Best-Girls-Lax-Sticks-2015As a girl, your lacrosse stick is your most important piece of lacrosse gear. Period.

Sure, your lacrosse goggles, cleats, and even socks are important. But your stick is your weapon on the field!

Here’s the Deal:

We believe that you can be just as good as the best laxers ever.

But it’s going to take two things: Hard word, and the right girls lacrosse stick.

The hard work is up to you. But choosing the right lacrosse stick is up to us.

Here are Our Top 3 Girls Lacrosse Sticks:

Best for Beginners: deBeer NV3 Gripper Pro

Best Value: STX Crux 300

Best Ever: STX Crux 500

In this 2016 guide you’ll find everything you need to know…

The best brands (Brine, STX, deBeer), the best sticks (STX Crux) and the best reviews with tips on the cheapest place for you to buy!

In This Girls Lacrosse Sticks Buying Guide:

  1. Specific Stick Needs for Middies, Attack and Defenders
  2. The Best Sticks for Beginners & Intermediates
  3. The Best Sticks for Advanced Players

Girls lacrosse is different than boys lacrosse. And so are girls sticks. Today, the top manufacturers that make Brine, deBeer and STX lacrosse sticks offer the best in class gear. They all give you maximum control with the ball at an affordable price.

Although some lacrosse sticks for girls give you more bang for your buck, there are definitely cheap girls lacrosse sticks out there that still have a lot to offer. Take a peek at the qualities you need for your position, whether middie, attack, defense or goalie.


Look for sticks with slight flex throughout the top half of the head to allow for controlled passes, quick releases, and speedy shots. The best womens lacrosse heads for midfielders have a wider throat channel to naturally carry the ball in the middle to the top of the pocket. The “V” shaped head scoop work well for midfielders. Wider heads and low sidewalls along with the channeled stringing allows for an easy transition from offense to defense. If you’re an offensive midfielder, a pinched head will give you more feel with the ball and keep it nestled the pocket if you get checked.


All girls attack lacrosse sticks are designed with scoring goals in mind. Maximum offset from shaft to scoop allows for control even through double teams and stick checks because of a lower side rail and pocket. A pinched head keeps the ball centered in the head and offers control through dodges and fakes but still allows for a quick catch and release. Newer methods of stringing in attacker’s sticks use recessed sidewall holes to allow for pocket movement so the ball moves with you and your cradle instead of wobbling within the head. Look for “V” point scoops, which will keep the ball continuously flying out of the same release point on shots and passes, even on a rainy day.


Look for a girls lax stick that has stiffness throughout the head while offering a flattened or dropped scoop to allow maximum ground ball pickups. Womens lacrosse heads aimed at strict defenders have low flex points and sidewalls to allow for maximum pocket depths to increase control when carrying the ball. Though you can always restring a stick to your liking, many defensive girls lacrosse heads come with a gripper pocket which allows for more ball control throughout a variety of seasons. Wider womens lacrosse heads feature more surface area which increases a defenders chance of knocking down shots and passes in the 8 meter.

The Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

Ages: 6-12
Price: $30-60
Complete: Shaft & Head

In order to arm our nations youth players with the right tools learn the sport, manufacturers develop easy to use, skill developing, girls lacrosse sticks. Manufacturers like Brine, STX, and deBeer have lines of girls lacrosse sticks that put the focus on catching, throwing, and scooping ground balls. With wider scoops and less off-set than womens lacrosse sticks, it allows younger girls to learn the essential skills of the sport without worrying about high-tech advancements that come with more expensive sticks from the same manufacturers.

best-cheap-girls-lacrosse-stickBrine Dynasty Rise Lax Stick

Discount: Brine Dynasty at Amazon

At only $40 for a beginners girls lacrosse stick, the Brine Dynasty Rise is an excellent option as your first lacrosse stick. The girls lacrosse head rocks a very impressive TruOffset to improve the pocket depth and increase ball hold and retention while moving. Passing and catching will be a breeze with the wide face of the lacrosse head. Nice and stiff in the sidewall areas that need it to improve ground balls and defense.

stx-girls-lacrosse-sticks-level-bestSTX Level Intermediate Girls Lacrosse Stick

Discount: STX Level at Amazon

Coming with the STX precision pocket, the STX level makes for a perfect youth girls lacrosse stick. Taking a closer look at the the lax head, it boasts the lowest legal sidewalls out there. Low lacrosse head sidewalls give you a deeper pocket, improving cradling and control. The STX forward cant makes passes and catches a breeze. Completely stock with a STX AL6000 lacrosse handle, no assembly requires. Play with it right out of the box!

stx-girls-lacrosse-stick-complete-avaSTX Ava Girls Lacrosse Stick

Discount: STX Ava from Amazon

Another option for a youth girls lacrosse stick is the STX Ava. Right away you’ll notice the wide lacrosse head face for improved catching for kids. The lower lacrosse sidewall gives you a deeper and largest lacrosse pocket for improved ball control, cradling, and maneuverability. The flat style scoop of the head makes ground balls much easier to pickup. Please note that the length of the girls lacrosse shaft doesn’t meet NFHS specifications for high school or college. Only for youth girls lacrosse!

stx-girls-lacrosse-sticks-lillySTX Lilly Girls Lacrosse Stick

Discount: STX Lilly at Amazon

Quite possibly one of the most popular girls lacrosse sticks ever, the STX Lilly is an awesome option. You can’t go wrong really. The wide lacrosse head is perfect for learning how to catch and pickup ground balls. The lower sidewalls are designed for a largers and deeper pocket to making cradling easier. A standard 36″ girls lacrosse stick, perfect size weight and length. Coming totally pre strung, the flat style scoop ensure ground balls are super easy. At around $50 you can’t go wrong with this!

debeer-girls-lacrosse-bag-packagedeBeer Impulse Pro 2 Girls Lacrosse Stick Package

Discount: Girls Stick Starter Set

An awesome cost effective for getting a cheap lacrosse stick, with all the other gear you need for your first practice is the deBeer Impulse starter package. For under $100, you get the deBeer Impulse stick, girls lacrosse goggles, and a girls lacrosse stick bag. All matching colors, you’ll look awesome showing up to your first lacrosse game of the season. The deBeer Impulse was the chosen stick of the 2013 US girls lacrosse team for many good reasons. A lowered sidewall, stiff head, and durable shaft are a few of the reasons. For only $100, you gotta scoop this up!

stx-goalie-lacrosse-stick-2015STX Goalmaster 3 Strung Goalie Stick

Discount: STX GoalMaster Stick

The STX Goalmaster lacrosse goalie sticks is the best-selling one in the game. Lacrosse goalies, both boys and girls, have been using this for years at the youth, high school and college level. If you are a beginner lacrosse goalie, this is an excellent value at around $60 over at Amazon. Solid and dependable is the name of the game here. Comes fully strung with lacrosse mesh so no assembly required. JUST the goalie lacrosse head for sale here.

The Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks for Advanced Players

Ages: 12+
Price: $100-200
Complete: Shaft & Head

Womens lacrosse sticks are usually developed with high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate players in mind. As the game progresses in skill and technique, advances in lax stick technology have been relied on to give you an edge over your opponent. The materials are higher quality, and the purposes more specific on advances girls lacrosse sticks. Checkout the reviews below!

Best-STX Exult Lacrosse Womens Complete Sticks-girls-lacrosse-stick-for-youth- advancedSTX Exult 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick

Discount: STX Exult at Amazon

The reason we have the STX Exult 300 listed as the first advanced girls lacrosse stick on our list is….well it’s the best! Few other girls lacrosse sticks at the high school or college level can stack up. For around $100, you’ll love this girls lacrosse stick. The scoop angle gives you perfect “whip” for accuracy, while the Runway pocket hugs the lacrosse ball very closely for maximum control. The flexible scoop makes ground balls super easy, and the stiff sidewalls are great for stability and control.

stx-crux-womens-lacrosse-stick-2015STX Crux 300 & 500 Complete Stick

Check the Crux at Amazon Now

The STX Crux is one of the best girls lacrosse sticks for defenders out there. The STX Crux is string with the STX “Ramp Pocket” to give you comlete feel on passes and shots. You’ll love the improved whip and accuracy delivered from the extreme angled scoop. Also, the STX Crux 10 degree technology channels the ball into your sweet spot of the girls lacrosse head, for a super fast release. Also, a very low, yet legal, sidewall gives you ultimate ball handling and control. The Elastomer overmold holds the ball well and reduces rattling, keeping it in the pocket. Improved ball protection is the name of the game with the STX Crux.

brine-amonte-head-2Brine Amonte 2 Review

Scoop up the Amonte from Amazon

The Brine Amonte 2 was introduced as better and lighter version of the famous Brine Amonte stick. This is definitely the best girls stick for both offensive and defensive midfielders. The Amonte 2 is one of the fastest shooting girls lax sticks on the market. The scooping technology on the Brine Amonte 2 is second to none. The Super V-Scoop gives you excellent precision on your passes and shots. Definitely worth checking out this girls lacrosse stick.

deBeer-NV3-Lacrosse-Stick-WomensdeBeer NV3 Lacrosse Stick Review 

Snag the deBeer NV3 from Amazon

The DeBeer NV3 packs a lot of punch into a womens lacrosse stick. We highly recommend it for all midfielders. The traditional offset sidewall provides great feel and control in your hands. Patent pending recessed lace channels prevents wear on the top lace while improves ease of scooping. The 6.5 degree raised ball stop improves control, ball retention, and catching ability and the Maximum travel creates a large pocket depth for improved control.

Brine Dynasty Elite Lacrosse Stick WomensBrine Dynasty Elite Complete Stick

Scoop up this Stick at Amazon

The Brine Dynasty Elite shaft is an excellent option as a womens lacrosse stick. Brines patented “TruOffset” helps with ball control and increases your shot power. It provides a huge amount of release for those high powered shots. The Dynasty Elite also uses “Core-Tech” to reduce weight that won’t compromise the strength of the girls lacrosse shaft. You’ll also notice the Brine Dynasty Elite has extra stringing holes on the bottom rail to craft your perfect lacrosse pocket. Lastly the Brine Dynasty Elite has a super V-Scoop for improved accuracy on passes and shots.

STX Shield Goalie HeadSTX Shield Goalie Lacrosse Head

Clearance: STX Eclipse at Amazon

Coming fully strung, this lacrosse goalie heads for girls is an awesome bet for intermediate to advanced laxers out there. A definite step up from the Goalmaster lacrosse goalie head, the STX Shield is now lighter and better than ever. If you play competitive high school or Divison 1 lacrosse, this is the girls lacrosse head for goalies who are the best of the best!

The Final Scoop on Girls Lacrosse Sticks

No matter what position you play, there is a girls lacrosse stick out there designed with you in mind. The best way to get a feel for what you need is to try out the sticks of your teammates, coaches, and mentors. While you may get used to one stick over time, you might not be performing at the top of your game without a stick that is designed for your position, especially at a higher level.

Trying out newer, more advanced lacrosse sticks for girls will keep you performing at the top of your game season after season!

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