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[Top Picks] Best Lacrosse Helmet Visor 2019

lacrosse helmet visor

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Do you know the coolest accessory you can add to your lax helmet?

It's a lacrosse visor.

A lacrosse visor keeps you safe from finger poking and any particles in the air that could obstruct your vision.

Traditionally you find tinted visors in football helmets, and they look pretty darn rad.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to show off your dope tinted visors on the field as they are prohibited by the NFHS.

But what if you play lacrosse and want to put a men's lacrosse helmet visor insert into your CPXR or Pro7 helmet?

Lax pros like Casey Powell have a lacrosse helmet shield and it looks dope!

Well we've got you covered! This lacrosse post will detail…

1. The Official Lacrosse Helmet Visor Rules
2. Where to Buy Lacrosse Helmets Visors
3. Video Review & How to Insert a Lacrosse Helmet Visor

Here is Our Favorite Lax Visor for 2019:

SHOC Lacrosse Visor

1. Lacrosse Helmet Visor Rules


So it looks like there has been a lot of confusion around the subject of lacrosse helmet visor kits being used in games.

This is the rule regarding visor use from Section 5, Article 3 and Sub section C of the NHFS rule book. You can find it on Page 32.

US Lacrosse and NFHS rules state:

“Lacrosse helmet visors are legal so long as they are clear, molded and non-rigid. If worn a player may also wear clear glasses, but may not wear an eye shield and tinted glasses. Tinted eye shields are not allowed.”

So there you have it!

You can use a clear lacrosse helmet visor so long as it's not tinted.

So if you are looking for a lacrosse helmet sun visor, you'll have to settle for sunglasses.

They might not be as comfortable as a tinted visor but you have to comply with the NHFS rules.

Even if you have a doctor’s prescription saying that you are light sensitive, you still won’t be able to play with tinted visors.

The Reason Why:

The reason having a tinted lacrosse helmet visor is illegal is because of safety. If you get clocked hard, the refs, coaches and paramedics need to easily see your eyes and face to check for a concussion or other serious injuries.

And if you're wearing a lacrosse helmet eye visor, they will not be able to diagnose you. If you have an eye condition, like retina sunlight sensitivity, using a tinted lacrosse helmet visor is still illegal!

If you need eye protection, then wear sunglasses that will fit inside your helmet. There is NO leniency on this rule!

Other than the general rules, there are a few things that you need to look for in a lacrosse visor. An obvious first is visibility.

You certainly don’t want to be that one player on the field running off in the wrong direction. So, the visor must allow full visibility. It is better to opt for an anti-fog visor so that even when the weather turns, it doesn’t bother you during the game.

2. Where to Buy Lacrosse Helmet Visors

Alright so we've searched far and wide to find the best lacrosse helmet visors for you guys! Unfortunately the big brands like Nike, Brine, Warrior and Cascade don't offer lacrosse helmet visors, thankfully you can buy and install a SHOC Lacrosse helmet visor!

Warning: Do not buy the Oakley lacrosse helmet visor anymore!

Get the Best Lacrosse Visor on the Market…

The SHOC helmet visor is the only Lacrosse-specific visor in the world!

SHOC has quickly become the king of sports and outdoors eye protection. Their lacrosse visor has been specifically designed for lacrosse!

Another first is that the company has become the only one to design a visor that both lacrosse and football players can use.

The visors come in 15 different colors that are all reflective. So, you will have them changing with the light source. Relying on polycarbonate technology, the visor is anti-scratch which means that it will last for a long time.

Also, it is lined with hydrophobic coating. As the coating is water-hating, it will keep sweat particles, airborne particles, humidity and rain drops at bay. No more trying to struggle with clear vision on those, hot, humid or even rainy days.

[Video Review] SHOC Lacrosse Helmet Visor

Do Not Miss Out on This Deal:

Easily add the SHOC visor to your Cascade CPXR or Pro7 helmets, or the new STX helmets.

Be sure to checkout the video below on how to install your lacrosse helmet visor kit once you get it.

If you buy the visor from Amazon, each SHOC visor comes with a free American flag decal. So, that is another catch too.

Here are the product highlights for the SHOC lacrosse helmet visor, and be sure to buy the CLEAR version if you want to use it during games…

  • Made of strong Polycarbonate
  • Over 10 Color Options (Chrome, Smoke, Black, Blue, Etc.)
  • Impact resistant so it won't break on a lacrosse check
  • Anti-fog proof
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • NFHS Approved
  • Soft Carry Bag and Easy-to-Use Clips Included!

Polycarbonate is probably the best material that the company could have used for their visor. It is an industrial grade material that is extremely tough and durable. The best part, however, is that it is optically transparent. So, you can use it in games, as per the regulations.


You do not want a lacrosse visor that breaks with the first hit that you receive to the head. SHOC visors are impact resistant so a blow to the head is not likely to break or scratch your visor.


Additional perks:


Installing the visor can be quite a nuisance if you have to use different tools for it. With the SHOC visor, you get clips. The clips make installing and removing visors your left hand’s play.


Luckily, the same clips can be used with visors from other brands, like Nike, Under Armor, Zenith and Adidas too. The way you install your clip is totally up to your preference. The type of facemask you have will also affect the installation.

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Buying Guides Shafts

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Shafts Buying Guide 2020

Lacrosse Shafts

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

This lacrosse shafts buying guide is one of a kind.

We're not kidding.

It's jam-packed with all of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to buy the best lacrosse shafts for sale.

Listen Up:

Too many times before laxers have paid $100 or more for a lacrosse shaft that breaks in half…in their first game.

We're here to help you pick the best lacrosse shafts (that won't break)

So read on, and whether you play middie, attack, defense, or goalie take note on the best Brine, Warrior, Epoch, and top brands we recommend for your position.

The BEST Lax Shafts of 2020:

Best Offense: East Cost Dies

Best Defense: Warrior Burn Diamond

(Girls — here's your buying guide)


3 (Easy) Questions to Choosing the Best Lacrosse Shafts in 2020

This lacrosse shaft buying guide will give you an idea of the best lax shaft you can get for your money, based on your preferences.  Not all lacrosse shafts are created equal, and some are better for players in certain positions and looking to do different things on the field.  Once you narrow down the specifications you’re looking for, you’ll be able to pick out the shaft that is right for you and right for your wallet.

Next Up: Lacrosse Heads Buying Guide

1. Choose your Position – This will determine the size of lacrosse shaft you need
2. Choose your Material, Grip, and Shape – Here you will get to choose your lax shaft preferences
3. Choose your Lacrosse Shaft – Based on your age and position, we list the best lax shafts ever for…

1. What Position Are you Playing?

Similarly to choosing your next lacrosse head, you are going to want a different lacrosse shaft whether you play defense, attack, middie, LSM, FOGO, or goalie. According to Wikipedia's Lacrosse Stick Page, the main comparison between lacrosse shafts based on your position will be the length.

Middies and attackers can get away with using the majority of the same lax shafts, and it comes down to grip, feel and shape.  If you’re a defensemen or a long-pole middie, you’re going to need just that; a long pole.  Attacker and middie shafts are the same length, at 30”.  Goalie lacrosse shafts are between attackers/middies and long poles at 40”.  Long poles are 60” long.


Attack and Middie Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse attack and middie shaft lengths vary depending on whether you play youth lacrosse, or highschool and NCAA lacrosse. At the youth lacrosse level, the lacrosse stick must be 37 inches – 42 inches long. At the high school or NCAA lacrosse level, the attack lacrosse shaft must be between 30 inches -32 inches long. You will get a penalty if your lacrosse stick is any shorter or longer!

Defensive Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse defense shafts are the longest lacrosse shaft of them all. If your youth lacrosse league allows it, your defense lacrosse shafts should be between 42 inches -62 inches. Almost all defenders use a shaft that is 60 inches long. The same defense lacrosse shaft length requirements are true for both high school and college lacrosse.

Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse goalie shafts are in between the length of attack and defensive lacrosse shafts. Although the official lacrosse rules states your lacrosse goalie shaft can be between 40 inches – 52 inches, all goalies use a lacrosse goalie shaft which is 40 inches long!

2. What Shape, Grip & Style Do you Prefer?

Alright, now that you know the lacrosse shaft size based on your position, it's time to determine the type of material, shape, and grip will best fit your lacrosse shaft needs.

Without knowing a lot about lacrosse shafts, you might not realize that they come in different textures for different feel in gloves, different shapes for better handling, and can be made from different materials like scandium, titanium, carbon fiber, etc.  Try out a few of your team mates sticks and you’ll notice how each lacrosse shaft offers a little bit of a different hold or feel.  You can definitely get the one that is best for your position!  Attackers usually prefer a shaft that offers grip and flex, so they can feel the ball in their stick and also get that little extra whip off of shots.  Middies prefer shafts that hold up to checks, ground balls, and offer feel in all types of weather.

In the buying guides below, you’ll see words like “grit,” “slick,” and “traditional.”  Different grips will allow you to feel the stick differently.  Grit, or sandpaper coating on the shaft, will allow almost no slippage in gloves, especially on rainy days.  Slick grip is a rubberized coating that doesn’t feel gritty, but feels stickier in gloves, offering feel but not too much.  Traditional coating is a smooth finish that can get pretty slippery when wet.

Wooden Lacrosse Shaft

Lacrosse Shaft Materials

There are a few different types of lacrosse materials that lacrosse shafts are made of. The traditional wooden lacrosse shafts aren't commonly used anymore. But over the last decade, brands like Brine shafts, Warrior, STX, and Epoch have technologically designed lacrosse shafts out of carbon fiber and composite lacrosse shafts alloys like titanium and scandium. We highly recommend buying a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft or titanium lacrosse shaft, as they are more lightweight, stronger, and have better grips!

Lacrosse Shaft Grips

There are three main types of grips for lacrosse shafts. Traditionally, you'd have to use lacrosse tape or grip spray on a smooth lacrosse shaft to create your desired grip. Nowadays, lots of lacrosse shafts come with a pre-designed grip material on the lacrosse shaft. Also, keep in mind your shaft comes with a drill hole and butt/end cap.

  1. Sandpaper – Creates a sandpaper lacrosse grip feeling, ensuring your lax shaft won't slip at all
  2. Rubberized – This grip is designed to feel sticky, and will make sure no slipping occurs
  3. Smooth – No grip added to the shaft

Shapes of Lax ShaftLacrosse Shaft Shapes

For a lot of lacrosse players, they like their lacrosse shafts circumference to be a certain shape. The shape of the lacrosse shaft can change the feeling it has on your grip and cradling. The traditional lacrosse shafts diameter are made of a plain oval or circular shape. But the most common lacrosse shaft shape is usually an octagon. Even some new lacrosse shafts include more extreme versions. The shape of your lacrosse shaft isn't as big of a deal as the grip and material it's made of. But keep in mind that you may prefer one shape over the other as you begin playing.

Beginner, Youth & Advanced Lacrosse Shafts:

Youth players, beginners, and even some intermediate players can get away with a decent shaft that won’t put a dent in your wallet.  Higher end shafts hold up to strong checks and lots of play, something that you might not see at a youth or beginner level.  You don’t have to be stuck with a factory shaft, you can definitely pick a shaft that is right for your age and play style.

The 10 Best Lacrosse Shafts for 2020:

Below we have complete lacrosse shaft reviews of the top brands with how to buy. If your lax shaft breaks, most manufacturers offer warranties, unless you buy used shafts or bulk from China. To really swag up your shaft design, you can add shaft decals, skinz, or dye paint your lacrosse shaft. In addition you'll find lacrosse shaft pictures. Thankfully, most of the shafts below are on clearance, discount, on sale or good deal at Amazon!

  • Length – Attack and Middies want 30 inch shafts. Defense want 60 inch shafts
  • Weight – For your lacrosse shaft, you will want it to be lightweight. Having a lighter lacrosse stick will allow you to cradle better, move quicker, and shoot faster.
  • Material – The lightest materials for lacrosse shafts are carbon fiber and alloys made of titanium and scandium lacrosse shaft. Many of these materials have flex tests now, which helps with shot speed
  • Grip – You can either buy a lacrosse shaft which has slippery grip, so you can add your own tape job to improve grip. Or, you an buy a lacrosse shaft that comes with a grip.
  • Shape – The traditional hexagon shape of the lacrosse shaft works great for all players

Best Middie and Attack Lacrosse Shafts Out There

  • Price: $60-140
  • Material: Composite Alloy or Carbon Fiber
  • Ages: 10+

ECD-Carbon-Shaft-ReviewEast Coast Dyes (ECD) Carbon Shaft

Depending on the color you choose, these shafts are priced from $100-$160.  The carbon shaft is designed with the FLEX 5 technology, which offers the shooter more flex when releasing the ball.  The carbon fibers flex with the stick, offering more whip and velocity on hard passes and accurate shots.

This East Coast Dyes lacrosse shaft is produced with sandpaper grip, which is becoming more and more popular.  It offers feel in all kinds of weather and if it breaks on you in the first 6 months you’ve had it, you can get a free replacement.


Epoch Lacrosse 6th Generation Dragonfly Carbon Fiber Shaft

Probably the most technologically advanced shaft on the market, the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft can be chosen in a variety of flexes, some better for box lacrosse, faceoffs, and field lacrosse players.  Allowing different stiffness within the shaft gives you the ability to choose a shaft that feels right on shots, ground balls, and checks.

Less flex is ideal form the enforcing middie who throws checks, or for the box lacrosse player.  More flex is better for the elite attacker, giving them the best feel with the ball on shots and feeds.  Priced from $99-140, this is one of the best attack/middie shaft for the elite player.

ecd-carbon-pro-lax-shaftEast Coast Dyes Carbon PRO Shaft

Offered on Amazon in only black, the East Coast Dyes Carbon PRO is the next step up from the Carbon lacrosse shaft.  Structured with the same FLEX 5 technology, the Carbon PRO is designed with composite materials and processes that allow it to be light and strong to withstand checks.

The PRO is designed with REACT technology, which allows the shaft to flex with accelerations in speed.  The grip is kept the same as the Carbon shaft, with a sandpaper grit that provides all weather feel.  A reliable choice for the high level player.

epoch-dragonfly-gen-7-lax-shaft-c30Epoch Dragonfly 7th Generation Shaft

Piggybacking off the 6th generation Dragonfly, the 7th generation shaft comes with all the bells and whistles.  The flexes stay the same, easily chosen by you based on your position and flex preference.  The ergonomic shape allows the shaft to fit comfortably in your hands without feeling bulky or offset.  The sleek design is still resistant to dents or breaks, and is the lightest shaft that Epoch Lacrosse has produced.  The 7th generation is more unique than the 6th generation in hat the intelligent weave technology of the carbon fibers within the shaft push release energy to the head of the stick.

maverik-hyperlite-lax-shaft-lightweightMaverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft

This traditional shaped shaft developed by Maverik gives the attacker or middie the smooth finish to feel more natural in the player’s hands. Developed to feel light and make the transition between a factory shaft to a specialized shaft smoother, the shape and grip offer finesse to the attacker.

Depending on the color you are looking to get, the price can range from around $140 and is one of the premier lacrosse shafts to own this season!

maverik-wonderboy-lax-shaftMaverik Wonderboy Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik created a very good product in the Wonderboy shaft.  Getting 5 star reviews, the WOnderboy lacrosse shaft is designed with 9000 series alloy and tactilegrip technology to resist bends, dents, and to feel light in your hands while offering grip in any kind of weather.

This lacrosse shaft has gotten great reviews both for price and quality, and it’s one of those shafts that will definitely fit your budget and your style.  Can be found from $75-85.

Best Lacrosse Defense Shafts You Can Buy

  • Price: $60-200
  • Material: Composite Alloy or Carbon Fiber
  • Ages: 10+

Alright so here we have the best lacrosse LSM and defense shafts you can get on the market. There are plenty of other ones out there like the wood lacrosse shaft known as the BAMshaft, which is a totally bamboo lacrosse shaft. Long Stick Middies (LSM) and defenders alike should love these shafts…. and love these deals!

warrior-burn-lax-shaft-defense-proWarrior Burn Diamond PRO Defense

The Warrior Burn Pro shaft was created with the intention of being the lightest Warrior shaft produced.  Made with Krypto Pro Alloy, this shaft is equal parts strength and light in your hands.

Priced at only $80 for the silver shaft, it’s a steal for most intermediate and advanced players, especially if you are used to the Warrior Burn line of products. Warrior has a great reputation for making quality products for much less than some of the newer brands on the market.


Epoch Dragonfly Defense Gen 7 C60

Epoch lacrosse has been changing the lax shaft game forever. For both attackman and defenders alike, the Epoch Gen7 lacrosse shafts are an awesome option. Incredibly strong, yet lightweight, these defenders shafts are built using space age materials and technology.

The signature “FLEX” created by Epoch makes the Dragonfly perfect for slashes and checks. Developed with 100% carbon fiber, you'll love the composition and feel of this shaft's fibers and grip. Although pricey ($200) you won't regret buying one!

maverik-caliver-lax-shaftMaverik Caliber Defense Lacrosse Shaft

The Maverik Caliber lacrosse shaft is highly sought after from intermediate and advanced players alike.  A little pricier at $125, the Caliber is ultra-light and strong.

The Caliber is made from Scandium and Titanium and has a thinner profile along the shaft hand for precise finger and thumb placement.  Players say the shaft is noticeably thinner, which can be important for increased feel, but also can lead to easier breaking if it hits the right spot. It is a tad bit pricey for the midfielder who will end up throwing some checks, but for an attacker, the thinner feel might be right on the money.

Best Goalie Lacrosse Shafts You Can Buy

  • Price: $60-100
  • Material: Composite Alloy or Carbon Fiber
  • Ages: 10+

Now that you know exactly what to look for when buying a goalie lacrosse shaft, let's look at the top 10 lacrosse shafts you can buy as a goalie. Some goalies do prefer a wooden goalie shaft, so we recommend peaking at those too. Totally personal preference!

Click Image for Best Price on East Coast Carbon Shaft

East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft

5 star ratings here! East Coast Dyes is most notably known for their amazing lacrosse mesh, but their ECD carbon lacrosse shaft is their first lacrosse shaft launch ever. And we’re not going to lie, the East Coast Dyes dragonfly shaft is pretty dope! In a world where carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are starting to become king, and companies like Epoch have launched the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft, you either join the club or get left behind.

Best Maverik A1 Lacrosse ShaftsMaverik A1 Goalie Shaft

The Maverik A1 has the feel of an ICE handle with a slightly gritty grip. Advanced lacrosse goalies everywhere are discovering the super light feel which combines attributes of the best selling Warrior shafts Diamond Grip series. We love Maverik lacrosse shafts because there are no flashy designs or colors….Nothing but the best technology the lacrosse world has to offer.

Best Warrior Krypto Pro Select Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Krpytolye 11 Goalie Shaft

Let me give you numbers (don’t worry, no calculus necessary). Warrior claims that of the new KryptoPro series, they are both 24% stronger and 8% lighter than their Kryptolyte standard series of shafts. Wow! This shaft is also one of the lighter lax shaft available. This shaft comes engineered with the very high-end KPro superlight alloy to give you strength without surrendering lightness. And lastly, with all the Warrior lacrosse shafts, they've adde the new “cut through” graphics to keep you looking flashly on the field. Scoop it up soon!

Best Youth Lacrosse Shafts for Kids

  • Price: $20-40
  • Material: Composite Alloy or Wood
  • Ages: 6-12

These youth lacrosse shafts for kids are made for those junior laxers who are still learning the game. They are prices at around $20 to $40, and are an awesome starter lacrosse shaft. Most are comprised of a basic 7075 titanium alloy material that shouldn't break at the elementary or middle school age!

Best Blackfeet Ash Wooden Shaft Lacrosse ShaftsBurd Wood Hickory Lacrosse Shaft

We are seeing an increasing number of wooden lacrosse shafts flood the market. Traditionally, mostly defenders would use a wooden lax shaft, but now even attackman and youth players are rocking them. Hand-picked hickory makes this shaft a must have quality item. Hex-cut means this shaft will fit all lacrosse heads with a lacrosse screw. The natural brown hickory color comes with a natural stain and paint finish of polyurethane to preserve the wood to last longer!

Best Warrior Analog A6 Lacrosse ShaftsBrine 6000 Kids Lacrosse Shaft (cheap)

Buying a cheap lacrosse shaft is the way to go if you don't need an expensive shaft. Well with this Brine 6000 lacrosse shaft you get 30 inches of high-end, strong, durbable aluminum.

Perfect for new players, this Brine 6000 aluminum shaft is your best bet for a new attack or middie shaft. Comes stock with the cool Brine King signature graphics.

Conclusion: Lacrosse Shafts Buying Guide

Most lacrosse shafts are designed to withstand breaking, but it happens. Luckily manufacturer’s commonly offer a warranty that will replace the broken shaft should it happen.  When picking out a new shaft, you really want to narrow your focus on the questions above.  Keep in mind your level of play.  If you’re playing advanced levels of lacrosse, you’re probably going to want a shaft that is made of stronger materials, like carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber lacrosse shafts won’t bend like some metal shafts.  However, some stronger metal shafts can be lighter than carbon fiber shafts, so the choice is really yours.  Either way, before purchasing your shaft, make sure it will fit your head.  With the different shapes that shafts are designed in, many heads are only designed for a few different shapes, usually within the same product or brand family.

And there you have it! Did we miss anything on our buying guide? Do you agree with all of recommended lacrosse shafts by category? Let us know in the comments below.

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Buying Guides

[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing Supplies 2019


Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.

One of the most essential pieces of lax gear you need is your lacrosse mesh.

Your lax mesh dictates your passing, shooting, cradling.


If you choose the wrong lax stringing, you'll have problems game after game, practice after practice.

You can even get a penalty for an illegal pocket…


We've put together a complete guide on how to choose the best lacrosse mesh out there.

The Best Lacrosse Mesh & Stringing in 2019

Best Mesh: East Coast Dyes HeroMesh

Best Strings: East Coast Dyes HeroStrings

Best Kit: East Coast Dyes HeroKit

In 2019, there are tons of different types of lacrosse mesh kits and styles out there. You've got phenomenal options out there like East Coast Mesh, StringKing Mesh, and Throne mesh with no idea which stringing to buy.

[VIDEO] East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Review

Here's the Deal:

Buying the best lacrosse mesh and the worst is the difference between you hitting the back of the lacrosse net or shooting wide right. Your lacrosse stringing and mesh dictates your passes, your shots, your cradling, your ground balls, your catching, and even your respect on the field.

Lacrosse mesh comes in all different colors, shapes and sizes, and it's very important that you get your lacrosse head strung with the best lacrosse mesh out there. Find out whether you need hard or soft lacrosse mesh, and where to buy it from, like east coast mesh!

In This Guide You'll Find:

  • The 3 Types of Lacrosse Mesh
  • Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Mesh Kits
  • Reviews of Lacrosse Shooting & Sidewall Strings
  • Reviews of Lacrosse Mesh Wax and Accessories

The 3 Different Lacrosse Mesh Types

Soft Mesh – Ideal for beginner and youth players, soft lacrosse mesh make catching and cradling much easier. The only issue with lacrosse soft mesh is when wet, it gets droopy, sticky and near impossible to make good passes.

Hard Mesh – The most widely used lacrosse mesh out there, hard lacrosse mesh strings into any pocket design you want. Unaffected by rain, it keeps its mold forever. The only drawback with lacrosse hard mesh is it takes a while to break in.

Traditional Mesh – Stringing traditional lacrosse pockets requires expertise, multiple strings, and takes a while to break in. It's also not the best in the rain. But, traditional lacrosse mesh, if strung correctly, will make you the happiest laxer on the field!


Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Mesh Kits for Sale in 2019

  • Price: $10-30
  • Style: Hard, Semi Hard, Semi Soft
  • Colors: All options

Once you've chosen the type of lacrosse mesh you need, now it's time to pick your kit. But what is the best lacrosse mesh? Below we've reviewed East Coast Mesh, Stringking mesh, Jimalax mesh, and Throne of String mesh,. Each of these brands offers hard, soft, traditional and even custom lacrosse mesh and launch videos showing you how to string a lacrosse head, and how to dye lacrosse mesh. Enjoy!

ECD-East-Coast-Mesh(#1) East Coast Dyes Lacrosse HeroMesh with HeroStrings 

No lacrosse brands produce as great of lacrosse mesh as East Coast Dyes. This East Coast Mesh is some of the best lax mesh because it comes fully weatherproof. The HeroMesh will not contract or expand in hot weather, cold temperatures and even rain! Comes with the HyperWeave, which is the East Coast Mesh special way of keeping a very tight knit pattern, allowing perfectly shaped diamonds and gives you texture for improved control and feel. Weighing in at 25 grams, this is strong lacrosse mesh that will not rip or tear. Designed as a semi soft lacrosse mesh, you'll get the perfect hold and control with a smooth release.

ecd-vortex-mesh-stringing-kit-newEast Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh (Semi-Hard)

ECD brought the heat again with this new Vortex mesh. First off, it come with a new “diamond pattern” which creates a Sweetspot in your pocket, giving you a better release point while passing and shooting and will add more stability to your cradling. The patent-pending HybridWeave wraps up these diamond patterns into a brand new, dynamic mesh. WEATHERPROOF: This Vortex mesh will not expand or contract during rain, snow, or intense heat. These are also probably the lightest pieces of lacrosse mesh you can buy. 10/10 for ECD's new Vortex mesh!

string-king-lacrosse-mesh-2sStringKing Performance Lacrosse Mesh Type 2

Right behind East Coast Mesh, you've got StringKing mesh. As far as cool lacrosse stringing kits go, this StringKing mesh is a VERY close second place! Coming with a pack of semi soft lacrosse mesh, you'll find your lacrosse pocket will break in quickly and easily. StringKing lacrosse boasts that this lacrosse mesh is 5% lighter than most meshes to give you a faster shot and release. The texture on this lacrosse mesh is grippy, improving your ball handling and cradling. Also comes with lacrosse shooting strings. You can do much worse here.

epoch-lax-otter-mesh-kitEpoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh

Of all the types of white lacrosse mesh kits, we have to include this Epoch Otter mesh. Teaming up with StringKing, Epoch launched some gold lacrosse mesh, not literally, but it's da-bomb-dot-com! As far as lacrosse mesh reviews go, we've got nothing but great things to say. Using an advanced knitting process, you get the best structural connection for perfect symmetry. Military grade, ultra lightweight, composite fiber materials, weatherproof, AND the lightest lacrosse mesh out there!

Throne-mesh-stringing-lacrosseThrone of String Lacrosse Throne Mesh

This list of lacrosse mesh wouldn't be complete without Throne of String's crazy light and durable Throne Mesh. This full lacrosse stringing kit includes everything you need to get your lacrosse head from unstrung to strung….while looking like a boss! This Throne of String mesh kit includes 15mm mesh, 3 tipped shooting laces, 9 feet of sidewall/top string, one official Throne Mesh ball stop, and 1 screw for your head. This lax mesh ranking is right up there with StringKing and East Coast Mesh!

lacrosse-mesh-stringing-suppliesJimalax 10 Diamond Hard Lacrosse Mesh

Jimalax is most famous for their “Jimalax money mesh” and has consistently produced some of the best lacrosse mesh and string in the sport! Their hard lacrosse mesh is also great. This 10 diamond lacrosse mesh, better than 6 diamond lacrosse mesh, keeps your perfect lacrosse pocket. Available in basically any color you want (black, white, pink, purple, orange, silver, gold, rasta, and multi-colored) you can't go wrong with this cheap lacrosse mesh. We recommend this as attack or defense lacrosse mesh!

ecd-goalie-east-coast-lacrosse-meshLacrosse Goalie Mesh – East Coast Dyes 12 Diamond

If you play keeper, then you'll need specific lacrosse goalie mesh to string your lacrosse head. In this package of east coast mesh, you get one pack of 12 diamond goalie lacrosse mesh. Like all other East Coast mesh, you get a tremendous hold in your pocket from this lacrosse goalie stringing, a feature you definitely need after making a sick save. This gonzo lacrosse mesh absorbs impact to reduce rebounds, and your throwing accuracy will never be better. Totally waterproof and breaks in easily. There's few better options for mesh lacrosse has to offer.

The Best Custom Lacrosse Shooting & Sidewall String

  • Price: $5-20
  • Style: Fits All Pockets
  • Colors: Any!

Typically, lacrosse mesh kits come with all of the lacrosse mesh, lacrosse shooting strings, and lacrosse head stringing supplies you need to get the job done. More expert players tend to use custom lacrosse stringing styles and will buy their lacrosse top strings, lacrosse shooting strings, and lacrosse sidewall strings separately. It's also super common to see traditional lacrosse stringing styles.

best-lax-mesh-heromesh-ecdECD HeroMesh Stringing Laces

If you haven't noticed yet, we are a huge fan of anything East Coast Dyes decides to create. And their HeroMesh stringing kit is definitely the best option for anything mesh.

These lax strings will last in rain, snow, heat, cold, and basically a nuclear explosion. They are built to last, look incredibly dope, and will help give you added control in your cradling and let your rip shots and passes much crisper!


StringKing Lacrosse Sidewall String 

The StringKing lacrosse sidewall strings are an excellent option if you want to customize your lacrosse pocket. Made in the USA, these lacrosse sidewall stringing laces are specially designed for consistency, stringability, and vibrancy. Constructed from non-nylon based materials, they won't loosen, shrink or stretch due to weather. The perfect size needed, you'll quickly and easily know how to string a lacrosse head. No knots or lacrosse string that won't fit through your lacrosse head holes! 15 color options available for all lacrosse custom stringing options.

lacrosse-shooting-stringing-string-kingStringKing Lacrosse Shooting Strings

You won't find as good of lacrosse shooting strings as these StringKing ones. No more crappy Warrior lacrosse mesh, or stick doctor mesh: Hooray! These lacrosse string shooting t laces gives you ultimate accuracy and feel throughout your lacrosse pocket. The lacrosse top string actually melt into your pocket giving you a smooth bump to feel the ball while shooting. The lacrosse shooting chords are made to craft a tight braid for a thin, hard construction…nothing but crisp passes and shots. Tons of lacrosse mesh color options here too!

lacrosse-stringing-sidewall-spoolNinjalax.com Lacrosse Mesh Spool

Many laxers prefer to buy wholesale lacrosse mesh bulk as it's cheaper and more cost-effective. If you do a lot of lacrosse traditional stringing and fiddling, you'll need this black lacrosse mesh spool. You get 100 yards of nylon string for your sidewalls, top string, bottom string, shooter, or even lacrosse mesh repairs. Throw this is in your lacrosse coach bag because you never know when you may need it!

Lacrosse Mesh Wax and Pocket Accessories

You don't need to know how to string a lacrosse head to take great care of your new lacrosse mesh. The products below are meant to show you how to break in lacrosse mesh, clean lacrosse mesh, wax lacrosse mesh and make your perfect pocket.

lacrosse-mesh-wax-formulaEast Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh Wax

We've got a secret for you: Many players who know how to wax lacrosse mesh will do so to get extra grip on their mesh, gloves, or stick tape. This advanced lacrosse wax mesh formula is designed to work into the fibers of your lax mesh to make your pocket waterproof and feel like actual wax lacrosse mesh. Applying this lacrosse wax mesh to the palms of your gloves will create a grip that makes them feel brand new! You can apply this mix to your lacrosse stick tape too for crazy great grip

lacrosse-pocket-stretching-ball-stickSTX Lacrosse Pocket Pounder

Once you have your lacrosse head strung up, you might be wondering how to soften lacrosse mesh to improve your cradling, hold, and grip. If you read any lacrosse stringing guide, they will stress the importance of a stretching pocket, and a lacrosse pocket pounder is the best and quickest way to get the perfect pocket. Once you've installed your canadian lacrosse mesh, simply take the lacrosse pocket stretcher and pound the pocket in the place you want your pocket to loosen it up! Lather with some lacrosse mesh wax, and voila, you're good to go!

At the end of the day, you need some lacrosse mesh that is easy to string, will hold a solid pocket, and works well with the way you cradle and pass. We love East Coast Dyes mesh, and they have excellent resources on how to string a lacrosse head, and keep your pocket working at 100%!

(VIDEO) How to String a Lacrosse Head

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.