Best-Girls-Lacrosse-Goggles-CheapBuying the perfect lacrosse goggles can be a difficult process.

You have to consider:

Will these lax goggles FIT right?

Are they LEGAL?

Are they SAFE?

And most importantly, will they give you ACNE?

The 3 top factors in choosing lacrosse goggles:

  1. Protection
  2. Visibility
  3. Fit

[Pre-Approved] Best Lacrosse Goggles for 2017:

Best Overall: STX 4Sight Form

Best Deal: STX 4Sight Plus

Best for Glasses: Bangerz Eyeguard

In addition to informing you of buying the best lacrosse goggles, we will review the top girls lacrosse goggles available today, coming from top brands like Bangerz, Brine, STX, deBeer, and Cascade.

But all lacrosse goggles are made a bit differently, and this girls lacrosse goggles buying guide will break down all the specs for you.

Lacrosse Scoop will have you looking great and feeling protected in no time!

safe-lacrosse-goggles-kids[Protection] ASTM Lacrosse Safety Standard

Just like your lax stick, Lacrosse goggles are a mandatory piece of equipment needed to play the field in girls lacrosse.

Lacrosse goggles have to be ASTM certified in order to be legally worn in the game.

Having the ASTM seal means they were designed and tested internationally to protect the eyes of the field player. It also means that a pair of lacrosse goggles designed for recreational play, like simple sports goggles, do not meet the USLacrosse standard, and aren’t legal for play.

All approved eyewear has the ASTM F803-03 seal, and as of January 2016, all lax eyewear will need to meet the newest standard, ASTM 3077. The current standard states that protective lacrosse eyewear should be able to withstand a force of a ball moving at 45mph at the youth level, and 60mph at the adult level. All adult lacrosse eyewear is approved for youth players as well.

[Visibility] Adult Vs Youth Lacrosse Goggles

The difference between adult eyewear and youth eyewear is simply the size of the frame of the goggles. Adult frames are wider and more adaptive to the adult players size head, while youth lacrosse goggles are designed with a smaller, narrower frame with younger player’s heads in mind.

As the player grows, the lacrosse goggles size should eventually be transitioned from youth to adult based on comfort and vision.  Many youth players wear adult sized goggles because the more comfortable fit, which is totally legal.

best-girls-lax-goggles-fit[Fit] Comfortable Girls Lacrosse Goggles

Girls lacrosse goggles are made by some of the best lacrosse brands, and come in a variety of colors, designs, and fits. The number one factor you should consider when purchasing a new pair of goggles is protection.  While goggles may protect your eyes, they will not protect your head and they may not even protect the nose, depending on the fit.

Finding a pair that fits well over your eyes and allows you to see clearly that will optimally protect you from eye trauma is essential. Before you purchase a new pair, head on over to US Lacrosse and check out their list of approved eyewear to make sure your new favorite pair is on the list.

[ACNE] How to Reduce Breakouts from your Lax Goggles

Pimples suck. But lacrosse is awesome. The key here is not to quit lax because you’re breaking out. Just make sure you’re properly cleaning your lacrosse goggles. When you wear your goggles, sweat builds up and gets into your pores.

If you don’t clean your face and your goggles, then you will breakout.

We recommend picking up some cleaner to easily clean your silicone lax goggles, and make sure you’re washing your face regularly too!

Reviews of the Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles in 2017

  • Price: $20-50
  • Design: Metal Wire, Silicone Frame
  • Ages: All Ages

Most girls lacrosse goggles designed for players today are made with lightweight metals, but polycarbonate plastic goggles are also used to play. Thin but strong wiring will protect the eyes and not interfere with vision. Metal wire and cage options are plentiful.

They come in a variety of shapes and designs to minimally interfere with vision while allowing the best possible protection. The most popular choices among lacrosse goggles involve a combination of good design, little vision restriction, and comfort.

stx-4sight-form-plus-leSTX 4Sight Form LE Plus Goggles

Discount: STX 4Sight Form goggles

These are the most expensive girls lacrosse goggles on the market. And for good reason. The unique floating cage allows for one of the best fitting lax goggles out there. These feel like wearing custom lax goggles! The titanium cage is so lightweight, but protective. The oval wire design give you awesome visibility anywhere on the field at any angle. They also meet all ASTM requirements. Great pair of goggles for girls here.

stx-sight-4-womens-lacrosse-gogglesSTX Sight 4 Lacrosse Goggles

Discount: STX Sight 4 from Amazon

The STX Sight 4 is one of the most popular and best selling team lacrosse goggles of all time. Just holding them on your hands, or putting them on, you’ll understand why. They are a lightweight lacrosse goggle made of protective, yet comfortable, silicone. These silicone lacrosse goggles don’t absorb sweat or moisture to prevent acne breakouts. These STX lacrosse goggles meet all ASTM rules and fit easily over your lacrosse glasses! Tons of lacrosse goggles color options from green, pink, blue, black, purple, red and many more to fit all team and players needs.

best-stx-rookie-girls-lacrosse-goggles-womensSTX Rookie Girls Lacrosse Goggles

Discount: STX Goggles at Amazon

The STX Rookie lacrosse goggles are some of the most popular ones on the field. These lax goggles are made to be low profile and minimalist with a flattering oval wire design. Excellent visibility and sight from these. The silicone padding is vented to give you added comfort and breathability–No more acne with these! Meets all ASTM lacrosse standards and are a perfect fit for high school or youth lacrosse goggles! If you happen to play field hockey, these are legal for that sport too!

deBeer Lacrosse Goggles VistadeBeer Vista SI Womens Lacrosse Goggles

Discount: deBeer Vista Goggles on Amazon

This list wouldn’t be complete without listing the best deBeer lacrosse goggles in the sport. The deBeer Vista SI goggles are perfect for any advanced or beginner lax player. Meeting all NFHS and college standards, these Tru-Vu vision system goggles are designed to reduce glare while on the field. The Cat-eye style lacrosse goggles wire frame increase your vision and improve protection. These are supposed to be tight and can be worn with glasses.

stx-girls-lax-sight-focus-goggles-newSTX 4Sight Focus Womens Goggles

Discount: STX 4Sight Focus

These 4 Sight Focus goggles are brand new from STX, and they are pretty awesome. Right off the bat, the oval wire design gives excellent visibility anywhere on the field. Second, the comfort for these is great, especially because of the lightweight frame. The form-fitting silicone padding is super easy to clean and will NOT absorb sweat or water. No more breakouts of acne! These STX Sight 4 Focus goggles are a great option that meet ASTM F3077 standards.

debeer-lax-gogglesDeBeer Lucent Girls Lacrosse Goggles

Discount: deBeer Lucent Goggles

Some players need to wear glasses under their goggles, and not every goggle will allow for comfortable fit and room for glasses to be worn. The Debeer Lucent lacrosse goggles stands out among others that give the wearer protection and comfort while wearing glasses underneath. The deBeer Lucent sit further away from the face and allow plenty of room for glasses to be worn underneath. While they are an older design than most of their newer goggle counterparts, they were designed with protection in mind and are still the top choice among players that need to fit a pair of glasses underneath. They direct pressure to the face and forehead, and not on top of the glasses frame, which a lot of other thinner, narrower goggles can do. Make sure you get the adult size even if you are buying for a youth player though, because the you need room underneath for glasses.

brine-lacrosse-goggles-vantageBrine Vantage II Lacrosse Goggles

Discount: Brine Vantage Goggles

Brine lacrosse goggles are some of the best in the game, and this list wouldn’t be complete without them! Excellent beginner and youth lacrosse goggles, the vision and fit is totally awesome. The low profile cage allows maximum visibility, but optimum protection. No fogging or itching when wearing these lax goggles. A dual head strap ensure they won’t fall off and are tight enough. The Brine Vantage II lacrosse goggles will be a good fit!

cascade-iris-girls-lacrosse-gogglesCascade Iris Girls & Womens Lacrosse Goggles

Discount: Cascade Iris Goggles

One pair of goggles that makes players happy are the Cascade Iris goggles.  The intention of the design is clear, to have as minimal lines to obstruct vision as possible, these are very safe yet cheap lacrosse goggles. If you are going to be playing a contact sport like girls lacrosse, you need a strong, sturdy pair of lax goggles. There are plenty of other options that allow great sight with minimal lines and obstruction, but we’ve been happy with these Cascade Iris goggles so far. But if these fit your fancy, then go for them!

Girls Lacrosse Goggles Accessories (Glasses & Straps)

bangerz-polycarbonate-plastic-lacrosse-gogglesBangerz Lacrosse Goggles Over the Glasses

Discount: Bangerz Goggles on Amazon

Most lacrosse goggles are designed with vision and comfort in mind, while nose protection is an afterthought. Most womens lacrosse goggles will not protect your nose, regardless of design. If a player is hit with a ball or stick in the face, chances are the nose will be affected regardless of the type of goggles the player is wearing. In order to cut down on potential nose injuries, there are lacrosse goggles for those that have suffered nose injuries in the past. These Bangerz lacrosse goggles are perfect to prevent nose injuries and fit over your lacrosse glasses. Anti fog, so no fogging or itching here!

lokosphere-womens-lacrosse-strapsLokoSphere Girls Lacrosse Head Straps

Discount: LokoSphere Straps on Amazon

If you want to customize your lacrosse goggles, these Lokosphere straps are perfect for that. In addition, the neoprene sleeve keeps you comfortable and keep your goggles from rattling. You can adjust these lacrosse goggles straps to fit all ages, old and young. Great fit over your ponytail and head. Comes in tons of cool colors to look the best on the field!

Final Word on Girls Lacrosse Helmets Rules

With the future of girl’s lacrosse equipment in the air, goggles may eventually come to be obsolete in the wake of mandating protective headgear for all women’s and girl’s players.  Though it is something to be concerned about in the future, protective headgear is the next big thing in women’s lacrosse. Some states, like Florida have mandated its players to wear a padded protective helmet over the head in order to stave off concussions. While Florida is alone on this one, it may be a matter of time before it is a nationally recognized element of the sport.  In the meantime, goggles it is!

[Top 10] Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles in 2017 GuidesWomensBuying the perfect lacrosse goggles can be a difficult process. You have to consider: Will these lax goggles FIT right? Are they LEGAL? Are they SAFE? And most importantly, will they give you ACNE? The 3 top factors in choosing lacrosse goggles: Protection Visibility Fit Best Lacrosse Goggles for 2017: Best Overall: STX 4Sight Form Best Deal: STX 4Sight...