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Throne of String Throne Mesh Review


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throne-lacrosse-mesh-reviewThrone Mesh from Throne of String is a superior hand dyed and wax infused lacrosse mesh. Created for the exacting demands of every modern day lacrosse player ever to pick up a stick, this proprietary treatment shields mesh from all of the elements. What an advantage. Throne mesh can and will, with ease, retain the pocket shape and ensure accuracy for all of the shooters.

Throne Mesh – Hard or Soft Mesh?

Throne mesh is the middle ground between hard and soft lacrosse mesh. We call that semi-hard semisoft. The mesh forms fast to each players unique style while sustaining excellent release AND hold. It reaches that perfect balance and captures the best of both worlds, allowing every player to whip an accurate shot right past the goalie. The mesh allows for a very quick and painless break in and does not seem to allow for a bad pocket. The break in takes about 30-60 minutes and does not lose the wax coating after playing with it for a little bit. That is Throne’s secret recipe in action. It does not leave your sidewall or shooting strings waxy either. There has not been one complaint about the quality of wax over on our end. Throne mesh is easy to clean, but limits dirt build up and it ensures long lasting mesh. The mesh does not get your hands sticky at all, and does not bring any turf back to the locker room with you.

Throne Mesh is Waterproof

When it rains, it pours. Throne mesh is not water proof completely (although it is really hard to be completely water proof, almost impossible…). It does not bag out completely though. We have found that it does not even harden that much when moisture is a factor. When it gets cold outside the mesh does tend to harden up a little bit and it is really difficult to work with the pocket and fix the stringing after that. We thought it would harden up more than it did so we were impressed with how malleable Throne of String pockets were in sub freezing temperatures. We were surprised to see that the mesh never loses much shape and keeps a nice structure. You can pretty much string it any way you want to. Another plus is the lack of flaking that comes with it. After stretching the mesh we have noticed that there is not as much flaking as some other mesh companies have, and it does not leave your hands with that white color that everyone complains about. It is harder than most wax meshes in the game, but that is one small price to pay for such a nice piece of mesh.

throne-mesh-stringing-kit-supplies-colorsThrone Mesh Pricing, Colors & Designs

The mesh comes in a bulk of colors and is rather cheap in price when compared with other companies. It starts at $15 with the 15mm and goes up from there depending on what you buy exactly. We assure you that no matter what you buy, the price is worth it. They offer many different patterns including a fade, and then infuse it with their wax formula to get the Throne of String mesh that everyone needs. They have custom dyed white (frost), gold, USA, volt and they all have their own special flare all featured on Throne of String youtube channel. We have come to find that those guys that say they don't like waxed mesh usually show interest in Throne of String mesh. Now whether you are a goalie, taking face-offs, using 6d, 12d, 20d, or even leathers in the leather kit, Throne of String lacrosse mesh suits every position and player out there playing the game. Joe Williams does one heck of a job over there in Brooklyn, NY. Throne of Strings is one great company.

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Swax Lax Lacrosse Ball Review

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soft-lacrosse-ballAlright guys, we've got another awesome review for you, this one being a new lacrosse ball.

The Swax Lax lacrosse ball is the same exact size and shape of an official lacrosse ball, even the same weight except they are softer. You'll notice the material it's comprised of it strong and durably weaved together. When gripping them they are stiff and hard, but have a little give to them.

The Swax Lax practice lacrosse ball is great for just that. Practice. As a young or beginning lacrosse player, if you want to practice with lacrosse balls that don't bounce (or give you welts) these are your go to.

One option for players over the years has been practicing with a tennis ball. But the weight difference between a tennis ball and lax ball is sooo far off that it throws you off!

Goalies, especially new ones, should love the Swax Lax lacrosse ball. It's a great training lacrosse ball for new goalies as they get comfortable in the goal, and advanced players can use the Swax Lax for hand-eye coordination drills.

Passing and shooting around you'll feel the grip isn't quite the same as an official lacrosse ball and your release will be a bit high. Everything else feels spot on though.

Overall, we highly recommend the Swax Lax to cradle around inside your house, or toss with some bros who suck at lax so you won't have to go running for the ball when they miss a pass.

Love this product. A great idea. Go check out Swax Lax!

Swax Lax Video Review from East Coast Dyes

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How to Win Free Lacrosse Shafts

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True Temper LacrosseOkay, if you haven't seen it yet, go here:

Free Lax Shat Giveaway

In short, we're giving away two free lax shafts. The shafts are True Lacrosse's signature carbon fiber shaft, and mid-grade metal alloy shaft.

The carbon fiber shaft is worth like $150


and the alloy shaft is still like $50

Enter the Win These Shafts Heretrue-temper-lacrosse-shaft-alloy

The special sauce to winning the giveaway? Once you enter, you get a lucky url. Share that with your friends as much as possible. We track it and award more entries to you!

Good Luck!

PS You can read our True Lacrosse Shaft Review here

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East Coash Mesh Hero Mesh Review


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ECD-East-Coast-MeshEast Coast Dyes offers a variety of different types of mesh in terms of size of the diamonds, and the color combination. They made a name for themselves with different types of recognizable mesh like Black Performance Mesh, the Striker mesh, and the classic fade mesh. Both signatures of ECD. Whether you purchase a 6 diamond or a 10 diamond East Coast suits every player. Now whether you purchase a plain white or a neon pink, when it comes to colors East Coast Dyes is prepared. You cannot go wrong with an East Coast purchase.

East Coast Hero Mesh Review

ECD Hero Mesh is a new-ish type of mesh. The only reason we say new-ish is because it is almost identical to String King. Hero Mesh is lighter than any other ECD mesh. There are a lot of negative characteristics that cannot be overlooked. This mesh feels very thin. After using it, you notice that it flakes very often. Even after just stringing it. Once it goes through tough weather, we can almost guarantee that you will see flaking. Other than that, Hero Mesh is a very nice piece of mesh to use. It is similar to String King, and about the same price if not more expensive.

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east-coast-mesh-reviewEast Coast Mesh Performace

The performance of the East Coast Mesh was better, compared to other was mesh we have used in the past. We believe that other wax mesh focuses solely on the entire wax idea, and they leave out some important factors. We think East Coast is semi hard while waxy at the same time. It is more of a hybrid when put next to other mesh. It is consistent when strung well and the semi hard makes it nice for ball control. Most meshes (even regular) starts to fall apart, tear, and fray around the edges as well as in the pocket sometimes, but the ECD mesh stays in pretty good shape throughout the season. The East Coast top string was long lasting throughout our use, and that is always helpful in these stringing situations. The only way we could really clean the mesh was to run it under warm water and rub with a paper towel or the soft side of a sponge. Both of those are extremely risky because we worry about rubbing off the wax.

We prefer the 20mm mesh just because it is original and safe meaning there isn't a huge change. When you use it on the field it gives the player a consistent feel of hard mesh (as mentioned above) but it was easy to move and adjust like soft. That gave it the nice ball control. Now the wax doesn't grip the ball as much as some would expect, but it still grips it well and allows for a great feel for it in the pocket and allows for a nice release. Some really like East Coast because it is durable throughout the four seasons. It kept its consistency through all types of weather. East Coast Mesh Lacrosse does a very good job advertising that. You can check out their videos on ECD youtube channel.

When compared to Throne mesh, we believe that it could go 50/50. Both are spoken of very highly in the lacrosse world, but personal preference has a big role in everything.

east-coast-lacrosse-hero-meshBreaking in East Coast Mesh

In any sport there are break in periods for pieces of equipment. Mesh is a serious challenge when it comes to the “break in periods”. For ECD this wasn't a problem. This was a quick and painless break in. It took maybe a day to get the pocket the way we wanted it to be. It was really easy to work with, it wasn't hard to stretch or anything like that. The wax does come off a little bit on your hands while rubbing it or something, but It isn't a huge problem and it is definitely worth it. Depending on how you like your pocket and if you like to fiddle around with it, you don't have to adjust it too often because it is so weather proof.

East Coast Mesh Grip

Like we mentioned before, the grip isn't too “grippy” for lack of a better term. When it comes to the grip, lacrosse players look for something that allows for nice ball control and a good release. East Coast Mesh allows for that without distraction. It is a little bit sticky, but a small price to pay for such a nice product.

Hero-mesh-review-east-coast-stringsStringing with East Coast Mesh

When stringing with East Coast Mesh, players will find it very simple. Because the wax mesh is semi hard it makes it easy to maneuver the mesh. It has a soft, flexible feeling to it. No matter how many diamonds it has, it shouldn't be difficult to string. As mentioned before, the mesh doesn't fray so you don't have to replace it as often as other mesh. This mesh allows for a variety of different pockets.

East Coast Mesh Durability

We have been mentioning the durability here and there throughout the review. This is a long lasting, tough, and consistent piece of mesh. As said right above, you dont have to replace it often. The mesh is wax, so it doesn't fray like a regular piece of mesh. East Coast Mesh is well known for the “weather proof” factor that goes with the mesh. They say that throughout all types of weather, the mesh should remain in tact and consistent and so far from what we have seen, the mesh has lived up to its potential. Rain or shine, this mesh is the mesh for all types of players.

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