This lacrosse shafts buying guide is one of a kind.

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It’s jam-packed with all of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to buy the best lacrosse shafts for sale.

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Too many times before laxers have paid $100 or more for a lacrosse shaft that breaks in half…in their first game.

We’re here to help you pick the best lacrosse shafts (that won’t break)

So read on, and whether you play middie, attack, defense, or goalie take note on the best Brine, Warrior, Epoch, and top brands we recommend for your position.

In a Hurry?….. Here are the Best Lax Shafts of 2016:

Best for Offense: Maverik A1 Shaft

Best for Defense: East Coast Dyes Shaft

Best Value: Warrior Rabil Shaft

(Girls, here’s your buying guide)

3  (Easy) Steps to Choosing the Best Lacrosse Shafts in 2016

1. Choose your Position – This will determine the size of lacrosse shaft you need
2. Choose your Material, Grip, and Shape – Here you will get to choose your lax shaft preferences
3. Choose your Lacrosse Shaft – Based on your age and position, we list the best lax shafts ever for…

1. Choose Your Position

Similarly to choosing your next lacrosse head, you are going to want a different lacrosse shaft whether you play defense, attack, middie, LSM, FOGO, or goalie. According to Wikipedia’s Lacrosse Stick Page, the main comparison between lacrosse shafts based on your position will be the length.

Lacrosse Shaft Size
Lengths of Lacrosse Shafts

Attack and Middie Lacrosse Shaft Length

Lacrosse attack and middie shaft lengths vary depending on whether you play youth lacrosse, or highschool and NCAA lacrosse. At the youth lacrosse level, the lacrosse stick must be 37 inches – 42 inches long. At the high school or NCAA lacrosse level, the attack lacrosse shaft must be between 30 inches -32 inches long. You will get a penalty if your lacrosse stick is any shorter or longer!

Defensive Lacrosse Shaft Length

Lacrosse defense shafts are the longest lacrosse shaft of them all. If your youth lacrosse league allows it, your defense lacrosse shafts should be between 42 inches -62 inches. Almost all defenders use a shaft that is 60 inches long. The same defense lacrosse shaft length requirements are true for both high school and college lacrosse.

Goalie Lacrosse Shaft Length

Lacrosse goalie shafts are inbetween the length of attack and defense lacrosse shafts. Although the official lacrosse rules states your lacrosse goalie shaft can be between 40 inches – 52 inches, all goalies use a lacrosse goalie shaft which is 40 inches long!

2. Choose Your Lacrosse Shafts Material, Shape, and Grip

Alright, now that you know the lacrosse shaft size based on your position, it’s time to determine the type of material, shape, and grip will best fit your lacrosse shaft needs.

Wooden Lacrosse Shaft

Choosing Your Lacrosse Shaft Material

There are a few different types of lacrosse materials that lacrosse shafts are made of. The traditional wooden lacrosse shafts aren’t commonly used anymore. But over the last decade, brands like Brine shafts, Warrior, STX, and Epoch have technologically designed lacrosse shafts out of carbon fiber and composite lacrosse shafts alloys like titanium and scandium. We highly recommend buying a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft or titanium lacrosse shaft, as they are more lightweight, stronger, and have better grips!

Three Types of Grip for Lacrosse Shafts

There are three main types of grips for lacrosse shafts. Traditionally, you’d have to use lacrosse tape or grip spray on a smooth lacrosse shaft to create your desired grip. Nowadays, lots of lacrosse shafts come with a pre-designed grip material on the lacrosse shaft. Also, keep in mind your shaft comes with a drill hole and butt/end cap.

  1. Sandpaper – Creates a sandpaper lacrosse grip feeling, ensuring your lax shaft won’t slip at all
  2. Rubberized – This grip is designed to feel sticky, and will make sure no slipping occurs
  3. Smooth – No grip added to the shaft

Shapes of Lax ShaftChoosing Your Lacrosse Shaft Shapes

For a lot of lacrosse players, they like their lacrosse shafts circumference to be a certain shape. The shape of the lacrosse shaft can change the feeling it has on your grip and cradling. The traditional lacrosse shafts diameter are made of a plain oval or circular shape. But the most common lacrosse shaft shape is usually an octagon. Even some new lacrosse shafts include more extreme versions. The shape of your lacrosse shaft isn’t as big of a deal as the grip and material it’s made of. But keep in mind that you may prefer one shape over the other as you begin playing.

Complete List of the Best Lacrosse Shafts

Below we have complete lacrosse shaft reviews of the top brands with how to buy. If your lax shaft breaks, most manufacturers offer warranties, unless you buy used shafts or bulk from China. To really swag up your shaft design, you can add shaft decals, skinz, or dye paint your shaft. In addition you’ll find lacrosse shaft pictures. Thankfully, most of the shafts below are on clearance, discount, on sale or good deal at Amazon!

  • Length – Attack and Middies want 30 inch shafts. Defense want 60 inch shafts
  • Weight – For your lacrosse shaft, you will want it to be lightweight. Having a lighter lacrosse stick will allow you to cradle better, move quicker, and shoot faster.
  • Material – The lightest materials for lacrosse shafts are carbon fiber and alloys made of titanium and scandium lacrosse shaft. Many of these materials have flex tests now, which helps with shot speed
  • Grip – You can either buy a lacrosse shaft which has slippery grip, so you can add your own tape job to improve grip. Or, you an buy a lacrosse shaft that comes with a grip.
  • Shape – The traditional hexagon shape of the lacrosse shaft works great for all players

Best Middie and Attack Lacrosse Shafts Out There

Price: $60-140
Material: Composite Alloy or Carbon Fiber
Ages: 10+

All of these lacrosse shafts are pure gold….not literally! There has been widespread love for the Haywire lacrosse shaft, which we don’t have on this list. Many players prefer custom lacrosse shafts, which is just fine!


Epoch R60 Dragonfly Lacrosse Shaft

Discount: Epoch Shaft at Amazon

The Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shaft has made quite the splash in the lacrosse world. At a time when you thought metal alloy lacrosse shafts were the best, the Epoch Dragonfly gen 5 hits the market, comprised 100% of carbon fiber. Our review? We DEFINITELY approve. Two thumbs up, standing ovation. You can’t go wrong with these Epoch lacrosse shafts. Tons of attention to detail here, great design, awesome strength-to-weight ratio!

Best Maverik Union Lacrosse ShaftsMaverik Union Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Discount: Maverik Shaft from Amazon

Another awesome Maverik lacrosse shaft here, the Union rocks the traditional shape for optimum grip and feel. Comprised of strong and strudy Scandium Titanium Alloy, this shaft won’t be breaking anytime soon. Comes with a raw finish for a totally organic feel while cradling and switching hands. Possibly our favorite feature of the Maverik Union lacrosse shaft is the adjustable butt end cap, so you can move it your liking!

Best Warrior Kryptolyte Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Kryptolyte 14 Attack/Middie Shaft

Discount: Kryptolyte Shaft on Amazon

The Warrior Kryptolyte shaft series has been the most popular series ever, and the Kryptolyte 14 is no exception! Designed with titanium 7001, you can count on this shaft to be one of the strongest, yet lightest lacrosse shafts on the field. Comes with rounded edge grip for maximum feel and control in your hands. At around $50 and tons of color options, this is your best deal for an advanced lacrosse shaft!

Best Lacrosse Defense Shafts You Can Buy

Price: $60-200
Material: Composite Alloy or Carbon Fiber
Ages: 10+

Alright so here we have the best lacrosse LSM and defense shafts you can get on the market. There are plenty of other ones out there like the wood lacrosse shaft known as the BAMshaft, which is a totally bamboo lacrosse shaft. Long Stick Middies (LSM) and defenders alike should love these shafts…. and love these deals!

Best Warrior Platinum 14 Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Defender Platinum Shaft 14

Discount: Warrior Defender on Amazon

The Warrior Platinum is one of the super cheap lacrosse shafts you can buy in 2015. It’s the perfect shaft for those intermediate defenseman who wants to upgrade his shaft. Of all the performance alloys, we love this puppy! Made of platinum grade aluminum alloy, it’s actually 2 times stronger than the standard. If you are a youth or high school player ready to step up your lax shaft game for cheap, scoop this up today!


Epoch Dragonfly Defense C60 XL iQ5 Shaft

Discount: Epoch Defense on Amazon

Epoch lacrosse has been changing the lax shaft game forever. For both attackman and defenders alike, the Epoch Gen5 lacrosse shafts are an awesome option. Incredibly strong, yet lightweight, these defenders shafts are built using space age materials and technology. The signature “FLEX” created by Epoch makes the Dragonfly perfect for slashes and checks. Developed with 100% carbon fiber, you’ll love the composition and feel of this shaft’s fibers and grip. Although pricey ($200) you won’t regret buying one!

Gait Ice Lacrosse ShaftGait ICE Shaft Defense

Discount: Gait Ice from Amazon

So the Gait Ice lacrosse shaft is one of, if not, THE most popular lacrosse shaft on the market….for defenders and attackman alike. And for good reason. Ask anyone who has ever used the Gait Ice shaft, and they’ll tell you why. The Gait weight is super light, will withstand any big lacrosse check, and has an awesome grip for one of the lightest lax shafts. No, it’s not the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world, but you’ll be happy with it. Especially as a defender, you don’t want your shaft to be too light now. You want to be able to lay those nasty slashes!

Best Goalie Lacrosse Shafts You Can Buy

Price: $60-100
Material: Composite Alloy or Carbon Fiber
Ages: 10+

Now that you know exactly what to look for when buying a goalie lacrosse shaft, let’s look at the top 10 lacrosse shafts you can buy as a goalie. Some goalies do prefer a wooden goalie shaft, so we recommend peaking at those too. Totally personal preference!

Click Image for Best Price on East Coast Carbon Shaft

East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft

Discount: ECD Goalie Shaft at Amazon

5 star ratings here! East Coast Dyes is most notably known for their amazing lacrosse mesh, but their ECD carbon lacrosse shaft is their first lacrosse shaft launch ever. And we’re not going to lie, the East Coast Dyes dragonfly shaft is pretty dope! In a world where carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are starting to become king, and companies like Epoch have launched the Dragonfly lacrosse shaft, you either join the club or get left behind.

Best Maverik A1 Lacrosse ShaftsMaverik A1 Goalie Shaft

Discount: Maverik A1 Goalie from Amazon

The Maverik A1 has the feel of an ICE handle with a slightly gritty grip. Advanced lacrosse goalies everywhere are discovering the super light feel which combines attributes of the best selling Warrior shafts Diamond Grip series. We love Maverik lacrosse shafts because there are no flashy designs or colors….Nothing but the best technology the lacrosse world has to offer.

Best Warrior Krypto Pro Select Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Platinum 14 Goalie Shaft

Discount: Warrior Goalie Shaft on Amazon

Let me give you numbers (don’t worry, no calculus necessary). Warrior claims that of the new KryptoPro series, they are both 24% stronger and 8% lighter than their Kryptolyte standard series of shafts. Wow! This shaft is also one of the lighter lax shaft available. This shaft comes engineered with the very high-end KPro superlight alloy to give you strength without surrendering lightness. And lastly, with all the Warrior lacrosse shafts, they’ve adde the new “cut through” graphics to keep you looking flashly on the field. Scoop it up soon!

Best Youth Lacrosse Shafts for Kids

Price: $20-40
Material: Composite Alloy or Wood
Ages: 6-12

These youth lacrosse shafts for kids are made for those junior laxers who are still learning the game. They are prices at around $20 to $40, and are an awesome starter lacrosse shaft. Most are comprised of a basic 7075 titanium alloy material that shouldn’t break at the elementary or middle school age!

Best Blackfeet Ash Wooden Shaft Lacrosse ShaftsBurd Wood Hickory Lacrosse Shaft

Discount: Wood Shaft at Amazon

We are seeing an increasing number of wooden lacrosse shafts flood the market. Traditionally, mostly defenders would use a wooden lax shaft, but now even attackman and youth players are rocking them. Hand-picked hickory makes this shaft a must have quality item. Hex-cut means this shaft will fit all lacrosse heads with a lacrosse screw. The natural brown hickory color comes with a natural stain and paint finish of polyurethane to preserve the wood to last longer!

Best Warrior Analog A6 Lacrosse ShaftsWarrior Analog Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Discount: Warrior Analog from Amazon

The Warrior Analog is probably the best entry level lacrosse shaft in the game. Whether your player broke his shaft and needs a replacement or it’s his very first lax shaft, this is your best bet. Made from Warrior’s 6000 series composite alloy, you get a strong shaft at a light weight. Designed with a straight edge lacrosse grip, the feel is perfect for any style of player. Comes with a cool lax shaft design from Warrior.

Best Brine 6065 Series Alloy Lacrosse ShaftsBrine 6000 Defensive Lacrosse Shaft

Discount: Brine Defensive Shaft

Buying a defensive lacrosse shafts is more expensive that buying just an attack shaft. Why? Because defensive shafts are 60 inches of material, whereas attack are only 30 inches. Well with this Brine defense lacrosse shaft you get 60 inches of high-end, strong, durbable aluminum. Perfect for new players, this Brine 6065 aluminum shaft is your best bet for a new defensive shaft. Comes stock with the cool Brine King signature graphics.

And there you have it! Did we miss anything on our buying guide? Do you agree with all of recommended lacrosse shafts by category? Let us know in the comments below.

lacrosse-recruiting[Top 10] Best Lacrosse Shafts Buying Guide 2016 GuidesShaftsThis lacrosse shafts buying guide is one of a kind. We're not kidding. It's jam-packed with all of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to buy the best lacrosse shafts for sale. Listen Up: Too many times before laxers have paid $100 or more for a lacrosse shaft...