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STX Duel SC Shaft Review


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stx-duel-sc-shaft-review-bestThe STX Duel SC shaft is one of the stronger shafts on the market.

You wont be able to feel the weight that goes along with it, but when you take a hard check right to the middle of the shaft and it doesn't break, you’ll know you made the right purchase.

STX Duel Shaft: Appearance 8/10

To be blunt, the STX Duel SC shaft isn't the prettiest pole out there. The whole green throat really takes away from the value and the appearance of this shaft.

There is a big logo right in the middle of it, and almost every good player does almost everything in his or her power to avoid those kinds of lacrosse shafts. Logos and bad color kind of dominate this shaft.

Looking through all of that, the shaft has a nice shape. It is a new Clamp Profile that is supposedly going to create more control at the X. This shaft is supposed to go along with a head, and together they are supposed to be the absolute faceoff machine. We’ll see…

STX Duel Shaft: Grip 7/10

The STX Duel Scandium shaft, unfortunately, was made with that annoying grip technology that every player is supposed to love.

We havent come across one player that actually has a positive thing to say about the new grip technology. Although the grip technology is just at the bottom where the handle is, it really does deserve the 3 point knock.

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Tape was brought into the game to fix the grip problem, nobody needs this grip technology. Another feature to the STX Duel SC shaft is the sand blasted finish.

Personally, we arent big fans of that texture. It adds a bit of a rough feel to the shaft. Every player has their preference, and this is not ours.


STX Duel Shaft: Weight 9/10

The STX Duel SC shaft was made with Scandium Alloy material that allow for a lightweight feel and versatile player. The weight of the shaft might be the best part. This could be one of the lighter shafts on the market with the exception of durability.

STX Duel Shaft: Durability 10/10

As mentioned before, the STX Sc shaft is made with Scandium Alloy. It is not invincible, but very very durable. Knicks and dings will come, as they will with any other shaft that you go out and purchase, but this shaft is just as if not more durable than those other ones you are looking at.

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This material resembles materials used in missiles and fighter pilots, repeatedly letting us know that this is stronger than anything else up on the screen of your computer.

STX Duel Shaft: Price 9/10

The STX Duel has a nice value to it, and you are getting what you paid for with no strings attached. Yes, there are cons to this as there are to everything, but there are nice pros as well. This shaft should draw in customers with no problem.

STX Duel Shaft: Overall 9/10

The appearance and the grip really take a point out of the overall rating of the shaft. Most players really try to avoid the grip technology around the handle, and the big logos with the green color. Otherwise, the shaft is bound to get a good reputation in the lacrosse world.

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STX Duel Head Review


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review-of-stx-duel-headThe STX Duel head is supposed to be the ultimate faceoff head of all time.

STX spent a long time developing a faceoff head so that they could get it just right.

Now of course, they arent the first company to make a faceoff lacrosse head for facing off, but they are definitely the first to make a head that is capable of facing off and doing much more.

STX Duel Head: Stiffness 8/10

Now, this is a faceoff head so it is supposed to be a little flexible. Although it is flexible, it can still hold up a little slap check and poke check.

Certainly no defensive head, but it can hold its own. This head warps a little bit as well. They do indeed require a little flexibility, but the bottom should be a little bit stiffer in order to prevent some warping here and there.

Other than that, the stiffness is perfect on the STX Duel head when it comes to passing, shooting and all the offensive essentials a player would need.

STX Duel Head: Appearance 10/10

The appearance of the head is very attractive. It catches a customer’s eye which is all you can ask for when it comes to marketing it.

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It resembles the Proton Power a little bit, which used to be a very popular head and took over the market for years. The design is intriguing and looks like it allows for any type of player. This is exactly what every faceoff guy needs.

STX Duel Head: Stringing 10/10

The perfect pocket doesnt come around often, but they really hit it on the head with the STX Duel head. Third row, high pockets arent really that common for faceoff guys and frankly dont help them much but the way the Duel strings up is perfect for them.

They really did create the ultimate faceoff weapon. The hole variety allows for multiple different ways to string up the pockets just to your liking.


STX Duel Head: Durability 9/10

Like I mentioned before, warping is an issue that comes with just about any faceoff head on the market. The warping is not a major problem and it could easily be fixed. You just put it right back into place and keep playing, it will be as if nothing ever happened.

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Looking at it, the STX duel head doesnt really have any noticeable weak points right off the bat. I would be surprised to see the head break. It doesn’t have a string hole at the pressure point either which is a smart move on STX’s part. Durability shouldn’t be an issue but honestly faceoff guys are used to replacing their heads anyway.

STX Duel Head: Price 10/10

The only small downside for the STX Duel head is the stiffness. Nothing can really bring the value of this head down. You are absolutely getting what you pay for when it comes to this head. Even the price is reasonable.

STX Duel Head: Overall 10/10

STX was not messing around when they created the STX Duel head. This truly could be the ultimate faceoff weapon, exactly what they had intended to create.

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STX Surgeon 500 Gloves Review


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stx-surgeon-500-glovesThe Surgeon 500 gloves are designed for only the top players of the game.

We, here at Lacrosse Scoop, want to bring you a first hand review on which lacrosse gloves the greats are using these days.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Appearance 8/10

The Surgeon 500 gloves are easily the most stylish on the market right now.

In fact, they give off a “sleek and sophisticated” kind of vibe. We think that this glove will make it to the top teams in the NCAA. Audiences already see Will Manny of the Boston Cannons rocking them, and we expect there to be many more as well.

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We really like the modern style that the gloves have and the thumb movement that allows for a more natural feel when wearing the gloves.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Comfort 10/10

The STX Surgeon 500 glove is easily one of the more comfortable pairs on the market. The only way to describe it is wearing a cloud on your hands. It honestly feels that comfortable.

The downside is they break in pretty slowly and you can really tell. These gloves are as high class as the Stallion HD gloves and they are made of the same material essentially.

The material on the palm really allows for a flexible and soft feel. The thumb that allows for more flexibility is one of the best features of the entire STX surgeon 500 glove.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Protection 9.5/10

We believe that the gloves really do allow for a greater protection than most gloves do. One thing that seems to trick careless players is infact the thumb.

Although the Iso Technology is a great feature, sometimes it lacks protection and players end up breaking that metacarpal bone right there. There really is not much anyone can do about that, but that is why we knocked off the .5.

The cuff/wrist area is a bit uncomfortable for us, but it also adds protection and style at the same time so nobody can really subtract any points for that.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Durability 8/10

The STX Surgeon 500 is a durable glove. The only reason we knock off the 2 is because of the suede palm. Occasionally the palm goes back and forth from slippery to rough.

The suede really is not a great material to use on the palm. The best solution when it gets slippery and shiny is to rub it in some dirt on the field. This rare occurance is really a big problem for players and that is why we knocked off a whole 2 instead of 1.

Otherwise, the STX Surgeon 500 glove itself is quite durable and can last up to two seasons without any holes or anything.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Grip 9/10

Like we mentioned before, the STX Surgeon 500 gloves seem to have that problem with the suede that is really a struggle for most players. Other than that, you cannot feel the seams in the glove, and that really allows for a better grip and natural feel.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Price 9/10

While the gloves sit at a little less than perfect, they are priced as if they are perfect. The Stallion 500 gloves are one of the most expensive gloves on the market.

Yes, they are comfy and yes, they are stylish but this price is a little high for the gloves that come out of them.

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