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Review: Maverik Rome NXT Gloves, Arm Guard, Pad, and Goalie Gear

Maverik Lacrosse

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The Maverik Rome NXT Collection Full Review

Maverik LacrosseSo who's heard of the Maverik Rome NXT collection? Well not many people it turns out. If you're familiar with Maverik Lacrosse, then you must know their older collection, the Maverik Rome (gloves review here). The Maverik Rome has been their flagship lacrosse gear, up until the NEW Maverik Rome NXT collection that is! In this post you'll find a review for every piece of the Maverik Rome NXT collection–conveniently shown with the best place to buy. So sit back, re-lax, and enjoy the show!

Full Disclaimer: After looking at the entire Maverik Rome NXT collection, we HIGHLY recommend all of it, from the gloves to the arm guards (Which we don't do often)

Maverik Rome NXT Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT Gloves Review

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The first piece of gear we've got for you are the Maverik Rome NXT gloves. These babies were recently featured at the Maverik Showtime National Recruiting Spotlight, one of the most prestigious lax events out there. If you liked the Maverik Rome gloves, then you're going to love the Maverik Rome NXT gloves! These gloves have excellent protection, great durability, superb comfort, and just look damn sexy. Here are the features…

  • Added FLOWCOOL ventilation to give you the best breathability out there, with added vents on the back of the glove!
  • On the palms, DURASTRETCH provides the strongest, most comfortable grip available
  • Super lightweight with XFOAM for maximum breathability

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Gloves Review

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Alright goalies, are you ready for one of the best goalie lacrosse gloves you can get on the market? If you know anything about the classic Rome gloves, believe it or not, the Maverik Rome NXT goalie gloves are even better! In addition to all of the added technology talked about in the Maverik Rome NXT gloves above, you're going to find added technology just for the Maverik Rome MXT goalie gloves. The new thumb technology, TORQUELOC will prevent any hyper-extension that might occur while making that save. No more broken or jammed thumbs! In addition to the TORQUELOC, the thumb is much more protected than the standard Maverik Rome NXT gloves. There is added padding and lining to ensure Zak Dorn's fastest lacrosse shot in the world won't break your thumb!

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-arm-guardsMaverik Rome NXT Arm Guard Review

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The Maverik Rome NXT arm guard is designed for the expert attackman. If you play defense or middie, we recommend getting the smaller, lighter Maverik rome nxt arm pad below. We are super excited about these Rome NXT arm guards guys. They are 23% lighter than any lacrosse arm guard Maverik has ever designed, all with added comfort. And most importantly, they stay in place and have excellent hold when you're maneuvering through dodges and making passes. Here's the new technology which makes these so great…

  • DURASTRETCH will let you comfortably extend your arm, while keeping the pads in place
  • SHARKGEL and ANAFOAM technology is placed throughout the pads to protect you from those nasty slashes
  • Moisture wicking liner and mesh throughout will keep you dry, and the Maverik rome NXT arm guards won't be sliding all over the place

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-arm-padsMaverik Rome NXT Arm Pad Review

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Defense and Middies, as mentioned above, the Maverik Rome NXT arm pads are smaller and lighter than the classic Maverik Rome NXT Arm Guards. Since you aren't consistently getting slashed, you don't need as full or heavy of arm guards. The greatest part is you get all of the new lacrosse technology, but at a fraction of the size and weight! One piece of technology featued in the Maverik Rome NXT arm pads you'll find is the COMFORTFIT. This ensures the arm pads fit perfectly on your arm and won't move around. These arm pads are very lightweight, comfortable, and give you the exact amount of protection you need for when a chasing attackmen does give you a nasty slash!


Maverik Rome NXT Shoulder Pad Review

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Attackman and middies, you are going to abso-freaking-lootley love the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads! Maverik put tons of blood and sweat into designing these shoulder pads. The thing we love most about the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads is they have you completely covered, literally. The shoulders and sternum have a very hard plastic plate to make sure you can lay some hardcore lax hits, and not get the wind knocked out of you. Then, they added SHARKGEL foam on the sides to protect your ribs. Lastly, you'll notice they have detachable bicep pads. Personally, I take those off, but if you are an experience attackman, I'd recommend keeping those on!

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-speed-padMaverik Rome NXT Speed Pad Shoulder Pad Review

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Defense and Middies, we've got the lightweight, minimalist version of the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads above. Now Maverik has owned the Speedpad market for years and they've done it again. You are going to find added protection along the shoulders, so you can lower your shoulder for a hit. Also, the same protection runs through the sternum in case you take a nasty lacrosse shot to the chest. SHARKGEL gives you the necessary protection around your upper ribs as well. Most importantly, these things are so lightweight and low profile. The Maverik Rome NXT Speedpad shoulder pads are definitely a must-have for all defense and middies who play a lean, light, and fast game!


Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Chest Protector Review

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Goalies, listen up! This new Maverik Rome NXT Goalie chest protector is pretty darn good. Right off the bat, you will notice the added collar bone protection for those high lacrosse shots. Maverik also added a soft feel padding around the sternum and neck, so it won't feel stiff or uncomfortable. Looking at the back of the neck you're going to love the spread out mesh–This will give you superb comfort and ensure the Maverik Rome chest pad won't ride up in your throat. Speaking of throat, Maverik added an extra floating neck piece. The velcro straps on the Rome NXT goalie chest protector are SUPER wide and adjustable, so you can find the most comfortable positioning. Scoop this awesome lacrosse goalie chest pad up for any style of game!

maverik-rome-nxt-lacrosse-rib-padMaverik Rome NXT Rib Pad Review

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For those lacrosse players who need added rib protection, we definitely recommend the Maverik Rome NXT rib pads. Whether you have an injury or just get more checks around your ribs, the Rome NXT rib pads will have you covered. They leverage all of the excellent technology you'll find in the Maverik Rome NXT arm guards and the Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads a well! The SHARKGEL, ANAFOAM, DURASTRETCH and every other liner and padding comes standard with these.


Do any of you have the Maverik Rome NXT Gloves, or perhaps the Maverik Rome NXT arm guard? If so, please leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments!

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