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October 2013


Warrior NOZ Lacrosse Head Review

Warrior Noz Lacrosse HeadWelcome to the Warrior Noz Lacrosse Head Review, be sure to leave chill comments below. You just stumbled across the absolutely, most definitely, assuredly lightest lacrosse head in the world, weighing in at 4.3oz!
The Warrior NOZ head actually comes injected with nitrogen gas, allowing the engineers to use less plastic to give you a very light finished product without sacrificing any strength. Hence the name of the lacrosse head, the NOZ.
The head comes with a double bar offset for precision passing and shooting and the flared sidewall is going to help out with making great catches.
The perfect lacrosse head for pinch and pop face off middies. This limited run head has a softer composition that allows it to flex easier without breaking during those rough faceoffs. If you’re a FOGO who wants a lax head that won’t snap or warp, this is the head to get.
The Warrior NOZ lacrosse head is ideal for attack and middies and can be purchased by clicking the button on this page. Be sure to leave your reviews of the NOZ below!

Warrior Cobra Lacrosse Head Review

Warrior Cobra Lacrosse HeadAgain, thank you for checking out the most recent Warrior Cobra Lacrosse Head Review!
As always, whacky comments are highly encouraged. This head was engineered for the laxers looking to snipe corners with precision and accuracy. In other words, attackmen and middie's this lax head is for you.
The Warrior Cobra lacrosse head is made possible by the long and narrow face and the beefed up sidewall to help maintain a clean channel for a very focused and clean release on your passes and shots. Similar to the Clutch 3 actually.
The inserted mold design along the throat allows for a sweet 2 tone color hit. A couple small issues with the head is its durability (but hey lax heads are made to break!) and few stringing options. Overall this head is great for middies and attackmen, and could even be used for a defender. Scoop her up today!

Under Armour Unleashed Head Review

Under Armour Unleashed HeadThank you guys for checking out the Under Armour Unleashed Head Review! Be sure to leave your crazy comments below.

The Unleashed head is Under Armour's strongest and most durable head yet. Which is actually pretty surprising considering the head only weight 5.2oz!

Under Armour claims that this head is fantastic for ground balls for many reasons: First off, the scoop design is made for ultimate lace protection, second the scoop angle allows for easy ball scooping, and lastly the tapered silhouette is great for protection and retention once you've secured that ground ball. The multi-stringing holes allow for maximum stringing options. For best prices and to scoop it up click the button! Lax on.


Gait Torque 3 Lacrosse Head Review

Gait Torque 3 Lacrosse HEadThank you for checking out the Gait Torque 3 Lacrosse Head Review, we hope you leave your comments below and enjoy!
The torque head was designed to meet all of the NCAA and NFHS specs so it's a great universal head. The torque head has definitely been Gait's claim to fame when it comes to lacrosse heads, and they tend to have quite the fan-base.
The Gait Torque 3 is an overall decent head, but is quite an oddball. First off, it comes with tons of sidewall holes for plenty of stringing options just like the Torque did. And the inverted V-shaped stringing tabs allow for the most narrow pocket available in the game.
It creates a very narrow channel for quick shots and passes and for great ball control. The Torque tends to be a bit bulky though, and takes some getting used to. You either love it or you hate it. But hey for such a low price, it's worth scooping up!

Nike Legacy Lacrosse Head Review

Nike Legacy Lacrosse HEadThanks for tuning in for another review, this time we've got the Nike Legacy Lacrosse Head Review. Leave your thoughts below.Nike places the Legacy head as the perfect head for any position- defense, attack, middie, goalie..Okay maybe not goalie but you get the point. This universal head is designed to meet specifications for high school and college laxers. The true all around head!
You'll notice that the Legacy is nice and lightweight, but doesn't sacrifice the durability you look for when playing strong defense or placing sick checks. You'll also notice the ideal blend of catching surface area and pinch for fantastic control and passing/shooting. Tons of stringing holes allows you elite stringers many options for customizing. Nike does it again and cranks out another great spoon. Scoop it up today and leave your thoughts below!