Bownet Lacrosse BackstopWhy Buy a Lacrosse Backstop Net Anyway?

Well we’ve all been there before. You’re doing shooting on the lax goal, sniping some top corners,

But then you miss.

And you miss again.

Before you know it, all of your lax balls (especially the greasers) are well over 100 feet away from the lax goal. Time to waste 20 minutes to go shag the balls.

Get a lacrosse backstop net and you’ll never shag a ball again!

They allow you to rip as many shots, as hard as you want, at the lax goal and not have to worry about them flying all over the place, nor having to collect them!

Here are our top picks for Lacrosse backstops:

Best Overall: Bownet Backstop

Best Value: Predator Backstop

Cheapest: Brine Backstop

Replacement Netting: Brine Replacement Netting

Now just as we’ve done before (with lacrosse rebounders) we’re giving you a complete guide to buying a lacrosse backstop wall, with the best prices for home.

Full List of the Best Lacrosse Backstop Nets and the Cheapest Places to Buy

Please Note this list broken up into two different categories, based on the types of lacrosse backstops and lacrosse ball stops you can buy:

  1. Lacrosse Net Backstop – A lacrosse backstop that you place around 10 to 20 feet behind your lacrosse goal. These are typically larger backstops
  2. Lacrosse Goal Backstop – A lacrosse backstop that sits right up against the lacrosse goal, or directly behind your lacrosse goal just 5 feet or so away.

1. The Lacrosse Net Backstop

A lacrosse stopper wall that you place around 10 to 20 feet behind your lacrosse goal. These are typically larger lacrosse nets and backstops

Predator-Lacrosse-Backstop-NetPredator Lacrosse Backstop Net (10×30)

Amazon Has the Best Deal

So Predator Sports launched their own lacrosse ball stop, and we are very excited for it. Not only are the reviews phenomenal, they seem to have addressed all issues other lacrosse backstops have had. Between it’s huge frame, heavy-duty net, and strong poles this predator lacrosse backstop is a must have!

  • Completely Free-standing lax backstop net
  • 3mm Polyester lacrosse ball stop netting
  • 1.5in galvanized steel frame pipes
  • Black T-Bar Construction
  • 10×30 (fits fields or yards!)

Brine Lacrosse Backstop

Brine Lacrosse Backstop (2.0mm Net)

Buy it at Amazon

The Brine lacrosse backstop system is completely free-standing, with no stakes or spikes necessary. After some minimal installation, you place the backstop around 10 feet behind your lacrosse goal and you are ready to go. Its main features include:

  • Totally free-standing
  • Very easy assembly
  • Upright poles provide stability
  • 2.0mm polyester backstop net
  • Available in 10×30 or 10×50

Brine Lacrosse Backstop Netting ReplacementBrine Lacrosse Backstop (1.25mm Net)

Check it out at Amazon

Their are a few differences between this Brine lacrosse ball stop and the one above. Those two main differences are that this backstop requires stakes and ropes to tie down, and the lacrosse backstop net is only 1.25mm instead of 2.0mm. If you or your child plays at an advanced level of lacrosse, or tends to have hard shots, we recommend going with the 2.omm net above.

  • Comes with stakes and ropes to tie down
  • 1.25mm polyester backstop netting
  • Lacrosse backstop size: 10×30

*Replacement Brine Lacrosse Backstop Netting can be found over at Amazon

STX Wall BackstopSTX Ball Wall Backstop (12×30)

As opposed to the Brine lacrosse backstop above, the STX Ball Wall stays upright by using stakes. It comes down to personal preference on this. Would you rather keep it in the ground using stakes, or have it freestanding? Other than that, it’s very similar to the brine lacrosse backstop. Some of the key features include:

  • Heavy Duty STX Ball Wall Frame
  • Height of 12 feet, Width of 30 feet
  • Backstop net made of nylon
  • Easy Assembly

Portable Bownet Lax BackstopBownet Lacrosse Backstop Net (12×22)

Scoop it up from Amazon

So far we really like the Bownet lacrosse backstop wall. I know it looks a bit funky, and maybe even droopy, but the “bow” that you notice in the design actually allows the poles to flex, putting less stress on the net–so it won’t rip or break! Although the Bownet lacrosse backstop system comes in at a higher price-point, it has some excellent features which include:

  • Huge Net of 22 Feet Wide X 12 Feet Tall
  • Bow design for increased strength and durability
  • Completely transportable
  • Can fold it down in just 1 minute
  • Comes with a roller bag
  • Only weight 44 lbs
  • Using two people, setup time will only take you 80 seconds

Champion Lacrosse BackstopChampion Lacrosse Backstop Net (10×30)

Only Available at Amazon

Alright so it looks like the Champion lacrosse backstop might be one of the cheapest lacrosse net backstop you can buy! Coming it at around $260 bucks, the quality of this lax backstop looks pretty good. It’s very comparable to the brine lacrosse backstop and the stx ball wall since it’s 10 feet by 30 feet. It is freestanding just like the brine lacrosse backstop. Here are all of the specs for ya!

  • Frame is made of steel, with 1.25″ heavy duty steel poles
  • Totally free-standing, using T-bar design with base
  • Polyethylene Lacrosse net backstop (2.5mm)
  • Can be used for other sports as well!
  • Easy assembly and easy takedown

2. Lacrosse Goal Backstop

A lacrosse backstop that sits right up against the lacrosse goal, or directly behind your lacrosse goal–just 5 feet or so away.

EZ Goal Lacrosse BouncebackEZ Goal Lacrosse Backstop Net (10×12)

Scoop it up from Amazon

Alright so the EZ Goal lacrosse backstop is definitely the cheapest lacrosse bounceback we found available. And funny enough, the reviews on it are actually pretty good! The key thing to keep in mind with the EZ Goal lacrosse backstop system, is that its not as back as other backstop nets.

It only gives you an extra 3 feet on either side of the goal, and an extra couple of feet above the goal. So it comes down to how badly you think you’ll be missing the net! Keep in mind its difficult to take down and install as well. Here are the features for you:

  • Adds 3 feet on the sides and 2 feet on top
  • Can be used as a lacrosse rebounder
  • Steel coated frame
  • UV resistant backstop netting

Bownet Lacrosse BackstopBownet Lacrosse Backstop Portable (10×17)

See Amazon Pricing

Alright so this is the Bownet version of the lacrosse goal backstop, which is meant to sit almost flush to your lacrosse goal. Make sure you follow the directions on setting this lax backstop up. The review on Amazon are pretty darn good, with laxers enjoying it very much. Here are all of the product specifications for the Bownet lacrosse backstop system:

  • Totally free-standing lacrosse net backstop
  • Easily transportable, comes with a bag
  • Only weighs about 36 lbs
  • No clips or brackets necessary
  • Setup times is only 85 seconds with two people

Laxstop Lacrosse BackstopThe Laxstop by Foldfast (10×14)

Buy the Laxstop at Amazon

Alright so the Laxstop by Foldfast is pretty unique from all of the other lacrosse backstop nets available. It isn’t quite a lacrosse net backstop or a lacrosse goal backstop, as described earlier. It is really a hybrid of the two. The laxstop is completely free standing, but it sits right over top of the net–meaning you place it directly behind the lacrosse goal. Here are the product details for the Laxstop lacrosse ball stop:

  • Size: 14’W x 10’D x 8.5’D
  • Very sold and stable free-standing
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Frame built of 18-gauge steel
  • Comes with 3mm backstop net

Reebok Lacrosse Backstop Net

Reebok Lacrosse Backstop

So as we all know, Reebok has discontinued all of their lacrosse gear since they will no longer be manufacturing lax equipment. But if anyone knows anything about lacrosse ball stop nets then they know the Reebok lacrosse backstop system is awesome! Unfortunately, Amazon seems to be the only one with the Reebok lacrosse backstop still up, but it is not available for purchase. You might be able to find one at your local lacrosse store that are leftover. If you find one, they are pretty darn cool! This lacrosse ball stop folds up easily and are super quick to transport.

Brine Lacrosse Backstop Replacement NetReplacement Brine Lacrosse Backstop Netting

If you have a Brine lacrosse backstop then you can purchase a Brine replacement lacrosse net backstop directly from Amazon. This lacrosse backstop netting will fit a 10×30 lacrosse backstop. So don’t purchase it if you have a larger or smaller lacrosse netting backstop!

All Other Replacement Lacrosse Backstop Netting

If you are looking for replacement lacrosse backstop netting then you have come to right spot. Click the link above to be taken to Amazon, where you will find pre-selected lacrosse backstop netting. Simply choose the netting that fits the size of your backstop!

And there you have it everyone! We hope that this buying guide helps you when choosing the right lacrosse backstop for your needs. Be sure to leave your questions and comments below 🙂

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