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Lacrosse Websites

Lacrosse Websites

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The Full Guide to Lacrosse Websites: Blogs, Brands, Stores, Etc.

So this is it. The lacrosse page everyone has anxiously been awaiting. It's been floating around in my head for months now, and I finally got enough courage to pull the trigger and share it with the world. This guide is meant to be the one-stop-shop for lacrosse websites–Just like us! Looking for a new lacrosse blog? Check. Want to know where to find the latest lacrosse rankings? Yup. We will constantly update this guide with the top lacrosse sites–So enjoy! Have any we're forgetting, or want to us to add? Leave a comment below and we'll update this for ya!

  1. Authority Lacrosse Websites
  2. Lacrosse Blogs
  3. Lacrosse Stores
  4. Lacrosse Brands
  5. Lacrosse Teams
  6. Lacrosse Camps

Authority Lacrosse Websites

US Lacrosse: Now US Lacrosse is THE authority for all things lacrosse. They do everything: news, scores, educational material, events, charities, you name it. Whether you are a player, coach, official, administrator, parent, or just a fan be sure to checkout all of the resources they have available.

Inside Lacrosse: Perhaps one of the largest lacrosse authorities, Inside Lacrosse provides its users with game scores, voting polls, news articles, rankings and standings, photo galleries and even a full magazine covering the sport.

Lax Magazine: Lax Magazine is the online home for the official Lacrosse Magazine, which is the flagship publication of US Lacrosse. They boast over 400,000 users and laxers.

Major League Lacrosse (MLL): The MLL may not be anywhere near as large as the NBA or NFL, but it still provides excellent lacrosse news and happenings. They regularly post videos, events and schedules.

NCAA Lacrosse: NCAA was sort of slow to hop onto the lacrosse bandwagon, but now they regularly air tons of lacrosse games and are now publishing tons of content on the web.

Lax Power: Possibly my favorite lacrosse website to get all of the rankings, schedules, results and news. Especially for high school lacrosse players, whether you are in Wisconsin or Boston!

Lacrosse Blogs

LaxGoalieRat – This is THE premier blog for lacrosse goalies. Damon is a champ when it comes to training goalies. Tons of useful drills, tips, and our favorite…gear recommendations 🙂

New England Lax Blog: This is run by two guys who cover lacrosse in the largest hotbed region of the world–New England. They keep you up to date on the hottest games and even do some product reviews.

Georgia Lax: Run by just one guy, he posts all of the happenings and lacrosse for Georgia and some other southern lacrosse teams.

Lax Lessons: Looking for educational and helpful tutorial videos and resources? Head on over here to find out everything from fundamentals to offensive strategy.

College Lacrosse: Looking for updates and cool news stories on just college lacrosse? This blog regularly posts events like the Tewaarton awards and other awards.

Reddit: Okay I know this doesn't technically count as a blog, but I couldn't think of a better category to put the Lacrosse sub-reddit under. There is some great content on it like players looking to exchange gear from hot news and happenings.

Lacrosse Stores

Lacrosse Monkey: Lacrosse Monkey provides (as far as we've found) the cheapest prices on all lacrosse equipment.

ComLax: Short for Commonwealth Lacrosse, these guys will help you with whatever Lacrosse Monkey cannot.

Sport Stop: This list wouldn't be complete without Sport Stop as they provide some awesome videos and other resources around the newest product review.

Lacrosse.com: Another big retailer, as you'd guess from the name, they have a strong selection and competitive prices.

Laxworld.com: This is a retailer we aren't too familiar with, but they seem to have honest prices and a good selection of products.

Lax.com: As fitting as the name is, so is this lacrosse retailer. They seems to always stay up to date on the newest lacrosse equipment.

Lacrosse Unlimited: They have modest prices and they come out with creative pinnies and shorts with cool coloring and relevant designs!

Universal Lacrosse: Another pretty good retailer, they update their products regularly and should have very competitive pricing.

Lacrosse Brands

There aren't that many lacrosse brands out there for us. But the ones we do have definitely come out with some of the best equipment you can buy–Across all sports!

Brine: Brine is one of the best lacrosse brands. They consistently produce top notch lacrosse equipment year after year. Forged together back in 1922, they have been churning out only the best lacrosse gear in the game. They are considered one of the most innovative lacrosse brands in the game today, and that has been because of their persistent goal to bring only top notch lacrosse gear to you lacrosse players around the world.

Warrior: Plain and simple, Warrior Lacrosse makes some of the best equipment on the market. Warrior was founded back in 1992 by one of the lacrosse greats and champions, David Morrow. Ever since then he has built Warrior lacrosse into the powerhouse of a lacrosse brand that it is today. Warrior is headquarted in Warren, Michigan and is considered one of the premiere lacrosse brands around the world. They are one of those brands that carries a lot of weight in the lacrosse community, and if you don't know who Warrior is, you don't know lacrosse.

STX:  Plain and simple, STX knows what they are doing. They consistently product top lacrosse equipment season in and season out. The history and accomplishments associated with STX are reflections of their passion and commitment to the game of lacrosse. Formed in 1970 by Richard Tucker, they actually patented the double wall lacrosse head, which was the first synthetic lacrosse head. In fact, this was the only one used in the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship game in 1971. So all goals that were scored that game were by an STX head, funny huh?

Gait: Gait is most famously known for being the official sponsor for the University of Virginia men's lacrosse team. Gait is also known as Debeer, and their names can honestly be used quite interchangeably. They are one of the oldest sporting goods manufacturers in the United States and are well over 100 years old. The name started out as DeBeer under Jacob DeBeer back in 1889 and have evolved over the years. Then in the late 90s they paired up with the great Paul Gait who helped develop the new products and innovation that you see in the game today.

Nike: Everyone and their mother knows who Nike is. But, who the heck is Nike lacrosse? Well, for years plenty of lacrosse enthusiasts (myself included) were asking, why doesn't Nike come out with lacrosse equipment? They have the best sports gear for other sports, so why not lacrosse? Well, after years of waiting, Nike now provides some of the best lacrosse gloves around. Nike may be one of the newer brands to the sport of lacrosse — But that does not mean that they do not offer supreme lacrosse equipment. After reviewing some of their top products, we've found that Nike lacrosse matches up toe to toe with some of the other great lacrosse brands. Their speed to market, knowledge of sports equipment, and innovation have allowed them launch a sensational lacrosse product line.

Maverik: Maverik lacrosse is one of those lacrosse brands who seems like they've been around forever, but in reality they were just formed in 2005. It was conceived by two great lacrosse players, John Gagliardi and Jay Jalbert — who actually played professional lacrosse. One of the impressive aspects of Maverik lacrosse is that they only hire individuals who have played lacrosse in the past. Everywhere from NCAA All-Americans, NCAA Champions, MLL All-Stars– They have all played the game and eat, sleep, and breathe lacrosse. Pretty impressive.

Under Armour: Under Armour is another one of those brands that is new to the lacrosse world. They are however arguably one of the best sports brands on the market today. That being said, when Under Armour decided to get into the lacrosse market, they definitely turned some heads and caused some publicity for themselves. And sure enough, in 2011 they finally launched their first lacrosse gear. And I'm not going to lie, it's pretty good. Most of the products they have released have been received well by the lacrosse community. Just as in other sports, Under Armour sponsors the All-Star high school lacrosse team which is made up of the top boys and girls from around the United States and has been a fantastic way for them to market their new equipment.

Easton: Easton is one of those sports brands that has been around for a while. In general, lacrosse players and enthusiasts have mixed emotions with their equipment. Like I said, they have been around forever and is a sports brand that is highly rated for its other equipment like Baseball and Hockey. Well, there is some news to everyone on Easton lacrosse. Drumroll please….Easton sports will no longer be making lacrosse equipment. Through the coming months or so they will be eliminating their lacrosse product line. If you don't believe me, go ahead and hop on their homepage and try to locate their lacrosse section. They're out of the lacrosse game.

Cascade: Guys, no one makes lacrosse helmets like Cascade does. Year over year they continuously produce some of the highest quality and newest technology in helmets you can find.

Lacrosse Teams

Johns Hopkins Blue Jay

Dartmouth Big Green

Princeton Tigers

Lacrosse Camps

3D Lacrosse Camp:

Lax Camps:

Lacrosse Recruits: 

Advnc Lacrosse:

Please check out our Lacrosse Rebounder on Amazon. It is designed and sourced by a laxer for laxer's. It is $100, much cheaper than every other comparable rebounder on the market.