Foam rolling is key after a workout, conditioning session, and even a shooting practice, as it prevents injuries and keeps you loose far longer than just static stretching. A must have for your lacrosse training equipment!

Warm up for or cool down after a hectic lacrosse practice session with myofascial release, a type of massage best suited to foam roller exercise. Improve your flexibility, joint range of motion, and circulation, while lowering exercise related soreness and preventing injury

best-lacrosse-training-equipment-amazonFitbit Charge Training Watch

While the Fitbit might cost you a little more than you’re looking to spend, you won’t regret this purchase. The Fitbit Charge comes with heart rate measuring technology, so you can constantly check on and track your heart rate to figure out which energy system in your body that you’re training. You can track your heart rate, workouts, steps walked, distance, calories burned, and even sleep patterns. The Fitbit Charge is for the serious lacrosse player who wants to track and see progress daily. While it’s more expensive than the other lacrosse training gear counterparts we’ve listed, the Fitbit Charge is useful for when you’re not training too. You can identify patterns in your lax training to boost efficiency and maximize your progress. So while you might have a workout and practice in the afternoon, the Fitbit Charge will keep track of the calories you’ve spent all day so you can be sure to refuel with the energy your body needs. An awesome piece of lax training gear!

lacrosse-balance-discFitness and Balance Disc 

The last but not least piece of lacrosse training equipment you may need. This balancing disc allows you to perform both 1 and 2 legged exercises on the grippy, unstable surface in order to strengthen your proprioception and stability as an athlete. The disc, when inflated correctly, allows your foot or feet to sink in and keeps your body working on the ever-changing balance while you perform your exercises. You can use it for single or double leg balancing, lunges, bodyweight squats, deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts, and much more. While performing your lacrosse exercises on the balance disc, your body has to constantly adapt to the changing body position in order to make you more stable. This directly correlates to the game of lacrosse since while running, your position is changing while you shoot, check, pass, and catch.

Get to love you balance disc to strengthen your core, reduce physical instability, decrease back pain, improve posture and target your cardiovascular system. And if things get too much you can also use it to manage the element of stress.

While all of these tools are incredibly useful for the lacrosse player the key concept is to adapt what you have access to in order to use it to your advantage. All of these tools listed above give you the coverage if the most critical foundations of any sport; strength, power, nutrition, and overall health.

lax-training-conesTraining Cones & Discs

Training cones are a must for any coach out there who wants to setup some great lacrosse drills. You can use them to setup an “on-the-fly” lacrosse field, give your players some shooting spots, or to setup offensive and defensive drills. With lacrosse players on their feet throughout the game, speed and agility drills can do wonders to work leg and core muscles. Plus, training at a level equal to the game intensity will help increase performance and reduce the risk of injury. You want your training cones to be able to stack on top of each other for easy storage. You most importantly want them to be durable for indoor or outdoor use.


STX Pass Master Review

The STX Bounce Back Pass Master Cover is a great way to begin to fine tune your lacrosse training –accuracy on passing or shooting. Clearly marked with orange targets, the cover slips over your existing rebounder and now gives you the ability to shoot or pass to clearly marked targets.

Working on accuracy while on the run and thinking about rebounds is clearly the goal of the cover.  The cover is secured by a bungee that loops around the back of the rebounder and universally fits most rebounders with the same 4’ by 3’ mat and frame.  Only $$ on Amazon, the cover gets 4 stars and can help turn an average lacrosse player into a star in no time.

best-lacrosse-target-buddy-shooting-goalieChampion Lacrosse Goal Target Buddy

So we did some research and tried out a few of the best lacrosse goal targets in the market. After this research, we recommend the Predator lacrosse goal corner target stopper.

This delivers everything a lax goal target should by allowing you to produce more accurate shots and hitting the zones where goalies just won’t be. Using this as a practice tool, you get to focus on specific zones ideally corner and bounce shots and perfect accuracy.

We are just very impressed with every piece of lacrosse gear guards and stoppers they have developed. The reviews on the predator lacrosse goal blocker and defender are awesome, and even better than the Champion lacrosse goal targets out there.

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Arm Pads Buying Guides

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Arm & Elbow Pads 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

Have you ever taken a hard slash on your arm?

It REALLY hurts!

If you don't have the right lacrosse elbow pads, it's going to be a long and painful season for you.

Listen Up:

In this buying guide we're going to show you the 3 keys to buying the best lacrosse elbow pads in 2018!

Additionally, we've got the top 10 lax elbow pads this season with the cheapest place to buy!

Lacrosse is a game in which you have a fair chance of injuries and that’s why you need to be careful. If you want to minimize injury it is important that you select your correct elbow pads carefully. For your ease we have highlighted and put together all important information regarding elbow pads that you will need to help you make the right choice.  

The Top Lacrosse Elbow Pads for Sale 2019:

Best Overall: STX Cell 3 Arm Guards

Best Protection: STX Stallion HD Arm Guards

Lightest: Brine Clutch Elbow Pad

Best for Kids: Warrior Rabil NXT 

3 Keys to Picking the Best Lacrosse Arm Pads


Just like Lacrosse Shoulder Pads — Figuring out which protection works best for you is going to depend on three factors. So deciding whether you need lacrosse elbow pads, arm guards, or arm pads are dependent on these..

  1. Your Style of Play
  2. How Much Abuse You Can Take
  3. Whether you play Attack, Middie or Defense

Are you wearing the right one?

You have 3 different types of arm protection to choose from. The first are arm guards, ideal for attackmen. Being longer in length than other protective gear, these cover the areas above and below the elbow well. The second is an arm pad typically used by middies, covering the elbow but minus the hard elbow cap. And the third is an elbow sleeve used for defense. These are designed to take all the hitting and protect your elbows too.

1. Choose Lacrosse Arm Pads for Your Style of Play

Some guys are real quick and don’t need the extra protection of full lacrosse arm guards. They’d rather speed dodge past the checks and keep their arms free for ripping top cheese. For them, the extra lacrosse padding takes away from their ability to make a good pass or fire off a shot.

Other players like to bull dodge through slides or back their way into the crease. If you’re a bull dodger or find yourself running into slides often, you’re going to want some better protection. So Get some bigger lax arm guards.


2. How Much Abuse You Can Take with Your Lacrosse Arm Guards

Just because you’re an attackman, doesn’t mean you need to fully gear up with a super protective lacrosse arm guard. You’re welcome to go with less protection, but you’ll have to live with the inevitable bruises that will be coming your way.

At higher levels of play, guys get better at moving their feet and avoiding nasty checks, and some players can soak checks better than others. But if this isn’t you, don’t let your pride get in the way. Sitting on the bench with an injury is never worth it. Invest in the best lacrosse arm guards that give you the protection you need.

3. Do you Play Attack, Middie or Defense?

For the uninitiated, there’s a slight difference between lacrosse elbow pads, lacrosse arm pads, and lacrosse arm guards, and it can make a big impact on the way you play.

Depending on the type of position you play will your pad requirements depend.

Lacrosse is a fast, full-contact sport and investing in the right lax gear can mean the difference between sitting on the bench with an injury and getting some burn time.

  • [Attack] Lacrosse Arm guards …Give you the most protection from just below your biceps to above your wrists. Lacrosse arm guards tend to have a hard shell on the outside and extra padding on the inside to keep your arms safe from slashes.
  • [Middie] Lacrosse Arm Pads …Are a little smaller and don’t have the protective hard shell on the outside, but they’re more comfortable, breathe better, and offer more maneuverability.
  • [Defense] Lacrosse Elbow Pads…Cover your arms the least and are just that—pads for your elbows. You won’t see much protection from these, but you shouldn’t be counting on touching the ball very much if you’ve got these on.
  • [Youth] Lacrosse Arm Pads for Kids…Kids typically wear a smaller arm pad that's designed specifically for smaller players. These sizes are usually Small, or Medium and are designated as “youth” or “kids” are pads.

[VIDEO] How to Size Lacrosse Elbow Pads

[Top 10] Best Lax Arm Pads in 2019

Different positions demand different kinds of athleticism and specific levels of protection. Depending on what part of the field you call home, you’ll need a lacrosse arm pad that protects you.

You'll find the lacrosse arm guards are broken up into three categories based on whether you play attack, defense, or midfield! The most popular brands and pads will be the STX, Warrior, and Brine lacrosse elbow pads.

The Best Lacrosse Arm Guards for Attack

Attackmen notoriously receive the most abuse of anyone on the field—besides goalies—and it’s important that you suit up with the right lacrosse arm guards. The best recommendation for attackmen is going to be to wear full lacrosse arm guards. When you’ve got six feet of carbon fiber coming down on you, you’ll be happy you did.

Different styles of attack require different kinds of protection, too. If you’re a finisher with good off-ball movement, you might be able to get away with less padding, like lacrosse arm pads. A dodger will usually want to invest in something more robust, like lacrosse arm guards, considering how many slashes you'll be getting. Sometimes crease attackmen wear smaller lacrosse arm pads, but the general idea is that if you do any kind of dodging, you’re gonna get hacked. Wrap up those arms with some lax arm guards!

STX Stallion HD Arm Guards

STX Stallion HD Arm Guards

Another excellent lacrosse arm pad, the STX Stallion HD pads will work great for all midfielders. Built with STX's patented high definition polymer, you'll find these lightweight and strong. The new fit system makes sure you won't have anymore straps dangling around.

These Stallion lacrosse arm guards are designed with a full-length sleeve, which is breathable. Just like with the Cell 3 lacrosse arm guards, there are added silicone nubs to prevent slippage in these STX lacrosse lacrosse arm pads.

These pads are lightweight, flexible and provide the full protection needed. This arm guard neither slides down nor causes any interference by coming on the face. Though a bit pricy, these arm guards meet all requirements by providing maximum benefit and are suitable for use in summers as they repel odor.

STX-cell-3-Lacrosse-Arm-GuardsSTX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Guards

STX Cell 3 Arm Guards

The STX Cell 3 arm guards are one of the best lacrosse arm guards you can get on the market. STX lacrosse designed these with their new Geo-Flex technology, giving you awesome flexibility at a lightweight. The new hard plastic elbow cap ensures protection, in a contoured, low-profile design. This arm guard provides great mobility and protection. Available in different sizes this arm guard is made using high quality and is perfect for use by both youth as well as adults.

The strap system give you full range adjustability–no more snagging! No more slipping either, with the interior silicone nubs. Lastly, the targeted forearm protection will make sure you won't get checked hard while scooping a ground ball. Definitely checkout these and other STX lacrosse elbow pads.

Maverik-Rome-NXT-Arm-GuardsMaverik Rome NXT Lax Arm Guards

Maverik Rome NXT Arm Guards

Believe it or not, the Rome NXT lacrosse arm guards are are 23% lighter than any lacrosse arm guard Maverik has ever designed. The Durastretch technology makes sure they won't slip around when you dodge and pass.

Despite being lightweight this product works great by offering protection and ensuring that the player remains guarded at all times.

The Sharkgel foam is excellent for hard checks, and will protect you from nasty slashes. No more super-slippery lax arm guards, as these come with a moisture wicking liner to keep you dry!

The Best Lacrosse Arm Pads for Midfield

Offensive midfielders, defensive midfielders, and longstick midfielders can generally run with a little less padding because of the nature of the game. You won’t get as many checks or slashes dodging up top against another middie with a short stick.

Commonly, middies can wear smaller lacrosse arm pads because you don’t usually get the same kind of abuse that an attackman does against a defenseman. LSMs and defensive middies can run with lax elbow pads or lacrosse arm pads depending on how involved you are in the offense. If you run off the field for offensive possessions, then you can rock lax elbow pads. If you like to take it to the cage, you’ll be better off with lacrosse arm pads.

best-stx-stallion-300-lax-arm-pads-for-midfieldSTX Stallion 300 Lacrosse Arm Pad

STX Stallion 300 Arm Pads

Another excellent lacrosse arm pad, the STX Stallion HD pads will work great for all midfielders. Built with STX's patented high definition polymer, you'll find these lightweight and strong. The new fit system makes sure you won't have anymore straps dangling around.

These Stallion lacrosse arm guards are designed with a full-length sleeve, which is breathable. Just like with the Cell 3 lacrosse arm guards, there are added silicone nubs to prevent slippage in these STX lacrosse lacrosse arm pads.

Maverik-Lacrosse-Arm-PadsMaverik M3 Lacrosse Arm Pads

Maverik M3 Arm Pads

The M3 lacrosse arm pads are designed for offensive midfielders. You are going to get great protection, without sacrificing flexibility. For theose who play in high-heat, Maverik's Free Flex Seam lets you open up your arm pads, without having the remove them.

Also, the liner allows for fast evaporation of sweat and heat. Maverik's special Anaform technology, which is lined throughout, ensures you have awesome protection without sacrificing mobility.

These arm guards are long lasting and provide top line performance. This product is worth the investment and a must have.

best-maverik-rome-nxt-arm-padsMaverik Rome NXT Arm Pads

Maverik Rome NXT Arm Pads

The Maverik Rome series has been a long line of very successful, very high quality lacrosse gear over the years. And the Maverik Rome NXT arm pads are no exception. These puppies are very affordable for the strength, protection, and durability you get.

So that’s a collection of the most comfortable arm pads available in the market , suitable for all weather conditions that allow you to give your best performance while remaining protected.

These are great middie lax arm pads, or even an long stick middie (lsm) who might take a little beating on the field. They are very comfortable, and stretch very well when cradling and dodging.

The Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads for Defense

For defensemen laying the lumber, you'll be able to get away with wearing smaller lacrosse elbow pads. Most d-sticks hardly ever do any offensive dodging, so lax elbow pads will be enough. Just be aware that your attackman might seize an opportunity to get some revenge on you on some clears. If you’re getting consistently slashed with a longstick in your hands, you’re probably doing something wrong—unless you’re Michael Manley.

brine-lacrosse-elbow-padsBrine Clutch Lacrosse Elbow Pads

Brine Clutch Elbow Pads

As a lax defender, there aren't many better lacrosse elbow pads you can get than the Brine Clutch pads. Brine lacrosse elbow pads are some of the best, and they deliver with some lightweight, strong, and comfortable lax elbow pads. First off ,it's a single-piece of padding, so it will form-fit perfectly.

These elbow pads don’t impede movement as they aren’t very bulky allowing players to concentrate on the game without feeling burdened.

The compression molded foam will give you awesome protection, absorbing impact from slashing attackman. The Clutch lacrosse elbow pads ventilate excellently, and have an full-length liner to fit perfectly around your elbow. Lastly, the no slip gel print will keep the pad in place.

brine-lopro-superlight-defense-lacrosse-arm-padsBrine LoPro Superlight Elbow Pads

Brine LoPro Elbow Pads

Defenseman, these Brine LoPro Superlight lacrosse elbow pads are one of the lightest, and low-profile elbow pads out there. If you are a defender who wants to feel like they are wearing no padding at all, these brine lacrosse elbow pads are for you.

Popular among the youth this elbow pad is comforting, flexible and perfect for protection during tournaments and practice sessions.

This very small, 1-piece compression molded pad gives you enough protection, at a fraction of the weight of other lax elbow pads. The contour mesh sleeve shapes perfectly your arm, with no slippage and a form fit. Scoop these brine lacrosse elbow pads up today!

stx-cell-3-elbow-padsSTX Cell 3 Lax Elbow Pads

STX Cell 3 Elbow Pads

These are another awesome option for lax elbow pads if you play defenseman, or goalie, and are looking for lightweight, low-profile, and comfortable padding. The new Geo-Flex technology gives you awesome impact resistance when taking a nasty slash.

This elbow pad is firm, sturdy and comfortable all at the same time. It fits easily and can be used for a longer time period.

There are NO STRAPS on these, to make them even lighter and easier to wear. Comes with a compression sleeve, allowing breathability and “no frills” wear. The silcone nubs help with slipping too!

Best Youth Lacrosse Arm Pads for Kids

A lot of younger players who are just starting should go with more protective youth lacrosse elbow pads. The truth is, if you’re still learning the fundamentals of the game, you’ll need the extra protection and youth lacrosse arm pads will keep you safe. You can checkout a youth starter lacrosse set, which includes every pad you need!

A good way to find out where you should start your search is to look at what other players at your level are wearing. Use that to gauge which arm guards you should start looking at, and the best way to find out which set works for you is to try them on.

Warrior-Rabil-NXT-Kids-Elbow-PadsWarrior Rabil NXT Kids Lax Elbow Pads

Rabil NXT Kids Elbow Pads

These are our favorite lax elbow pads for kids in 2019. Warrior really delivered on taking the top technology they use for college lax gear and bringing to the youth players.

Available in 5 different sizes for kids and young players, whether your kid is only 5 years old or 15 years old they've got a size for them! The dual adjustment straps make it easy for any youngster to put these on themselves and stay in place. We love the added elbow protection on the elbow cap and forearm plate, to make sure no season-ending injuries happen!

This product is well made and fits perfectly. It even comes enclosed with Velcro straps that around the sleeves to provide maximum comfort.

stx-stinger-lacrosse-arm-pads-youthSTX Stinger Youth Lacrosse Arm Pads

STX Stinger Arm Pads

The Stingers are an excellent youth lacrosse arm pad that have optimal protection if you're just starting out playing lacrosse. They come with a durable shell construction, which will last for both outdoor and indoor lacrosse seasons.

Also, they have a no-slip spandex sleeve to make sure they won't be falling down your arm during the lax game. These youth lacrosse arm pads have the perfect amount of flexibility and protection for any new lacrosse player!

The product is perfect for use by both beginners and experienced players who can remain guarded.

brine-uprising-lax-kids-elbow-padsBrine Uprising Youth Lacrosse Arm Guards

Brine Uprising Arm Guards

So the Brine Uprising line is one of the most common and sought-after youth lacrosse gear series. The Uprising pads have always been lightweight, durable, and awesome pads for starters or beginning lacrosse players around the globe.

These Uprising arm pads offer great protection and flexibility for developing players. The dual-density protection with the internal elbow cap gives you protections against those nasty slashes. They come with adjustment straps which make it easy keep in place!

gait-gunnar-box-lacrosse-arm-bicep-padThe Best Lacrosse Arm Guards for Box Lacrosse

Gait Gunnar Bicep Pad

For box lacrosse players, The game here is a little different and so are the pads. A lot of box players get away with favoring one hand strongly so they only bulk up on protection on one side. Generally worn on your weak side, these hard shells let you take a lot of abuse to one side while you're feeding, bull dodging, or just talking trash. The plus side to these lacrosse arm guards is you're more likely to draw a penalty on your defender. The hard plastic shell makes a lot of noise when you're getting checked which can sometimes draw a flag from a ref who can't tell the difference.

The Final Scoop on Choosing the Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads

In the end, the real trade-off is comfort vs. protection. More padding means more protection but less mobility. Less padding gives you more comfort and a bigger range of movement, but you’d better be able to take some checks in stride. The best lacrosse arm pads for you will depend on the position you play, how you play, and the amount of abuse you can handle.

Use the above guidelines and make your life easier by choosing the correct protection gear that can help improve your overall performance.

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Buying Guides News

The Best Lacrosse Gifts Guide for 2019 Christmas

lacrosse christmas gifts

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

You Just Found a Full List of Lacrosse Gifts Ideas!

Looking for lacrosse gift ideas for guys and girls? Of course, the best ideas for lacrosse players would probably be a new lacrosse shaft, or head, or maybe a lacrosse rebounder.

If you're looking for lacrosse gift ideas, a helpful exercise could be looking at your recipients lacrosse gear and asking yourself “What's their oldest piece of lacrosse gear that could be replaced?” Chances are you will come up with something they need!

But if that's not the case and you are looking for something less expensive, then have no fear as we've compiled this list of the best lacrosse gifts for boys and girls! And since it's the holiday season, we've got some lacrosse Christmas gifts listed too, and you can find our article lacrosse posters here, which also make an excellent gift.


Unique Lacrosse Gifts for Boys and Girls

Below you'll find the complete list of unique and fun lacrosse gifts. Whether you are buying them for christmas, birthdays, or out of good spirit, then you can't go wrong with any of these lacrosse gifts for both guys and girls alike.


Mini Lacrosse Sticks ($20-30)

Oh fiddlesticks! Mini lacrosse sticks make awesome lacrosse gifts! Whether you are looking at buying them for a youth lacrosse player, a little kid to teach them how to play lacrosse, or for an advanced lacrosse player as a trick stick, they will make for an excellent lacrosse gift. You can usually pick up lacrosse mini sticks for a pretty cheap price around $20-$40, making them a unique lacrosse christmas gift as well and they are a great lacrosse gift for guys and girls. Did someone say stocking stuffer?


Lacrosse Wall Decals ($20-50)

Have you seen a Fathead of Lebron James or Clay Matthews yet? Well they are pretty darn cool. Thankfully, you can now buy some pretty cool lacrosse wall decals as well. Unfortunately they only make lacrosse wall decals for guys, but this one could also work for girls. Either way as soon as you gift them, chances are your kid will be running up to their bedroom to put the lacrosse wall decal above their bed or with their lacrosse gear. The great thing about lacrosse wall decals is they won't damage the wall and they make for a very cost-effective lacrosse decoration or unique lacrosse Christmas gift. This may be your kids favorite lacrosse gifts ever!


Lacrosse Socks ($10-20)

Lacrosse socks are an excellent lacrosse gift idea. Not only are they a great christmas lacrosse gift, but you can get highly personalized lacrosse socks, unique lacrosse socks, lacrosse socks for girls, lacrosse socks for guys and everything inbetween. All of the different types of lacrosse socks you can buy range from mustaches to Santa Claus. If want to see the full list of all the different types of lacrosse socks, we recommend following the link we provided to Amazon. Here are a few types of lacrosse socks you'll find there…

  • Mustache lacrosse socks
  • Christmas lacrosse socks
  • American lacrosse socks
  • Rasta lacrosse socks
  • Lacrosse socks make for great lacrosse gifts!


Lacrosse Christmas Ornaments ($10-20)

Yes, lacrosse christmas ornaments are one of the best lacrosse gifts out there! First and foremost they are great because they are an excellent lacrosse gift for boys and lacrosse gift for girls! Nothing will spread the holiday cheer over the years like buying a new lacrosse christmas ornament for your kids who play lacrosse! Lacrosse christmas ornaments is one of those personalized lacrosse gifts that everyone will love. You can find a full list of lacrosse christmas ornaments by following the link to Amazon.


Lacrosse Jewelry ($10-50)

Lacrosse jewelery charms will make an excellent lacrosse gift. Thankfully, they make lacrosse jewelry charms for both guys and girls alike, and if you needed a lacrosse coach gift idea…you just found your lax gift! If you want to checkout the different pieces of lacrosse jewelry available, checkout the link to Amazon we provided. Here's a few that you'll find….

  • Lacrosse Earrings
  • Lacrosse Necklace
  • Lacrosse Bracelets
  • Lacrosse Pendants
  • Lacrosse Rings


Lacrosse Gift Cards ($25-100)

Lacrosse Gift Cards!

So if you don't like any of our lacrosse gift ideas, then one of the best lacrosse gifts you can buy would be a lacrosse gift card. That way, you can let the person you are buying the lacrosse gifts for decid exactly what they want! One of the best lacrosse retailers around is Amazon, because they seem to always have the lowest prices. That being said, we highly recommend buying a lacrosse gift card from them as they make an excellent stocking stuffer!

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.